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Local rumoursFor the last week there had been rumours circling our school that a local woman was appearing on a web site called hornymilfs.com.Our town is small and in the middle of nowhere, so any rumour like that spreads like wildfire. It seemed the whole town, well everyone in our class was trying to find out if the rumour was true. Being a small town all my friends both male and female were all in the same class, and it appeared that everyone was surfing the internet to find out who the woman was. Every couple of hours another rumour would spread, with a different name, the woman in the grocery store was one candidate, she must be about fifty and over 150 pounds, so she was quickly counted out. Another candidate was a girl in the senior class in school, but when the rumour coincided with her splitting up with her boyfriend, that rumour was quickly quashed.By Friday everyone was starting to think the rumours were untrue, no one had actually seen the woman, although I guess everyone had hit the website at least once, the school principal had even made an announcement about people looking at inappropriate web sites on the school computers.I had just turned sixteen, and was the oldest in my class. The way our birthdays worked out, my sister Amy was also in the same class. She was only ten months younger than me so we had been close all our lives. We hung around in the same crowd, and spent most of our free time together.The web rumours had not only got the attention of all the boys but it appeared the female population of the class were equally curious as to who it could be, during lunch in school on Thursday one of the girls commented, while the boys were chatting about the local mystery woman, that girls look at porn too. When she suggested that not only guys masturbate, girls do it too, but they are a bit more discreet, she left a group of guys with red faces, as the girls all giggled, sort of in an agreement fashion.After breakfast on Saturday I decided to go for a run, just as I was leaving the house my mom and Amy were getting ready to go, Amy had her ballet class and mom was going to the store. I ran for about an hour, up the end of town and out in to the country, the sun was hot, but the freedom gave me time to think.As I ran back into town I started thinking of the mystery woman, I passed Amy’s dance school, was it Ms Brennanovic, the dance teacher, she was hot, but I decided too prudish and definitely too stern. I ran past the small café, the waitress there, Penny has always been a fantasy for most of the guys, but she just got married, so I guessed it probably wasn’t her. Was it the new teacher in town, Lysette, she wasn’t bad looking but her breasts were small, and if the rumours were true the MILF had huge tits. Every street I ran down I imagined all the possibilities, but no one came out as a main contender.By the time I got home, mom was back, she called me out to the garden to give me my chores, I had to cut all the grass and Amy would do the laundry. I decided to get my chores done before I showered, so began cutting the grass. Mom had got her sun bed out and was lying out in the garden. My dad runs a construction firm, so our house is quite big and not over looked. As usual mom was topless, when we were very young, our family holidays were always to naturist resorts, but as we grew towards puberty, and I suppose we began to get a little embarrassed, we started going to more normal venues. Mom topless although nothing new to me could be very annoying, particularly if I brought friends home. Nudity amongst our parents in the house was fairly normal, mom or dad rarely covered up walking from the shower to the bathroom, they rarely closed the bedroom door while getting undressed. We were sort of used to it, but neither me nor Amy were too comfortable with it. Our parents were old! Our dad was forty and mom was 36.As I cut the grass I was still going through potential candidates for the MILF, maybe it was one of mom’s naturist friends, Louise, was very outgoing, she was in her late thirties and had always been a bit of a flirt. Her breasts were enormous and she regularly flaunted her assets by wearing low cut tops all the time. by the time the grass was cut, I was feeling horny so made my way to my bedroom.I had got a new laptop for my birthday, and opened up the web browser. A quick look at hornymilfs.com first. It was just ads for the cam shows coming up. At my age I don’t have a credit card so I couldn’t join. That was the problem for all our friends, hence the rumours. There were no ads for anyone recognisable, so I looked for my favourite free porn sites. I soon found a video I wanted to watch, a teen cheerleader and her coach having lesbian sex in a locker room. I freed my cock from my running shorts, as the older lesbian peeled the young girls uniform off. I slipped my shorts off my legs and began stroking my cock. I was fully erect in minutes. I reached over to my bedside table, got a box of Kleenex and put them on the bed beside me. Then I poured some oil into my hand and went back to stroking myself.The younger girl was licking her coach’s pussy, and my cock was straining, I knew I was close to cumming so I took a handful of Kleenex and continued stroking. My bedroom door flew open, I grabbed the sheet, pulled my knees up to my chest and pulled the sheet up over myself. I snapped the lid of the laptop down and threw the box of Kleenex on the floor. Amy sprang through the door, she did a cartwheel and a flip and ended up on all fours on my bed. The problem with having such a close and liberal family is that nobody ever knocks.