Lisa Comes Out of Retirement Pt. 01

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This is a follow-up to my “Lisa Takes a Challenge” story.


After Lisa’s victory at her one and only nude wrestling match, we celebrated and my wife went into retirement, again.

A year later she got a call from Isiah Edwards, the promoter who arranged Lisa’s nude wrestling event. All I heard was Lisa saying yes and no and yes and then she hung up.

“What was that about?”

“Edwards wants me to join his new Lingerie Women’s Wrestling League.”

“What the hell is that?”

Women wrestle in bikinis or lingerie. It’s more entertainment that actual hard core wrestling…and there is no nudity.”


“And I told him to come over to discuss it.”

“Not to be nasty, but aren’t you too old for that stuff?”

“I don’t think I would be really wrestling…he wants a big name to be associated with his new league. Besides, I’m only 35 and still in great shape.”

The next day Edwards came over and over coffee we discussed the proposal.

“Lisa, I want you to join the league as a spokesperson and to perform exhibition matches to highlight the organization. Your former trainer, Karen is already on board.”

“Mr. Edwards, you paid me a lot of money for my and only nude match. How much are you willing to pay me?”

“Well, there should be no nudity but that’s not guaranteed. So, with that in mind, I’ll pay you $1 million for the year.”

“How about you write up a contract and we’ll take a look at it. If we want changes, I’ll write them in for you to look at.”

“Fair enough. I’ll have a contract over to you tonight.”

We said our goodbyes and Edwards left. Lisa and I discussed the proposal and waited for the contract.

That night, a messenger brought over the contract. We sat and went over it line by line. After more than an hour, we made some changes:

The first change was: In the event of Lisa getting nude in any way in a match, she would get an additional $100,000.

The second change was: I would be her manager and get $2,500 per match.

The third change was: There would be only one exhibition match a month.

We called Edwards and went over the changes with him. He told us that he was fine with the second and third change but he had a problem with the first change.

He said, “Look, how about this…if you somehow get your breasts exposed, I’ll give you an extra $10,000. If you get completely naked, I’ll give you an added $15,000, so you’ll get an extra $25,000 if you get naked. Also, I will pay you $2,500 for every personal appearance you make at a match…$3,000 if you appear in a bikini and, lastly, if you do any extra matches during the month, you will get a $5,000 bonus.”

Lisa looked at me and I nodded an ok and we all agreed. Lisa told him to make the changes and get the contract over to us.

The phone rang again and it was Karen, Lisa’s former trainer. They talked and Lisa invited her over for dinner tomorrow night.

The next day the revised contract arrived and Lisa signed it and returned it. By this time, Karen arrived and we had an enjoyable dinner and Lisa told Karen that she would like her to train her and get her in shape, which Karen said she would be happy to do.

A week went by and Edwards told us that the advertising campaign started and Lisa was headlining the campaign and that her first exhibition match was set for two weeks from now.

For the next week Lisa trained and got in shape for her first exhibition match. The arena was packed and when Lisa was introduced, the crowd went wild.

Lisa came out wearing a white thong bikini and looked terrific. Her opponent came out wearing a two piece lingerie set that left nothing to the imagination and was greeted with the same enthusiasm.

The ring announcer made the introductions and soon the bell rang.

Things went well and they each did their thing and both women looked pretty good. The match was pretty even. Then Lisa’s opponent started taking the match seriously and the next thing I saw was Lisa’s bikini top coming off over her head and her tits exposed. I could see that Lisa was pissed and managed to get her opponent on the mat and into a submission hold to defeat her. As Lisa got up, she grabbed her opponents top and yanked it over her head revealing her tits. Then Lisa waved to the crowd and left the ring.

After the match we went home laughing all the way.

“Well, it would have been better if I got to fuck someone.”

“You looked great and the crowd loved you. And, you made a few extra bucks.”

“Yeah, bahis firmaları I made an extra $10,000. Maybe I should wear tops that come off easily.”

“You’re such an exhibitionist. That’s why I love you.”

When we got home we had some wine and went to bed and fucked and fucked.

The next day Edwards called and congratulated Lisa and told her she had another match next month.

Lisa did some more training and really got in shape. Her next match was in a week’s time. In between matches, Lisa bought some outfits to wear. All of them fitted her beautifully and all of them were pretty much guaranteed to come off and earn her some extra cash…my wife the exhibitionist.

Lisa’s next match was approaching and she picked out her outfit to wear, an almost sheer string bikini that showed all of her assets.

“Lisa, that is some outfit. I expect you will get a standing ovation when you come out with that on.”

“I’m glad you like it. I wonder how long it will stay on though.” She said laughing.

The night of the match was here and we went to the arena. As Lisa was getting into her outfit, Edwards came in. “You all set for the match? Nice outfit…give them a good show. Would you be available after the match in your outfit for autographs & mingling?”

“Sure, no problem… that’s extra, you know.”

“I know. See you after the match.”

The match went off without a hitch and naturally Lisa lost her top but won the match.

