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Terror gripped Jessica.

“Funky chicken no sauce.” Jessica said urgently into her phone. She repeated it a few times before shoving her phone back in her pocket and pulling her gun from her purse.

“Get in the car and run Jessica.” Mark ordered, “Go!”

“You too. Get in the car.” Jessica said, “We can both go… Mark!” she screamed not seeing the man with the stick until it was too late. He came up behind Mark and hit him across the back. Jessica shot the man with the stick. A head shot. She wasn’t planning on leaving any of these people alive. She killed two more before the world went dark.

“Where are they?” the growl was accompanied by a foul odor and a stinging slap.

Jessica opened her eyes to find the most terrifying face shoved into hers. She had no doubt that it was Earl. Blinking she realized that they were still in the driveway. Someone was holding her up. Panic grew as she realized that she couldn’t move. Her muscles couldn’t move.

She heard Mark growl, “Get away from her!” His voice didn’t sound right. From the corner of her eye she saw Mark, face bloodied, held between two men. A third man hit him with his gun.

“We looked everywhere! Where are the fuckers?” Earl demanded and when he waved is hand before her she realized why she couldn’t move. He’d stunned her. He had a Taser just like hers.

Jessica had to concentrate really hard to get her lips to work but she finally managed to say, “Gone. For good.”

“Really.” Earl said pressing his face closer, after sniffing her he slowly and deliberately ran his tongue up her cheek. “And why would they leave something as delicious as you behind?”

“He said she was married to five of them.” Another man said.

“He did…” Earl agreed, “So, why did your husbands leave you behind?”

Jessica’s heart raced, almost as fast as her brain. She had to get Earl and his men away from the house. Her men would be there any moment, who knew when the others would return from the pond. Nothing good would come from that. While Earl and his men were around, no one was safe. She had to convince them that she and Mark were alone. Suddenly a thought occurred to her. If this didn’t get Earl out of here, she didn’t know what would.

“Not married yet.” Jessica managed to mutter, “Called wedding off.”

“What are you doing Jess?” Mark demanded earning him another bash from the gun.

“Really?” Earl asked. “And why would five men call off a wedding with a sweet innocent thing like you?”

Jessica flinched. Try as she did she couldn’t help but be terrified of Earl. As the Taser wore off and she could see more clearly she became fully convinced that she was eye to eye with the devil. His skin was pasty colored, his lips were overly wet, like he was perpetually drooling, and blue. His tongue kept flicking out from between the slimy lips and yellow teeth. And his eyes were a dull grey. They made her shiver as they roamed her face, and lower. Returning to her face, his eyes suddenly showed signs of life.

“But of course. You can’t be more than eighteen…” Earl muttered. Jessica’s skin crawled. “Never used before… were you too scared?” Earl asked grasping her tit.

“She’s no virgin.” Mark said through a jaw that was likely dislocated. “She’s married to five men, she’s twenty-one years old. She’s not what you’re looking for.”

Earl’s eyes intensified as he slid his hands behind the waistband of Jessica’s pants and stroked the fine hair left on her pussy lips from the bikini wax.

“Smooth.” Earl breathed.

Jessica forced herself to nod. “Not married. Men left, everyone left.”

“What’s he to you?” Earl asked tilting his head at Mark.

“Friend.” Jessica said.

“He said she can’t lie.” Another man said.

“Get the cars. We’ll get the truth one way or another.”

“What have you done?” Mark demanded when he and she were forced into a car.

“I’m sorry.” Jessica said.

“Don’t touch her!” Mark yelled and threw himself at Earl when Earl reached over the back seat and ripped her shirt open. Earl punched Mark until he was unconscious.

“A friend… really?” Earl said to Jessica. “We’ll see… oh.” He added after opening Jessica’s bra, “Nice tits.” Jessica shuddered when he laughed.

The car ride didn’t take long which surprised Jessica. She and Mark were dragged into a room with a mattress on the floor, a chair, and an assortment of items that Jessica’s mind tried not to consider. Knives, hooks, handcuffs, sticks, were spread out on a table. In the middle of the room, not on the mattress, but on the hard cement floor, was a person. Naked, bloodied, hogtied. On elbows and knees, butt in the air. And despite the metal bar lodged in the person’s mouth the person was emitting a low, continuous moan.

Earl moved over to the person and yanked their head up by the hair.

“Is that her?” he demanded.

“Stan?” Jessica gasped when the person opened their eyes and stared at her.