“Hey Paul”, I grunted in response, hoping she wouldn’t notice what I had been up to. “I was thinking about the town MILF”.“Amy” I protested, “you shouldn’t be thinking about that sort of thing”“Look Paul, didn’t you hear what Sally said the other day, girls look at porn too”. Amy was sitting at the end of my bed still in her ballet uniform, her pink top and white tights, her hair tied in a bun on top of her head, she had a pair of tight shorts on and a small jacket the covered about half her top. Amy had recently been voted “class rear of the year”, a couple of weeks previous, the week after she did a ballet dance during the school concert, she was real proud of her award, but I guessed, she won the vote for appearing şişli escort on stage in a little small tutu and a pair of tights.“Who do you think it could be,” she continued. As she started listing off names, we both came up with reasons why not. The woman in the hardware store – too fat, the girl in the doctor’s reception – too skinny, the woman that drives the school bus – too old.I went through my list of candidates and we both agreed, the rumour must have been a lie. Eventually we had gone through the whole town, when Amy grabbed my laptop, lets’ have a look. She opened the lid. The video I had been watching had just ended, I hoped as she grabbed the laptop she wouldn’t notice what I had been up to. Amy opened a new page on the web and typed in the address, the ads were still playing, and she flicked through several but came up with no ideas. Eventually she gave up. “Where’s mom?” she asked.I pointed out the window, “And she’s topless again”. “I wish she keep her top on, she’s ancient”. Amy laughed. “You’ve to do the laundry” she shrugged her shoulders and as she was leaving the room, she giggled “You can wash your own sheets”I went back to my computer, but my moment had been ruined. I heard Amy in the shower, so began reading my book. A while later Amy came back into the room with the laundry basket, she was now wearing her trade mark black leggings and a strappy vest tee shirt. Her hair was now tied in a tight pony tail down her back. She put the basket on the bed and pulled my old laptop from the top of the laundry. “Look Paul”. She had a web page open, it was an ad for a cam show on Hornymilf.com. ”Look closely”. The image of the woman’s face was blurred so she was unrecognisable. I couldn’t see what Amy was showing me, “Look out the window behind her”. she enlarged the frame, and out through the window, you could see a very familiar street.“How did you get that” I asked.“The ads are on a loop, and it was just luck that this one came up a few minutes ago”. “Now watch this” she clicked on a link that said new members trial. The screen went to a members application screen, she filled in the required details, when she got to the charges, she clicked on the button that said one day free trial, she entered a false credit card number and then the site came to life. Amy climbed on the bed beside me, and she navigated to the cam girl we had seen in the ad. As it was only a trial we had minimum access, and the models face was blurred, the woman was lying on a bed, wearing a black dress. The video had been shown live the night before, she began to masturbate through white sheer panties, her pussy was clearly shaved, as she rubbed herself through the sheer material. I could feel my self getting horny, and wished Amy was not there. I could feel my cock stirring in my shorts, and twisted so Amy wouldn’t notice.The cam model’s hand snaked inside her panties, giving us a glimpse of her pussy, it was pink and wet, as her finger slid in and out. My cock was getting rock hard as the model rubbed her clit from its little hood.Amy appeared a little uncomfortable, she was clenching her thighs, at the angle her body was I couldn’t see her hand, but it looked like it was stuffed between her legs. Her muscular legs were tensing and relaxing as she watched the video. The model was close to cumming as she moaned, she had two fingers inside her pussy, and her juices were soaking her hand.As the model moaned, her orgasm was caught in a close up by the camera person, a small whimper escaped from Amy, her legs tensed tight and I could see her toes curling up. I didn’t move in case she saw how turned on I was, my cock tenting my shorts. Amy whimpered again. Was she having an orgasm? My mind was confused, I just wanted to touch my cock, I wanted to cum.Amy’s face was bright red, her breathing appeared short as the camera panned back from the model.She kneeled up