After the match she went ringside and mingled with the customers, signed autographs and took pictures. The line of men to meet her was endless but she was a trouper and had a good time. One guy asked her if she would sell her bikini top that she was wearing. Lisa laughed and asked him how much would he pay. The guy told her he would pay $5,000. Lisa looked at me and undid her strap on her top, took it off and gave it to him and he gave her $5,000. She even autographed it for him. She did the rest of the meet & greet topless to the enjoyment of the crowd.

It was late when we got home and we both went right to sleep.

The next day, around noon, the doorbell rang and it was Edwards. Over lunch we discussed a few things, one of which was endorsements and merchandising.

“Lisa, I have an idea. How would you like to start merchandising your stuff?”

“Like what?”

“For starters, we can sell or auction off your wrestling attire. What guy wouldn’t want wrestling attire worn by you in a match? Maybe a guy’s wife or girl friend would like to wear what you wore for her man.”

“That sounds interesting. I could even autograph them. Ok. Let’s do it. We’ll work out the details later.”

A couple of weeks went by and Edwards came over to discuss the details of the new venture.

“Let’s go over the details…I have a supplier, The Lingerie Shop & More, for your outfits. They will be one of your suppliers. You get the stuff for free and they get the right to use your likeness and name.”

“That sounds fair. I get to keep the outfits, right?”

“Yes and they are the ones you sell.”

“Next, They will pay you whenever you mention their product or name. And they will sponsor you for upcoming matches and if you win the Lingerie Wrestling Championship in one of their outfits, you will get a $10,000 bonus. They also will pay you to be at their site to meet & greet their customers and model some of their outfits.”

“Wow, that sounds terrific. Let’s do it.”

“Ok but I can wear outfits from other suppliers?”

“Yes, but if you use the one company, you get all the perks. I suggest you make them your sole supplier but that is up to you.”

“Contact the company and let’s meet with them soon.”

Edwards contacted the owner and we met with her and her son and daughter. We went over the plan and we agreed on the following:

. The store would provide all of Lisa’s wrestling attire, that she could keep, and Lisa had complete control of what to wear,

. If Lisa won the championship wearing one of the store provided outfits, Lisa would get a $10,000 bonus,

. Lisa and would mention the store whenever the opportunity arose,

. Lisa would be available for meet & greet & model some of the outfits at events at the store for two hour sittings for $2,500 an event, and

. The store would sponsor any special events that Lisa did.

Once all that was ironed out, the agreement was signed.

Edwards set up a web site to sell the merchandise and everything was ready. Lisa did some promos, kaçak iddaa the store was included on the web site. Pictures of Lisa in various outfits were also on the web site and in the store.

Lisa’s next match was set and she went to the store to pick out an outfit for the match. She selected a red, almost see through, thong outfit that she looked gorgeous in. She took a few pictures in the outfit for the store to put around for the customers to see.

The match was a good one and Lisa’s outfit was the hit of the night. This time, Lisa wound up naked but still won. After the match, Lisa autographed both pieces of the outfit which immediately was posted on her web site as an auction item. Within an hour of its posting, the highest bid was $5,000. Her outfit eventually was sold for $7,500.

Lisa went back to the store and talked to the owner and Lisa picked out several outfits but wanted them altered for the matches.

The owner & Lisa hit it off and they became very close friends…very close friends.

For the next few months everything went well for everyone. Lisa was winning and making money with the league and the web site. The store was making a ton of money and all was well.

Edwards came by one day to renew Lisa’s contract but Lisa decided not to renew.

“I don’t know if I want to continue. I’m tired and worn out.”

“But Lisa…”

“I don’t think so Mr. Edwards.”

“Let me see what I can do before you make a final decision.”

“Ok. I’ll give you 24 hours.”

The next day Edwards rang the doorbell and I let him in. We all sat in the kitchen and had coffee.

“Lisa, you have been a great ambassador for the league. You put it on the map and everyone is happy. The web site is doing well, your sponsor is making a ton of money as well. If you retire just think of what it would mean to all of these people. Without you everything will fall apart. We all need you.”

“You know I did like this past year but I need more. You know when I did that one big nude wrestling match, it was terrific for me…As you know I enjoy, no, I love being an exhibitionist and love sex. If you could get me a few hard core nude wrestling matches where the winner’s prize would be some sex, I might consider that.”

“I can do that. Want to hear about it?”

I looked at Lisa and saw her eyes get bigger as Edwards talked.

“Yes, tell me.”

“I run underground events for special, wealthy people. I know you made a bundle at a private match and this would be similar.”

Edwards continued, “I know you like money but you love sex much more, after all you were a porno queen.”

He went on, “I can get you a ton of money if you would wrestle men opponents in the nude, and you win either by making him cum or you lose if he is able to fuck you…all of this is done in the ring.”

“Hmmm…that sounds interesting. So, if he cums, I win. If he is able to get his cock in me, he wins.”

“Not quite. He wins if he gets his cock in you and cums in you…”

“Ok…so he only wins if he cums in me…correct? And I win if I get him to cum, either by blowing him or jerking him off, right?”


“Anything you are not telling me?”

