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Subject: Little White Pills, Chapter 14 Hey guys, time for a little change of pace–hope you like it. Please take a minute to visit fty/donate.html and send some money to the good folks at Nifty–cheaper than lube! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chapter 14: “Community Relations” I grunt as I step into my clean gym shorts: a heavy leg workout was a good thing, but it was hard to remember that when you were too tired to lift your knees up. At least my bike ride home would be downhill for the most part. As I straighten up I hear a familiar deep voice behind me. “Hey John, you wrapping up?” It’s Grady, fresh out of the shower. “Yeah, time to head home. These night shifts suck, but working legs’ll put me to sleep for sure.” Locker room talk with Grady always makes me feel a little awkward. I know I’m kind of a dick for being paranoid about sharing a locker room with a gay guy, and feel a little guilty. He’s never once creeped on me or even mildly flirted, but I just never knew anyone who was gay growing up (“that you know of,” he told me once), and I’m still getting used to it I guess. It’s not like I’m even his type. His boyfriend Alan has been around the office a couple of times, and if he’s any indication then Grady wouldn’t be interested in me no matter what: I kept up my high school football body throughout college, while Alan’s the thin hipsterish type. I’ve never let my hair get much below the collar, let alone as long as his, and dressing up for me is pretty much limited to jeans or my uniform if I’m at work–a sport coat isn’t daily wear, it’s what I dust off for weddings. Locker room awkwardness aside, Grady is a good guy to hang around with. He’s been on the campus force for about ten years, and he works nights a lot too, so he’s been the one to show me the ropes. Not to mention a couple of good Thai restaurants–when I moved here after I graduated I thought I’d never find decent pad thai again. I’m still planning on getting a job as a regular cop once I get a little experience under my belt and the budget cuts let them start hiring again, but for now this isn’t too bad. Except for the occasional annoyances, such as…. “I hear you man. Hey, I know you’ve clocked out,” shit, here it comes, “but I was wondering if you could do me a favor.” He sees my eye roll and puts his hands up. “I know, I know, but I spent all night dealing with the Sigma Nu fuckwits and I this thing just came in. And I promised Alan I’d go to this work thing with him this afternoon, and I *really* need a nap first. Pleeeeaaase!” I have to laugh, because seeing a big burly guy with a beard kneeling like he’s ready to propose to me is a ridiculous sight, and Grady can work the drama like no one else. “Tell the day shift guys to handle it. I’m sure they can fit it in between the four parking tickets they’ll write today.” “I know, I know.” Grumbling about the day shift slackers is a regular topic for us. “But Cal is out sick–” he rolls his eyes; Cal is out “sick” a lot “–and Jenelle is like 8 months pregnant. She can’t go cuss out some party boys. They’ll just laugh at her, and then she’ll go pregosaurus on them and have the baby right there, and then we’ll have to cover for her for an extra month. Also, this is the third time I’ve gotten a complaint about this address; if we let this one slide we’ll start getting shit for sure. Pleeeeeease John boy?!” His eyes actually start to tear up, it’s ridiculous. “Okay, okay. Christ. What’s the deal anyway?” Grady gets off his knees with a grunt; I wasn’t the only one doing legs today. “Ahhh, it’s just some noise complaint. First time it was just loud stereos. This time it was music again, but also,” his voice drops to a loud whisper, “_sex noises_. The girl who called sounds like she’s getting ready to join a convent, she was so shocked. Anyway, I figure you still look sorta like a student, so maybe you can get a little farther by playing your bro card with them. And if you’re out of uniform you could probably talk your way into looking around a little.” Grady’s face turns serious. “If it’s just some guy whose girlfriend is a screamer that’s one thing, but keep your eyes open for anything shady: pills, signs of rough stuff, you know.” Grady’s little sister is in college now, and he takes that shit seriously. “If you see something off let me know and we’ll do a formal report. Otherwise, just give ’em a friendly warning and tell ’em to close their windows when they fuck.” “Okay,” I sigh. At least this should be quick. “And whadya mean I ‘sorta look like a college student?’ I’m all of 24, old man.” Grady looks concerned. “Well you know, you’re not moving so fast lately, and your chest hair has fallen out, and I can hardly see your abs anymore. We worry John, we really do.” Never one to miss giving me shit about shaving my chest, Grady is. Although he does have better abs than I do. “Mmmhmm. Very touching old timer.” At least the address he gives me is pretty much on my way home and not uphill, thank God. I like riding the bike, especially on a great fall day like this, but a night shift plus a workout makes it a challenge. Still, it’s a nice morning with plenty of students to check out as they head to class, and it’s nice to see a few of them scoping me out as I pull up to the house with the (whisper it) _sex noises_. It looks like most other places in College Town: used to be pretty nice, now kind of seedy. A couple of well-stained sofas are sagging on the front porch and I can smell sour beer in the trash barrel; it brings back fond memories of my apartment senior year. I knock. No answer. Everyone’s probably at class, but I try once more just in case so I can tell Grady I really did make an effort. I’m about to give up when the door opens; it’s some jacked dude with tats and a buzzed head, looking mildly annoyed. He’s not wearing anything but gym shorts, and is still wiping his torso off with a towel. “Yeah? Can I help you?” “Hi. Sorry to pull you out of the shower man. I’m Officer McKenna from campus police. I was wondering if we could chat for a few minutes?” He looks me over, then shrugs. “Sure. Come on in.” I follow him into the kitchen and he starts rooting around in the cabinets. “Hope you don’t mind if I grab something to eat. I just worked out and I’m starving.” “Yeah, I hear you man.” I flash my bro smile. “Those workouts take it out of you, right?” He turns back around with a container of Muscle Milk and gives me an appraising look that turns a little friendlier once sees I’m a fellow gym rat. “Yeah…I guess you do work out. You look really fit bro. I’m Derrick.” He sticks out a hand. Sure enough, a rock hard grip, but he doesn’t try to pull any douchey who-can-squeeze-harder bullshit, so