on the bed, through the window behind her you could see our town centre. She pulled her dress over her blurred head, she was wearing black stockings, held up by a garter belt, a corset in black lace with a blue trim of satin, her breasts straining to escape. She wore a thin plain chain, that fell in to her cleavage.Amy gasped, “Oh Shit, I know who it is” she said, “Look at the chain Paul”. The she reached to the end of the bed, brushing my thighs with her arm as she did so. I felt my cock jerk with her accidental touch. The model pulled her breast from the corset, her nipples were hard, as she began pinching it.Amy was now on all fours, facing the end of the bed, rooting for something in the wash basket. Her ass was pointing straight at me. Her leggings were stretched so tight, I could see her pale skin through the material, her ass was covered in a pair of red panties under her leggings. The model on the screen was now pulling her legs up over her head, her knees splayed and her pussy was wide open and looked inviting. Amy’s ass was just inches from my face, the urge to touch myself grew more intense. Amy kneeled back up, the red waistband of her panties, red lace crept out of her waist band.Amy had some clothes in her hand, as she turned to show me she balanced her hand on my leg, her fingers must have brushed against my cock, I felt it jerk again, my shorts felt like they would rip, Amy held up a pair of black stockings, then a pair of sheer white panties and a black corset with a blue satin trim.I was confused, the model on screen was beginning to cum again, her white sheer panties were now down around her knees, as she fingered her pussy, her thumb just reaching her ass hole, and pressing against her puckered entrance. My cock spasmed, a load of cum began to soak the front of my shorts, I was moaning as more of my cum leaked through the material.“It’s mom”, I could hear Amy saying loudly, my cock still jerking. As I regained my senses, I recognised what she was holding in her hand. She held the panties to my face, “That’s mom Paul, look at her clothes in the laundry basket”. She pulled the corset from her hand, and held it open for me to see, she was right, it was mom.Amy was kneeling on my bed, holding my mom’s lingerie, my cock was still stiff in my shorts, a huge wet patch of my cum soaked my front, the cam model had a couple of fingers deep inside her. Amy leaned over and whispered “and we both mecidiyeköy escort just orgasmed watching her”. As Amy gave me a peck on the cheek, the bedroom door opened. The laptop was still playing the video and Amy was displaying the lingerie in her hand. Mom had walked into the room. She was only wearing a pair of red bikini bottoms, her breasts were uncovered, a thin gold chain hung I low into her cleavage. Her daughter was kneeling on her son’s bed, kissing him on the cheek, while she displayed her mom’s lingerie. The laptop on the bed was showing a porn video, a video she had made the night before.“Oh you found it” mom looked more embarrassed than angry. On the screen, the camera man had taken his cock out and was pressing it against mom’s lips, her mouth opened and she started sucking the cock. the camera man groaned and within seconds, he pulled his cock from her mouth and sprayed his cum over her face. She gladly licked the cum her tongue could reach, and cleaned the rest with her finger, which she then licked clean.Amy looked embarrassed but stuttered “sorry mom”“It looks like you enjoyed my show” mom said, looking at the stains on my shorts, “I presume neither of you are still virgins?” Both Amy and I went red, although I had gone several bases, I had never gone all the way, and it looked like Amy hadn’t either. Mom went on to explain she did the shows, for the extra money and because she knew dad would be watching and it really turned him on. The camera man was a guy the web site supplied. She went on to tell us that before we were born, dad and mom used to go to the occasional swingers party. As she explained this to us, dad came home from work and found us in my room. “They know” mom told him. “They watched the show from last night, and looking at the mess on Paul’s shorts, they seemed to have enjoyed it”Dad suggested the best way out of all this was if mom gave us all a private show, then everything would be in the open. Being the exhibitionist she is, she agreed, and went off to her room.When she returned she was wearing a sheer red dress, her make up was prefect and her hair was tied back from her face. Under her dress, she wore a black corset similar to the one she had worn in the show the previous night. There was a mesh front panel to the dress allowing us clearly see her panties and stockings.Dad had arranged the sofa in my room, so we all could get a good view of the show. Mom began by dancing to the soft music she put on the stereo, then slowly stripping off her dress, she peeled off her sheer stockings, giving one to dad and the other to me. She turned her back to us, and pulled her string panties down, bending forward to give us all a full view of her ass. She turned forward again