Location, Location, Location… Pt. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


“We can’t keep drugging Gabe! (can we?)”

That night I couldn’t help but stare blankly at the ceiling of my room. The things I had done. The things that had been done to me. What hungered within me. Just turning over in bed, my well-fucked, recently reorganized insides stretched, lighting up with something, not quite pain.

Georgia had to be in the same boat. Laying there in the next room with Gabe. Gabe, who was clueless to what we’d done behind his back, and what had been done to us in his absence.

The door creaked.

“Miles, Can I come in?”

Asking? that was new.

Her fingers curled around the door, Georgia edged the top half of her curvy frame into the room. That sheer black nightgown held a special place in my heart since it left the bottom half of her butt hanging free. She hadn’t asked me for anything lately, she’d just taken what I’d been more than willing to give her. Just in the last month, I’d given in to my many weaknesses, and my desire for my best friend’s girl.

I worshiped her.

The curve of belly, roundness of thigh, and every inch of height that she towered over me. I treated her like a goddess. Georgia knew what made me tick, understood my lust for larger women. I was lost in fantasy, listening to her and Gabe fucking in the next room. She walked in on me masturbating – literally fisting my dick in one hand, and horse-cock fucking my own ass with the other. She realized what I needed, broke me down, literally wrapping my ass around her fingers, and made me her little bitch.

Far from minding her company, just looking at her made my cock thick.


Her high heels stepped softly into the room.

“He’s asleep.”

She rattled a small pill bottle near her ear. Georgia drugging her boyfriend to have fuck time with me should have set off all manner of warning bells. Instead, it barely raised an eyebrow, and made me harder.

“He’ll stay that way until tomorrow.”

She slipped the ribbon of fabric down the curve of her shoulder. My throat went dry as she freed the laces concealing the depth of her cleavage. Her nightgown hit the floor. The complex curves of her body, those extra fifty or so pounds she carried settled heavily into her tits, ass, and belly. Exactly everywhere I needed them to be.

“How are you feeling?”

Blood slammed full tilt into my cock, tenting my thousand thread count sheet about 9 inches. Her eyes widened, she brushed her fingers through her hair trying valiantly not to look at my vigilant manhood at complete attention. My ass felt – empty, but my head felt full of racing thoughts.

I always had thought of myself as an ordinary guy.

Ordinary guys fuck girls. Fucking my own ass with a dildo- was fine, self-pleasure, everybody masturbates, that was like advanced masturbation. Georgia fisting my ass… fine… still sex between a man and a woman, just a little more so. Getting butt-fucked by the landlord, I don’t know… Not something ordinary guys do… And then loving being fucked by the landlord, was even worse. I can’t even lie to myself about that being ordinary.

“I’m having a difficult time figuring out how I feel. Right now, I’m more than a little numb. It’s hard to admit to myself that last night happened, much less how I feel about it.”

Setting down a glossy black case, she put her hands on her glorious hips. Georgia gave me a power stance that showcased the curve of her belly and those tits I lusted over.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

No. If I was honest, I’d have to tell her what kind of a bastard I am. Tell her that I am nobody’s friend, that I’m just an animal that fucks his friend’s girl, and doesn’t give a shit about feeling guilty about it. I took a breath.

“I don’t know if I can talk about it just yet. It’s a lot up in my head. But then, you’d be the first and only person I can talk to that might be able to relate.”

Georgia sat her alabaster bottom on the bed next to my legs, her nightgown gave up all pretense of covering that ass, and she slipped her high heeled black fuzzy slippers off her feet.

“Talk to me. We’re more than just friends.”

“Yeah. We’re sex criminals.”

Her right hand snaked out, snatching up my cock under the sheets.

“No, we’re not. Co-conspirators at the worst.”

She rubbed her thumb into the space under the head of my shaft. I groaned, arching my back, spreading my legs, giving her more access.

“Tell me what is going on in that head of yours, and I promise, you have me for the whole night.”

Over the sheets, she slowly jacked my cock.


I fisted the sheets, pulling them towards me, untucking the corners that had been so neatly made this morning.

“Good. Some of what we did, made me worry about you… and well, everything.”

She released my shaft, smoothing the sheet as best as she could over my throbbing member.

“Oh God, Georgia, don’t stop!”

