Little Red Pill Ch. 06

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The week that followed my backyard anal encounter with Gavin went by in a homoerotic sex-fueled blur. My head was crammed full of thoughts of cocks and hard bodies; day dreams of cocks in my mouth, of my cock in other guys’ mouths; fantasies of tight round bubble butts bouncing on my dick, of my ass being crammed with dicks.

I went to the gym for a good pump to hopefully clear my mind. Halfway through the most vigorous workout of my life, I ran into Lorenzo. He seemed upset that I hadn’t used the number he’d left for me.

How could I explain to him that I had meant to message him, but I had been too busy seducing the jock landscaper, and hooking up with the hot emo cashier at work? I couldn’t. So instead, to make it up to him, I took him back to a secluded corner of the men’s locker room and gave him an apology blow job.

I would have eagerly slurped the cum from his caramel colored banana curved cock down my throat, but Renzo pulled himself out of my lips just before I sucked him off, and stroked his load off on my face as I knelt there panting.

He left me to slink off to the showers and wash his cum off of my face and out of my hair. I left the gym with a raging hard-on in my shorts, only to find Renzo waiting out there for me.

“I felt guilty leaving you unsatisfied,” he admitted.

I led him to my jeep and he climbed into the passenger seat and went right at my crotch, pulling my erection from the fly of my shorts.

“Dude, you’re bigger than I remember,” he complimented in his deep Latino-accented voice. That morning I had just reached the 7 inch mark on the tape measure, thanks to the Little Red Pills.

He hastily stroked my cock as I squirmed around in the passenger seat. I watched a yoga pants wearing soccer mom walking by in the lot, carrying her mat into the gym and giving us the side eye through the windshield as she passed. She could probably tell what was going on below the dash. I didn’t care.

I felt the pleasure rising with my seed and began grinding my hips into my seat and squirming around even more. I attempted to pant out a warning. Renzo picked up the message, leaned forward and swallowed my cock-head between his lips, still stroking my shaft in a frenzy. I blew my load into his mouth and he gulped it down greedily.

Before he left my jeep, he made me swear I would text him soon. I promised that I would, as I stuffed my cock back in my shorts.

At work, it was hard to concentrate on the job any time that Connor was also working. We would meet up for quick sessions, sometimes multiple times during the day, sometimes even while on the clock.

One evening, he found me in the dairy cooler stocking milk through the metal sliding grates that accessed the dairy case from behind. I was the last stock clerk working for the day. He undid my belt and dropped my pants to my ankles. I was hard in moments despite the chill of the cooler on my bare skin. He hungrily swallowed my pole and went to work expertly sucking me. Midway through the blow job, my cock slid out from down his throat and between his lips. He looked up at me smirking.

“I would have thought the cold would cause some shrinkage, but I swear you’re even bigger.”

I winked down at him and, grabbing a fist full of hair, forced his face back into my crotch to swallow my cock again. Just that morning I had measured myself at 7 and a quarter inches.

Before long I couldn’t take his focused mouth work any longer, jammed his face against my pelvis, and pumped my nut down his throat.

The following evening at work, we met up in the employee men’s bathroom in the back of the store and crammed ourselves into the stall in the far corner. I dropped my pants and sat on the toilet while Connor pulled down the back of his, lubed his hole up with some of his spit, and then sat down on my shaft, which I had standing at attention.

He tried to keep his panting and moaning low as he dutifully bounced up and down on my cock. At one point, we heard the door to the bathroom squeak open and froze, mid-fuck. Connor had to balance himself with his hands on the walls of the stall and lift his feet up out of view of the gap along the bottom of the partitions.

We stayed like that, Connor in my lap with me buried up his ass, as one of our co-workers took a piss at a urinal, washed his hands, and exited the bathroom.

We gave it a good three count before Connor was back to bouncing and grinding in my lap again, even more focused and frenzied than before the intrusion.

I was caught between wanting to prolong the ecstasy of the fuck, and wanting to wrap it up so we could get back to work without being caught.

Connor seemed oblivious as he panted and sighed under his breath. He had me buried up inside of him and was grinding his hips around in a circle in my lap.

“Uuuhhhn I think I’m gonna cum,” he hissed in a whisper. He was repeating the same twist of his hips and slight bounce in my lap over and over, quicker each time.

“uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, shit, fuck I’m cumming-” it gaziantep bayan eskort came out in a breathless hoarse whisper as he jerked around spastically in my lap.

I instinctively reached around to the front of his body for his crotch. Even in my pleasure I was thinking about trying to prevent a mess that would give away our scandalous activity. What I found with my hand, instead, was Connor’s twitching bulge covered by the fabric of his briefs. He only had the back half of his pants and underwear pulled far enough down for my dick to get at his hole. His cock was still trapped in his briefs. So instead, I cupped my hand over the tent in his underwear and felt the fabric grow warm and wet beneath my palm as his cock-head twitched and he came into his undies.

Mesmerized by the thought of my cock up his ass forcing him to cum hands-free, I pushed Connor up off of my lap and stood off the toilet with him. I forced him forward against the wall of the stall where he grabbed on to keep himself standing. I ferociously pumped my hips into his backside, jamming myself up into his guts. A few quick hard thrusts was all it took before I was emptying my balls up inside of him while i stifled grunts.

He stayed behind to sit on the toilet and evacuate my seed from his bowels, before ditching his soiled underwear at the bottom of the trash can and returning to work the rest of his shift free-balling.

Somewhere in the haze of that sex-crazed week I even received a text from Gavin.

It was close to midnight and I had just gotten home from working a shift at the Shure-Save without Connor being there. I was laying in bed, horny as always, and had just used the opportunity of my boner to get the day’s measurement, 7 and 3/8 inches, when my phone buzzed. My heart thudded when I saw it was a text from Gavin.


You awake?

I tried not to answer instantly, but was only able to hold off for probably 40 seconds.


Yeah, what’s up?


Meet me at Oakleaf Park in 15 min

I made it there in less than fifteen. I parked next to Gavin’s work truck at the very end of the lot, out of view of the road, and when I got out he immediately had me follow him deeper into the park.

Minutes later and I was bent over a railing while Gavin railed me from behind. He had led me back to a neglected ball-field just at the wood-lined edge of the park. I followed him back into a cinder block old dugout behind the batting cage where he wasted no time ordering me first to lube his cock up again with my mouth and spit. I was then instructed to drop my shorts and bend over a metal railing that ran across the open face of the dugout.

After swiping a lougey he had hawked into his own palm across my puckered hole between my splayed cheeks, he entered me forcefully with a grunt and a sigh as I bit back a surprised yelp of pain.

It didn’t take long for the pain to melt away and for me to remember exactly why I had so willingly followed Gavin out here into the night. His low-hanging testicles smacked off of my grundle as his entire pelvis made a whomping sound each time the flesh of his front connected with my cheeks.

I was even breathlessly urging him to “fuck me harder,” as he latched a hand on my waist and brought his other one up to tightly grip my shoulder. He used his grasp on my shoulder to both help himself hump into me harder while simultaneously pulling my whole body backwards into him with each thrust.

With my shorts and boxer-briefs down around my ankles, my cock was free to bounce around in the wind while I was jostled around and fucked. Each time it swung up and thwaped off my lower abdomen I felt a faint jolt of pleasure. Each time Gavin jammed himself in to the hilt, I felt another vague but intoxicating pleasure radiate in my loins as his invading mushroom head slipped past some elusive spot inside me.

Gavin maintained a feverish pace, all the while grunting out “fucks” and “ahh shits.” It didn’t take him long before he was panting out an obscenity laden warning.

“Fuck! Your tight faggot ass is gonna make me fucking cum! You want my cum, faggot? You want me to bust my nut up your ass, bitch?”

“Uh-huh-” I eeked out as he continued ramming into me.

“Tell me you want me to cum inside you, faggot! Tell me where you want me to blow my load!!”

“Aah fuck!- Up my ass! Cum up my ass, Gavin- please,” I begged.

Gavin began positively pounding himself into me from behind. I could feel his rigid cock assaulting my insides.

“Okay- Aah Fuck! Fuck- I’m cumming! Fuck- I’m cumming- I’m cumming up your ass- Fuck!”

Gavin’s deep forceful thrusts turned into frenzied sporadic humps and jerks as I felt him pulsing inside me as my guts were flooded with his thick warm liquid. He buried himself in me one final time and began grinding his hips into my backside as I felt the pulses slow and his balls pump a few last squirts into my rectum.