“Is that her?” Earl repeated and when Stan still didn’t reply Earl reached between Stan’s bağcılar escort legs and started turning something. It took Jessica a moment to realize that Stan’s cock and scrotum were almost black. A rope was tied around them and whatever Earl was doing seemed to tighten the rope. Mark must have noticed it too because he suddenly groaned. Tears came to Jessica’s eyes when Stan started screaming. He screamed for a long time before nodding his head.

“She says she’s not married. And a virgin.” Earl said. Stan’s eyes flew open and stared at Jessica, shaking his head as fast as he could.

“I guess there’s only one way to find out.” Earl said standing, “But we’ll try a few other ways first, just for fun.” He nodded at someone behind Jessica. Several hands grabbed her and as hard as she fought she still ended up naked on a chair, legs spread and tied to the chair handles.

“No! No!” Mark yelled.

“Oh yes, you may want to watch this.” Earl said and nodded to someone else who brought Mark over to kneel right in front of Jessica, eye level to her crotch. Mark rolled his eyes, doing his best to look anywhere but directly at her pussy.

Earl knelt beside Mark, in front of Jessica. He shook a cigarette out of a package.

“I quit smoking a while ago.” Earl said, and he lit the cigarette. “So lucky you, these are all for you.” He said to Jessica.

“Don’t…” Mark begged.

“Are you married?” Earl asked.

“No.” Jessica said and watched in horror as Earl moved the cigarette to the inside of her leg, almost at her crotch. She tried to pull back but couldn’t and when the cigarette touched her flesh she tried not to scream but failed almost instantly. When Earl finally removed the cigarette Jessica heard Mark sobbing. Through a steady stream of tears she could see Mark watching her, tears soaking his face.

“Are you a virgin?” Earl asked. He repeated the question several times before Jessica nodded her head. This time Jessica couldn’t control her scream at all.

This went on for fifteen minutes. Jessica had a trail of cigarette burns on both inner thighs. There were a few minutes of peace when someone called Earl out.

“Bring it in here.” Earl said, and then he was back lighting another cigarette. “Get a good angle. Let’s try this again. Are you married?”

Jessica and Mark locked eyes for a second. Then Jessica closed her eyes and said, “No.” And despite the fact that her throat was already raw from screaming she let out a blood curdling scream as the lit cigarette pressed into her flesh.

“Maybe we should move to a more sensitive area.” Earl said shoving his fingers into Jessica’s pussy. Jessica bucked.

“You coward!” Mark yelled and tried to knock him over, “You fucking coward. Why don’t you pick on someone your own fucking size!”

“Interesting suggestion.” Earl said, nodded at someone and before Jessica had time to register what was happening Mark was stripped naked, held down on his stomach and Earl was busy ramming a large steel rod in Mark’s asshole. The only noise that came close to rivaling Mark’s screams were Jessica’s.

“No! No!” she screamed, “Take me, take me! I’m a virgin. I’m eighteen, honest… stop!” she screamed but when Earl pulled the rod out covered in blood and two men forced Mark onto his knees, holding him while Earl rammed the rod in again, Jessica threw up. And she didn’t stop. She couldn’t turn her head properly so she began choking on the vomit.

“Clear her mouth.” Earl yelled and one of the men who’d been holding Mark came and yanked her head to the side, tilting the chair so Jessica was able to expel the bile.

“Stop it!” Earl yelled when Jessica kept vomiting, “I said stop it!” he grabbed her by the chin and righting the chair he shook her face. But Jessica couldn’t stop. The vomit kept coming. Earl back handed her, knocking the chair over. Jessica dry heaved, cried and spat blood out of her mouth all at the same time. Earl’s henchmen righted her chair.

“Let’s stop the bullshit. That sack of shit,” Earl said pointing at Stan, “showed up here a few days ago with a story about a bitch that fucked him over and that bitch is you! I know you have five husbands who fuck you five ways to Sunday. I know you have a clan full of people who would bend ass over backwards to help you, and I know you have what belongs to me… Daryl’s boys. So let’s have their location and then get on with the real fun. You may be no virgin but you scream like one. That’ll do just fine!”

Earl lit another cigarette. “Where are they?”

It was the screaming. It dawned on her that Earl really liked that. Maybe if she didn’t scream he’d lose interest.

“Bring that over here.” He said to a third man, “That’s right, where the view’s real good.” The man moved closer to Earl and held a cell phone over Earl’s shoulder, pointed down at her. More videos. They were posting more videos.

“Where are they cunt?” he demanded.

Fear welled up inside her. Fear of the pain but mostly the fear that she’d break under it and endanger those she loved. The only cihangir escort way she could be sure she wouldn’t break was to not admit anything. The further she stayed from the truth, the safer her men, the others, and the boys were.