She gave my shaft one last jerk and a twist, and gaziantep escort bayan folded her hands in her lap.

“First we talk.”

I wanted to just die. Muscles in my empty ass flexed, my balls pulled up high, and I willed myself not to cum.


I freed myself from the bunched up fabric, swinging my legs out to sit naked next to Georgia. I took a solid minute before I trusted myself to speak.

“What made you worry?”

My cock masted at a sharp angle, the apple standing taller than my navel, and almost touching my belly.

“Have you been fucking guys, and I just don’t know about it? Because the way you reacted, when the landlord started fucking you was just next level. I’ll understand, but I really want to know why you didn’t tell me.”

She wanted to know if the ordinary boy was gay. Who knows? Does that stuff really matter anymore?

“No. I don’t think so. I’ve never even thought about guys before. Last night, he was in me and fucking me before I could do anything but roll under his fire-hose coming at me.”

“You took to his cock so fast…”

“Your fist in my ass kinda prepared me for almost anything.”

She laid her hand on my thigh.

“I can’t forget that either. So, are you, like gay now, or something?”

“How can you possibly asked me that when this is happening? I can’t control myself when I’m around you. I get hard when you’re just near me. You don’t have to be naked or anything. This just happens.”

A thin stream of pre-cum glistened on the underside of my meat. Georgia looked sheepishly at my cock.

“Oh well, yeah. I was worried because after Grail left, I couldn’t make you cum.”

“You’re the only chick I know that would be self conscious about a man that could bang her all night without nutting.”

She covered her face with her hands.

“He raped you, and I let it happen. Don’t you hate me?”

I put my hand on her knee.

“He did. You didn’t. And I don’t. I think we both know how little control we had over what happened last night. I was pretty well out of it, riding that high I get when, well, when I get humiliated. I don’t hold you responsible for not fighting off Grail. I know you are super submissive, don’t deny it, you know its true, and I’m all that and a masochist too. I never thought about men before now, so I guess I must be bi or something.”

“He humiliated us!”

“And we both got off on it. I can smell how turned on you are right now, just talking about it, your nipples are rock hard.”

There were tiny indications the whole time that this was true. The shitty treatment Gabe gave Georgia, her getting off on humiliation went a long way to explain it. None of us gravitated towards vanilla sex. I suppose Gabe was just an asshole.

“He sent us a message today.”


“Who do you think? Grail.”

Babbage Grail. My cock jumped as she said his name. New slumlord, pervert and sadist, he walked in on Georgia and my – recreational activities.

Let’s say that when a man catches your best friend’s girl fisting your ass in the middle of the day, he has substantial leverage over your life.

I think his words were, *I own the both of you,* or something to that effect. And he was right. Georgia fisted me, but Grail fucked me, and I’ll never be the same again. No amount of straight fucking will get me there, no perversion I could visit upon Georgia will do. I needed what Babbage brought to the equation. I needed his cock and the humiliation of that fat shaft forcing it’s way into my ass, the pain and pleasure of me wrapped around him as he fucked his spunk into me. I needed to be owned and brought to heel, left exhausted, breathing hard and oozing his jizz on the floor.

“What does our Lord and Master have to say?”

I barely managed to keep my voice from cracking.

“He sent me this, with instructions.”

She set the medium sized case on the night stand. The locks on the black glossy case snapped open with the touch of her thumbs. She opened the lid and handed me her phone.

“Bio-metric locks and self-deleting text messages. He wants me to train your ass for him. Every working day without fail, I’m to train you eight hours a day. We’re going to open you up.”

The top level of the kit, consisted solely of a dozen or so graduating sizes of black medical plastic anal cylinders for enlarging my gape. They started at the size of Georgia’s wrist. I laughed outright at the diameter of the largest plug.

“Well it’s just too bad that we have to work now, isn’t it? Wanker.”

“Ummm. No. We actually already work for him. My shop, your garage, both his companies. He’s transferred us both to a shell company, and what I’m trying to tell you is this *is* our job.”

My mouth dropped open.

“We can’t just keep drugging Gabe.”

I was desperately looking for a way out, a loophole, something.

“You were right about one thing, Grail is going to fix this place up. He’s going to fix the apartment and build a training room in the warehouse. Soundproof. Think dungeon sex room on steroids. As much money as he’s planning on throwing around, it should be completed fast. He plans for us to train here, right under Gabe’s nose, at least until we take him in and train his ass too.”