points to him for that. “John. Good to meet you.” “You want some food. I’ve got this stuff, or this vitamin juice if you want. You should try it–it’s really helped me out a lot.” “Yeah sure, juice sounds good.” Derrick roots around in the fridge, which seems to be filled with health drinks and beer. Remembering Grady’s instructions I look around the kitchen and peer into the living room a bit to see if there’s anything shady; nothing so far. Derrick turns around and hands me an OJ. “Looks like you got the last of the vitamins–enjoy.” He sets to work making up some Muscle Milk while I sip my juice. I can definitely taste the tang–probably some of that B vitamin stuff my old roommate used to swear by–but it’s got sugar and I realize I’m starving, so I gulp it down. By the time Derrick turns back with his drink I’m mostly done with mine. “Guess you were thirsty.” His eyebrows go up and he gives me an assessing look for a second. “So what can I do for you Officer McKenna?” “Well, I just started on the force a few months ago, and one of the things they have us new guys do is meet students, get to know them and let them know we’re around for them. Community relations, basically.” “Uh huh.” He’s not buying it. “I’m definitely a fan of close relationships with the cops, don’t get me wrong.” He crosses his arms to make them bulge a little bit more and show he’s not a pushover. Give him credit, he’s got a big smooth chest. “But how did we get chosen for this honor? One of our neighbors nominate us?” I finish my juice. “Basically, yes. We’ve had a couple of noise complaints the last couple of weeks. I thought I’d swing by and handle it unofficially on my way home.” “Yeah, I bet. Some folks don’t like to party too much.” He gives a meaningful look out the window at the house next door; clearly he knows about the nuns-in-training. “Look, sorry man. It’s just that it’s the start of the semester, some of the guys have a lot of energy they’re looking to blow off before things get hectic, you know how it is.” He turns his palms up and flashes a bashful guilty-as-charged grin that probably got him out of a lot of trouble over the years. Looking like a young Jason Statham doesn’t hurt. “I get it. But your neighbors need to get their sleep if they want it.” He nods. “How many of you guys live here anyway?” Occupancy violations would be a handy lever to use on them if it came down to that. “There’s five of us: me, Gabe, Big Dave, Aaron, and Chris.” “Are the other guys around? It’d be nice to meet them while I’m here.” Derrick seems pretty cool, but his roommates might not be so much. “Sorry man, they’re all out. Just you and me.” Derrick watches me as he takes a big sip of his protein drink, and I feel a weird twinge of…something. But then it passes. “Mind if I take a look around? Not trying to get you in trouble or anything. I just want to be able to tell my boss you guys are on the up and up.” “Sure, be my guest. I’ll give you the tour.” He leads me through the living room with the usual video console and random crap in it, to a bedroom at the back of the house that shares a bathroom with the kitchen. “This is Gabe’s room.” It’s surprisingly neat, and looks pretty well kept up; I’m guessing a girlfriend is involved. Unless Gabe has a thing for short silk bathrobes. “Nice view. Wish my place looked out over the hill like that.” “Trust me, it’s not worth it. I lived here for two years before the other guys did, and this room is fucking freezing in the winter. I may not have mentioned that to Gabe when he picked it.” Derrick gives me a wink, part knowing but also a little bit…sexy? Nah. But I feel that weird twinge again. “Anyway, that’s the downstairs. Sorry the living room is a sty: it’s Aaron’s turn to clean it and he’s been away.” I look around, pretending to assess but also to take a closer look. Nothing obvious to worry about though. “Nah, it’s not that bad, except maybe the pizza box fort. Tell your roommate those have gotta go. Is he gone a lot?” “Yeah, he wrestles. I guess he’s pretty good too, but they have away matches a lot so he weasels out of chores all the time. Funny how even these exhibition matches seem to fall on his chore weekends.” If this guy were here he’d be getting a dirty look from Derrick, no question. “I had a roommate like that. We finally just started piling shit in his room until he took the hint.” Derrick rubs his strong jaw thoughtfully. “Interesting idea officer…interesting indeed….” He gives me a wink. “Well, you wanna see the rest? I’ve gotta warn you, Aaron’s room is on the tour.” I chuckle. “All right, I’m warned. Lead on.” Derrick heads to the stairs in the back and I follow him up. As he walks in front of me I can see the outline of his ass as it flexes in those sheer gym shorts–he’s definitely not one of those guys who neglects his legs. His calves and hamstrings, dusted with light brown hair, flex as he starts up the stairs, and I realize I’m staring. It looks like he’s going commando–there’s no sign of underwear, and I can see the individual muscles in his ass flex as he climbs in front of me. Out of nowhere I suddenly imagine myself reaching up and just cupping his ass cheeks. Just to fuck with him, I think, but then I imagine taking it further and pulling those shorts down so I can bury my face in his crack, inhaling that jock smell. My dick jolts in my shorts, and I shake my head to clear it, feeling weird about the whole thing. Where the fuck did that come from? Guess I need to hop on Tinder and blow off some steam with someone when I get home. We get to the top of the stairs and Derek shows me the first room on the right: Aaron’s. As expected it’s pretty much a mess, although not the cesspool I thought it would be. Laundry is piled everywhere, even if it looks clean, and the room smells like a guy lives there–but in a good way. I take a deep breath. Maybe a faint whiff of pot, but if I busted students for that I’d never get any work done. “Do all you guys have bathrooms? Must be nice.” I poke my head in; it’s small but nice. And actually pretty clean. “No, just Aaron and Gabe. The rest of us have to share that one.” Derrick points across the hall; the shared one is actually dirtier than Aaron’s. Maybe the wrestler isn’t that bad a slob after all. “And this is Chris’s room.” The bedroom in back is crowded by a double bed, an end table, and a bureau with a small TV on top, but it has the same great view as Gabe’s room below. “He’s got a good view too. He gonna freeze his ass off in the winter also?” I give Derrick a questioning look, just making conversation. “Nah. His ass’ll be plenty warm.” Derrick turns to walk towards the front of the house, and now I’m imagining sliding my hand up between his legs to cup his balls. I don’t know why; I’ve felt my own