and released her breasts from her corset. Then lying back on the sofa she spread her legs wide, her pussy glistened with moisture as she began to masturbate.Amy’s face was glued to the show mom was giving, again she was clamping her thighs tight together. I could feel my cock harden. I looked over at dad, he was unbuttoning his jeans, and releasing his cock. it looked huge, his erection was at least seven inches as he stroked it upright. Mom continued to masturbate, then she switched her position so she had her back to us on all fours, and was fingering herself from behind, still looking at us three.My cock was straining at my shorts, as I shifted on the bed, the tip of my erection slipped from the waistband. The elastic of my shorts acted as cuff, and as I moved I could feel my cock grow harder. I lay back and pulled my shorts down, glancing at Amy, whose eyes were still fully focused on mom.Dad climbed off the bed, he dropped his jeans to the floor and pulled his shirt over his head. He walked over to the sofa, and offered his cock to her. she took his large cock in her hand and stroked it a few times, then leaning forward, she took him in her mouth, and began sucking his length until he was nearly fully inside her mouth. Dad gripped the back of her head, and using his hips, let his cock slide in and out of mom’s mouth.I was stroking my cock faster, keeping time with dad as he mouth fucked mom. Amy wiggled on the bed, she slid her hand down the waistband of her leggings. I could see her hand wriggling in the tight lycra material, when her hand reached her crotch, she gasped. Her other hand was now under her tee shirt, her nipples straining against the cotton.Dad moved in front of mom, pulling her legs, so we would still be able to see what they were doing. He slid his cock into her pussy, holding her legs spread wide. He began to pound her hard, at a steady pace. Every time his cock hit home she groaned.Amy had pulled her leggings down to her thighs, her red lace panties were pulled up, allowing her hand reach into her pussy. I couldn’t see any pubic hair on my sister, but her pussy looked moist and puffy, as her thumb rubbed the top of her pussy and her finger slid in and out.Dad turned mom over so she was in the doggy position. He began pounding her hard. Her face was in the cushions of the sofa. My cock felt close to cumming as my strokes sped up to match my parents pace.Then there was a huge groan, dads butt cheeks clenched and mom shouted, “Oh fuck”, he was cumming inside her. Mom was thrashing about too on the sofa, as her orgasm took control of her body. Then I felt a spasm between my legs. A hot shot of cum flew from the tip of my cock, flying across the bed, and landed on Amy’s leggings and thigh. Amy’s legs tensed and she was cumming too, groaning as her orgasm soaked her hand.The room went silent, dad’s cock fell from mom’s pussy with an audible plop as he softened. He sat on the sofa beside her, their bodies covered in sweat, their breathing deep. Amy and I were still sitting on the bed, our clothes only half on, streams of my cum were on my hand and legs, along with the stream that was drying in to Amy’s leggings and her thighs. Amy’s cum had created a large damp patch on the sheets under her.Mom looked at Amy, “I think you are both ready to lose your virginity” she gestured to my crotch, Amy understood, and dropped her head in to my lap. I felt her tongue on the head of my now soft cock, she gently licked at the cum that was beginning to dry on the tip of my cock, as if getting used to the taste. Her mouth closed esenyurt escort around me, and as she began to suck I could feel my cock harden in her mouth. I reached over and was able to reach her ass. I let my hand trace the crack between her ass cheeks. My finger brushed over her pink rosebud, she wriggled, my finger kept moving towards its target. My arm was fully stretched, I could just reach the spot between Amy’s ass and her pussy. The warmth and wetness of her pussy were just too far away.I felt Amy move, she turned closer to me, allowing her legs to part slightly. The invitation to my finger was gladly accepted. Her pussy seemed to open as my finger touched her pussy lips. Her wetness soaked my finger, lubricating it. I found her love tunnel and my finger slid in.Amy still had my cock in her mouth, I was fully erect again as she sucked and licked me. Slowly she was allowing my cock deeper down her throat, occasionally she would nearly gag, but she eventually got most of my length inside her.Mom and dad had been kissing on the sofa as they watched us. They broke their kiss and dad spoke, “Now it’s your turn son, to go down on Amy”Amy lifted her head, and sat up, she wriggled out of her leggings and pulled her panties off. She pulled her top over her head and lay back on the pillows. I leaned over, first taking her small breast in my mouth, her nipple hardening as my tongue flicked over her sensitive aureole.I began kissing my way down her stomach, then her pubic mound, Amy spread her legs wide and my mouth closed over her pussy. My first taste of pussy. Her sweet tasting