She turned the case around to face me.

“He’s serious. And there are three other black cases in the den and a delivery of material in the street.”

Packed in the case under the top tray, were leather harnesses, a large container of lube, and a strappon cock that rivaled my “dragon” buttplug for thickness.


“That’s not the half of it. We have to set up these cameras every time we train, until the fuck rooms are finished, and hidden cameras are placed throughout.”

She sat on the bed, the jiggle of her softness drawing my attention.

“There’s more.”

“How can there be more?”

“When you and I aren’t training, you have to wear this cock and ball chastity device, and this massive plug thing up your ass. It will know when you aren’t working and unlock when you should be, *training.* Starting tomorrow. I’m sorry.”

“But I didn’t get you anything.”

As she sighed, slumping forward a bit, her breasts rolled on her belly. Her nipples were hard, I could see her arousal, even though this was against her will it still turned her on.

“Oh, he didn’t forget about me.”

The word that came to mind, complicated. Leather straps and buckles, the dildo attached to the harness had not one but two fat fake cocks that would lock down inside *her.*

“No shit!”

“None at all. Get this… The locks are like time clocks, they won’t unlock until we’re off from *work.* They have temperature sensors that can tell if we’re wearing them, or if part of it is inside you. It’s a twisted piece of work.”


“That was my thought, yes. So we start tomorrow, but I thought we ought to figure out how to put this stuff on tonight.”

”This is really happening isn’t it?”

“I’m afraid so. I’m scheduled to get a brace of piercings to *help me remember my place in all this.*”

Sarcasm rolled off her tongue, and embraced her body.

“The workers arrive tomorrow, and Grail is arranging to have Gabe *promoted* at his job to better control when and where he is until he’s ready to *convert* him. We’ll have to do this with Grail’s construction guys roaming through the place.”

“Fuck me.”

“I think that’s the idea. Help me put this on.”

I fumbled through the items in the case.

“This needs an instructional video.”

“It has one. Just help me with the straps after the… Insertions. Let me step in…”

The slick dildoes were both fat and studded, they seemed to be designed more for discomfort than pleasure. Upon closer inspection, they weren’t exactly dildoes, they were more like insertable pocket pussies. They were bizarre sex toys. Absolutely designed by a sadist to provide anguish, without pleasure.

“Help me to line things up so we can, insert them…”

Her skin was hot to the touch, Georgia’s blush response had her normally translucent pale flesh tuned increasingly deeper shades of red. Georgia, at least, seemed to be emoting like a normal human being in a massively fucked up situation would. I floated outside myself, disconnected. I had mostly detached after Grail had taken me, mastered me. Every time the thought of him popped into my head, my rod got so hard it hurt, even as my empty ass ached to be filled.

“Georgia, bend over please, and try to relax…”


She bend over, but gave in to infectious hysterical laughter, in moments we both doubled over, holding our bellies. In a tangle of straps and buckles we lay, wiping the tears from our faces.

“I’m sorry I forgot to lock the door.”

“He probably had keys already. Not your fault.”

She paused, biting her lip, she spread her legs and lifted her ass from the floor.

“Do it.”

I lined up the inserts with her pussy and asshole, giving both the gentlest push. The first slipped inside easily, the second… needed convincing.

“Push back a little, Georgia.”

“Uuuugh, fuck…”

“You had your whole arm up my ass yesterday, you big baby…”

“I know! I have to do.. better…”

I worked my fingers in around the edges of her widening hole. As Georgia shoved back, the second insert popped inside her with a squelch.

“OH MY GOD! Fuck!”

The leather straps settled between her legs, the other side of the strap exposed the openings of silicone pussy and ass. I could fuck Georgia all day long and this rig would blunt every sensation but fullness. She’d know she’s being fucked, feel the cock inside her, but get little pleasure from the friction, and neither would I…

“No shit. Are you okay?”

She pulled the straps around her waist, clicking the lock at her hips, breathing really hard.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been stretched so wide, but it doesn’t feel really deep… Let me get used to it. Look at this tit harness, it’s like two sizes too small!”

She pulled the black straps over her shoulders.

“That’s probably on purpose.”

