Little Nobody Ch. 01

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Only five minutes earlier Lacey had been sitting on the train, oblivious to the world, nursing a hot cup of cocoa and disappearing into her own little head space. Now she was shaking all over, terrified, as her safety net, her little town by the sea slipped away from the back window of this stranger’s vehicle. The journey home from school took 35 minutes. The view from the edge of the hillside as the train wound in and out of the tunnels was almost always spectacular but today the cold southerly wind was blowing and freezing rain had lashed the windows. She could barely see the road below. When the train shunted to its final stop, Lacey had waited to get off until all the other kids had shuffled, pushed and tumbled through the doors.

There were never many adults on the 3.20 train, even though it was public transportation. Everyone knew this train was full of rowdy, smelly, screaming school kids on their way home. But even so, she had given almost no attention to the man sitting behind her. Dimly he had entered her radar as she sat down – a gray suit, neat hair, slightly scruffy 5 o’clock shadow… that was all the time she’d spent studying him. He had been behind her as she slung her book bag over her shoulder and headed to the door. They were the last two on the carriage.

It was then, that moment, on the edge of the train step that her world collapsed. It collapsed, narrowed into the sharp point of something – a knife – at her ribcage. Pressing, piercing the fabric of school jumper, and the white shirt beneath. Lacey froze, as his body heat assaulted hers from behind. Her coffee cup slipped from her hand and tumbled onto the platform. That second seemed to last forever, but it was only a second. Then everything began to spin very quickly out of control.

The man fiercely pulled at her arm. And Lacey followed, or was driven by that sharp prodding threat in her side of that knife, like a beast at the end of a cattle prod. He opened the door to a small truck, and the next thing she was in the passenger seat of a locked vehicle, with a total stranger. An angry, older, stronger man. She was sitting pressed to her seat, abducted at knife point. The bile rose in her throat.

As they pulled out, he placed the knife down for a split second to pull a blindfold from the dashboard, and tied it quickly over her eyes. Lacey looked wildly in every direction, watching as the town disappeared behind them and he drove them into the hills. Then all it was was black, slightly smokey fabric.

“Bend forward,” the man said. Until now they had operated in total silence. Lacey didn’t know why she hadn’t screamed, pleaded yet. But she made up for it now. She obeyed his command as she started pleading with him, explaining he might have her mistaken. She hadn’t done anything! She wasn’t anyone important! He said nothing except to grab her wrists and pull them behind her. With the loss of her vision, she suddenly noticed how rough his hands were, rougher than you’d expect from a “suit”.

“Please I’m nobody special, I’m nothing!” she repeated, when he did not respond. “Let me go, I won’t tell and even if I did no one would believe me! No one would listen.” Suddenly he was breathing closely in her ear. She shivered, not used to being so close to another person’s body. She felt his breath more than she heard the words.

“Exactly my little darling. You are nobody. You are nothing. This is why I chose you.” He bound her wrists behind her.

Lacey didn’t know what this meant but she sobbed until the blindfold was soaked.


Wherever they were going was somewhere up in the hills. She tried to figure out if she knew the winding path they were following, but it was all unfamiliar. She didn’t know how long they’d been traveling. The man’s statements had been so strange, so unsettling she had not spoken another word. Lacey drifted in her mind instead. Her mouth was dry. She could see through the blindfold that the light was fading. She wondered if anyone had figured out she was missing yet. She supposed not – her parents were away on a cruise. Her brother was couch surfing and unlikely to be back home until he ran out of food. If he did, he wouldn’t wonder where she was. She would probably not be missed until school – but today was Friday. He had the whole weekend to hurt her, kill her, bury her and get far, far away.

The road surface suddenly changed, they turned onto gravel. The truck bounced along the gravel road. He was a careful driver, she noticed. Every turn was deliberate, measured. Finally, the truck slowed and stopped. She breathed for a moment. Then the man was beside her neck again, pulling her from the vehicle, helping her down so she did not stumble. Lacey didn’t want to lean against him, but she had no choice as she was off balance and disorientated. He led her at a measured patient pace across the gravel. She smelled farm smells. Then he was guiding her over a threshold and into a warm Starzbet woody smelling building. Lacey remembered the police officer who talked to them at school about staying safe. She remembered her saying “Never let an abductor take you to a second location.” but she couldn’t remember why not. Lacey had not been paying attention. These situations did not happen to plain people like her. Now it bothered her. But it was a little late for that now, and how did you not ‘let’ and abductor do something anyway?

