Linda’s Punishment Golden Night Two

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Linda’s Punishment Golden Night TwoLinda sat back on top of her bed relaxing the glow of her bath. “I can’t believe this is happening,” she whispered to herself though no one was around to hear. She reached her hand down and started to touch her smoothly shaven hips and legs. “Why was this so exciting,” she wondered.“Linda, wake up, you need to get ready,” she heard her mother but she seemed distant. Suddenly Linda was jostled out of her sleep. “You need to get ready, now.”Linda looked up at her mother. Her mother who had a couple of hours ago made her body shake uncontrollably with delight.“I’m sorry,” Linda rubbed her eyes. “I must have fallen asleep.”“Here, put these on,” Linda’s mother through an old green pleated skirt towards her. “And this,” she continued, tossing a white blouse at her.Linda slowly slid out of her bed and stood up, still naked from her bath. She turned away from her mother and pulled up her skirt, zipping it.“Can you throw me some panties?” Linda looked at her mother.“No, this will do, and hurry we don’t have much time.” Linda’s mother fumbled around inside of Linda’s nightstand drawer.“Here, I want you to have a pony tail,” Linda’s mother threw her a ponytail holder as Linda finished with the last button on her shirt.“What’s the big surprise?” Linda asked as her hands reached behind her head and worked on her hair.“I don’t know, your father hasn’t told me anything yet, just that he’s bringing home some company.” Linda’s mother stood in front of her and straightened out her skirt and blouse. Linda heard the door open.“I’m here,” her father’s voice called up the stairs.Linda was scared, her father was bringing home company and she was dressed like this? It was so embarrassing.“We should go,” Linda’s mother grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the stairs.As Linda descended the stairs she felt the cool rush of air rippling between her legs. Her body was still excited from the morning, and previous evenings, events. She felt on pins and needles.“You remember my boss, right honey?” her father looked at her mother.“Oh yes, hello Eric.” Linda’s mother looked at him.Linda walked towards them, trying to hide behind her mother. Eric was a tall big man. Linda couldn’t even guess at how tall or big but he was much taller than her father. She looked up at his face, it çankaya escort was rugged and his hair was graying.“Hello sir,” Linda said breaking the brief moment of silence.“Who is this, John? Is this your daughter?” Eric looked at what he could see of Linda, and it made her embarrassed to be wearing these clothes. “I thought you said she was eighteen, she looks like she’s about 12.”Linda felt her face flush. “She’s always liked to dress like this,” Linda’s mother quickly responded, sliding away from her daughter so she’d be fully revealed. “John said you were coming over for dinner an hour ago so maybe we should sit down at the table?” she continued.“Follow me,” Linda’s father motioned them to the dining room.Linda sat down opposite Eric and looked down at her plate of food. She felt her mother’s leg pulling her right leg open, while her father used his to pull at her left. Linda looked up at her parents embarrassed at what they were doing.“I’m not really hungry,” Linda said. “Is it okay if I’m excused?”“No Linda,” her father looked at her sternly, “we have guests.”Eric looked at John and then at Linda. Linda felt uncomfortable when he looked at her. She wasn’t sure what was happening but it was making her nervous.Linda’s mother looked around at the table.“It looks like everyone is finished, how about dessert?” she asked. Linda’s mother got up and walked around to the kitchen coming back with three bowls of ice cream and a bowl of strawberries. She placed the plates in front of her husband and her guest and slowly sat down at her seat.“I didn’t think you wanted any dessert, honey,” she looked over at Linda. “Since you didn’t really like you’re dinner.”Linda looked embarrassed and turned her head away from the table.“This dessert looks fabulous,” Eric looked to Linda’s mother.“John bought me an ice cream maker so I thought I’d make ice cream,” she responded.“I must be paying him too much if he can afford that,” Eric laughed and then looked at John.“How about a little topping for my dessert?” Eric nodded his head towards Linda.Linda felt her stomach tie up in knots. “Did he just nod at her?” she couldn’t tell, but something was up.“I’m sorry, dear, I think I’ve dropped my napkin, could you reach under the table and pick it up?” Linda’s father looked balgat escort at her.Linda looked at her father scared and slowly shook her head yes. Sliding her chair back she looked for the napkin but couldn’t see it.