“Playing dumb are you?” Earl demanded and pressed the cigarette into her outer pussy lip. Jessica clamped her lips shut and tried not to scream but it only lasted a moment.

“Let’s try again, where are they?”

Despite the pain and the fear Jessica suddenly felt a jolt of anger. This sicko hurt so many people. He ruined people’s lives on a whim. If he wanted to hurt her, kill her, she’d make him do it on her terms. Jessica tried to look him in the eye with an air of defiance but she couldn’t maintain the contact. Instead she looked at the ceiling above his head and said, “Who?”.

Earl pressed the cigarette on an existing burn and Jessica bucked and screamed. For a moment Jessica saw stars. The room went black for a second, but then she was back. Screaming.

“What the fuck?” Earl said looking behind him. “Well, well.” He said turning back to Jessica, “Seems your friend can’t stand your screaming much. He’s trying to make his way over here to stop me. What do you say we give him a little motivation. I’ll have a real treat for him when he finally gets here.”

Earl pressed the cigarette into the outer pussy lip on the other side. Again Jessica tried not to scream but couldn’t hold out for more than a second or two.

“You still want to play smart with me?” Earl demanded. “Where is your clan? Your husbands, your family, Daryl’s kin? Where can we find them?”

“I’m alone.” Jessica said, “I have no one. No husbands, no family, no friends. There’s no one to find.”

Jessica screamed. Over and over as Earl pressed the cigarette into places all over her pussy, her legs.

“He’s made it, finally.” Earl said standing. “It seems you have one friend. He’s come to your rescue with the very rod he had shoved up his ass. Nothing turns me on more than a man with a rod in hand. Get him up.” He said to a man who had been walking beside Mark as he’d dragged himself toward Jessica and Earl. Another man came around and the two lifted Mark up, bent him over. Earl opened his pants pulled his cock out, went behind Mark, pried his butt cheeks open, and rammed into his asshole.

Mark screamed, Jessica screamed, Earl thrust. “Oh yeah.” Earl moaned, “Oh yeah. Now this is a nice virgin asshole. Even after that rod he’s nice and tight.” With a sigh Earl pulled out. The men dropped Mark.

Zipping his pants Earl said, “Now we can talk.”

Jessica thought he was talking to her but he walked past her. As far as she could tell he walked out of the room. Looking around Jessica found the room empty except for her, Mark and Stan.

“Mark, I’m so sorry. So, so sorry…” Jessica cried.

Mark moaned on the ground.

Suddenly the door opened. She heard footsteps and steeled herself for more pain. Instead there were a few sharp tugs on her restraints and her legs dropped off the arm rests. A tug on the handcuffs and her hands were free.

“Boss said to leave it up there.” One of the men said. Another man walked over to a shelf Jessica hadn’t noticed earlier, fidgeted with something and then left. As soon as Jessica heard the door close she inched herself forward on the chair until she slid off the chair and dropped hard on her butt on the floor.

Pain from the burns brought added tears to her eyes. Despite that she crawled over to Mark.

“Mark… Mark…” she repeated, stroking his head. Mark opened his eyes and looked at her. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t…” Mark groaned as he tried to turn over.

“Are you okay?”

Mark tried again but it hurt so much he froze, crying.

She cradled his head and cried too. All she wanted to do was stop his pain. And suddenly she realized that she could.

“Hold on, just a minute…” Jessica said laying his head down onto the floor gently.

“Where are you going?” Mark asked, worry distracting him from his pain.

“I’ll be right back…” Jessica crawled over to where her clothing had been thrown. Rifling through her pant pockets the first thing she found was her cell phone. Opening the phone she found that the battery was almost dead, but she had service. It didn’t matter though… she had no one to call. No one she wanted coming to this horrible place. She closed it, put it back in her pocket and while her fingers dipped into the next pocket she wondered absent mindedly about why Earl and his men couldn’t have left her gun or Taser in her pants. Something useful. But then her fingers found what they were looking for. It wasn’t as satisfying as a gun or Taser but at least it was useful.

Grasping the pill she crawled to where Mark’s clothing had been thrown and rifled through it also, finding his pill.

She returned to find Mark holding his head up, watching her.

“Do… Do you want this?” Jessica asked holding the pill up for Mark to see. She started crying again while Mark looked at the pill. gaziosmanpaşa escort She didn’t want him to suffer but she didn’t want him to die. As he raised his eyes and locked them with hers she wondered if she could possibly be any more selfish.

