Living with Auntie

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Living with AuntieOf course, this is a story about me. I’m Terry, a 45 year old male, 5′ 8″, 170 pounds, 6 inch penis, (cocks are bigger), an accounting auditor with same firm for the past 22 years. My wife and I have been divorced now for 1 year. I lived with my widowed mother. It seemed to me everyone knew my secret. My wife did a fine job of humiliating me all over town.,When my employer asked if I would be interested in transferring to their head office, in the city I quickly accepted.”I called your Aunt Hazel and she said you can come and stay with her until you’ve found a place of your own,” said my mother. I appreciated the offer and thanked mom. I was familiar with the city as I went there often for work. Aunt Hazel is 5 years older than mother and built like her; 5’8″, weighted approximately 200 lbs, has red hair, and a beautiful complexion. She raised 2 boys, one older than me and one my age. Todd is 48 years old and married to Cindy. She is a redhead also, is 5’6″, a thick plump woman with a pretty face. She is fun to be around because she is funny and always laughing. Tommy is 45 years old and divorced, but lives 100 miles away. He travels home often to be with his mom.I arrived on Sunday, the day before I was to start at the head office. Aunt Hazel met me as I drove up and opening the door before I got to it. She grabbed my cheeks, giving me a big kiss on the lips.”Come in come in! I was so excited when your mother asked if you could come and stay with me,” said Aunt Hazel. “I have this big house and one old lady living in it.” “Thank you Aunt Hazel. I don’t want to be a bother to you,” I replied. “I hope you will stay long enough for us to get to know each other better. It’s been a lot of years since you had sleep overs with my boys.” “I am sorry about your divorce. Your wife was not very understanding was she?” I wondered if Aunt Hazel knew about my cross dressing! It seem like everyone knew. “Let me show you your room. I prepared it for you with new sheets and bahis siteleri pink comforter,” she saidI was at her ass level as I followed Aunt Hazel upstairs to my room. It was a “pretty” room with some pink accessories. Was she making fun of me? “I have some dresses in this closet but there is still plenty of room for your suits and things. I put some things in the top dresser drawer that I thought you might enjoy, seeing that your wife took all your girly cloths.” The blood drained from my face and I turned white! “As long as you are here, feel free to wear whatever you want. I’d be privileged to help you dress up. I have lots of experience with makeup,” assured Aunt Hazel.I sat down on the edge of the double bed, discussed with myself. Aunt Hazel sat beside me and took my hand in hers and said; “Terry, please don’t be upset. I want you to be whomever you wish. It must be a sexual high for you to dress like a woman. I might be old, but I not an old prude. I only have to watch TV and with the internet, I am enlightened to many different lifestyle and fantasies. My husband, he was a wham bam thank you Mam, kind of man. Women today know how to enjoy sex and demand it from their lovers. You should be able to enjoy your fantasy and sex also. I am here to support not to laugh at you. If you are gay or bisexual, it’s all OK with me.” She stood to leave but stopped, turned, paused and said; “I hope we can be close. I’m close to both my boys and to Cindy! Your mother and I were close when we were young girls, and we still are. Check your top dresser drawer. I’ll get supper ready.” I went to the dresser drawer and was shocked, but a tinge of excitement went right to my penis. There were several pair of panties, a makeup set, red lipstick and nail polish, fake nails, eye lashes, shaving cream and razor. Aunt Hazel and I had a nice supper and some of her home made wine. She said we could make a batch sometime. We talked about times past, vacations, Christmas’, broken limbs and bruises on canlı bahis siteleri us boys.At 10:00 PM she said it was time for us, to go to bed. She would use the bathroom first. When I went upstairs to bed, her bedroom door was open. I peed, washed and brushed my teeth. As I went into my room I heard, “Good night Terry.” I replied: “Good night Aunt Hazel!”Aunt Hazel had my breakfast of eggs and toast and a bag lunch already for me. Then kiss one the lips and off to the new job I went.All went very well for me. I had a nice office with a view and a mature black lady as my assistant. Her name is Ivy. She took me around to meet several of the others, explained most of what my position entailed, who was who in the office and that she knew some hot gossip if I cared to hear it some time. I said maybe another day.Back at Aunt Hazel’s, supper was on the table. We eat and talked about our day. That evening Todd stopped by for an hour and we chatted. Aunt Hazel said she would have some beer for the next time we had someone drop by. Usual routine, Aunt Hazel went up to bed at 10:00. I followed after her. But tonight her panties and bra were laying beside the clothes hamper. I tried, but couldn’t resist lifting her panties to my face, I smelt the moist gusset which was stained, then rubbed my face in it. I couldn’t spend to much time in the bathroom. It might rise suspicion from Aunt Hazel.Back in my pink accented bedroom, i wanted to jerk off but with her bedroom door open, I was afraid she would hear me.I found soiled granny panties on the bathroom floor every evening. By Thursday I had to have them so I took them back to my room with my intent to return them before Aunt Hazel awoke. Big mistake or it was a great idea!When I went down for breakfast, Aunt Hazel was her jolly self. But before I left for work she stopped me, looked me straight in the eyes and said; ” We will be having a long talk tonight. After all, it’s Friday and you don’t work tomorrow!” She kissed me square on canlı bahis the lips, holding herself there just a bit longer than the other days this week. She then ushered me out the door.Ivy noticed I was a bit uneasy and asked if she did something wrong. “No, quite the opposite. You’ve been a Queen and I appreciate all your help!””Well I’ve watched you this week and it appears to me you need someone to keep you moving and on track. Does that seem right to you?” Ivy asked.”I guess that could be an accurate assessment,” was my reply.Ivy said to me: “The CEO said you were sharp, know your stuff as an auditor, but can have mood swings. At times he said you were very depressed.” “Yes, I have stuff going on in my head, strange things that distract me,” I said.Ivy’s repay was, “I will keep you focused and if you don’t keep up, I’ll have to keep you after school!”I laughed.”I’m serious so don’t laugh. I have ways of getting men to perform. I raised 3 boys and they knew what would happen if they didn’t follow my instructions. And I’ll do the same to you. Now get to work on those 5 file I’ve given you.”She turned to leave, and my eye went directly to her big ass. She looked back and caught me watching her. “Is my big ass one of those strange things going on in your head?” she asked.I looked up, embarrassed. She left my office.At days end, I had completed 3 files. As I was approaching Ivy’s desk, my line of vision went straight to her big tits. Ivy was smiling at me and said; “Only 3 files? Well! It’s Friday and I won’t keep you late tonight but Monday young man, I will address this short coming and give you an incentive to get the work done on time.” Talk about strange thoughts in my head on my drive to Aunt Hazel’s!When I walked through the door at Aunt Hazel’s that evening, my heart stopped and all air in my lungs absconded. My eyes blinked several times trying to focus on what I thought I could not possible be seeing.”AUNT Hazel?””Don’t AUNT HAZEL me you little panty sniffing sissy slut. How did my soiled panties smell? And did you stick your tongue out and taste them too? I didn’t see any cum stains or tissues. I am assuming you eat cum!*I am waiting for your comments. I’m just getting started with my exploits.

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