Lily and the Fruity Fetishist

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‘Look,’ said Sam’s Mum, ‘he’s 22, he lives at home and he’s… well, dependent.’

I looked at her. We were sitting in Starbucks in Kings Cross. I usually meet strangers in public places, it’s safer and, although I’m always on the hunt for probing fingers and cocks, for that gorgeous spreading of my wet pussy that comes when they realise how ready I am, I don’t take stilly risks. Sam, though, was a commission. His Mum wanted him seduced. He was a virgin, she thought, and it was time to help because he’d been – well – listening. Maybe even watching. Greg didn’t like it.

I could guess.

‘What does Sam like?’ I asked, stirring my latte.

She looked embarrassed but desperate. ‘Fruit,’ she said. ‘Mainly.’

I nearly choked on my foam. ‘Seriously? He gets off on fruit?’

‘Food generally.’ She said, ‘but all the pictures on his wall are of me and fruit. Sometimes together.’

‘And you? Are you fixated on him?’

Her eyes snapped sudden fury. ‘Of course not. I’m married. Sam’s stepfather, Gregoriev.’

I could imagine. Some enormous Russian comes along and impales your screaming mother on his huge Eastern cock every night, for hours, whilst you lie in bed and listen to her begging for it…

I like a challenge. And Sam looked gorgeous in the photo. And so I took the commission.

The house was in Hampstead Garden Suburb, a grand part of London, enormous mansions down quiet roads, off the beaten track. I had dressed carefully. They were her clothes, all of them. She’d chosen me because I looked like her, a little. I am small and slim and blonde, and my hair reaches my waist. I have green eyes, red lips and large round perky tits. She was kind of luscious. I think she thought I was too.

When I rang the bell I could hear it resounding somewhere deep inside the house, expensively. I checked my bag. I had two big firm bananas, with string attached to one end, two different melons (one of which I’d cut in half and the other – well, you’ll see), loads of tubs of raspberries and a big jar of chopped mango. I had plans.

Sam answered the door. He was tall and fair, with freckles. He looked like a rower, and was dressed in gym kit, and shiny with sweat. He looked like he was in the middle of working out. ‘Yes?’

I was ready. ‘Your Mom sent me,’ I said. ‘I’m your birthday sports massage.’

He blinked. ‘I don’t think… I mean I wasn’t expecting…’

I could see him torn between shyness, horror and politeness. I slipped in through the door.

‘Your Mom chose me specially. She’s coming by later to see how we’ve got on.’

He blinked. ‘I thought she was out with Gregor… my stepfather.’

‘She’s back at four.’

He looked uncertain. ‘A sports massage?’

I beamed. ‘A special massage. I specialise in fruit…’

I opened my bag, and I swear at the sight of the bananas he reacted. I had been trying not to look at his shorts, because I could already see that there was a bulge there that a porn star would have been proud of. And reader, my God, it twitched. The boy was getting a hard on at the sight of a banana. God only knows what he’d do when he saw my melons. As to what was lurking in the bottom of the bag – well, I’d never used it before. We’d see.

I was in.

We headed past white stone staircase, through a huge open hall. On the table were pictures of his mother with what I guessed was Gregoriev. He looked as though he lifted buildings for fun. He looked as though he might have a fat knobbly cock. No wonder Sam, tall and gorgeous but like a rugby player, not a body builder, felt a bit outclassed. I guessed his cock would be straight. He was that kind of boy.

‘Where do you want me?’

‘We have a massage bed in the gym.’

Of course you do, I thought, eyeing the opulent carpets. Wouldn’t want mango on those.

The gym was open, with a running machine, an exercise bike, free weights and a jacuzzi. A massage table lay at one side. The blinds were open but there was a big, green private garden outside. There were floor mats, and a big TV. There was soft music playing. I was as turned on by the room as by the man.

‘We’d be better do it on the floor…’I told him.

‘Not on the couch?’ There was no doubt about his erection now, his cock was so enormous that when he got a hard-on it started to poke out of his waistband. ‘I mean massage is usually…’

I smiled and looked him in the eye, ‘trust your Mummy, you’ll have my whole weight on you. And think about the fruit.’

Moments later he was lying on his front, everything off but his shorts. His body was pale and beautiful, he had more muscles than I’d realised. He’d been working out for some time, clearly. I swallowed, and he made a strangled sound. ‘When you say fruit…’ His voice was kind of hoarse. I couldn’t believe it. I wondered if it was just bananas, or any fruit.