Lacey was led to a soft bench, or a chair with no back. She allowed him to sit her down, having little else option available but to comply. She could not really admit it to herself, but she was the tiniest bit curious. He was not following the ‘script’ for an abduction. At least what she knew of them. He took her blindfold off, and stepped back. Lacey blinked, and blinked and blinked. She was in a large, lofty, woody house. There were huge rough hewn beams above her, low lamp lighting, couches, rugs, bookshelves. Piles of old farm tools for decoration and a desk in one corner. She didn’t see any doors but the one to the outside. Turning, she realized everything was in this one open space. Behind her, the man was standing in a small kitchen area. And in the far corner, the darkest corner, stood a huge king sized bed. She could barely make it out. Her stomach wobbled, but she didn’t know why.

The man approached her and Lacey cowered back a little. He was very tall. Why hadn’t she noticed that before? He had a glass of water in his hand, and he lifted it toward her face, offering it. Lacey recoiled.

“Aren’t you thirsty?” he asked very softly.

“I don’t know what you put in it,” Lacey snapped. “I’m not stupid.” He just smiled, a half smile.

“I don’t need to drug you to control you, stupid little girl.”

Normally when someone insulted her, Lacey had a salty remark to send back, but she did not have one now. She accepted what he said and opened her mouth. He tipped it gently but she was shaking and it spilled after a few sips. Setting the glass down, the man shook his head slightly and took his suit jacket off, laying it carefully across a chair. Then he turned and stared at her more intensely than Lacey felt anyone had ever stared at her before. She wanted to squirm, but she settled for avoiding his eyes. Seconds passed. The pressure built, until her chest felt it was going to burst.

“PLEASE!!!” she cried suddenly! “Please tell me why I’m here! What is happening? Who ARE you?” He paused before answering, letting the slight echo of the place absorb her voice.

“My name is Sean. You will call me Sir. The only other information I care for you to know is that you are here because I want you here, Little Nobody. You will not be badly hurt if you do as I as tell you, but you may not like what I do. That doesn’t matter. I will not kill you, but I can hurt you worse than that.” His threat hung in the air for a second as Lacey sucked in air.

“I’ll let you do whatever you want if you let me go home afterward.” She remembered stories of abducted girls kept as sex slaves for decades and shuddered.

“Whether you ‘let’ me do anything is not an issue right now, Little Nobody,”

“I have a name” Lacey muttered to the floor.

“I know your name Lacey, but not many people do. You are Nobody, so I’ll call you that.”

Lacey was shocked, she did not have a reply. No one paid attention to her enough to really know her name, so it creeped her out intensely that this stranger knew it. She tried to figure out if she possibly knew him from somewhere, but again Lacey did not pay attention to much – especially not to people like him. She decided she’d call his bluff.

“My parents will have called the police by now,” she said, raising her chin. The man, Sean, crossed the space between them in a split second. He tipped her head back by the hair, so hard her neck cracked.

“Don’t ever lie to me!” he hissed.”I will always find out and it will be much, much worse for you. Your parents are gone Little Nobody. I know this! You’re a little lying nobody Lacey, and no one will notice you’re gone.” Lacey bit back a sob of fear, the harsh force in his voice felt like he’d punched her in the throat. She squirmed, his grip on her hair was painful. He was in her face, too close for comfort. And then he pulled that switchblade out again. “Stand up!” he ordered, releasing her hair. Lacey obeyed, getting to her feet shakily. She was relieved to have his face away from her face. He reached behind her, she heard something moving. His fingers were doing something to her hands, and then suddenly she was tied to something. She twisted, her arms tucked behind her back, and saw over her shoulder a length of rope that must have been hanging above her the whole time. It was looped over a beam and Sean took the other end and tied it to a hook by the door, tugging her until she was hanging forwards, standing on tip Starzbet Giriş toes to take the pressure from her shoulders.

“Please Sean…” she made doe eyes at him. “You’re hurting me!” Her eyes were glistening with real tears. Sean moved to stand very close to her, so she was eye level with his chest.

“What did you say?” he asked.