balls enough times I gaziantep escort know what’s down there. Just…something about the musky warmth, nestling my hand in there…. My dick lurches again, and when I take a deep breath to clear my head it doesn’t go down very much. Fuck, not a great time to get all horny. Time to wrap this up. These images are starting to weird me out–in all my years in the locker room I’ve never thought about feeling a guy up–but there’s also something…sexy about them. Like, kinky and forbidden. I’ve always liked girls who can get a little wild, and this is like the ultimate taboo, right? Playing with another guy’s junk? His hands touching me in places– Derek’s deeply masculine voice interrupts my thoughts. “Here’s my room, where the magic happens.” I watch the muscles in Derrick’s shoulder and back flex as he points into the bedroom next to the bathroom–I hadn’t noticed until now how cut he is. His room’s a lot bigger than the others, with space for a couch, chair and TV in front of the big bed. I poke my head in to look around, but I keep coming back to the rumpled bedspread. Derek’s gym shorts don’t leave much to the imagination, and it’s easy to picture him naked on that bed, legs spread while he strokes his cock. I’d never actually make it with a guy, but…what if he made me? He’s pretty strong, he could push my face down into his crotch, up against his cock…. My own pulses and starts pushing against my shorts thinking about it, and I take in a shaky breath. I’m suddenly aware that the two of us are crowded together in the door frame looking in, our shoulders just touching. He turns to look at me; I can’t tell if his eyes flick down to my crotch as he does. “See, no crack pipes, whips, or chains. Just don’t check under the bed though man: there’s some serious dust bunnies down there.” He cracks a smile–his first–“I’ll show you Dave’s room if you want, and then you can get outta here and catch some sleep.” Sleep isn’t going to be an option until I spend some time with my dick, and I just want to get out of here so I can take care of business. Maybe treat myself to something raunchy, like sniffing on my gym shorts while I jack off. I suddenly realize I’m zoning out and give my head a shake. “Sure, sounds good. Lead on.” “Right this way Officer.” He claps a friendly hand on my shoulder and directs me to the door at the end of the hall. As he does his thumb shifts a bit, slowly tracing a line up the back of my neck and then down. It has to just be accidental, but it still sends chills down my back to the root of my cock, and now I’ve got a noticeable chubby pushing out my shorts. I fight the urge to slide my hand down in there and give myself a good long squeeze. My cock needs a hand–or something–wrapped around it in the worst way. Dave’s room is the biggest of them all, with a bank of windows overlooking the street that let in the sun; even with the shades down the room is pretty warm. There’s a queen-sized bed by the door, a chest of drawers, and still room to squeeze in a squat rack and weight bench in the back, with a decent set of weights. A collection of school football poster/calendars on the wall show where Dave’s interests lie. I walk around the room, pretending to look at the calendars, but mainly trying to hide my bulge from Derrick. “So, is Dave on the team?” “Nah. Just plays intramural. But I think he’s pretty good. And he says he’s never missed a home game since he came here. Boy’s a big fan, no doubt.” “How about you? You work out a lot.” I make the mistake of looking over my shoulder as I say this and see Derrick standing by the bed, backlit by the windows’ light. It catches every muscle on his body and highlights the square lines of his face. I never thought I’d think this about a guy but he looks fucking hot, and I can feel my face flush: the thought of just putting on a show for him, jacking off for him, hits my kink button hard–what kind of things would he want me to do? I’m starting to sweat. “No, no time for sports. I’m trying to get going on my master’s; I’m lucky to hit the gym a few times a week. Hey, you look a little warm. Here, you can dry off.” He tosses me a tee shirt from Dave’s bed and I grab it without thinking to wipe my face. It’s clean, but I can tell Dave slept in it: it’s got a warm masculine scent better than any cologne. I turn away from Derrick and bury my face in it, breathing deep while I pretend to wipe my face. My dick has left the chubby stage far behind, and gone right to rock hard, and it feels like I’m leaking big time. I huff on the shirt a couple more times, not caring very much what Derrick might think, but finally do let it go. I look up while I try to gather my thoughts, and that’s when I notice the leather straps hanging from the top of the squat rack. These aren’t for lifting, they’re obviously for holding someone in place. Someone big, even. I just stare at them for a few seconds, wondering if I’ve found something I need to tell Grady about. Or maybe someone just likes a little kink. I have to admit, the one time I let a chick do it to me it was really hot. It didn’t hurt that she could give head like nobody’s business, but being tied up and letting her have her way with me was a helluva a lot of fun. Remembering that gets my engine racing even more, and I take a deep whiff of the tee shirt without thinking; I can feel my piss slit dribbling and my thigh is wet. “So you noticed Dave’s little kink, huh?” I jerk back to myself–I’d gotten so focused on my dick I didn’t hear Derrick come up behind me. He’s so close I can feel his breath on my neck, and I shiver involuntarily. I turn around and he’s standing right there, pale blue eyes boring into mine. I look away in embarrassment after a second, painfully aware of the tent in my shorts–and then I see he’s got a bulge of his own coming up. I lick my lips and look back up at him. He takes a small step forward while I stand there in a trance. He’s close enough that I can see every detail of the tattoo on his shoulder, and suddenly I want to lick it. I can smell the soap he just used in the shower, when he was cleaning himself all over…. “He really gets off on it you know. Likes to get strapped in and see how long he can hold out before he can’t take it any more and needs to come. You ever try that, Officer McKenna? Let someone edge you ’til you’re ready to burst?” “Not…not exactly.” My voice is a croak, and I lick my suddenly-dry lips. My heart is going a mile a minute. Derrick moves an inch closer, gaze locked on mine, and all I can do is stand there. Part of me wants to bolt, but my dick has other ideas and they have nothing to do with running. “You should check it out. Let me strap you in for a minute and see what you think. If you like it you could use the setup sometime with somebody. Dave