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Adriana Chechik


“…and remember, I don’t want you having sex with your girlfriend either.” Lily said with her trademark crooked smirk as she put a cigarette to her dainty lips and blew a stream of smoke directly into my face.

“Yes Lily.” I said quietly, looking down at her shoes.

“Good boy.” she said, her smirk now a full on smile “this is mine,” she continued as she gently patted my now painfully erect cock through my jeans, “this is mine just as it’s always been, and I choose not to use it. Understood?”

I swallowed and croaked “Yes Lily.”

“Good. I will see you at the Shopping Centre tomorrow at 10, now what do you say Davide?” she teased, playfully adding the extra “e” onto my name as she’d done for years (I guess to make it sound French – it amused her so I was never going to argue.)

“Thank You Lily.” I replied, bowing my head slightly.



I froze. I knew instantly who that charmingly posh voice belonged to, I felt my cock twitch. I turned and saw Lily standing behind me. Lily Brent, the girl who I’d worked with 5 years ago and not seen since, the girl who on our team nights out would press up to me and kiss me, who would slip her tongue into my mouth and press into me whispering filth into my ear. The girl who wouldn’t have sex with me as she had a fiancé, but would insist on sleeping in my bed and would tease me all night long. The girl I had been simultaneously furious/infatuated with for the 2 years we’d worked together.

But that was over half a decade ago when we’d both been 24 years old. Other than generic happy birthday messages on Facebook we hadn’t seen each other since, and I’d put her out of my mind and had a girlfriend back home I was very happy with. Running into Lily in a London hotel bar wasn’t the big deal it would have been way back when.

“It’s so good to see you!” she shrieked interrupting my chain of thought and surged into me for a hug, I instinctively embraced her and smelled her perfume as she pressed into me. It was like being transported back 5 years, I inhaled deeply against her dirty tunceli seks hikayeleri blonde hair and neck. The intoxicating blend of her fragrance mixed with cigarette smoke made me light headed. Just as it always had. She stood over a foot shorter than my 6’1, but at bar stool level we were at the perfect height. She drew back and smirked at me, one of her hands placed on each of my shoulders. “Come and join me, I hate drinking alone.”

“…ok.” I stammered as she took my hand and lead me to her booth.

Three hours and too many drinks later I was really enjoying myself, I remembered how much I loved her company and how similar our senses of humour were. We talked about both being in London for work, I did feel a pang of jealousy however as she mentioned her now-husband and talked about their sex life and the things she did to him. She seemed to be studying my reactions to her tales of servicing her husband, I noticed it had got to 1:30am and decided to end the night before my envy became obvious.

“It’s been lovely seeing you.” I blurted out, noticing that familiar smirk on her face “I’m going to call it though, big day tomorrow.”

“Oh ok Davide.” she smiled “will you stand outside with me whilst I smoke?”

“Of course” I said, figuring I could end the night after a single cigarette, and seeing her smoke would fuel my self-relief when I got to my room. I always loved seeing her smoke.

Standing in the hotel courtyard, Lily lit a cigarette and exhaled slowly. She then moved closer

“It’s cold Davide, I need to warm up.”

She pressed into me. Maybe it was the alcohol but I couldn’t refuse her, she pressed in and I embraced her. She looked up, smiled and kissed me deeply. I couldn’t stop myself from kissing her back. The taste of wine and cigarettes from her mouth was so familiar, I pressed into her.

“Take me to your room.” she said, “but remember, I’m a married lady.” as she flashed her ring at me “You need to be a gentleman and keep that to yourself.” she said pointing at the tent in my pants with that adorable smirk.

I should have told her to fuck off. I should have left her standing there and deleted her from Facebook, lost her number and forgotten her completely. But I didn’t.

“Ok Lily.” I said meekly, knowing I’d already lost. I just wanted to please her and be with her.


“Good Morning Davide.”

I opened my eyes. Lily was stood over my hotel bed fully dressed in last night’s clothes. She still looked great, all her imperfections only highlighted how attractive she was to me – her crooked smirk, a nose a little too big, slight staining on teeth from cigarettes. They all served only to remind me that she wasn’t a fantasy. She was real. This was real.

“I had fun last night.” she smirked.

Images of last night flashed through my bleary mind, I remembered drunkenly obeying everything she said. Sitting on my hands whilst she gave me a lapdance with no payoff, confessing all my fantasies about her over the years since we last saw each other. Telling her that it used to make me so angry but so aroused when she toyed with me, that it made me seek out women to use me online in the years afterward. I told her all about dabbling in financial domination with pretty blonde princesses. I remember her smile as she listened to all of it.

I looked up at her “Uh…”

“Oh don’t worry Davide, your secrets are safe with me.” she smiled “and boy are there a lot of them!”

My erection was already massive and my balls ached – whatever alcohol related memory loss I might have had was irrelevant, I clearly hadn’t released.

“Do you know what would really please me?” she said coyly looking at the bulge under the sheets “if when I leave in a minute that you don’t masturbate. I want you to stay full for me until I tell you otherwise. Doesn’t that sound cute? I think it would be so sweet of you.”

My cock jumped and pulsed, she’d made her voice as sweet and girlish as possible but the thought of not having an orgasm after being teased so terribly made me squirm.

“I know you like pleasing me.” she said moving around the bed, offering me her hand.

“Kiss my hand, and tell me you won’t touch yourself or have sex with your girlfriend.”

I crumbled. Being banned from sex with my own girlfriend was so wrong, but I knew that’s what she wanted. That control over me. I needed to give it to her.

“I promise Lily.” I said, gently and lovingly kissing her hand.

She smiled.

“Good boy, let’s meet for a drink next week. I think next weekend I’ll let you take me shopping too. And remember, absolutely no orgasms for you Davide, and I want you to thank me for keeping you denied. It will keep you the perfect gentleman for me.”

“Thank You Lily.” I said, unsure of what else to do. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I sat in silence as she left. I knew though that I wouldn’t touch myself. She had me.


I stood outside Ann Summers waiting for Lily as ordered. My balls were so swollen after over a week of no release, I looked around at all the “normal” people, couples out shopping. I could have been here with my own girlfriend, the same girlfriend I had put off sex twice this week with pathetic excuses to stay chaste for Lily.

What the hell was I thinking doing this?! And what was to stop me leaving and texting Lily that I didn’t want to be used by her?

“Davide!” l turned and saw Lily standing next to me, wearing a black dress that went down just to the tops of her thighs and a pair of thigh high boots. She looked stunning.

“Put this in your wallet over the picture of your girlfriend” she said handing me a small photo. I looked at the image, it was a photo of Lily sucking on what must be her husband’s cock.

I swallowed, and then did as I was told, my erection growing.

“Come along Davide” Lily said sweetly, linking arms with me, “let’s go and buy me something sexy to wear for him, but first…”

She pulled me into the maintenance corridor next to the store and kissed me deeply, I melted. I needed her.

“Now, kiss my ass.” she commanded.

I looked dumbly at her.

“Now” she said in a more stern manner as she turned around.

I dropped to my knees, and pressed my lips against her rear. She giggled.

“Good boy, now let’s shop.”

I followed her like a lamb to slaughter.

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