“Please you’re hurting me!” she repeated desperately. Sean backhanded her then, hard, across the cheek. She swung dizzily, gasping for breath.

“Please, SIR, you’re hurting me. Pay attention for once in your life Little Nobody!”

“P-please Sir, you’re hurting me.” Lacey parroted, her voice trembling.

“Better. Any time you address me, you address me as Sir. I do not want to have to tell you that a third time. Understand?”

Lacey nodded, and he gave her a second… but she said nothing else so he backhanded her again, across the other cheek.

“YES SIR!!!” she gasped, her head ringing. Sean had hit her HARD. The knife slid underneath the bulky fabric of her school sweater, the one she never took off. It slid up between her school shirt and against her skin. Sean bunched it in a fist and cut through it, all the way up the front, like it was butter. He cut it away from her arms as she tried not to shake too visibly. “Please” she whimpered, quickly adding “Sir..” He stroked her face, the skin burning where he had hit her. Lacey shied away.

“Don’t shy away from my touch Little Nobody.” Lacey cringed, but held still obediently as he explored her young exposed body with those large, rough hands. He ran a hand lightly over the thin fabric of her sports bra. The nipple was proud beneath it. “Your body likes it when I touch you.” he told her.

“I don’t!…Sir..”she mumbled. “I don’t like being touched Sir.”

“I know you don’t, stupid girl. This is why someone must make you, force touch upon you,” He squeezed her breast roughly. “New things are always scary, and you are too lazy, too stupid, too scared to do anything on your own. No one has ever made you do anything. This is why I want you. I am going to make you do things. This is what you need Little Nobody.”

Lacey could only shiver and close her eyes. His statements left no room for argument. It was true. She felt like he had invaded her very mind. How did he know her? She couldn’t place him at all and it began to infuriate her. She must be as stupid as he said she was. She began to turn pink with rage, but she hoped he’d mistake it for a blush. Of course, Sean did no such thing. “Get angry if you like, it won’t help you. And it does amuse me. You look so delicious -” his voice dropped as he said ‘delicious’, like it was a secret, “when you’re all red in the face. I hope you look like that when you come.” Lacey couldn’t help it. She whimpered pathetically. She was scared.

Thankfully, Sean seemed to have finished talking. He stood back and looked instead, taking in Lacey’s figure. She was prone, hanging forward on tip toes. She had filled out in the last few years, and her skin was so pale it was almost transparent. She did not get out much. She was all curve, the good kind, with a beautiful dipped in waist. Her black hair laid limply down her back, a few strands hanging in front of her face. It was still damp from the downpour, from that other universe when she had been on her way back from school on a normal winter afternoon. It seemed far away now. Because she was so pale, every mark showed on her skin. There was a bruise where she had bumped into the corner of her desk the day before, at the top of her hip. Everything showed: her angry blush at his scrutiny, and the line where her bra under wire pressed into her chest. Sean reached out and cut through the middle of the bra as an afterthought, a painter adding a final touch. He cut through the straps, and whipped it away from her body. Her breasts hung freely, swinging just slightly. The large pink nipples full of blood.

No one had ever seen Lacey naked before. Not since she was a child. She closed her eyes and the shame and humiliation rushed over her. She began to slip away to that blank and blissful page of her mind where she always went when she did not want to participate in her life anymore. This time, for the first time ever in her life, someone noticed. Someone noticed as she let her mind sail her far away from reality. And someone told her “No.” Sean pinched her nipple cruelly. So hard her eyes flung open in shock. “Stop it!” he snapped. “Don’t do that. Pay attention when I touch you Little Nobody.” She nodded, with a quiver to her lip.

“What?” he asked.

“Yes Sir.”

“From this point on, when I touch you you will maintain eye contact so I know you are paying attention, understand?”

“Yes Sir.” And she met his eyes, like a scared rabbit. He began to touch her then and he touched her Everywhere. He stared so intensely she quaked, trembled, shivered as he set her skin on fire. Because she was not allowed Starzbet Güncel Giriş to fight by escaping in her head, she wiggled, squirmed and swung her body around desperately. A symbolic gesture of her desire to escape. The thrashing only made her look more flushed, that look he loved on her. She succeeded in showing Sean her body at different angles, her plump little breasts swaying. He was so hard it must have ached. Her thrashing just spurned him on. He ran both hands lightly over her tender stomach. Her stomach which had not seen the sun in years. It was baby smooth. She gasped as his rough hands tickled her sensitive skin.