wouldn’t mind. Go ahead.” He reaches out and grabs the bottom of my tee shirt; I can feel his fingers grazing my torso and I suck in my breath a little. “You should take your shirt off though. You know, so you know what it’s really like.” My arms come up as though they’re on strings, and I feel like I’m in a trance as he pulls my gym shirt up over my head. As he does he grabs my arm and suddenly my left wrist is getting snugged into a padded strap over my head. He grabs my right wrist and repeats the process moving behind me as he does. I can feel his body heat faintly on my back, and something firm bumps against my ass crack through my shorts. God, he must be as hard as I am by now. My face flushes at the thought, and I can’t help pushing back just a little bit. Knowing I shouldn’t be doing this is just making it hotter–the ultimate forbidden fruit. He moves in closer and I can feel the length of him pressing lightly against me; his breath is warm on my neck. “So you like that, huh?” That’s putting it mildly. If someone had told me that morning I’d be panting like a bitch in heat while some jacked dude rubbed up against me, I’d have just laughed. But fuck if it isn’t hot as hell; that wet spot in my shorts doesn’t lie. Tied up like this Derrick can do anything he wants to me, and I want it to happen. “Yeah,” I grunt, “fuck yeah.” “Well then, I guess I should make sure you get the full treatment.” The calluses on his hands scrape my ass slightly as he slides them under the backside of my shorts, then moves around to the front. His thumbs hook my waistband and he works my shorts down until my dick flies free, the room air cool against the wet head. He kneels behind me and slides the shorts and underwear all the way off, and I instinctively step out of them. “You’ve got a nice ass Officer McKenna.” I feel his wet tongue trace the base of my spine, and a wave of goosebumps goes over me. “Let’s get it into position. Spread your legs.” I oblige, but not enough apparently. “More.” His voice is sharper now and I obey, moving them until I can feel a stretch starting in my inner thighs. “That’s better.” Padded straps secure my ankles and now I’m locked into a spread-eagle pose. It’s not uncomfortable, but there’s almost no give at all. The sensation of cool air against my balls and asshole reminds me just how exposed I am, and I want Derrick to touch me there. I hear him stand up and then he walks back around in front of me. He’s naked and sporting a nice-sized hard-on. I can’t take my eyes off the goo glistening on the swollen red head, and I lick my lips. “You like my cock?” he asks. I nod. If I were free I’d be on my knees right now, licking it clean. Or maybe tonguing those smooth balls. Somewhere in his crotch, that’s for sure. “Yeah, you do, dontcha? So does Dave. You know, we worked him over for almost an hour last night until he finally couldn’t take it any more and started begging for cock. Just moaning and pleading to get some of that juice in him–he was that horny. Finally–” Derrick reaches down and grabs something from under the weight bench, “I took pity on him and jerked him off into this pair of underwear. I spent half an hour doing it, and when he came he screamed, and then he blew the biggest load I’ve ever seen into these shorts. Looked like half a cup of jizz I swear.” Derrick pushes them up against my face. They reek of cum, and I can feel cold goo smearing against my cheek as he rubs the wet fabric against me. I close my eyes and breath in as much of the scent as I can. When Derrick shoves the wet spot against my mouth I open it without thinking so I can start tonguing the nectar off. I don’t know what’s gotten into me–normally I don’t even like going down on a chick after I’ve come inside her–but right now I can’t get enough of this guy’s spunk. Derrick’s eyes are locked on mine as pushes more of the sloppy underwear into my mouth. “Yeah, that’s it. Open wide.” I do. Derrick leaves me to chew on Dave’s load, walking behind me once again. “One more thing officer, and then we can start.” Fuck, start?! Seems to me we’re already way past “start.” Next thing I know there’s a blindfold sliding over my eyes, thick and padded, and I shiver. I’ve got no idea what Derrick has planned, and now I won’t know until he’s doing it to me. Whatever it is. Anything. My brain is spinning different scenarios at a mile a minute, and they’re all revving my dick up in a big way. I’m more than ready to get started. I feel body heat against my back again as Derrick leans in close. He pulls the underwear out of my mouth and I can feel his breath on my left ear. “Now let’s see what you like,” he growls. “If you really want me to stop all you have to do is say ‘I’m a fucking pussy’ and I’ll stop. But–” Suddenly he’s pinching my left nipple, fingers slick with some sort of lube, and I gasp. “–you do that and we’re done for good. I send you out the door and you never get to find out what else I was going to do.” Wet fingers are working my right nipple too now and I grunt. “Got that?” “Yeah. ‘I’m a fucking pussy.’ Got it.” I’ve always liked getting my nipples worked, but most chicks don’t bother doing it–usually it’s just a little bonus for myself when I’m jacking off. So I’m really digging Derrick’s slick callouses working me over; I push my pecs out to increase the sensation. “Good.” Derrick ignores the hints I’m trying to throw him about the nipple work, and his right fingers are in my mouth, demanding to be licked off. My nipple misses the physical sensation, but there’s something really hot about sucking his fingers clean, imagining the picture we make together, and I work them over good. The lube tastes sort of chemically, but also a bit meaty; not that bad. The flavor mixes with Dave’s residual jizz in my mouth, and I’m really enjoying the combination. I let out a low growl to show my appreciation. I’m down for more of anything he wants, and I push my ass back against his hard-on to show my appreciation. A couple of minutes later the fingers slide out, and Derrick stops working my nip; I grunt in disappointment. I was really getting into what he was doing: the lube has left a warm tingling glow where he smeared it on my chest, and it made his finger work feel even better. I’ve been grinding my ass against his cock as much I can in my position, but I don’t give a flying fuck. “You like that, huh?” “Yeah.” I take a breath. “Yeah.” This shit with a guy is all new to me, but I feel like a kid in a candy store. “Good. Let’s see what else you like.” I realized I’m shaking a bit in excitement, wondering what he’ll do next. The feel of cold lube drizzling on my shaft makes me twitch, and then a warm grip is smearing it over me suriyeli escort as Derrick reaches around me and starts stroking, so slowly