‘I meant lots of fruit,’ I said, slipping my dress off. My large lush breasts popped up, bouncing gently. My panties were wet with anticipation and Şirinevler escort I hadn’t even touched him. ‘mango, raspberries… Lots…’

‘You’re… stripping…?’ He sounded horrified, but I took no notice and slipped my panties off, noticing that the crotch was wet with anticipation. ‘The fruit gets everywhere…’ I said. ‘I find it’s best this way and Mummy thought you’d like it the way she does. I do her.’

A blush spread across his face… ‘you massage my mum…’

‘She loves my fruit massages,’ I said, suddenly inspired, ‘I do them on her, and on Greg whilst she watches. Seems to make her really… Thrilled…’

They were the magic words.

‘You’ve… Seen them together too?’

‘Oh yes, ‘ I lied, ‘sometimes I join in for fruity games…’


‘Oh yes, and when I suck her lovely tits whilst Greg fucks her, she whispers about your cock…it drives him wild…’

‘Oh God…’

‘So she sent me, Baby. I’m mummy. I’m here for your cock, I want it all for Mummy, Baby, all of it. Mummy loves you. She wants to fuck you through me. She told me exactly how.’

‘But she wouldn’t…’

‘She told me about the melons, honey. She wants this. She’ll be so hot when she sees the footage she’ll be begging to suck your balls…’

‘Oh God no..’

‘She wants it, baby…’

‘Mummy…’ Suppressing a groan he lay face down for me and, without a word, I removed his shorts. His huge erect prick reared beneath him – I felt it rather than saw it because he had to lift his hips to make room for it – as I inspected his tight round butt.

And then I began, kneeling astride him.

‘Lie still for me, darling,’ I said. ‘And as a special favour, Sam, my fruity boy, I want you to call me Mummy.’

‘Fruity boy. She calls me that…’

‘She is me Baby. Mummy’s here…’ and I tipped the mango, cool and mushed, all over his back. He shuddered, ‘oh yeah… Christ.’

‘You like that Baby? You like mango on your skin? I’m going to play with you Baby, Mummy’s going to pleasure you in a way she never pleasures Greg…’

He was shivering with lust. His knob was like a rod. I was wrapped in lust, actually…

The scent of fruit filled the room as I began to massage him.

He squirmed with pleasure as the lovely mush covered his body, and I sat on his butt and squeezed firm and hard on the deep muscles beside his spine. Up and down I went, getting every lower. Soon he was sighing ‘oh yeah… Do that some more…’ as I whispered, ‘Mummy loves you Sammy, mummy loves your lovely back and your beautiful asshole…’ and I started to run the edge of my hands along his arse crack, rubbing the fruit in, stroking, massaging, stimulating his puckered star with my wet fruity fingers, as I went.

‘Oh God…yes…’

‘Do you like that Baby? Do you like Mummy fingering your ass?’

‘Oh Mummy…’

I sighed and rubbed my naked tits over him, partly to ease their throbbing desperation. ‘Do you feel Mummy’s tits on your back baby? Would you like to suck the fruit of Mummy’ tits?’

‘Oh yes, oh please God yes…’

‘All in good time…’

There was mango everywhere now. My fingers were even massaging it into his arse. I slid one deep inside him and he shuddered with pleasure, ‘Christ, Mummy, my cock is giant…’

‘I know, darling you’re going to cum lots of times for Mummy… we need to relieve my baby of all that cum, we need to drink those balls dry…’

‘Oh God yes…’

‘Mummy’s going to clean the mango, Baby…’ And I began to lick up and down his delicious fruity crack with my probing tongue. As I licked my fingers worked down and cupped and stroked his beautiful balls, shaved and sticky and gorgeous, compressed under him.

I moaned. My pussy was wet with anticipation.
‘Oh Sammy, Mummy’s tits are sticky, and we need to clean them up…’

He was on his knees before I could take a breath, and I was slammed to the ground as his mouth found my teats, pushing them together.
Oh God he was rough. My fat nipple ends, always long and luscious and now stinging slightly with the acid of the mango were in his mouth one, the other, both… he began to chew and suckle and feast on me like a baby.

Oh God it was lovely. Fire burned in my pussy, my clitoris, my G spot as he mauled my tits, chewing and sucking and kneading, feasting on me as if he hadn’t eaten for days, licking and chewing and gnoshing and muttering.

As he sucked and roughed and tweaked and roughed me, I whispered, ‘oh Sammy, Mummy loved that. Mummy dreams of you doing that whilst she fucks Greg.’