One hand ran over her shoulders, grasping her slim neck. He stopped to grip it experimentally, a mock ‘choke’ hold. Lacey froze, her muscles tight at the threat. His eyes bored into hers from where he towered above her and then she disobeyed. She broke the gaze between them. He began to spank her tits then, slapping and pinching them mercilessly until she met his eyes again. Dragging her gaze up his pants, over that frightening bulge, that showpiece of his intentions. “Please Sir?” She begged as he looked into her eyes again. She hung form her bonds, humiliated at how his touch, that unwelcome, uncomfortable invasion set her skin alight. Her blood went directions in her body that she had no control over, throbbing in her breasts, and between her thighs. She was dizzy with it.

Her school skirt hung low on her hips the way all the girls wore them. It was not the stereotypical skimpy plaid catholic school skirt you think of, but the real thing. A thick tartan kilt that came to just past her knees. The tops of her panties were peeking over the waist band. Sean grabbed her around her waist and pulled her, stumbling toward him.

“Little Nobody, under all this fabric is a gorgeous, sexy body that you never let anyone appreciate,” he said breathily, in that low, low voice. He ran a fingertip over the backs of her knees. Lacey moaned. How could he possibly know she was so sensitive there? It was like he could read her mind. His finger traced the back of her thigh until it met the crease of her plump little ass. He grabbed the fabric of her skirt, bunching it up roughly around her waist and exposing her lewdly. Lacey tried to stare into his eyes as he pulled, tugging at the crotch of her panties, but the shame as he felt the heat from her most intimate places engulfed her. Her ears roared. “Little Nobody, your pussy is so hot and so wet its steaming” he growled into her face, lifting her chin firmly to meet her eye again. “Do you understand what is happening?”

“No Sir,” she whimpered. He slid the knife cleanly between her throbbing pussy and the bunched crotch of her panties. Slicing them there, and then at each side.

“I’m in control of your body now. I can make you hot. I can set your cunt on fire. I can make your pain feel like pleasure, and your pleasure feel like pain. Has anyone ever made your body quiver like this?”

And he pressed a large flat thumb against her clit. Lacey moaned like a whore for him then. Noises came out of her mouth that she’d never even known known she could make. She whined, whinnied, and panted as Sean toyed with her clit. He flicked it, he caressed it, rubbed it, pinched it till Lacey didn’t know the aching pain from the pleasure anymore. The hurting touches felt good. She wanted more. Her hips begged for it. He was right. How could he be right? After a minute Sean got frustrated with the fabric of the skirt impeding him, and he tore at the buttons until it hit the floor.

“Spread your legs!” he barked, his voice strangely horse. Lacey tiptoed her feet away from each other, as far as she could. She did this automatically, before she even thought of disobeying. Her body was in some sort of autopilot mode. He had the controls, remotely. How had this happened? She was a puppet. He pressed the flat of the blade to her clit and she jumped at the cold contact, then found herself shamefully grinding into the pressure. All the while he held her gaze. His free hand he brought two fingers to her lips, pressing urgently until she opened for him. Biting down did not even cross her mind. She was spinning dizzily through a a hot flush of pleasure.

“Suck on my fingers you little Slut!” And she did. She sucked them as well as any porn star. She worshiped those large, warm, strong fingers with her pretty little wet mouth. Then suddenly they were between her legs, wet and pressing into her. Prying her open. She shuddered and thrust her hips out, begging. “My GOD you little WHORE!” he muttered, smiling as he shifted behind her, grabbing her waist and pressing those fingers deep into her warm and wet little cunt. Lacey groaned and like a puppet on a string, turned her head, twisting to obey him, to keep that eye contact as he touched her in her deepest parts. He began to pummel her pussy. She couldn’t breathe, gasping for air. She couldn’t think. She thrust, she ground, she moaned and she begged.

“Sir – Sir- Sir…!!” she gasped it like a mantra. He could feel she was close. He drove her like a wild beast, skillfully pushing her to the edge of that cliff. Juices began to run to his wrist as he crooked his fingers and worked into her g-spot as hard as he could.

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