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Subject: Little Peter 11 LITTLE PETER By Encolpius DISCLAIMER: This is fiction. If everyone involved is having the sex they want to have, it’s not wrong.Never let anyone tell you it is. Compliments, comments or complaints to ail Please donate to Nifty! It’s important to keep this resource alive. Author’s Note: There is an alternate bisexual chapter if you are interested. Email me and I will send it to you. ELEVEN Posted as: Little Peter Does Bukkake 14 years old 5’9″ 130 lbs Years ago, back when we started this adventure, a guy named Dave got in touch with me wanting a dildo of Little Peter’s dick. We made one (kept the mold. I’ve sold a few on the internet). Back then it was a miniature version of what it is now but I have never seen a boy more in love with his dick than Caleb. And who loves showing off and being watched. We went to Scottsdale to film with the guy, Dave, and his son. Dawson. Dawson is a little stud now too. A bit taller than Caleb and a bit beefier but he’s queer as shit and he is still taking Daddy’s load. Caleb, as Little Peter, has gotten only nastier and dirtier as he’s gotten taller and hairier. He truly has a devilishly dirty mind. This was his idea and I am going to need help and I thought of Dave and Dawson. That’s three of us and I could use some of those that have managed to get in touch with us and that would be cool but there is risk. This is all illegal, of course, filming young teenage queer boys in their natural habitat. But I still need two more. But I work in the porn industry. I lnow people who’s sense of morality can be bought. $ 250 apiece did the trick. Gavin is one of those skinny boys that they use for MILF porn or family porn. You know the kind, stepmom helps teach her stepson the secrets of love kind of thing. He’s no taller or any heavier than Caleb desite being 8 or 9 years older. Darrell has done some Treasure Island Media kind of gay work work, nasty ass bareback raunchy fucking. Those two want masks and I don’t blame them. Six naked guys in a room. I have 3 cameras on tripods and one up high and pointed down. I have a hand held. There will be plenty of footage. I’ve tested the light and I think I’m good. Gavin is the lone straight and even he is horny. The taboo part of it is trning them all on. I let everybody get relaxed, a bit of alcohol, a bit of THC. Just loose. Not sloppy. Dawson and Caleb want more than loose and, if it’s okay with Dave, that’ll be cool afterwards. Why wouldn’t be? It’s not like we aren’t bad influences anyway, right? The cameras are on. I push Little Peter pursaklar escort into the room. “Whatta you want, little boy?” I ask “I’m not your fucking litle boy” Caleb answers hotly, grabbing his cock and balls. He’s right. He’s not a little boy. That’s a thing any man would be proud of. “So, what is it you want?” “I want to be covered in cum” Darrell, bald headed, goatee, hairy chest, inked to hell, pushes him down. “Then you can suck some mancock, twinky boy” Caleb went after it. Darrell’s is fat and long and shaped and curved like a banana. It’ll go down your throat. Caleb took it all the way down, no gagging, all the way to his shaved pubes and came off of it slowly, tugging on his balls sticking out from a cock ring. He comes off of it slowly and stops, keeping the tip in in his mouth for a long second. I am pointing the camera at them as Caleb dives back down on it and begins to bob up and down furiously. “Goddamn!” Darell said “He goddamn knows how to suck some fucking dick” I could see Caleb smile just a little even though his mouth is stuffed full of tube steak. Getting prasied for his cocksucking skills from a porn guy is high praise indeed. But he is sexually experienced, now for years. The thing is, and even though I understand it I am a little sad, my days of being pretty much his major sex partner are drawing to a close. He’s going to play and experiment and run around. Can’t be helped. He’s a hot boy with a hot crotch and horny. He’s going to get around. Fortunately, he is so sexual and horny that I won’t suffer much. But as he sucks Darrell, the others begin to want in. Gavin and Dawon are the most insistent. Both of them start slapping Caleb on in the face with their hard cocks. He goes from one to another, from Darrell, all man, to Gavin , scrawny and long haired, big dicked but it’s best he’s straight because he couldn’t make it in the bitchy world of twinks. Caleb takes him down too, reaching over and stroking Dareell. But it’s Dawson he wants. His age mate, a boy he had back when they were little, now all grown up, blonde haired and beefy, him too with a dick that marks him out as a man. He goes from Gavin to Dawson, and he loves on that cock, worships. Caleb, like a true little queer, is hard as a rock as he sucks as many dicks as he can. He sucks Dawson and strokes another. Suck and stroke. He sucks Dave and he sucks me. Round and round, suck a little and move on, the men left to stroke themselves. “You fuck him in the ass?” Darrell asks me Caleb comes off of a dick and looks up “Whatcha rize escort asking him for? Ask me” “Open your mouth, bitch” Darrell said. When Caleb did, he spit in it. “You. Fuck me” Little Peter demanded. He knows what he wants. Caleb is on his hands and knees on the floor, Darrell hovering above him. Dave is in front kneeling so that Caleb can suck him. “I’m gonna put my big cock up in your boy pussy” Darrell said Caleb came off of Dave’s pole and truned his head back around toward Darrell. :”Fuck you. It ain’t no pussy. I’m a queer not a girl. Fuck me like a man” “You want to be fucked like a man, little boy?’ “I ain”t afraid of you, ass fucker” With that, Darrell drive this hard dick into Caleb hot ass in one hard, fast, savage mition. He nearly screamed to raise the roof but he waas flailing on his cock as he did. He wanted it and he wanted it hard, fast and furious. He wanted to be treated like a little bitch. He dove back on Dave’s cock and blew him with abandon as Darrell plowed him. I thought it was incredibly hot and I was hard as shit too, mostly filming it with a hand held and as active in joining in. Darrell wasn’t letting up and he abanded the boy, the sound of his crotch hitting Caleb’s ass. “You want some of this?” Darrell asks me. I’ve been in his ass before and I know the way. I slid it in and am unwilling to be as rough as Darrell but Caleb isn’t having any of it. He bounces back on my cock, trying to drrve me into him as deep and fast as I will go. Darrell is stroking as he watches and Gavin, the only straight guy here, is trying to stay hard, missing that this is some wickedly dirty shit going down. So I pound him and Dawon and Dave are up there, feeding him tube snake. It’s a nice sight, fucking a teen boy, and looking at another fine specimen of teenage cock hardening flesh – flatbellied and not yet filled out – feeding his favorite toy into my lover’s mouth. I have the hand held focued on that rathier thaa pointing downward to show my dck plowing his hole Then I remembered I am the camera man. I point the camera down and begin to take long slow strokes, caputuring my bare dick sliding in and out of his ass. “Fuck me, DJ, please” Caleb says, coming off of the dicks in front of him, taking turns and with Gavin now in the mix, “Please just fuck me” “Hey,” I say toward Gavin. “You wanna piece of ass?” He did. He was hard enough now and let’s face it, the kid is horny even if he’s straight. He plows it into the that waiting hole as Dave and Dawson and, now, Darrell are there to get suckined, one from the other. Darrell ankara rus escort and Dawson are macking as Caleb tries to keep up pleasuring them. Gavin rams his fat cock into Caleb’s ass, hard and fast. Caleb doesn’t complain. He wants it. I am right htere filming. You can smell the sweat and you can smell the sex and that won’t come through on video but it is hugely erotic. Gavin is going to town. Really banging that ass. That’s when I realized that he has been jacking himself furiously to stay hard and he’s close. So, I need for all of them to pop pretty close to around the same time for the bukkake to work so I push him off. Dave’s turn. I want young Dawson to be last. “Do him missionary” I tell Dave “Yeah” Darrell says. I know immediately what he intends. Caleb is game and rolls over. His legs go up and Dave pushes them back to get his ass up so he can fuck it. He pushed his hard cock up in there and Caleb took it like a man. But Darrell got over his face and rammed his dick into Caleb’s mouth and started face fucking him. Both men went at it furiously. They really tore him up. Dawon was on his knees blowing Gavin as they did it, stroking his own hard dick Like Little Peter, Dawson is queer as he can be. He lies dick. And if he is upset about seeing his dad and lover fucking another boy, he doesn’t show it. He’s in gay boy heaven, all that dick. Caleb would love to stroke himself but he can’t. He loves to cum while he’s getting fucked and usually that is hot as fuck but not this time. Dave pounded him and Darrell did his thing and they were gettting hot. Hot and ready. I wondered who would blow first. It was Dave. He pulled out and dropped his load on Caleb’s crotch. Darrell wasn’t long behind, pulling out his dick and dropping his load, some in Caleb’s mouth and more on his face. Pretty soon, Gavin added his straight boy load on Caleb’s face. That left me and Dawson. They did it spoon style, Dawson entering him from behind. He held Caleb tight, two lean and even skinny upper bodies pressed against one another while Dawson’s tool entered Caleb’s ass. The kid was horned up, both were, and Dawson couldn’t control himself. He fucked as hard and as fast as he could, short, stabbing strokes,. Caleb’s dick flopping up and down as he took it. He had a look of pain on his face and Dawson looked like a kid studying a math problem he couldn’t solve, all intense. They were both close. “Pull it out and cum. Give us the money shot” I tell Dawson. He whips it out of his ass and jerks as ropes of cum come spewing out of his long hose. Then I film Caleb as he jerks out the final load, masturbating as everyone watches him. It is a fine big load too. He was all covered and sticky. I announced that was it even thought I hadn’t cum and we got rid of Gavin. That night, I let Darrell fuck me and Caleb slept with Dave and Dawson

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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