“I don’t see it,” Linda looked at her father.“Get down on the floor and find it honey,” her father asked her again. Linda felt Eric and Caroline watch as she slowly got down on her knees and slid under the tablecloth to find the napkin. It was way on the other side of the table but she knew better than to say anything as she slowly crawled under the table towards the napkin.She felt someone’s hand reach down towards her face towards her lips. She turned her head but another hand turned her head back and slowly rubbed a strawberry across her lips.“Eat it,” she heard Eric whisper, her mouth slowly opened up letting the strawberry inside biting off a big piece.She felt the hand at the back of her neck caressing her. “That’s a good girl,” Eric whispered again.Slowly she reached her hand out towards the napkin but she couldn’t reach it. Eric’s hand was holding the back of her head and pulling it between his legs.As the hand pulled her closer and closer she felt the warmth of his shaft pressing against her lips.“Eat it,” she heard Eric whisper.Linda closed her eyes and felt her whole body start to wobble. She was excited but very scared as she opened her mouth and slowly fed the warm cock in.“Mmm, Caroline, this is the best dessert I’ve ever had,” Eric stammered out with a chuckle as his hand pulled Linda’s head tight against his now throbbing hot cock.Linda felt her throat convulse as she tried to get air, the shaft buried deep inside of her mouth, the hand on the back of her head pushing her pony tail down on top of it.Finally he pulled her back a little and she started gasping for air. After a brief moment, Linda again felt the pressure of the hand pushing her head down on top of the cock, back and forth the hand pulled her slowly. She felt her mouth fill with saliva as she tried to swallow it but couldn’t. She felt a foot sliding up under her skirt rubbing her now soaked thighs. “About that promotion,” Linda heard Eric start talking, his shaft thickening in her mouth, growing hotter and hotter. “Do you think you’d like to take on more elvankent escort responsibilities at the office?”Linda felt the shaft ramming deep inside of her throat, the salty juice of his come starting to trickle out to her tongue.“It would be an honor sir,” Linda heard her father answer, as she felt his big toe slowly pressing inside of her moist lips.“Oh my god yes,” Eric called out as his shaft started to throb uncontrollably in Linda’s mouth. “Oh yes, yes, you’ve got the promotion then,” he continued sliding a spoon of ice cream up to his lips.Linda heard Eric let out a soft moan as the throbbing cock finally gave loose, the thick come squirting to the back of her throat. She tried to swallow it so that it wouldn’t drip down on her chest, but she was only partially successful. The come filling her mouth and ripping down her lips.“Don’t go anywhere,” she heard Eric whisper, his hand still firmly holding her head to his shaft.Linda tried to breathe through her nose as she felt him softening in his mouth.“John, you know what you were talking about the other day?” Linda heard Eric talking to her father. “I’d like to try that.”“Go ahead, I’d be happy to let you try anything you want,” she heard her father reply, his toe now sliding up and down her lips. She felt the moistness growing as her body started shaking uncontrollably from the rubbing.Linda felt Eric’s hand pulling her closer and closer to his cock as she felt her body start to quiver uncontrollably in orgasm. Eric looked down at her and let out a sigh of relaxation. Linda felt the first trickle of the warm liquid on her tongue as her body started exploding.She swallowed and swallowed for what seemed life forever as Eric slowly relaxed and the stream steadied. She felt his warm liquid washing down her throat as her father’s toe rubbed incessantly against her throbbing clit.Linda felt her body shaking uncontrollably underneath her. Her moans humming against the soft shaft in her mouth, her hips swaying back and forth. She felt her body open up as the warm liquid drifted down to her stomach.Linda finally felt Eric’s hand slowly relax it’s pressure as his cock squirted the last couple of times in her mouth. Linda looked down at the floor and slowly reached out for the napkin.“I think we might have a summer internship open for your daughter,” she heard Eric tell her parents as she wiped herself off under the table.“That’s okay,” Linda’s mother responded, “We plan on keeping her really busy this summer.”Linda slowly slid backwards and into her chair, her shirt soaked, her hardened pink nipples pressing against it.

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