Living Above The Garage Part Two

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I had said my goodnights to mum and dad, and with hugs to each of them, headed to my new quarters above the garage.A short while later, the alarm system gave its signature bleep to announce that it was armed. This confirmed that my parents had retired to their room on the other side of the house. Now, we didn’t have a huge house, but it’s on a corner plot, and my room is above the garage.What my parents didn’t know, and certainly wouldn’t be very happy about, was that I had used the system’s admin code to exclude my room from the evening lockdown.  The door atop the stairs that gave direct access to my quarters from the drive would now remain unalarmed.Thirty minutes later, I heard light footsteps on the stairs. The door clicked before swinging silently open to admit Tabitha Green, my best friend since our childhood and now my lover. My heart rate accelerated at the sight of her.Moving from the beanbag where I had been waiting for her, I crossed the room to hug her in my arms. Her tongue snaked into my mouth, and her hands slipped under my thigh length tee shirt to caress my naked ass.”Mmm, you’re already undressed,” she whispered in my ear.”Yes, I couldn’t wait.” With that, I broke our embrace and swiftly pulled my tee off over my head.I stood there, proudly posing my body for my best friend.It had taken a little while to fit, but the bodice of finely woven leather strands now firmly encased my slim dancer’s body. My small A-cup breasts protruded through the mesh. The nipples were rigid and red with desire.”Oh, Amy, you’re like, amazing! I could eat you up,” she murmured. Her voice betrayed her arousal.”I’m rather hoping that you will,” I giggled back.Removing her hands from my hips, Tabi moved to undress. Classic Tabi outfit, denim pinafore dress over a white tee. Her tanned swimmer’s legs bare, and her feet shod in her obligatory pink converse boots.I helped tug the dress and tee over her head.My eyes feasted on her firm round breasts snug in a pink cotton bra, but what really caught my eye and my breath was the simple pink cotton panties. They hugged her ass like a glove, and usually, my hands would have moved to caress those cheeks but not tonight.Tonight, my fingers were drawn to the expanding wet spot at the juncture of her legs. The soft pale fabric was darkening as her juices flowed. I gently cupped her mound, feeling the heat and moisture against my palm.Our lips met again, and she groaned her passion into my mouth.My forefinger moved to trace her cleft. Gently rubbing the fabric into her lips. Feeling her body tense as the cloth got even wetter.A brief shudder followed by a tensing of her body signalled Tabi’s first cum of the night.”Oh, a camel toe,” I giggled.My finger had driven the wet pink cloth deep between Tabi’s swollen lips with a most indecent but pleasurable result.Tabi had been the one to drive our lifelong friendship to this new intimate level. Her bravery had allowed her to kiss me as a lover would for the first time. This triggered in me the realisation that I loved this incredible bundle of energy on a whole new level.I knelt to remove her panties, “You can have a pair of mine to go home in,” I offered as I watched the cloth peel away from her sticky swollen lips dragging a string of her juice with it.Her natural fragrance hit me then. An earthy blend of female arousal that was distinctively Tabi. A more potent version of what I had smelled on her sheets and clothes over the years.Now she stood before me naked bar her pink converse boots. “Oh, that’s a cute look!”The boots came off, and I fetched a warm cloth to wipe her slick pussy lips.Yes, they would be a lot slicker before long, but it was an intimate moment, a bonding moment between lovers. A warm all over instant that intensified my love for her.Tabi fetched her bodice. When my sister, whose room I now occupy, moved to college, she left a selection of sexy lingerie and toys behind.This included two leather bodices. One was a creation of fine leather webbing that I was now wearing. The other consisted of broader bands of leather that crisscrossed the torso with open cups to allow the wearer’s breasts to be delightfully and fully exposed.I Magosa Escort watched as Tabi slipped the bodice on, delighting in the way she scooped each breast up to squeeze it through the hole where a cup would typically be.Finally, I stepped forward to help with the fastenings, ensuring that the fit was snug.I let my lips and tongue graze her neck, feeling her soft downy hair tickling my cheeks.”Let’s get the toys, I’ve been waiting for this all day.” Tabi moved to trail her fingers between my slick pussy lips. Smiling at my gasps of pleasure. “I can see you’re ready too.”Moving to the bed, I fetched the dildo and lube from my bedside drawer.We sat cross-legged, facing each other. Tabi took a moment to toy with her breasts. She dragged her nails along the undersides before gripping and stretching each pale nipple.Unable to resist, I leaned forward to give each nub a long hard suck.”Oooh, Amy!”I don’t think I will ever tire of hearing Tabi groan my name in that husky voice.”Come on, Tabs, let’s do this.” I was a bundle of sexual excitement.”Look, I’ve checked one of the books Cindy left, and it suggests two basic positions. One facing each other and the other kneeling butt to butt.”We agreed that we would start off facing each other. We both wanted to watch each other’s pleasure.Laughing, I held the dildo at head height, and we both moved to kiss the tip, letting an end slip between our lips, “Thank