his hand is barely moving. I let out a groan through clenched teeth and push my hips forward the little bit that I can, instinctively trying to get more stimulation going. It’s a trap though: the second I do, Derrick pushes his hips into me from behind. I can feel his dick pushing into the crack of my ass, and I try to keep rubbing against it, hoping I can get Derrick revved up enough to move things along faster. But I’ve got no leverage, and I’m stuck with my hips pushed forward as far as I can with no way to back up. And now I can’t buck forward an inch either, so when Derrick’s hand starts slowly creeping along my shaft I’ve got no choice but to live with the pace he’s setting. Down. Then up. Down. A squeeze. Then up. Sometimes he doesn’t even go up enough to touch my aching dick head. A couple of times he goes lower and massages my balls a few times, making my sack pull up in pleasure. Other times I get lucky, and he rubs his thumb slowly over the helmet. With each pass I pray he’ll speed up so I can get off, but I know he’ll never do that until I ask and I’m not ready to do that yet. The warm glow of the lube is making my dick more and more sensitive though, and I know I won’t last forever. As it gets more intense I can’t help myself, and I groan through clenched teeth any time my sensitive ridge gets any extra attention; I’ve never been so hard in my life. Sometimes Derrick pauses long enough for me to notice the feel of his body against mine; there’s a wet spot at the top of my crack where he’s leaking against me. I’ve lost track of time when Derrick lets go and backs up. I don’t know whether I’m grateful for the pause or disappointed, but my lower back appreciates the relief of being able to stand up straight again. I take a breath to relax–and then suck it in hard as a slick finger slides right up my ass chute. I give a yelp of surprise and try to leap up and off the invader, but of course the ankle straps mean I don’t do more than twitch hard. “Hey man, knock it off. I don’t do that shit.” Derrick sounds amused. “You don’t huh? Too gay?” He’s not going any deeper, but he’s pretty far up there already thanks to the lube. “Yeah.” I realize how stupid that sounds after what we’ve been doing. “I mean, I’m just not into stuff in my ass.” Even as I say it I realize it’s actually not that uncomfortable: his finger is warm, and really not that big. And he’s started working it around in little circles; the stretching feeling is kind of…interesting. But it still freaks part of me out. “Riiight. Got it.” Derrick sounds a bit doubtful, and maybe a bit disappointed. Well too bad, it’s not his asshole with a finger up it. At least I’ve realized that if I don’t clench up it doesn’t hurt at all. “Well,” his finger wiggles some more, “you let me know if you change your mind.” He begins to slowly pull out, but as he does he gives my left nip a hard pinch. I’d forgotten about my chest while I was getting the handy, but the sudden intense stimulation sends an electric shock of pleasure through me. My asshole twitches instinctively from it just as he’s sliding out, intensifying the rubbing, and *that* sends a jolt right up my dick; I can feel a twinge at the tip telling me I’ve just dribbled. I can’t help gasping out an “Ah!” from the combined sensations, and as Derrick’s finger leaves me I wonder if maybe I shouldn’t have put up a fuss. I sense him walking around to stand in front of me. “You’re leaking man.” His fingertip slides up the bottom of my shaft to the piss slit, and then it’s pressing into my mouth, demanding I clean up the goo it’s collected. I suck, eager to show him I’m still game. “Looks like you might be getting a little overstimulated. Let’s try something a little different.” The finger slides out of my mouth and I hear him move around the room. The warm itchy glow is pretty intense on my nipples now–they almost ache, and I know they’re super hard–and it’s ramping up on my cock and nuts. I can already feel another drop of precum sliding down my shaft–I’m leaking like nobody’s business, and it’ll be dripping off my balls soon if this keeps up. Even my asshole is getting in on the action–there’s a warmth inside me where the finger went, and when I give my sphincter an experimental squeeze it sends little tingles up into me that feel pretty damn good if I’m being honest. I’m distracted enough by how horny these sensations are making me that I don’t realize Derrick is back until I feel a light touch on the side of my neck. I twitch instinctively–I’m not really ticklish, but Derrick’s teasing has made my whole body sensitive, and it feels pretty good. Derrick doesn’t say a word but the sensation continues, stroking lower, making me squirm to get either more or less sensation, but not this in-between torture. The whatever-it-is–not a finger, maybe a feather?–works it way down to my shoulder, and I suddenly realize that if Derrick uses it on my sensitive chest it’ll drive me nuts in a hurry. God help me if he uses it on my dick. I hope he does though. The touch veers over to one side, and now he’s working over my armpit. I squirm a little, but I’ve never been real sensitive there; after a couple of minutes Derrick realizes it too. The touch skips down my ribs, and I think I’ve dodged a bullet when he swoops back up and I know I’m not off the hook at all. The lightest touch drags across my right nipple’s tip, and it feels like a faint electric tingle. I grit my teeth as he circles around it, cursing my decision to shave my chest. There’s no hair to get in the way, and the touch is hitting every fired-up nerve. I can’t help bucking to try and escape–there’s no way the touch is enough to get me off, but the stimulation makes me want to in the worst way. My options are pretty limited though with the way I’m trussed up, and then Derrick reaches one hand around to pull me towards him. Now I’m bowed forward like before, and there’s no escaping what he’s doing. I grit my teeth and groan in frustration. “That getting you hot officer McKenna?” The circling touch is relentless. “Yes. Fuck.” “Well just ask if you want to get off. ‘Course it hasn’t been very long, but if that’s all you can take…” Asshole is mocking me. I can’t think of anything clever to say though, so I just shake my head. He laughs. “Tough fucker. Good for you man. Tell you what, I’ll give your l’il nip a break, how’s that?” Christ yes, anything to stop him torturing me there. “Sure,” I pant. “No problem. Here ya go.” And the sadistic fucker moves over to attack the other nipple. I thought it would be like starting over, but it isn’t: he’s primed the pump, and in no time at all the other one is sending the same sensations through me. And the right nipple is still throbbing–I’d give almost anything just to have him pinch