Lisa’s Lesbian Awakening

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Hi I’m Lisa I thought that I had better introduce myself before telling you my story

I am in my mid thirties have a slim body, nice legs and ass, with tits 36b, I am particularly proud of my body apart from my pussy lips which are far too big, , although all my lovers male and female have always loved them.

I am a happily married woman with a husband whom I adore; he is well endowed with a massively thick 8 inch cock. Chris my husband is a wonderful lover and fulfils almost all my needs apart from the fact I just can’t get enough of him (he’s not always at home).

When at University I had one or two Lesbian encounters and some of my most intense orgasms were during that time, whilst admitting that I must be bi-sexual and get immense pleasure from an experienced tongue and fingering. I get very little pleasure from being fucked with a strap on.

Chris is a regular fisherman and a few months ago he made a new friend and they now go fishing together on a regular basis. After a few outings they decided that we should have a night out as a foursome, this would enable us all to get to know each other. On the night in question Chris warned me that Simon (his friend) reckoned his wife Jo was bi-sexual, very forward and that I’d better be on my guard or she’d have my knickers off me. The night however was very enjoyable, we all hit it off very well and Jo gave no indication of her sexuality. She was tall, slim with long legs and looked to have small tits, she was attractive, sensual and I had to admit that she was quite a turn on. As the night wore on and the drinks took hold, I was a little disappointed that she gave no indication that she might fancy me.

By the Wednesday of the following week I couldn’t get her out of my mind, I was desperately trying to think of a way for us to meet up again. I needn’t have worried the following day she phoned me and invited me round to her home for lunch on the following Saturday, when our husbands would be out fishing for the day.

Obviously I knew what to expect, but decided to play it simply and see how things worked out, I dressed very plainly with nothing to suggest to Jo that I was there for the taking. After lunch the fun started, Jo proved to be a very experienced seductress and very sensual. Has for myself I enjoyed playing the innocent lesbian virgin whilst letting myself be seduced. The length of my pussy lips had been a major turn on for her, has where her long nipples for me. We both had wonderful orgasms and agreed on another meeting at my home the following Saturday.

Chris caught on to what was happening straight Eskort Kız away, but it turned him on and he came home to an extra special erotic session which ended with him fucking me whilst I described in detail the day’s events.

The following Thursday Jo phoned to change the arrangements for the Saturday, insisting that it should again be at her place and even though I argued against it she was adamant, I then realised that this encounter was going to be something special.

When Saturday arrived the butterflies were flying around in my stomach and my adrenalin was flowing in expectation of what was about to happen. I dressed simply for the day, button up blouse (as I find it very sensual having the buttons slowly undone) a bra, a pair of matching French Knickers and a wrap around skirt.

I arrived in time for a light lunch which included a couple of glasses of white sparkling wine, and ended with a dry Martini as an aperitif. This put us in a relaxed mood for what was to follow; after lunch was finished Jo excused herself and returned having changed into a short wrap around silk robe.

On her return little or no words were spoken Jo took my hand and led me to a large rear bedroom this was much different from the one we had used the previous week. As we went through the door a shiver went through my body the room was almost blacked out with the exception of low seductive lighting provided by vanilla candles spread everywhere and in the middle was a large Queen Size bed with black satin sheets and pillow cases.

Jo led me to the bed never leaving go of my hand, we climbed on in unison and didn’t lie down we just knelt looking lovingly into each other’s eyes. Jo slowly leaned in and lightly brushed her lips with mine, I’m amazed that even such a small kiss sent shockwaves through my body; it was if she sensed it as she pulled away and gave me a sensuous smile before pressing her lips into mine. She used her tongue to trace over my lips before slipping it into my mouth; I hoped that her body was responding in the same way as mine. I pulled her closer, she moved down planting soft kisses on my exposed neck, whilst slowly unbuttoning my blouse, removing it and my bra. I undid my wrap around skirt which fell away to leave me feeling very sexy in just my French knickers. Jo continued to nuzzle my neck but her hand was now caressing my tits, she then started to lick and kiss one nipple whilst twisting the other between her fingers, my pussy was becoming very wet and my clit started to pulsate. I somehow managed to undo her silk robe and slip it off her shoulders to leave her totally naked; she looked stunning with her well toned lithe body, a shaved pussy, and her smallish tits looking perfect on an unusually pure white body. She pulled my head towards her nipples and within seconds of my sucking and licking them they grew and hardened to an unbelievable size. Jo laid me back gently on to the satin sheets removing my knickers in the process and pushing my legs wide apart, leaving no secrets to her imagination. Her tongue now began to explore my pussy, gently caressing my clitoris; I was now in a state of total abandon, her tongue forced its way between my large outer lips, her mouth bit on the inner labia pulling and chewing them, she alternated between her tongue and lips on my clitoris producing a burning sensation in my loins. I was desperate to climax, the spasms kept building up, I started to pant and moan, having reached the point of no return, crying out for release, then with one final convulsion my body shuddered and jerked alarmingly. I almost passed out with the intensity of the orgasm (Jo later told me that the contractions from my pussy were a sight to behold)