you, Cindy,” sighed Tabitha.The dildo was about sixteen inches long, smooth and purple. Each end was penis-shaped, and it was relatively slim and flexible.Mirroring each other’s actions, we stroked our pussies, parting our delicate petals and getting a generous amount of girl cum on our fingers before smearing our nectar over the silicon glans.Once it was nicely slick, I suggested that we entwine our legs and slip it inside.The smooth purple was shiny with juice, and I could smell our combined arousal when Tabi surprised me by tugging it out of my hands.With a huge smile, she rotated it before offering it back to me.Now I would get her cum smeared end and she mine.Oh god, was I so horny now.Just picture it, two college girls, in soft leather bodices, their pussies swollen and slick with desire sitting legs entwined a purple dildo poised at their pussy lips.I used my spare hand to grip Tabi’s and counted down, “Five, four, three, two, one.”On zero, we both raised our hips and fed our hungry aching pussies.I was so wet, so horny, so desperate for pleasure that the dildo slipped right into my wet needy core. In the space of two days, I had gone from a girl who barely rubbed her outer lips to a wet hussy eagerly filling my flower with a fake cock.There was no discomfort, just a pleasurable feeling of fullness. Knowing that I was now joined to Tabi made it extra special. Her foot with its delicately painted pink toes was alongside my ribs, and I gripped her lower leg to lever myself forward.”Oh, Yes, Amy.” Tabi pushed back in response, and in one smooth movement, our combined pussies had swallowed the entire dildo.Our slick swollen nether lips were now mashed together, and I could feel her heat. I could actually feel her beating heart where our pussies touched.The juices were flowing hard, combining into a slick warm aromatic syrup. A syrup that I could feel trickling down between my butt cheeks. It took a few moments, a few giggly false starts, but eventually, we hit a rhythm, and our bodies became one.With every movement, we either gave or received pleasure. The most intense and beautiful pleasure. We were making love, and the world with all its challenges and complexities had shrunk down to two people living this moment for the other.I had expected our lovemaking to end with a huge mind-blowing orgasm, but it never happened. Oh yes, I did cum, but it was waves of mini orgasms. Tabi and I kept cumming either together or separately for what seemed to be hours.In the end, we lost count of just how many times we came. We just stopped when it felt right. Hot, sweaty and aching in the most beautiful way imaginable, we gently peeled apart.Unable to run the shower for fear of disturbing my parents, Kıbrıs Escort we settled for sponging each other with a warm washcloth. There really is no more intimate an act than bathing your lover. After cracking a window or two to vent the unmistakable musk of freshly fucked females, we slipped under my sheets to sleep.An early alarm would ensure that Tabi was gone before my parents were up.My clever girl had brought along her running kit. Should anyone in her house realise she’d been out, she would pass it off as part of her daily training.ooOOooThe following night I had to accompany my parents to visit Auntie Valerie in the next town. It was a lovely evening; auntie always provides the most fabulous teas. Her homemade cakes were to die for, and she knew how much I loved lemon drizzle.It did mean that I couldn’t see Tabitha as we didn’t get home until late, but on the upside, I was still a little tender, and my cunny enjoyed the rest.In the morning, I woke to a clear day that promised warmth and sunshine. Pulling on one of my sister Cindy’s old tees, I made my way down to breakfast. Dad was long gone on the early train, but mum was organising her papers before heading out to a meeting.”Amy, do you have to wear that tasteless tee shirt?” she asked.Dropping my eyes, I focused on the logo, “RUB HERE SEE WHAT HAPPENS.”Stifling a giggle, I said, “Sorry, mum, but I only sleep in it,” and turned to the fridge for a juice.”Amy, I do think you might put some panties on before coming down to breakfast.””Yes, mum, sorry, mum.”Tugging hard on the hem, I shimmied onto a stool at the kitchen island, trying hard not to flash my flower.”I don’t know what’s happening with young girls today. You’re getting more like your sister. I don’t suppose for a minute that Tabitha dresses like that?” Mum said, firing off her thoughts of the young as she passed back and forth through the kitchen, gathering her papers.My mind flashed back to peeling Tabitha’s soaked panties down her thighs, strings of cum clinging to her swollen labia.”Mum, Tabi has asked me to a sleepover tonight. We thought we might spend the morning at the mall and then go for a swim before going to her house.””Okay, so long as her parents are happy with that, and I keep telling you her parents called her Tabitha. Tabi sounds like a stray cat.”Showered and changed into a knee-length summer dress and sneakers, I walked to Tabi’s, and from there we caught the bus into town. Heading to the mall, we made a beeline for the department store. It had a large teen department and was the place to go for all the latest stuff.Slowly we explored the aisles and displays, and I found a couple of items to try on as did Tabi before we headed into the changing area. I decided to try a skirt. It was shorter than my typical choices, but this was a new me.I pulled back the curtain for Tabi’s opinion, “What do you think?””It’s lovely, your legs look amazing,” with that she stepped into the cubicle and kissed me hard. Instantly her hands were under my skirt, her fingers grazed and teased me through my panties.”We must get rid of these kid’s panties though,” and with one quick tug, they were down around my ankles as she pushed me hard against the cubicle wall.Quickly ducking down, she pulled them off my feet and made them disappear into her shoulder bag.Leaving the store and wearing my summer dress again, I was acutely aware of my bare pussy. I could feel the warm breeze blowing against my tender bits.Our next stop was ‘Intimate World.’ Tabi dragged me into the store and toward the racks of sexy lace bralettes.”Look at all these lovely colours and that sexy lace trim. Your titties will look amazing in these,” she giggled, “and they’re on three for two, so you only need to pay for four, then you will almost have a week’s supply.”Tabi chose three for herself, giggling that her C cups really needed something a little firmer.With our goodies bagged up, we headed back to the bus for the short journey to the swimming pool.The pool was Tabi’s second home. Totally at home in the water, she swam with the speed and grace of a dolphin. Her lithe body knifed through the water Lefkoşa Escort with practised ease.I struggled along behind. Not that I cared, my best friend was radiating happiness as she raced in front of me. My best friend, my lover! Her joy was infectious, and I enjoyed every moment of our fun in the pool.Returning to the changing area, Tabi snagged a family changing cubicle and quickly tugged me inside with her. Stripping off her one-piece suit, she moved to sit on the bench seat, towelling her hair as she let her gaze rest on my body.I gave in to the new bolder me. I made a show of working that clingy suit off my shoulders, vamping a little strip and teasingly letting my puffy breasts pop from under the elastic. My nipples hard from the cool water and the powerful sexual urges flowing through my body jutted proudly forward.Dropping to my knees on the damp tile floor, I gripped Tabi’s feet spread her long legs and lifted them to shoulder height.Her smoothly shaven pussy was fully exposed to my gaze. Still wet from the pool but with a slick glaze on her swollen labia. Gently I licked her length, tasting that mix of pool water and girl cum. Chemical and natural tanginess blended on my tongue.I kept licking. I could see her hand gripping the edge of the seat, and I could see those ripped stomach muscles clenching, but I just kept lapping that sweet pussy.Long licks, short licks, slow licks, fast licks, little twirly tongue licks, I just kept mixing it up feeling and hearing the effect it was having on my lover.It took just a minute for Tabi to start whimpering into her towel as she wriggled her ass on that seat. I could tell she was close, due to the constant wriggling and the stream of slick juice now coating my lower face.With one last firm lick from her butt to her clit, I opened my mouth and sucked her nub firmly into my mouth. Tabi’s knees locked around my head, clamping my mouth to her gushing pussy as she squealed aloud.’KNOCK, KNOCK,’ someone banged on the cubicle door, and a woman’s voice called out, “Hello, are you okay in there?””Yes, thank you; I just stubbed my toe, but thanks for asking.”                                                 I quickly stood and moved back from the door, not wanting to be caught on my knees in front of Tabi.I didn’t dare catch Tabi’s eye, knowing that it would only trigger a wave of silly giggling.Dressed but still minus my panties, I turned to Tabi, “I can’t meet your mother with no panties on,” I complained.”Oh, I know. Here have these.” She produced a bag from the lingerie store we had visited earlier.”Six pairs of string panties to match your new bras, my present to you,” she whispered.I chose a bright red lace string and pulled the tag off before slipping into it.It was little more than a sneaker lace wrapped around my waist before slipping down between my butt cheeks. The front, a small and I mean small triangle of lacy red cloth barely covered my pussy.”MMM, Nice, but you’ll need a trim,” giggled Tabi.ooOOoo”Hi, Girls,” Mrs Green greeted us as we entered her house via the kitchen door. “Amy, its Italian night in Casa Green, homemade ravioli with garlic bread with cannoli for dessert,” she added.”Mmm, it smells divine,” I replied, my mouth already watering at the prospect, “Can I help at all?””No, everything is in hand, but thank you. This will take another hour or so, and it’ll be just the three of us, so why don’t you girls go out back and try the new hot tub.”Tabi quickly led the way to their sizeable rear garden at the bottom end of which was now a small wooden building shaped like a barrel. Alongside it, an area of decking surrounded by what appeared to be yacht sails of various sizes.”That’s the sauna in the wooden building, and the hot tub is shielded by those windbreaks,” explained Tabi.”Wow, that’s amazing!” I gushed.”Mum wanted somewhere to relax after work, so dad had this put in as a surprise for her,” explained Tabi.We made our way down the path, and Tabi opened the door to the sauna.”Clothes off here and then through the inner door to the sauna.”It only took a few moments for us to strip and enter the sauna. The hot, dry air almost took my breath away as I followed Tabi onto the top bench.We sat silently, just taking slow even breaths letting the heat invade our bodies. Soon I could see the sweat forming on my skin. Tabi moved to a wooden bucket and ladled water onto the hot coals.The air hissed, and my skin stung. Now sweat poured from my pores,…

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