“There is just one more thing. If you lose, the winner can have anyone he chooses to fuck you in the ring as well.”

“Ahhhh…now we have it all. And how much do I get?”

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want my husband to get $100,000 each match. I want the owner of The Lingerie Shop and More to get free publicity, sponsorship, and an exclusive contract to provide all outfits for all matches for the next two years. And, for me, I want $1 million per match.”

“Is that it?”

“No, there is one more thing. Any opponent I face must be certified healthy & clean and anyone he chooses, if I lose, will also have to be certified healthy and clean.”

“Done. We have a deal. Your first match is in two weeks. I’ll give you the details next week.”

The following week Edwards called and gave me the details and the venue. He also told me that Lisa is getting everything she asked for.

The night came and we drove to the venue, a huge mansion way out in the suburbs. We were escorted in and taken to the basement which was huge and had a ring in it. There were several rows of seats all around the ring as we were taken to Lisa’s dressing room.

A short time later Karen appeared as did Edwards. He asked Liss if she was ready and she said she was. He also told her that all her requirements were met and to have kaçak bahis a good match.

After he left there was a knock on the door. I opened it and the owner of The Lingerie Shop & More stood there. She came in and hugged and kissed Lisa and wished her good luck and thanked her for everything.

Finally, it was time for the match…

Lisa made her way to the ring which was now standing room only with about 100 guests. When she entered the ring, she removed her short robe to reveal her nakedness. Everyone applauded.

After a few seconds, her opponent walked into the ring. He was about 5’8″, maybe 165, blonde hair, blue eyes and at least an 8″ thick cock. It was an impressive sight.

The announcer then proceeded to introduce the combatants…

“Ladies and gentlemen, in the white corner we have Lisa, at 5’7” 125, 38-26-38, and former porno queen.

In the black corner we have Marc, at 165 5’8″ and 8″.

He left the ring and the referee started the match.

From the onset of the match I could tell the guy had some experience but Lisa handled him well. Marc took Lisa down with a headlock and had her on the mat. She managed to get her hand on his cock and started jerking him off as his cock got hard in her hand. He quickly let go of his hold and managed to get on top of Lisa. As he tried to spread her legs, she again grabbed his cock, trying to jerk him off.

She managed to get her leg on the rope and Marc had to get off of her.

Now, they were both on their feet again, trying to get an advantage. Lisa got him in a headlock but the guy managed to get her nipple in his mouth and began biting it gently which caused Lisa to release the hold.

The guy grabbed Lisa tightly and got her on her back as he continued his assault on her nipple. He was biting it harder as Lisa yelled out. Without realizing it, she spread her legs as he bit one nipple then the other.

He then realized her legs were spread, he got his cock into her slit and started pushing it in her cunt. The audience applauded, sending a victory for Marc.

He started fucking Lisa who was trying to get him out and off of her. He held her arms over her head as his cock was pumping her cunt.

It wasn’t long before he yelled out, “I’m going to cum.” Lisa tried getting away but it was fruitless. She finally just laid there waiting for him to cum in her. In a few seconds the guy shot his cum into Lisa’s cunt and when he pulled out, everyone saw his cum oozing out from Lisa’s cunt…he won.

They both rested on the mat then they got up. Lisa congratulated him on the win and the audience applauded the both of them.

The announcer came into the ring and said, “Congratulations to both warriors. Give them a big round of applause. Ok. Now for the winner, he gets to chose someone to come up here to fuck Lisa.”

Marc looked at Lisa and then whispered to the announcer. Then the announcer said, “Ladies & gentlemen, Marc has given me the person who is to come up her to fuck Lisa and that person is (a moment of silence came over the crowd) the owner of The Lingerie Shop & More..Lisa Marie.

Come on up Lisa Marie. You get to fuck Lisa.

Both women were shocked and kissed each other in the ring.

The announcer then said, “You two have 30 minutes to enjoy each other while the audience looks on. Ladies, it’s time to get started.”

Lisa went over to Lisa Marie, the owner and started removing her clothes and whispered to her, “Let’s enjoy this.” “I will.”

Lisa Marie looked terrific. She was 5’9″, about 130, firm tits and big nipples, smooth pussy and very fuckable.

In seconds Lisa Marie was naked and everyone applauded. Both women paraded around the ring naked, feeling each other up. Then, in the middle of the ring they stopped, hugged and kissed and felt each other up, playing with each other’s tits and sucking on each other’s nipples.

In a short time they were on the mat. Lisa was on top of Lisa Marie as they were grinding their pussies together. It wasn’t long before both women were moaning in pleasure. Lisa Marie was the first to tell out that she was going to cum. Lisa rubbed her harder and faster and they both yelled out in pleasure as they both came, their bodies shaking from their orgasms.

The audience roared their approval as both women were spent.

After awhile they were helped up and both left the ring and headed to Lisa’s dressing room.

Edwards came in and congratulated both women and said, “Everyone loved the match and the show you two put on. I have an idea if you two are interested.”

Lisa looked at Lisa Marie and said, “Tell us about it.”

“How would you two feel about making your show permanent?”

“Tell us more…

Look for Part 2

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