Linda’s Birthday

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Once upon a time there was a very horny guy, me! I was making my first trip to Detroit as a representative of my company. On the plane I was going over some paperwork to prepare for my meetings and sipping coffee the stewardess (yes, I know, they are flight attendants now, this is not about now) was keeping hot for me. As I went over the paperwork, I noticed the stewardess watching me. Putting my papers away, I looked back at her, questioning her gaze. She walked over and leaned toward me and asked if I was staying in Detroit long. I told her I would be there all week, why?

“Well, I can’t believe I am doing this, but we, the flight crew are having a celebration this evening. It is for Linda’s birthday.” I remembered that Linda had given the seat belt, exit here monologue at takeoff. “And well, there are more women in the crew than men and I was wondering if you… if you would… come as my date?”

Now, I was surprised! I didn’t then or now consider myself hunk material and this gal was very pretty and put together well. But why would I tell her no, I was traveling alone, I was in a strange city and had no plans for the evening anyway. “Of course, I would love to join you.”

“Great! OK, we are going to be…” and she proceeded to give me the hotel name and the time they were getting together. I took a phone number and said I would call and let her know when my business would be done for the day.

What a great way to start a business trip! The day flew by and the agenda I had for the first two days was accomplished day one. I told everyone that I would come by the next day at noon and we would make some visits to various locations in the city and go out to dinner tomorrow night together. But I had to get checked in to my hotel and recover from traveling. All I really needed to do was shower, get dressed, make a phone call and see how good this party was going to be. Dialing the phone, I was still unsure how this had happened to me and was surprised to hear someone answer before the first ring had finished echoing in my ear. I could hear music in the background and a soft voice saying hello. I introduced myself and asked for Jenny. My stewardess came to the phone and we confirmed the plans for the evening. I told her where I was and how long I thought it would take to get there and started to hang up…

“Umm, Ken, can I ask you a question?”


“Would you consider being in a threesome tonight with Linda and I?”

Well, you could have knocked me over with a very light feather. Would I consider it, hell yes, I would consider it, but I better be cool. “Jenny, I think I might be persuaded to at least a little participation, why do you ask?”

“Well, Linda said all she really wants for her birthday is some great sex and she wants me and her to… and well, I have never done that and she has only once and we really do both want a man too… and shit, this is so hard to talk about but…”

The way she was stammering and hemming and hawing around she was never going to get a sentence finished, so I butted in, “Jenny, shhh, how about I come to the hotel early, we have a drink before the party and I suggest a few things that we might consider?”

“OK? I guess, wait…” I could hear her speaking to someone but everything was muffled and then she was back. “Linda thinks that will be great, come on over, we will be in the bar waiting for you.”

Well, the party wasn’t starting for over a couple of hours, so I figured I could get a little buzz and suggest some of my fantasies and see just how open these two were to them. If it didn’t work out I thought I would at least have a few dances, I did and do love to dance. And throw in some laughs and dinner. At least I wouldn’t be alone in my hotel room watching sit-coms and filling out reports.

I bolted out of my room and ran to the rental car heading for their hotel. I parked and went in the lobby looking for the lounge. I quickly located the arrow on the wall and headed that way. I walked in to a dimly lit bar, fairly intimate with candles on the tables. There were not but three guys at the bar with the bartender and a table with a couple and then I saw two female heads in a booth directly to my right in an even deeper darker corner. I turned and headed that way with my cockiest smile on my face. I felt like the cat that ate the canary and nary a feather could be found. Jenny and Linda looked up and saw me sauntering their way and both smiled a very seductive smile my way. I stopped at the table, gave my name and announced that I had been summoned by two angels to help them in their time of need and would my services still be needed? I had always been told that if you are the wolf in the chicken yard, you had better be ready to grab the chicken before you had to run for your life, so just go for it!

They looked at each other and small bits of red hit their cheeks and Linda grabbed her glass and drained it then nodded to Jenny. Jenny turned to me and Linda looked shyly as Jenny said, “Yes, please join us.”