“Are you going to take yours?” he asked.

Jessica looked down at her pill. She wondered if Mark would refuse his pill if he thought she wasn’t going to take hers. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe he had some misguided belief that he had to protect her and would stay alive, suffering, just to fulfill it.

“And don’t try to lie.” He added. With a half laugh, half groan he rolled onto his back. “You’re so bad at lying that I can tell when you’re just thinking about it.”

Jessica reached out and wiped beads of sweat from his forehead.

“I can’t Mark. I’m just too chicken.”

“Good.” Mark said, “Then I’m not taking mine either. I don’t go, till you go because in case you can’t tell by the fantastic job I’ve done so far, I’m here to protect you.”

They laughed at the same time. The beginnings of hysteria made the laughter sound contrived.

“And for the record,” Mark said when Jessica nodded and closed the pills in her hand, “it’s harder to stay alive and suffer.” Mark said.

Stan sobbed reminding Mark and Jessica that they weren’t alone.

Jessica looked down at her hand.

Mark nodded when she looked back at him. Jessica crawled over to Stan who looked half dead.

“Stan. Do you want a cyanide pill?” Jessica asked. Stan’s eyes popped open and he nodded short, quick, desperate nods. Jessica placed the pill in Stan’s mouth. It took a lot of effort for him to swallow it but when he did his eyes rolled and he began to convulse. Moments later his mouth foamed and after several violent shakes, he stopped moving, his eyes frozen open wide. Jessica closed his eyes and crawled back to Mark.

“That didn’t look like a pleasant way to go.” Jessica said.

“I’m glad we didn’t take them.” Mark agreed prompting another round of laughter, this time far more hysterical than the last.

A sound in the hallway startled both of them. “Knives…” Jessica said, “There was a table with knives on it.” She crawled to the table and slowly, painfully, made herself stand. But they were gone. Everything on the table was gone. Being in the standing position made her nudity more apparent to her. She went back to her clothes and with a great deal of pain, pulled them on.

“They took the knives away.” Jessica said returning to Mark. She lifted his shirt. “Do you think you can get your clothes on?”

“Sure.” Mark said and after managing to sit he started pulling his shirt on. But the pants were a different story. Jessica had to help him by pulling, tugging and shimming his pants up his legs and up to his waist.

Suddenly the door opened and one of Earl’s men came in. Jessica reached for the rod that still lay on the floor nearby and clutching it positioned herself between Mark and the man.

“I’m supposed to be protecting you remember?” Mark hissed as the man drew nearer. When he saw Jessica holding the rod he chuckled pulled out a Taser and shot Jessica with it.

Jessica fell to the ground, shaking. She wondered vaguely whether it was possible to become immune to Tasers because she didn’t feel nearly as out of it this time. Mark scrambled to pick up the pipe that Jessica had dropped, and the man Tasered him too.

The man found the whole thing very funny until he noticed Stan.

“Son of a bitch…” he muttered as he went to look Stan over.

Jessica was getting sensation back much more quickly than before and was just sitting up when the man came back grabbed Mark by the hair, lifted his head and pointed a gun at it.

“Don’t need this one neither I guess.” He muttered.

“No!” Jessica yelled and shoved her way between the gun and Mark, shielding him with her body. “You have to kill me to kill him.”

“Get the fuck out of the way.” The man growled and pushed Jessica to the floor, lifting the gun to Mark’s head again.

“Wait!” Jessica said, “I’ll do anything you want if you don’t kill him.”

“Okay.” The man said, “Suck my dick.” Jessica crawled over to the man, got on her knees and started undoing his pants but by then Mark had gotten over the Tasering and pushed Jessica out of the way.

“I’ll do it.” He said and continued opening the man’s pants.

“Naw.” The man said shoving Mark away, “I want her to do it. Get over here cunt before I kill your little girlfriend…”

Jessica had just pulled the man’s cock out of his pants when the door opened.

“Clay you dumb shit.” Another one of Earl’s men said, “We need them both alive.”

“I’m just getting my dick sucked Jory, give me a minute.”

“That ain’t the deal Clay. Put your dick in your pants and get out here.”

Clay grasped Jessica’s chin in his hand and squeezed, “Don’t worry baby doll, you’ll get your chance later. Count on it.”

When Clay left the room Mark looked at Jessica and said “Thanks.” Before collapsing in relief.

Jessica crawled to Mark. He rolled toward her, onto his side. Jessica sat next to him, flopped against him and draped her arms around him protectively. Fatigue over took them both and they fell to sleep.

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