I squeezed her tits into the constricting leather of the harness, and activated the locks in place around her neck, behind her back and over her hips. Once fastened, a blue light pulsed at her neck, and whirring motors automatically drew the leather straps tight, digging into her ample flesh.

“Oh god!”

“Blood pressure, heart rate normal.”

“Shit! He really thought of everything.”

My eyes bulge, drinking in the sight of her.

“I can barely breathe.”

Her body bulged under the straps, her breasts growing rosy, her bouncing nipples looking painfully erect.

“Alright, that was the tough one, now let’s do you.”

“Isn’t that how we got into this mess?”

“No sass, I really don’t want to know what happens if we piss this guy off…”

“What’s in there for me?”

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, the straps cutting into her curves, her blue veins becoming more obvious.

“Do you really want to know?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“No, not really.”

She rummaged the case, flipping over bondage toys and other obscene ass toys, finally producing a collar and a small leather bag.

“Where does that go?”

“It’s a ballsack.”

Small straps crisscrossed the even surface of the bag.

“No fucking way. Do you think it works like your harness?”

Georgia clicked the collar snugly into place.


“Fuck me.”

“Just relax, and I’ll help you put it on. Spread those thighs big boi.”

She gave the inside of my leg a playful slap, thickening my cock reflexively, and making my nuts twitch higher. She leaned in, her hot breath on my meat, her bulging titties between my knees.

“Wrong direction, I need those hanging down not crawling up.”

The warmth of her hand wrapped around the top of my nut sack, gently but insistently pulling my balls downward. With all the attention, my shaft masted, prompting Georgia to lean out of the way.

“Good boi…” she crooned, “I’m just going to slip this on, and we can play.”

The mouth of the bag, dragged around the mass of my balls, as Georgia tugged the pouch into place she slurped the bell of my cock into her mouth.


I slowly slid down into the mattress, as the length of my dick inched it’s way into her throat.

“uuuuuuuhhhhh… UuAhhh, Fuck!”

The sack activated, the mini straps pulled in many directions at once. The sack effectively stretching my balls inches from my body, isolating one testicle from the other. I jerked forward, jamming my cock down Georgia’s well trained throat.

“System activated, clock in time, 01:23 23 June clock out time, 17:00 23 June.”

Grabbing the back of her head, I fucked her face mercilessly as she cried out in alarm. I couldn’t stop mindlessly drilling her gullet until the automatic manipulations of the nut straps calmed to a painful pulsing grip.


My finger had twisted knots into the honey brown of her hair.


I forced my fingers to unclench, releasing her head, still non-verbal.


She pulled my shaft from down her throat with difficulty.

“Miles! Did you hear what it said? These things won’t unlock until 5 o’clock tomorrow! How are we going to hide this bondage crap from Gabe?”

I was having a hard time keeping my eyes from rolling back in their sockets, much less framing a cohesive thought about tomorrow or getting caught by Gabe. I was too far gone, sinking back into that place of humiliation I craved.

“Gabe? Fuck him… Who cares…”

“Grail does. Oh dammit, we’re fucked.”

She put two fingers to the lock on the harness at her throat, the small blue LED light blinked ominously.

“Put on a robe until he leaves, he’s got the new job, I’ll lay low until he leaves.”

“Camera feeds undetected. Connect camera feeds or face discipline.”

The disembodied voice emanated from her collar and mine, the apparatus at my root constricted just around the backside of my balls, causing the tip of my leaping meat to ooze pre-cum. I inhaled to shout, but Georgia beat me to it.


Her legs gave out, and her already tightly bound tits bulged as the harness growled to life. I flailed a hand towards her.


I croaked out weakly.

“The insert… up my ass… expanded.”

“Camera feeds undetected. Connect camera feeds or face discipline.”

Georgia quickly grabbed the pair of cameras that came with the case. Her trembling hands held the on buttons until a familiar blue LED lit behind them. She placed the cameras on my dresser, and my desk, criss-crossing the field of view.

“Camera feeds detected.”

“Oh, God!”

The brutal devices relented, but only a little.

“So, you just couldn’t wait, could you?”

A video screen inside of the case lit up, with the leering visage of our owner, Babbage Grail.

“We can’t stay locked in this all night!”

“I didn’t instruct you to wear them tonight, they were for the work day tomorrow. No, no this is all on you. They unlock when they unlock, until then, I suggest you do as instructed.”

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