Every muscle in my body was screaming for oxygen and I took a large breath. I didn’t remember gaziantep escortlar holding it. I asked if anyone needed a new drink. I hadn’t seen a barmaid and I wanted to keep the bartender where he was. With the drink orders I sauntered away to get some liquid courage. On the way back, I noticed the guys watching the gals in the mirror behind the bar and smiled. I knew I was going to see just how wild I could make this night. Not that I was going to share with anyone there, but I thought living out more than one fantasy might be fun.

I asked Jenny to let me in between them and she scooted out to let me slide in. This gave me the opportunity to not only touch them both but also to keep an eye on everyone else in the bar. We toasted to Linda’s birthday and all took a drink. I reached for a hand of each woman and held it in mine. I was brushing my fingers over the backs of their hands and fingers and rubbing my fingertips over their wrists as I talked to them both. It was quite erotic to be putting the moves to two women at the same time and them accepting it. My senses were screaming as was my cock, but I knew if I was successful in tantalizing them that the threesome they thought they wanted might actually come true. I would sip my drink from each hand and take the moisture from the glass and paint all over Jenny’s hand and then the next time Linda’s. The coolness of the condensation was creating heat in both of them.

They were both wearing dresses that were well short of their knees and buttoned in the front like a separate blouse and skirt. They both had on hose and slightly heeled pumps. Linda was a dirty blonde, such a nasty description, but I have no other way to describe it with blue eyes and a pert nose and full lips. She was about 5′ 5″ and slender. Jenny was more voluptuous but the same height and had auburn hair with deep green eyes.

Each time I went for fresh drinks I would have a different one scoot out for me. My drinks had changed to ginger ale after the first drink, no way was I going to be too drunk for the soldier not to be able to salute. By the third drink, I was tracing my fingers up their arms and around to lay my fingers against the swell of their breasts or leaning over to silently whisper in one’s ear and running my hand up a smooth nylon leg. Maybe the bartender was just the nicest guy in the world or maybe he just wanted a better look. I don’t know, but he started delivering drinks to the table and right on time. I don’t think either woman knew how much they were drinking and the teasing I was doing was drawing them closer to me without any need of encouragement on my part at all.

I then decided to see just how daring they were. I slid my hand down to Jenny’s leg and kept rubbing upward until I discovered she was wearing a garter belt. Squeezing my hand into her inner thigh, I looked into Linda’s eyes and asked, “Did you know that Jenny is wearing a garter belt?” She looked at me and drew her chin down looking up at me through her thick lashes and whispered, “I am too.”

Now this is getting interesting and my cock was hard enough to drive nails. “Are you wearing panties?” and looked at both of them. They looked at each other and both nodded that they were. I said that would not do and told Jenny to go remove hers, keep them in her hand and come back and then Linda would go do the same. They both looked at me with wide eyes and open mouths but Jenny sighed and scooted out and walked away to the rest room. I now started working my hand on Linda’s leg and she had let her legs part enough for me to rub my knuckles against her very hot pussy lips before Jenny returned. When Jenny sat down she was flushed and not from embarrassment, but highly excited.

I had Linda lean toward me and told Jenny to open her hand and show her the panties. They were black and lacy and very wet in the crotch. I told Linda to touch them to see how wet they were and she didn’t hesitate at all reaching across me to run her finger slowly through the crotch of her friend’s panties. Both women were definitely thinking of where those panties had been and what those fingertips were doing to them now. I broke their silence and said, “OK Linda your turn.” She looked at me, nodded and scooted out.

Jenny scooted closer to me and I started slowly stroking her upper thigh and her legs started to part. My finger started rubbing her outer lips and then slid through her furrow rubbing against her clitoris on the way down. A slight tremor went through her and she was smiling so sexily. I made her keep eye contact as I curled my finger into her hole wetting it thoroughly and rubbing against the sides of her vaginal walls.

I stopped moving my finger and looked across the bar as Linda started back to the table. She had not taken as much time to hide her panties in her hand and as she walked past the bar all the guys were jabbing each other and asking if they saw what she was carrying. Her eyes though were intent on the table and the expression of lust on Jenny’s face. She slid in and opened her hand immediately her fingers even shiny with her juices. Jenny moved her hand across me and rubbed that moisture on her fingers from the crotch of a lace trimmed pair of light yellow satin. I took that moment to curl my finger higher into Jenny’s pussy and used my thumb to rub her clitoris. I then removed my hand completely.