I laid there in a complete daze, Jo gently rolled me over onto my stomach, she is a very experienced lover, and very gentle, experience told her that my pussy would be tender for quite a while and that to keep the intense atmosphere at a peak she would have to work on other areas of my body.

She then started to pour massage oil onto my back continuing down onto my buttocks and thighs, her hands moved down my body concentrating firstly on my back which she massaged gently. She then moved down to my ass and inner thighs, just brushing against my anal entrance, the surge of heat into my loins told me that this was the beginning of something new. The sensual massage continued around my thighs and anus, my body started to tingle in response, then suddenly she slowly pushed the tip of her finger into my anal passage, I tried pushing against her finger, but I needn’t have bothered she pushed her finger past the first knuckle then withdrawing it before forcing in its entire length sending shock waves through my body.

I was being rhythmically anally fucked with her finger then a second finger and I loved it, I was slowly building to another climax when she slowly withdrew her fingers and turned me over onto my back.

Sensing my pussy was ready for more, she began by putting in just one finger, working it gently in and out, then adding more oil before adding more fingers one at a time, pushing them deeper into my dripping wet pussy. I screamed and jerked as her fingers slipped deeper and deeper into my cunt. I suddenly realised that she had now got her full hand in and I was being fist fucked for the first time in my life. As Jo started increasing the tempo my body started to jerk and tremble, a climax became imminent; soon spasm after spasm racked my body as I reached another tremendous orgasm. Jo then withdrew her hand and slid beside’s me, we cuddled in a warm embrace and kissed each other with a passion.

After what seemed an age I manoeuvred Jo up on the edge of the bed with her legs dangling over the side, I knelt behind her caressing her breast gently pulling her nipples and rolling them between my fingers. I said previously Jo has fantastically long nipples and they grow even larger at the merest touch, they are also highly sensitive to the point of severe arousal. She soon started to moan, I then moved one hand down to her pussy, I squeezed the lips together with my thumb and forefinger trapping the clitoris and masturbating it from the outside, within minutes she was on the point of climaxing which I didn’t want yet. I slowed things down a little, added more oil, I then took her hand and guided it ever so slowly to her cunt. I started her masturbating herself with one finger which caressed her clitoris in a slow circular motion, she then entered her pussy with one finger which soon became two and before long her full fist was in up to the wrist, It was obvious from the dexterity with which she achieved this that she had done it quite often before. She was now on the point of no return, her muscles taunt, her body trembling, I slipped off the bed into the vee between her legs, Jo then gave out a scream as her body bucked and jerked in a tremendous climax,. She ejaculated a sperm like substance filling her opening, which then proceeded to trickle down to her ass, I was so over come with the happenings I lapped it up with my tongue to end a wonderful afternoon.

After showering together I went home to prepare an evening meal for Chris and me. After the meal Chris was full of expectations but I had to explain that fucking was out for the night, my pussy was to tender to even contemplate it. I did however give him the most wonderful hand job he had ever experienced, I described in graphic detail what Jo and I had been up to, I brought him to the brink of an orgasm on numerous occasions before backing of, allowing his balls to fill up with more and more spunk. Just as I got to the end of my story I allowed his cock to unload its extra massive load into my mouth, I swallowed the lot to fulfil the promise I made before we started, to make up for him having to miss his fuck. With a big grin on his face he said” I hope you’re going again next Saturday.

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