I felt some of his jizz dribble out as he slid his cock from my spent hole. I remained doubled over the railing, panting. I heard Gavin plop down onto the wooden dugout bench behind me.

Suddenly feeling exposed, I reached down to retrieve my clothes from my ankles and started pulling them up.

“You can.. you know… take care of yourself, if you want to. I don’t mind. Just maybe get your asshole out of my face while you do it?”

I was surprised to hear at least a hint of humor in his otherwise commanding voice.

I had really felt the beginnings of something starting to grow in my loins as I took his cock up my ass; something just out of reach. And I was left with a raging boner anyway, so I decided to not feel weird about it, and took him up on his offer.

Keeping my shorts unbuttoned and my jockeys partially pulled down, I shuffled backwards and sat down on the bench a safe few feet away from Gavin.

I wasted no time going to work stroking my shaft. I mostly leaned my head back and closed my eyes. But once, I chanced a sideways glance towards Gavin. He was sitting on the bench, intently watching me mercilessly beat myself off.

Just catching his eyes watching the blur of my hand in my lap was enough, and soon I was panting and huffing and angling my dick out from between my splayed legs as I climaxed and shot a forceful and hefty load out into the dirt in front of us on the bench.

After I calmed down, I glanced at Gavin again, and he was shifting something in his own pants that he had buckled back up, and was standing off the bench, no longer watching me.

I stuffed myself back in and started following him back to our vehicles. He didn’t say a word the whole way. When we made it back to the parking lot, he stopped at his truck door.

“Megan just left for vacation with her family,” he informed me, apropos to nothing.

I stopped at my driver’s side door waiting for an explanation.

“I mean, be ready for my next text, dumb ass,” he explained, opening his door and starting to climb in.

“Oooh. Right right right, for sure,” I babbled. He closed his door, smirking, started up the engine, and was off without giving me another look.

I had the next two days off, and it took me until about mid-morning of the first day off before I found myself obsessive-compulsively checking my phone for a text from Gavin.

I spent the whole day moving from one distraction activity to the next, checking my phone between each one for a message from the former High School football hunk.

When none came, I went to bed frustrated and craving his dick. When I finally managed to fall asleep, I had vividly sexual dreams of the magnitude not experienced since the beginning of my Little Red Pill trial.

I was relieved when I awoke the next morning with only the painful strain of an erection in my tight boxers, and not a mess of ejaculation to clean up, like when I had experienced my first embarrassing wet dream last week.

I gulped down my morning dose and sprung my stiffy from it’s cotton prison, I took a moment to admire how swollen and proud it looked jutting up from between my legs. I could barely remember a time some 12 days ago when I was embarrassed at the sight of my own minuscule erection.

My measurement came in at 7 and 5/8 inches; another gain. When I wrapped my hand around my pole for my morning wank session, I noted, also, how much more tightly my shaft fit in my fist. My thumb was just barely able to overlap with my fingers when I held myself as tight as I could.

I went through the first half of the day torturing myself as I had the day before. I checked my phone constantly, and even found myself frequently glancing out the living room window hoping that I would find Gavin’s work truck parked at the curb and the fit jock himself ready to mow the lawn shirtless.

By midday, when I received neither text nor landscaper visit, I went to the gym to blow off some steam. I was only partially successful, as I got in a good workout, but was dismayed to see no sign of Lorenzo.

Back at home, after dinner, with my mom off to bed for the night, I found my eyes once again glued to my phone.

Despite the cock-sure confidence that seemed to be a side effect of the pills, I couldn’t find the courage to text Gavin myself. He had said that he would text me, and he seemed to, in some way, be getting off on his command and control of me. I feared that messaging him and trying to initiate a booty call would somehow break the spell and bring Gavin to realize the absurdity of his lusting after my asshole when he had a perfectly fine girlfriend.

But that didn’t mean I had to spend another night alone in sexual frustration. There was someone who had mentioned more than once his eagerness for me to message him.

Before I knew it, I found myself rooting around on my desk for the slip that Renzo had left me with his number on it. Minutes later I had him entered into my contacts and was initiating a text conversation.

It didn’t take long for the Latino beefcake to cut to the chase and ask me to come to his place.

In the middle of our texting, I got a notification from Snapchat. It was a snap message from Connor that simply read “U at work?”