I reached over with my wet hand to move some hair back from Linda’s face rubbing my finger across her lips and right under her nose. She breathed deeply and I felt both women give a little shiver. It was Linda’s turn for a little teasing. I made a production of getting an ice cube from my glass and took my wet hand down under the table. Jenny was pressed against my side pushing her breasts into my arm and clutching it with both hands. I calmly told Linda to spread her legs so we could see her pussy and she shivered again but slowly spread them watching Jenny’s face. I dropped my hand directly to her crotch and placed the ice cube between her dripping lips. Linda gripped the table hard and I could feel the contractions gripping her pussy. I kept running the cube up and down her slit until I could get it and my finger into her hot little hole. I then gave her a few finger curls and then her clit a light rubbing and brought my hand directly up to Jenny’s mouth. Jenny was not in as much control and immediately sucked my finger into her mouth, moaning and closing her eyes. Linda gave a little squeal watching her friend enjoy her nectar and looked at me begging me to do something.

I calmly looked at my watch and said, “It is time to meet the others for the party, let’s go!”

Both women said “BUT…”

“Ladies. now it wouldn’t be nice to stand up the friends that are giving you a party, come on.” They both reached for their purses to put their panties in and I stopped them. “No, I think it would be nicer if you walked to the bar and placed them for the men to enjoy.” They tried to speak, opening and closing their mouths with wide eyes. “Why not, wouldn’t that make you even hornier knowing that those men could smell how hot and horny you were? And knowing they were watching you swish your bare ass out of the bar?” Both of them made little whimpers and without even looking at each other started sliding out and walked toward the bar. The men were so intent on not watching them they were staring in the bar mirror and the bartender was sure to wear the glass thin that he was wiping. I followed them and said I would take the bill and the bartender said it was handled.

I looked at all the men and said, “Ladies, thank the nice gentlemen.” They both looked up at them, eyes meeting and looking away quickly and dropped their panties on the bar in front of them. They both smiled shyly and turned toward the door. The guys were caught staring at the panties then the women and back and forth until I thought their necks had to be on swivels. I let my hands drop on a couple of the guys’ shoulders and there was no mistaking the smell of hot woman on them. They all groaned when they smelled it and asked if I needed any help? Smiling, I raised a hand, waved and walked out after Jenny and Linda and the birthday party.

When I exited the bar doors both women looked at me and back at each other. Finally, Jenny said, “Ken, I have never been this hot in my life. That was unforgettable, thank you.” Linda looked at me and just nodded in agreement. “Well ladies, the good news is, the night has just begun.” I laughed and put my arms out and they wrapped theirs around through them and we started for the party.

*** *** *** ***

The upper floors of the hotel had suites and since they had planned to have this party they had booked one of these for Linda and Jenny to stay in. The others were already there when we arrived and had downed at least a couple of drinks themselves. The pilot and copilot were probably in their early forties and I expect they were considered handsome. Hell, if they had picked me to join them what difference did it make to me. The other two stewardesses were in their mid to late twenties. They were both delicious looking ladies, both brunettes and built very nicely and similarly. They had long legs encased in hose and not covered with much of a dress either. They were mid thigh like Jenny and Linda’s were. Both of them were deeper cut and showing a nice amount of cleavage. I was introduced as 6A. Everyone laughed and then informed the otheres my name was Ken and introduced me to Tom, Mike, Dana and Tina.

Jenny told them that we had met in the bar for a drink and she couldn’t hide the blush that crept onto her cheeks. In fact, both Dana and Tina looked as if they had read more into her comment as well. They both swooped in and dragged the girls off for a little girl-to-girl talk. Tom, Mike and I got fresh drinks and sat in a cluster of chairs around the fireplace. It added a nice ambience to the room even if it wasn’t really cold enough for it. The lights of the big city were twinkling below us and the party seemed to be going quite well. We had dinner and cake and then went back to drifting from group to group in light conversation. Tina decided some dance music was needed and found what she wanted on the stereo. We all chipped in and moved the furniture circling an area we would use for our dance floor. It was all carpeted and very lush. Not very conducive to fast moves but great for holding someone close.