He moaned, pulling his mouth off and yanking and twisting on my fat pink teats till I whimpered in mixed pleasure and pain, ‘you slut, Mummy, I’ve heard you sucking his cock. I’ve heard him double-fucking you with his dildo…’

My God, I thought, she’s a goer, is Mummy. No wonder he’s horny. ‘Oh Darling Sam, I said, ‘I think only of you. Greg doesn’t understand about the fruit…’

And Şirinevler escort bayan he was on my tits again, and I could feel my climax building already. I started to shudder. I couldn’t see his cock past his gobbling head, but I could feel his fat cockhead oozing pre-cum against my leg and I wanted it so badly. ‘Darling Sam, Mummy has bananas…’

‘Oh Go-o-o-o-o-d..’ He started to shake, and I realised my error. In a rush pushed him off my tits and sank down onto his cock, mouth first, as deep as I could take him, just in time to drink him up as his salty cum spurted into my throat. As he thrust and jerked his load into my throat he wept, ‘Oh God, oh God…’

He had ejaculated in banana lust.
I was thrilled. Oh yes, I suckled on his long lovely knob till he was completely clean, feeding on him as if I was a supplicant, as he moaned and trembled. His cock softened, but as I played and talked, and whispered about Mummy, it was already hardening again, and I saw it spring up like a divining rod looking for pussy as I sat up and got out the bananas.

His face was flushed and excited, his eyes shining, ‘Oh yes, Mummy, give those to me…’

I hadn’t expected what happened next. If talking about Mummy made him horny, showing him bananas made him an alpha male. With the most expert action I have ever seen he pushed me onto all fours, parted my buttock cheeks with his fingers, slathered me with mango mush and then with a cry of ‘that’s for fucking Greg, you slut,’ and he rammed a banana swiftly and deeply into my butt, grabbed the string and started to fuck my ass with it.

Oh my God. Thank God I had put string on the things, that’s all I can say, because you never know where they will go, and go there this one did.

As I moaned in astonishment he pushed me onto my back, which forced the fruit deep into me, and that pale, enormous cock pressed firmly at my mango covered pussy. And he started to play with my wet swollen tissues with his cock-head.

The feeling was extraordinary, the banana in my ass, the boy calling me Mummy, and stroking my clit with his giant knob. He’d found the raspberries now and was squeezing them between his fingers as he – well – cocked me, dripping raspberry mush on my tits and pussy, dripping it all over his long fat dick as he rubbed my clitoris and send fire through my whole body… and then, when I could bear it nor more, and was writhing and begging, my butt clenching on the banana, the head of his cock started to navigate hungrily through the wet stick lips of my cunt, spreading me open like a fruit salad and starting the long tight journey inside me, sliding up the rough front wall of my vagina covered in raspberry seeds, sandpapering my fanny with his prick, as he rubbed the fruit into my tits.

‘Oh God Baby, I whispered, as he started to pump me as if he was inflating a tire. His fingers pinched my stick teats, his balls hit my perineum as his cock pistoned in and out, fast and slow, fast and slow, the wild roughness of seeds and shaft roughing up my clitoris until I forgot who I was and where I was and even the fact that I had a banana in my ass.

‘Of fuck mummy, fuck…’ he moaned, and as he fucked me he pulled on the string I had s helpfully put on the thing, and the banana was halfway out, stretching my arsehole tight, then in again, and then out. He was double fucking me with a banana, and he could feel it with his cock…

‘Oh god darling, oh please let mummy suck your lovely prick…’

But Sam was in charge now, ‘you don’t tell me what to do, you slut, you fuck him every night, begging for his fat prick, taking it in the ass, sucking his balls till he cums in your face… don’t think I don’t watch on the CCTV, you slut…’

Oh, poor boy, I thought, what can I do… Yet his cock was a joy, my tissues spreading and stretching, parting wet and excited with every thrust. He hit my cervix without even trying, making my womb vibrate and my ovaries shiver. The width of his shaft at full thrust was so enormous that he felt like two cocks in me. He was grunting and shuddering now, and it was only a matter of time…

I moaned, ‘Spunk me Sam darling, fuck mummy and fill her with your man juice…’

It seemed to work. With a jerking, shuddering bang he shot the rest of his cum into me in three great heaves, as he yanked the banana out and lay gasping, his long beautiful cock still in me as his cum trickled out with the raspberries.

I lay beneath his weight, exhausted, longing to cum myself but with so much more to give… this beautiful fruity boy, all he and wet and passionate. I stroked his head as he nuzzled and licked my titties like a baby, and then I was suckling on his cock again, nestled in his groin cleaning the cum, and the raspberries, licking and sucking his balls, gobbling on his shaft, opening my throat and taking him in deep, probing the little slit on his gland for seed and cum. And as I sucked I caressed his balls and comforted and begged him.