it again, or suck on it, or anything. Even though the room is cool I’ve started to sweat, and I can feel my precum dripping down my balls now just like I thought it would. I groan again, louder, hoping Derrick will finally let me off the hook. Of course he doesn’t. The touch on my nipple stops, but I barely have time to sigh with relief when I feel him immobilize the base of my dick with a couple of fingers, and I know I’m really in for it now. Sure enough, the tickling is back, and now my dick head is the target. Brushing over the head is bad enough, but then he’ll take a slow swipe around the ridge and I don’t even try to hold in the groan it feels so good. Back and forth the touch goes. The first time he pokes into my piss slit it totally catches me by surprise, and I can’t help letting out an “Ah!” It feels like a spark travels down inside my shaft to the base, and for a second I think that might be enough to get me off. For sure I can feel a big glob of jizz leaking out, but Derrick just lets go of me and stops the teasing before it pushes me over the edge. “Nice,” he mutters, and then he’s back to work. Up and down the shaft this time, with stops to work on my balls; shaving them was as bad an idea as leaving my chest defenseless. My dick is aching now it’s so hard, and when he starts working over my helmet again my moans sound almost like sobs, I need to get off so badly. I’m about to snap and beg him to get me off any way he wants, when he pauses. “You on the edge man?” he asks. I nod, panting. Get me off, I think, clenching my teeth. Don’t ever stop. “You want me to stop working over your dick with the feather? Just say the word.” “Yeah. Please man, I can’t take that any more.” “Not at all? Not even a little?” The feather tip hits my piss slit again, and I curse. “Please. Give my dick a break Derrick. C’mon man, cut me some slack.” “All right. You held on pretty good. I guess we can do something else.” “Yeah,” I pant. “Anything, whatever.” “Sure thing man.” I breathe a sigh of relief as I sense him back off. He walks behind me, and I hear him kneel. I think maybe he’s going to let me loose–I will happily suck him off at this point, as much as he wants, if I can just get my nut. “I think this is more your speed anyway.” And I realize that once again it’s a setup. Because never mind my chest, or even my dick head–it turns out the most sensitive skin on my body right now is my stretched-open, defenseless asshole. Derrick’s hand on the small of my back presses me forward, and there’s no escape from the tickling, teasing sensations lighting me on fire. Between the ankle straps and the prep work from his finger my hole is already stretched enough to let him work over the most sensitive tissue in the middle. And every time I try to clench up to keep the feather out that tingle shoots up inside me, a little more intense each time, until my asshole is aching, desperate to get filled. I can hear myself babbling “oh God oh God fuck oh God pleeease Derrick aaah fuck aaah God….” It’s probably pretty loud, and part of me wonders if the prude neighbors are going to file a complaint about *me* later today, but I’m so torqued up I don’t give a shit. All I care about is how I can get Derrick to work me over hard enough to get off. I open my mouth to tell him I give up and to please, please fuck me or do anything he wants so I can blow my load, when suddenly there’s a muffled thud from the front of the room, like something just got dropped on the floor. Derrick stops, leaving me panting, and I can feel his warm breath on my lower back as he calmly says “Well hey Dave, you’re back early. Hope you don’t mind us using your room.” “No worries man. Today was my short workout day.” Dave’s voice is deep, and I wonder if he’s as hot as Derrick. He doesn’t seem at all shocked to see his roommate getting it on with a total stranger in his little bondage rack. “So who’s your friend?” “This–” Derrick slaps my ass lightly, and I jump”–is Officer McKenna from the campus police. He’s involved in community relations. We were just getting to know each other, weren’t we?” I take in a breath to answer, but Derrick presses a finger against my hole and starts slowly rubbing, and all that comes out is a long “Aaaaaah!” God, the feather was nothing. He can finger me anytime he wants, I don’t care. “Right on. He’s fuckin’ hot.” “You like that?” Dave gives a deep laugh; I give another whimper. “Whadda you think?” “Yeah, I can see you like it. Why don’t you join us big boy?” “Fuck yeah,” Dave breathes, sounding good and horned up already. I let out a louder moan in anticipation. Derrick by himself was insanely hot–what would two of them be like? I hear clothes coming off, and then Dave walking to stand in front of me. There’s a faint slapping sound, like maybe he’s stroking himself. “Nice….” This close I can smell the fresh sweat on him, like his tee shirt but stronger, and imagine giving him a tongue bath–anywhere and everywhere. When his fingers grab a nipple and begin to gently twist I finally snap, all resistance gone. “Ohhhh Goood…please Derrick, I’m done man. Jerk me off, fuck me, do anything you want, but please, I’ve gotta get off. I can’t take it any more!” Derrick stands up behind me, the slick finger rubbing and pressing the whole time. “Anything?” he breathes in my ear. “Yes. God, yes. Anything.” “You’ll even let me work over that tight little hole of yours?” The finger presses more firmly, demanding an answer as it rubs. “Yes! My ass is yours if you want it man. Just stop torturing me–I’ve gotta cum!” I relax my hole as much as I can to let him know I mean it, then groan in pleasure and relief as the digit slides in. I’ve never wanted anything this bad in my life. “Oh fuck yeah,” Dave growls, and then he’s pressing against me while his tongue drills into my eager mouth. He’s a massive pile of sweaty, hairy muscle, and I groan as I feel our cocks grind together. His feels huge, and I wish I could see it. Derrick’s finger is all the way in me now, but this time I welcome it; there’s no need for it to stretch me further. Dave’s hands slide down my back to my ass, then grab tight, spreading the cheeks apart so Derrick’s second finger can slide up my chute. I can feel a wave building inside me, and start shaking in pleasure, making some sort of needy growl into Dave’s mouth. He breaks away from the kiss even as he pulls our crotches tighter together, his fat schlong poking into my belly, and then his mouth moves down to bite my nipple. That does it. I shout something–who the fuck knows what–and erupt. My hole spasms rus escort on Derrick’s fingers, but he forces it open and fingers me harder, the stretching and friction multiplying my orgasm. Jets of hot goo baste Dave’s abs and mine, one of his hands snaking