Literotica Fun Ch. 02

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After the first round of pleasurable fun, we took a small break in between the next stories. Michael went downstairs to fix us some specialty coffee while I setup the laptop for the next round.

Opening up the page to Don’s webpage, I scanned thru the first couple of pages of his ‘Wild Night in Vegas’ story which he wrote for the winner of a contest that was held in this very group a couple months ago. Many folks were included in the storyline which made it a challenge for him but let me tell you, he wrote it up and it’s an awesome story if you haven’t yet had the chance to read it. I urge you to do that!

I also setup the second story in another browser window which was his ‘Lucky in Vegas’ story that featured him and is beautiful wife D. I had read that before when I visited his page and knew Michael would enjoy it as well. I was so very right. I heard Michael tinkering downstairs in the kitchen as I opened up the PA system I have wired throughout my house. I had it installed right before Michael’s first surgery back in 2002 just in case so that he could get a hold of me or whoever was with us at the time without too much trouble. It’s been a handy lil tool.

As I read thru certain parts of the story, I found myself becoming very hot n bothered once again. I told Michael to bring up some crackers and cheese and to be careful on the stairs. He said ok and I knew I bought myself some time to cheat a little. I pulled out my handy dandy lil vibe and buzzed my clit as I read the main body of the Lucky in Vegas story. I knew I would last long and that if my timing was good, Michael would not know until he reads this. lol

I began reading and before I knew it my orgasm was there, just reading of the description that Don penned about D and how she kept him in line and the outfit she was wearing and the fun between them. I admire them both for their playfulness and of course, the tease. I felt my thighs quiver and my body release as I pushed the vibe into myself and thumbed my clit. Giving way to the story in front of me, my eyes closed and I felt a warm wash overcome me as I grasped the shaft and plunged it deeper into my wet folds.

Just then, Michael said he was coming up the stairs and if I could help him. I tossed the vibe off the bed and jumped up and before I could get my footing under myself, down on my ass I went. Shaky legs don’t make very good stilts, I got up while calling myself a jackass and went to meet Michael on the stairs. He looked at me and asked what the hell was that. I looked down and told him that was the sound of my ass hitting the floor. He laughed then asked if I was ok. I said yes then asked him if it was a loud bump, he said no way that he barely heard it cause in order for an ass to make noise when it hits the floor it has got to have some force behind it and being only 5′ 5″ he said I couldn’t gather enough Sinop Escort force from that height I smiled, he’s so sweet!

I grabbed the tray and we walked into the bedroom. I set it down on the night stand and told him everything was ready to go. He looked up at the wall and asked me who was going to read this first.

I told him well, if he started it, I’d finish it or I could read this and start the next story after and he agreed to that like I knew he would. He put together the coffee’s and I nibbled on a piece of cheese. I waited for him to finish the coffees and got comfortable on the bed.

We sat and drank our coffees while I read the the ending pages of Don’s story. Reading the story and imagining the scenarios as each word came from my lips. I started to think about how it would be to have another couple such as D n D to have to ourselves in a separate room while others were playing all around us.

Imagining myself with Don, knowing how he likes small details and such, and Michael with D. I’m not sure if seeing him with her would be more of a turn on than the things I would enjoy doing to Don. I do know however, that the 4 of us would watching each other contentedly but never taking the focus off of the person we were with.

I kept reading the story and would glance over at Michael. He was leaning back next to me against the headboard on my left side. I looked him up and down and realized just how much I loved this man despite the amount of pain and all that he has yet to get over on his way to healing. He’s such a great man for me.

I started reading again and came to the point where it was just Don and myself, with Michael and D. I know Michael started reading the story too but stopped and leaned his head back against the small pillow I placed above the headboard. I looked down at his manhood which was stirring at this point as I read on.

Setting my coffee cup down, I moved my hand over his right thigh and began teasing his shaft. Moving my fingertips over the head while flicking my nails on his balls or along his thickening shaft. He in turn placed his hand onto my left thigh and began rubbing small patches in circles.

As I read the portion of the story that placed Michael on the chair with D kneeling between his thighs, her hand moving over his cock with massage oil, I felt his shaft flinch and knew he was liking this part of the story. I rubbed his cock just a bit faster as I read on. Turning to him and asking him if he’s enjoy having her hand stroking his hard cock as her husband watched. He smiled and went to say something but held it in. Instead, I felt his cock grow and that was all the reply I needed.

I made sure to read that portion of the story slowly, so that he could imagine it happening to him as my hand pumped his thick shaft. As I read along he would glance Sinop Escort Bayan up at the screen then back to me. Knowing that he would be fully erect by the time I finished, I sped up my reading to the portion to where my mouth was now engulfing Don’s hard cock.