All four women had kicked off their shoes. There is something about a woman being inside and shoes. They just don’t seem to want them on for some reason. And truth to tell, I like to see those little tootsies. Especially when I knew that two of these women had on hose with garter belts and no panties. I was going to find out a way to get my hands on the other two also. Since Tina had wanted the music on in the first place, I decided to see if she would want to dance. The stereo was playing a slow sensuous song and her arms just reached for me and a smile flashed to her face. I placed a hand on her hip and took a hand with my other, stepped between her legs and pulled her slowly into my belly before starting to move. Her eyes stayed on mine and her smile became much more serious as my semi-hard cock came into contact with her lower belly.

We swayed together throughout the song and she kept asking me what had happened in the bar. I told her that Linda had already told everyone about us meeting for drinks, what else did she need to know? My innocence must have not been written well on my face because she laughed a richly evil little laugh. I placed her other hand on my shoulder so that they were both around my neck and moved my now free hand to her side with my thumb around the bottom of her breast as my other hand started smoothly moving from hip to her lower back pressing her harder into me as we danced. Her smile didn’t leave but her breath became more ragged as I attempted to turn her on as much as I was. As I leaned forward to kiss her the song ended and I gave her a sucking kiss to one side of her mouth and then licked its corner, backing away and thanking her for the dance. I told her I wanted another dance real soon and she smiled and said she would look forward to it.

I moved over to the one lady I had not had a chance to hold in one way or the other and Dana was right there in front of me asking if she could have the next dance. I replied that I was just coming to look for her and of course I would love to dance with her. I reached for her hips and pulled her close as the musice started again. She had raised her arms around my neck and laid her head on my chest, rubbing her breasts into me as we slowly moved to the music. I leaned over and gently kissed the tip of her ear and moved my fingers around her waist and back. Spreading my fingers I squeezed her buttocks tightly. She moaned into my chest and pressed herself tighter into me. We had somehow moved to the other side of the room and her ass was facing a mirror on the wall. I kept her in front of the mirror as I raised her dress higher up her thighs and bunched it at her waist. It didn’t take long for me to see she also was wearing a garter belt and as I continued to knead her hot cheeks, I was made quickly aware that she had already removed her panties or not worn any.

“I see a beautiful ass in the mirror and it seems my hands are caressing it, could it be yours?” She tried to move to see, but I held her there. “Don’t turn, I want everyone to see your tight hot ass if they look into the mirror. In fact, maybe they will even see your pussy peeking from between your thighs. Is it dripping wet right now?” The only thing I felt was a little quiver. I reached down to run my fingers into the crack of her ass and on to the bare lips of her pussy. Her arms were squeezing my neck hard and she turned her head up for a kiss. We leaned toward each other and she attacked my mouth reaching up on her toes letting me have just that much more room to slip my fingertips between her lips. I rubbed slowly as I imitated what my tongue was doing to her lips. When I looked up to see her ass in the mirror again I noticed the music had stopped and everyone was looking in the mirror and watching me play with her pussy.

“Well, dear, it seems we have an audience and gently turned us so her bare ass was toward everyone else. She didn’t immediately understand until her beautiful heart shaped ass was pointing toward the others and then she gasped and moved back. She turned around and blushed but everyone looked back to the mirror to see her dress hooked into her garter belt and her cheeks still bared. She glanced over her shoulder to see what they were looking at turning quickly away from the mirror and then reached up to pull down her dress when she realized her ass was still bare. Her reaction was funny for everyone else and the other girls started giggling as did the guys. She tried to pout but then must have seen the humour in it and said, “Well, it isn’t my fault, it is this magic fingered s.o.b. right here” and pointed at me. Her hand was pointed directly at my crotch and all eyes went to the erection straining against my pants. Her fingers were not over three inches away and as she turned and looked back to her friends I boldly stepped forward into her hand. Unconsciously, she molded her hand against me, squeezing and rubbing my cock until she squeaked and jumped back away from me. I laughed quietly. As the music began again, I calmly asked, “Who wants to dance?”

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