‘Oh escort şirinevler Sammy, mummy loves your beautiful cock. Let Mummy clean her baby. Make it hard again for mummy…’

It was thickening already, and for a happy few minutes I sucked and played with it, rubbing it against the back of my throat as I fingered his ass, then then I drew back and whispered, ‘let Mommy see your ass, baby, let Mummy lick you clean…’

He groaned his acceptance and rolled on his front. ‘Lick my arse, Mummy, lick my crack till I cum on your face…’

That won’t quite work, I thought logically, unless I’m a contortionist, but God he’s hot, let’s give it a go…

Raspberry juice and cum had tricked between his buttocks and I fed like a she-wolf, caressing his beautiful wet slimy cock as I did, stroking the fat luscious cockhead with my raspberry hands as he moaned and called me his slut. My clit felt ten times its size, fat and wobbling like a big cherry. ‘You want more baby..’

‘O yes Mummy…’

‘You like melons?’

‘Oh God yes…’

That’s when I got out the surprise.

The melons were huge. The watermelon had a big hole in it, that was my idea, but I’d got it from her, his mother, she’d told me that day in Starbucks that she thought he might have fucked a melon… The honeydew melon was hugely ripe and cut in half. Now I scooped the soft flesh out of it in and squeezed it my fists, dribbling it over his beautiful arse. ‘Oh Baby, Mummy’s going to fuck Sam…Mummy loves eating the melons you put your lovely cum in baby, Mummy loves Sam’s cum…’

He was subservient, ready, his prick was hardening again, I could tell from the way he lifted his hips. From out of my bag I got the strap on, and as he may there whimpering I placed it over his butt hole and I shafted him long and deep.

I love fucking men with the strap on. I love to dominate them as they lie, face down, whimpering and begging. I love to feel their cocks as I do it, I love to cup their balls and rub their hot wet shafts and prepare myself to take them however they want me. But this was my first time fucking with a strap-on. God it was fun. I was planning on riding him like a cowboy.

He gasped and shuddered as I parted his buttocks and sank down deep through the wet, mushed melon, I ordered him onto all fours. And then I reached round and without needing to be asked he slid his cock deep into the mushed watermelon.

Oh God and then I fucked him, hard and fast with the strap on till his balls bounced as he fucked the fruit into mush…and I called myself John Wayne, slapped his butt cheeks and rode him for Mummy.

Oh God I was enjoying myself. Eventually he couldn’t wait to penetrate my, force me down, turn me over, make me his slut. He pushed me off, tore the strap-on off me, flung the fruit away and began to fuck me with his giant fat watermeloned dick, lunging his long straight tool deep, so deep into my pussy, that it stretched me till I shivered and shuddered. Then, at last, as my G spot started to roar, he spreading my arse cheeks and forced himself relentlessly at my pucker. I sighed and moaned as my mangoed butthole relaxed, the rim stretched slowly and the whole long, fat, fruity ten inches or so of him roared into me like a train arriving at a station.

Now he was slapping my buttocks as he rode, thrusting in and out, he was truly like a giant piston engine, gripping on to my buttocks as my fat wet clit as it hung throbbing underneath us like the landing gear of a jumbo jet. ‘Oh God Mummy, oh God,’ and a climaxed like a whore as he took me, my G spot sending spasms through my whole being as his shaft roughed my arse ring and his cock beat on my G spot till I begged, and begged, and begged to be fucked. Eventually, exhausted and with no more cum to produce shuddered into a dry climax deep in my ass then pushed me over and began to eat my pussy.

Oh God he was good. I think he had practised on fruit. His mouth closed around my hooded clit and he began to suckle on it, as it he was extracting the juice from an orange.

I thought I had cum for England but it was electric. His mouth fastened on my ripe fruit like a baby calf on a teat and he sucked and pulled and drew me in till I shuddered harder and harder and harder. My whole body was on fire. Oh you guys out there, the next time you suck your woman’s pussy, try this. Put your mouth round the whole fat clit and pretend you are just, rhythmically, sucking it dry. Keep going, don’t stop, not even when she says slow down, because it runs through her whole body like waves. Suck that clit as Sammy sucked mine and you’ll have her begging to swallow. As he fed on my juicy slutty clit and his fingers probed deep inside me, I roared and shook and cried and begged him to stop as I came in great waves… then again because he wouldn’t stop and as he suckled my arousal grew and I twisted into a sixty nine and suckled on his soft cock until I managed to earn a final wad of creamy cum by banana-ing his beautiful ass.

Oh I love my job. To think I get paid for this stuff. By the time his mother got home we had cleaned up, fucked, and cleaned up again. We were sitting in the kitchen eating fruit salad when she came in with her body builder. There was no mistaking what we’d been doing, even if the waste bin wasn’t full of fruit.

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