in to squeeze my balls for an extra-big load. I can’t think, my brain overloaded on the sensations the two guys are making me feel. Strung up between them I’m completely at their mercy, and God do they know how to work me. This is a record-setter, no doubt about it: both biggest and loudest load. I lose track of how many times I shoot, bucking between them, but when I finally stop and Dave pulls away I can feel the juice starting to trickle down my torso. I always wondered why Grady called them “cum gutters;” now I know. “Mmm…nice,” Dave rumbles. I gasp as he latches onto my slick cock and rubs his thumb over the head. I’m always super-sensitive after I come, and this time is no different. It might actually be worse: Derrick hasn’t stopped playing with my ass, and that seems to be keeping me pretty hard, which is making Dave’s dick torture worse. My hips keep jerking involuntarily, trying to get away, but of course that gets me nowhere. Dave does seem to take pity on me though: his grip lightens up a bit and his thumb slows down to a lazy circling around my helmet head that I can tolerate if I have to. Barely. “That’s a nice load you shot there Officer,” Derrick says, his breath warm on my ear, “been a while since you got off?” “Not–” the thumb interrupts me for a second, “not really.” “You just like this little contest, huh?” Yeah, you could say that. “Yeah, that was hot.” “Oh, we’re not done yet Officer. You promised me your ass, remember?” Oh, that. The idea doesn’t freak me out like it would have a couple of hours ago. Not if those fingers were any indication. I nod. “Uh huh.” “Good. We need to get you cleaned up first though. Dave, here’s your chance for a protein shake.” Dave lets me go and I hear wet noises and a muffled “ mm.” I may have just blasted off, but the thought of this guy licking up my spunk has already got the next launch sequence started. “Oh yeah,” Derek whispers, and for the first time he sounds seriously horned up–not so in control any more. “I gotta get some of that.” He slides his digits out of my ass, ignoring my little grunt of frustration–or so I think. I’m less disappointed though when I feel hands grip my sides a minute later, and then a warm tongue lapping across my chest, slowly working downwards. Dave to the rescue. Dave pauses briefly. “Derrick man, you gotta get in on this.” His tongue gets back to work, my dick slowly rising to meet it. “Yeah man, right there. Save some for me okay?” There are some noises behind me I can’t figure out (and don’t really care about), and then suddenly the pressure is back on my hole. I sigh and arch my back to let Derrick’s fingers slide in more easily, and then it dawns on me that’s not what I feel back there. It’s some sort of slick rounded surface, and as it pushes in I realize this is what a butt plug feels like. It stretches me more than the fingers, and I’m wondering how big it actually is, when the fattest part gets past my ring and it pops the rest of the way in. Derrick twists it around a little to settle it in and I can’t help the small groan I let out–that warm glow in my ass makes the pressure feel so damn good. Derrick gives it a little tap to settle it the rest of the way in. “That’s the spirit.” A few seconds later he’s joined Dave on the cleanup effort on my front side. They’re taking their time, making sure to get every last drop, and I love it. Slowly but surely they get down to my treasure trail, and then into my pubes. My cock is back to full attention now thanks to the butt plug and some occasional nipple action, and I pray they’ll give it a thorough cleaning too. “Look at that man. Look how much he’s leaking.” Dave’s voice is husky, almost a whisper. “Yeah…you should clean it up.” Derrick sounds just as horny. “Nah, you go. C’mon man, I know you like it.” “Fuck yeah. Fuck. Yeah.” Derrick and I let out simultaneous “Mmmm!”s as he engulfs me in slow motion, tongue swirling and lapping until I’m in to the hilt, his nose pressed into my pubes. My dick twitches in happiness, and that triggers a wave of sensation in my ass when my ring clenches on the plug. Another happy “Mmm!” escapes me. I start to rock my hips to fuck his face a little, and he backs off to let me. Pretty soon I’ve got a nice thing going, with his mouth making my dick happy, and the dildo doing the same for my ass. I start panting a little as I pick up speed. “Fuck yeah man, that feels great.” So of course Derrick pulls off. “You want some of this meat Dave?” “Shit yeah.” I feel a hungry mouth hoover down hard, but it’s only there for a second or two and then it’s gone. I can hear Dave panting though, then a groan. “Dude, stop! I’m too close man, don’t!” “His dick makin’ you horny big boy? I feel you dripping.” “Yeah, well I’m not the only one Derrick.” “Yeah, ya got me.” Derrick sounds amused, then thoughtful. “He’s got a nice dick, for sure.” Warm lips wrap around my head as he starts suckling slowly, the tip of his tongue digging the precum out of my piss slit for a minute before he lets me go. “All right, let’s do it before we both lose it.” “About time. How am I gonna?…” “Just grab your chair man–you can lean up against it. Remember last week?” “Ahh, right. Yeah.” I hear something dragging across the floor. Suddenly there are hands sliding across my ass cheeks, spreading them apart, and Derrick’s lips are back against my ear. I shiver. “You ready to get fucked officer McKenna?” “Yeah.” I lick my lips. “Do it.” “Damn right. I can’t wait to slide up your ass bro.” He slides the plug out of my chute, and I feel empty. I arch my hips for him, knowing it won’t be fingers this time, but what I really need. And then I feel his warm spongy head sliding down my crack, slick with lube, as it homes in on my hole. When it reaches its target I push back as much as I can–just enough that I can feel the warm, fat head start to enter me. I grunt in frustration. “Fuck,” Derrick breathes, “you’re ready aren’t you?” “Yeah. Jesus Derrick, put it in.” “Yeaaaahhh….” He’s pushing in now, so slowly. “You like that cock up your ass Officer?” “Yessss…fuuuuck. Deeper man.” He’s bigger than the rubber toy, and it feels glorious. I want more. “Fuck me….” “God you are so tight.” Derrick’s hands are braced on my hips, not that I’m trying to get away, and he’s panting. I think I can feel his dick twitching as he sinks the rest of the way in. “Fuck.” He takes a deep breath and stops moving, pubes pressed against my ass while his hands roam over my back and shoulders. “I am going to love fucking your brains out dude.” “God, do it.” I can’t wait for him to start moving inside me. “Not just yet.” He takes another deep breath. “Dude, you ready or what? I’m gonna fuckin’ nut without you if you’re not.” In front of me Dave sounds annoyed. “Waitin’ on you