I could feel the contractions in his shaft by now and before I could get into a groove with him, he turned to me and took my left nipple into his mouth. He sucked it hard while moving his fingers inside my damp pussy. He pumped my pussy while thumbing my clit and with his lips sucking on my nipple it was getting hard to keep focus on the story.

Looking into his eyes, I told it was his turn to finish reading while I sampled his growing hard as steel cock. He straightened out his back and repositioned himself as I moved between his thighs. Taking his cock into my mouth I sucked him slowly, wanting to make love to his hardness while he read.

I glanced behind me and read the last couple sentences of the story so I would know when he came to the ending. I then turned my attention back to his bobbing manhood. I licked around the head before taking half his shaft into my mouth. Squeezing his shaft then his balls I pulled his cock from my mouth and took each ball into my moth and sucked and tongued it.

Michael was at the part of the story where D had straddled him. As he read the words I simulated what it would feel like as her pussy engulfed his cock. Moving down his shaft slowly then easing back up before moving back down on him as my lips remained tightly pursed on him.

His words were a bit shaky as he tried his best to keep reading, I was using the story to give him the effect on is cock of what he would be feeling if D was actually sliding down his length. Taking only a portion of his cock into my throat before sliding back up. Moving him slow in and out of my mouth was creating such a feeling for him.

I wasn’t without my own pleasure however, I had picked up my vibe before we got settled onto the bed and had placed it lengthwise with my wet slit and turned on fully as I laid there sucking his wonderful cock. The vibes were buzzing me big time as I love sucking his cock whether it’s for myself or for friends who I tend to role play for him with.

I could feel him moving his hips, his legs moving from side to side and I knew he would be close to exploding in my mouth and that I would take all his hot sticky cum in one swallow. I crave his hot cum when he explodes in my mouth, I also love when he pulls out just as he cums and douses my face with his white stuff. That’s how I stay so young looking, now you know my secret!

He came down to near the end of the story and I began to suck him harder and deeper, running my lips over the entire length of his shaft as my tongue flicked over the head. I could feel his cock grow Escort Sinop harder with each pull of my mouth on him. I knew he’d be coming soon if I kept it up and timed it perfectly.

Just as he read the part of the story where he exploded inside D’s sweet pussy, filling her walls instantly with his seed, I began sucking just the head and was moaning myself as i felt the vibe tucked under me roll to the side which gave me direct vibrations thru my clit.

As he finished reading the part of coming inside her, then moved to the part where I was riding Don’s hard cock then slipping him into my mouth and down my throat as he began to fill me up was when I sucked on Michael’s cock the hardest and had him moan out just as I felt my own orgasm piercing my clit and up into my brain.

As I began to feel my orgasm peek, I felt Michael’s cock twitch upward to the roof of my mouth just as I felt his warm gush of cum filling my mouth. I pulled his cock from my mouth as I ground my pussy onto the vibe harder and pumped his cock fast as ribbons of cum shot forth landing on my tongue, mouth, chin and one shot that went up over my head.

I ran his cockhead over my lips and across my tongue as more dripped from the head. I scooped what I felt was on my chin and lips and shoveled it into my mouth. Running the thick fluid over my tongue before gulping it down. He took his cock in his fingers and pushed what I missed onto my tongue. I sucked the head of his cock and ran my tongue along the length of his shaft making sure I didn’t miss a drop of his precious protein.

I lifted myself up and pulled the vibe from between my slit and turning it off tossed up near the pillows. I took one long last suck of his cock as I told him to stay right there because I needed him for something. As I moved up, I turned around and slid backwards onto his cock taking him into my pussy.

I moved my knees outside of his as he closed his legs. I began moving onto his cock slow at first then got into a tempo and began to ride him. My legs doing all the work as the only part of my body touching him was my pussy lips around his cock. Only when I pushed back deeper did my ass touch him.

I rode him hard and fast feeling his cockhead causing such pleasure as it skimmed off my inner walls. Michael pushed his forefinger into my ass and as I pushed back onto his cock I felt his finger go deeper into my ass as well. Feeling both ends being pleasured, I was able to relax a bit and before I knew it, I was coming on his cock. I could feel my muscles grasping at his finger in my backside while my pussy grabbed his shaft and closed around him.

I rode him til my orgasm began to subside. I remained on his cock as he rubbed my back and cupped my boobs from behind me. He felt so good! I felt his cock still hard and tight inside my pussy as I stayed on him.

He handed me my coffee and I took a few sips from it. We talked about our night and the stories and told him we had one more to go. He asked me if I was tired yet and told him no and asked how he was doing. He said he was getting a bit sore so we postponed Don’s other story for Saturday night.

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