I left my conversation with Renzo hanging a moment as I messaged Connor back that I was off that day. When Connor snap-messaged me back asking if I wanted to fool around, complete with eggplant, water spashing and winky-face emojis, a daring plan immediately began forming in my sex-crazed brain.

I got to work running naughty suggestions and ideas back and forth between my Latin Lover and Emo Band Cutie.

An hour later, I was introducing Connor to Lorenzo in the foyer of his surprisingly swanky condo in one of the cities hip up and coming neighborhoods.

Renzo led us into the main living area of his condo, where he already had the makings for drinks laid out on the kitchen island to get us loosened up. I was about to turn and ask Connor if he’d ever even drank before, but before I could ask he was already licking salt off his knuckle, knocking back a shot of tequila and sucking on a lemon wedge like an old pro. Not wanting to be left out, I tossed a few shots back myself.

Before long we had drifted over to the living room area of his open-concept bachelor pad. My mind was pleasantly fuzzy from too many shots, too quickly. Renzo had smooth Latin-pop music coming out softly from some hidden speakers.

Without realizing when and how we had ended up in these positions, I found myself slung into a cushiony arm chair looking across from Renzo and Connor sitting on a dark leather couch. They had their tongues down each others’ throats passionately making out. I didn’t even remember them starting to kiss.

I was instantly turned on and felt a straining in the crotch of my jeans, but at the same time I felt an acute pang of jealousy.

They broke their lip-lock long enough for Renzo to reach over and help Connor pull his t-shirt over his head, revealing his boyishly tight frame and hairless chest. They went back to their ferocious kissing while Renzo let his hands rove over Connor’s upper-body, while Connor simultaneously reached over and began unclasping the buttons down the front of Renzo’s button-down shirt.

“Glad to see you two hitting it off. And here I was afraid it’d be weird,” I said, feeling like I was talking to myself.

Absentmindedly, I’d let a hand fall to my lap and I was lazily rubbing a palm over the bulge in the front of my jeans while I watched. Renzo’s shirt was now open in the front and Connor was running fingers over lightly haired caramel colored muscles. Connor broke free of their kiss and looked in my direction, smirking.

“Awe did we forget about Noah?” He joked.

“Well we wouldn’t want to do that! Get over here, big guy,” Lorenzo chimed in.

I slid out of my chair and strode around the coffee table between us. When I made it to the front of the couch, Connor’s hands instantly went for my belt and the fly of my jeans. Renzo got up on his knees on the couch cushion and went to work lifting my shirt up over my head. By the time it was off, Connor had my jeans open and he was pulling them and my underwear down my legs. My cock sprung free, already standing at full attention.

“There it is!” Connor exclaimed, his eyes lighting up. “I swear it looks juicier and tastier every time I see it!”

“Doesn’t it, though?” Renzo agreed.

From his seat on the couch, Connor leaned forward and took me into his mouth. He began expertly stroking and sucking up and down my shaft. Renzo spent a few minutes running his hands around my naked body. Laying across his half of the sofa, he reached a hand around to squeeze and kneed my ass cheeks as he brought his face in close to Connor’s and began flicking his tongue across my balls.

As Connor continued bobbing his head on my pole, Renzo took turns sucking my balls into his mouth and running his tongue over and around them. Connor’s blowjob continued, to my delight, as Renzo shifted his focus and attacked Connor’s shorts. Somehow Connor kept me in his mouth as Renzo unbuttoned and pulled his shorts and briefs off. Connor kicked them aside.

Renzo grabbed at Connor’s slim hips and began muscling him up off of his ass on the couch. Somehow we all moved together in fluid motion and I ended up vertical on my knees on a couch cushion, my hard-on jutting out in front of me as Connor continued running it between his lips.

“Let me see that asshole, boy,” Renzo ordered as he positioned Connor across the couch on his hands and knees, his little bubble-butt sticking out in Renzo’s direction.

Connor was trying to hold himself up on his hands and knees with one hand as he stroked and sucked my cock. He began losing his balance and had to release his hand’s grip on my dick to steady himself on the couch. My slobbery cock plopped out of his mouth for a moment.

“Just fuck my face, dude!” Connor pleaded.

I grabbed onto the side of his head and guided my dick back between his lips. Tentatively at first, I slid my hips forward, easing my length into his mouth. When I felt myself reaching throat, I pulled back and then humped back in, slowly at first but picking up momentum.

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