Derrick. You’re not the only one with blue balls.” “Sorry man.” Derrick’s hand slides around to grab the base of my dick and push it down. For a second I’m confused, and then I feel warm hairy flesh pressing against the tip. Derrick pushes me down more, and my head slides through Dave’s lightly furred crack until it comes up against a hot smooth spot, and I hear him sigh. “Yeah, hold him right there. Ahhh…fuck…yessss….” The muscular ass parts way for me, and I bite my lip as I sink into the smooth warmth. Dave’s good and lubed up, and I slide right in; he takes it like a champ. “Mmmm…yeah!” He starts sliding back and forth and I join his groans: that slick friction all along my shaft is freakin’ heaven on earth. Now that Dave and I are getting a rhythm going Derrick starts working his way into the action. His thrusts are making my ass feel as good as my dick, and as he builds up speed I let him know just how much I like it. Pretty soon the two of them are synched up, Derrick’s fatty grinding against my prostate just as Dave bottoms out on my own, then both of them pulling away while I gasp, desperate for the next stroke. Strung up like I am all I can do is stand there and take it; even though I don’t want them to ever stop, I’m also hoping that they’ll get me off a second time real soon. I can’t believe I haven’t exploded already, but somehow I’m still hanging in there through this torture. “Harder!” I can hardly take it, but I still want more. More of that hard cock pounding my ass, more of Dave’s tight chute squeezing every inch of me. “Damn right,” Derrick growls, and picks up his pace. His hands are holding my hips in place, but he’s pounding me hard now and the impact pushes me deep into Dave. Obviously that’s how he likes it, because he’s groaning and panting continuously at the top of his lungs, with assorted “God, yeah!”s and “Fuck me!”s generously mixed in. No question who’s behind the noise complaints, that’s for sure. He picks up his pace, and I can hear him fapping away as he jerks his meat, and then he’s clamping down as he blows his load with a final “GAAAWD! YEEES!! FUUUUCK!!” For a minute I think I might join him, but I’m getting to my tipping point as he’s winding down. Derrick’s barely slowed, but Dave stops as he finishes coming, and I still need just a little bit more. Fuck! I really, really need to nut now. But then Dave pulls off me, and I’m left there with my dick in the air and my balls aching. Maybe if Derrick’s picks it up…. “Fuck me harder man! I’m close Derrick–fuck my brains out man, do it!” And Derrick does. He’s going all out–if it weren’t for the straps he’d be sending me flying across the room. My ass loves it: those shocks I feel when he bangs into my prostate are getting stronger and stronger, and I’m whimpering in time with his thrusts as he pushes me closer to the edge. I had no idea I could shoot a load just from getting fucked good and hard, but it’s gonna happen in another minute or two I can tell. “More!” I can’t remember NOT needing cock. “Fuck yeah! Take it dude!” Derrick slams into me hard, sweat flying onto my back, and then I feel his dick swell up and start jetting into my hole. It’s fucking intense–the thought of this stud breeding me makes me feel like a total man whore, dirty and hot all at once. I squeeze his cock as he comes, wanting to milk all his load, and I’m rewarded with his “Aaaaww yeah! Fuckin’ tight!” of pleasure as he comes and comes. All that jizz up my hole…fuck yeah. It’s amazing and it’s hot–and it’s still not enough to get me off. Derrick’s dick has slowed as his orgasm winds down, and the “Fuck!” I let off now is from frustration. His hands wrap around me in a bear hug, pulling our sweat-slick bodies together, and he pinches my nipples. I groan, equally horny and pissed off. “You sound like you need to get off Officer. You got a load you wanna drop?” “Fuck Derrick, you know I do. Come on man!” I’m frustrated enough to be pissed, so at least it doesn’t sound completely like I’m begging. Even if I am. Derrick laughs. “Yeah, you’ve earned it man. Whadya think Dave? Should we get him off?” “Oh yeah. For sure,” Dave murmurs from somewhere near my waist. “Yeah, let’s do it.” Derrick’s right hand slides down from my nipple and wraps around my shaft, squeezing and pushing it down. I suck in my breath as my head brushes over a stubbled cheek and then Dave’s lips take me in, his tongue polishing my knob while Derrick strokes the base. I feel a warm mitt grab my ball sack and start gently squeezing in time with the lips and tongue, and then Derrick starts up again inside me. It’s not the sensory overload of a few minutes ago, but now they’re focused on getting me off, and I don’t need much of a push. “Fuck yeah guys, that’s it. I’m gonna shoot! Jesus yes, do me, I’m…..aaaaaaaggghh!” And I finally get mine. This time I just freeze up, my whole body clenched as the jizz erupts in what feels like one continuous stream. Dave pulls off me, and Derrick moves his stroking to the head to finish me off. I feel Dave’s cheeks and lips against my spurting cock head, and picture him kneeling in front of me while white juice drips down his face. The image makes the last of my load that much sweeter, and I let out a long “Nnnngggghhh” of satisfaction and release as the last drops drain onto Dave’s waiting tongue. As I slowly come back to my senses, I’m starting to think it’s time to wrap this up. My shoulders are sore, my wrists are starting to chafe, my thighs are burning, and holy crap is my ass going to be sore tomorrow. As if on cue, Derek slides out from me. Part of me misses him in there, but another part is ready to call it a day. “Guys, that was really hot. I mean, it was amazing. But…could you let me out now? Seriously.” Derek gives a deep chuckle, and as wiped as I am it still sounds sexy. “Yeah man, I think you earned it.” His hands move to my wrists, releasing the straps, and I pull the blindfold off while my ankles are being set free. Dave looks up when he’s done cleaning my cock and instinctively I reach down to wipe some of my jizz off his face, then slide my fingers into his mouth to clean it up. He’s as hot as I imagined, and if I weren’t so tired from the combination of night shift, gym session, and sexcapades then I’d probably be ready for another round with the slutty Viking lookalike. As it is, I pull my digits out and start looking for my clothes. When I turn around Derrick is still right behind me, a satisfied grin on his face as he leans over my shoulder. He grabs my ass and pulls our hips together, his pubes chafing my ass. “So, if we need a cop we should expect you to show up? As our community liaison?” His smile widens; I see a lot of 3-1-1 calls in my future.

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