juices, the aroma in my nostrils, the heat that emanated from deep within her. Her puffy pussy lips were slightly parted. Her flaps of skin that made up her labia, were dark and wet, as my tongue prodded between them. My tongue found her love spot, and she moaned as I pressed my tongue in to her. I licked and sucked her for several minutes, when I felt her thighs clamp on my head, her body tensed and she lifted her hips off the bed. A stream of juices flooded in to my mouth, as Amy groaned loudly. Her groin seemed to spasm as I felt her hands grip my head and pull my face deeper inside her.I kept my tongue inside her, continued to lick, and she continued to buck under me. I eventually let her rest, her orgasms had lasted several minutes, when I leaned up and found her mouth and kissed her. My own mouth still tasting of her juices, we kissed for several minutes.My cock was getting harder under me as we kissed. I felt it twitch and it touched off something wet and warm. It twitched again, and whatever it was touching against seemed to part. Like a vacuum, my cock seemed to be sucked inside. Amy moaned, I felt her hips move below me. Her legs wrapped around my waist, and she pulled me inside her. Her hips bucked upwards, my groin met her movements. I could feel her inner muscles grip my cock, the soft warmness of her pussy encased me fully. I raised and lowered my hips in a rhythm which she matched. For a couple of minutes we were in unison. I could feel my cum building up inside me, our mouths were stilled intertwined and our tongues playing with each other, I was unable to speak. I tried to pull away, but Amy gripped me tighter with her thighs, her movements beneath me got faster. My cum was racing for the tip of my cock, as Amy gripped me with every ounce of strength she had. Her thighs locked around me, then I felt her hands grip my ass and pull me towards her, as my cum shot from my cock, stream after stream of cum, pumping inside her. Amy groaned, her orgasm making her body spasm. We lay like that for a few minutes, still kissing each other, until me cock softened and fell from her pussy. A flood of our mixed juices coating me and Amy’s legs. I rolled over on to the bed, my head resting on Amy’s chest as our breathing relaxed slowly.As I lay there I felt Amy’s legs move, as if someone had pulled them away from me. She gasped, then moaned. Just as I felt a warm moistness on my cock. I looked down, dad’s head was between Amy’s legs, and mom had my cock between her lips. Amy was moaning louder, as he worked on her pussy. I could feel my cock grow in mom’s mouth. Within minutes I was fully erect again, mom’s mouth was expert, and soon she had me close to orgasm. Every time I felt like I was close to coming she was able to stop me, by releasing the pressure she was putting on me with her mouth.Mom eventually released me from her mouth, she straddled me and I felt my cock slide in to her pussy. She didn’t feel as tight as Amy, but she was able to contract her muscles in a way that felt good all along my cock. She was on her knees, and was controlling her speed as she raised and lowered herself.Dad was on top of Amy, by her gasps I knew his cock was deep inside her, at first it sounded like she was in pain as he entered her, but very quickly she must have got used to his cock. he was now bucking up and down on her, for several minutes.Mom changed position, she turned her back on me, her brown ass hole fully visible as her hips raised up and down. She leaned forward, giving my cock a different sensation. I could feel myself close to cumming again as she bounced on my crotch. As I felt my cum racing towards my mom, she jumped off me, grabbed me so I was on top, and pulled me deep inside her, my cock throbbed as I tried to push it in as deep as possible. My cum shot inside her as she orgasmed, two beads of cum were deep inside her pussy, when she pushed me away, letting the rest of my cum coat her outer pussy lips and her stomach. My cock began to subside quickly, she took me in her mouth and began cleaning my cock with her mouth, until I was fully spent and flaccid.Amy was now straddling dad, his strong arms were lifting her whole weight, and letting her drop on his cock, for several minutes, he fucked her like this, her body engrossed by several orgasms. Dad then picked her up, his cock falling from her pussy, he looked huge against her small frame. He turned her on her stomach at the edge of the bed, pulled her knees up and stood behind her.He entered her again. Her face grimaced at first, then a look of contentment overcame her. He began pounding her from behind. His strokes were strong; Amy had to grip my legs to keep herself from being pushed forward. As he pounded deep into her his face was grimacing, then with a large groan, he pulled out of her, stream after stream of his cum shot along her back as far as her pony tail, leaving long snake of cum along the length of her spine. Dad collapsed on the bed exhausted, where we all lay till late in the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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