Lil’ Miss Ch. 01

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Lil`miss finished sending her e-mail to her Master, talking about the fantasies that had played out in her head the night before when she had masturbated before falling asleep. He didn’t ask her to do this often, but when he did it always made her blush remembering, and more so when she sent the letter, knowing she was sharing her innermost thoughts with someone else. Somehow she was always afraid that he wouldn’t like what she wrote and would leave her, or wouldn’t find her exciting enough and get another.

Lori had been having an online affair for some time now. In reality, she didn’t have what you could call an active love life. These days, she didn’t have one at all, except through her machine. It wasn’t like she was a virgin, she’d had a couple of boyfriends, it’s just that she was a quiet person. She led a quiet life taken up with school and the other normal, mundane things that occupied people. But, her online life let out a whole other part of her the world never saw, and it was a whole world of it’s own, a lot more interesting and exciting than her own. She didn’t know what it was that attracted her to the part of the net where she’d found her Master. But she’d eventually found him, and the things they did together in her imagination were thrilling and exotic, and she was sexual and daring in a way that no one that knew her would ever expect.

That day He had asked her to write a report for him on sexuality in India. Her Master had an interest in other cultures, and in sexuality in general (surprise, surprise), and he knew she was good at researching things, so would sometimes ask her to find out things for him, though never if she had other things that really needed doing, like school assignments or urgent family matters or things like that, not that she wouldn’t put all of that second to Him. She was wearing the denim shorts that buttoned down the front, and the T-shirt with the gold star on the front that he’d asked her to, and was lying on her bed browsing between laptop and the couple of library books on India she’d checked out to supplement what she could find online.

Suddenly she was aware of someone else in the room. She looked up to see Keith standing in the doorway, arms folded, leaning on the doorframe. He was wearing black cotton pants, a golf shirt and sandals, and he had a funny look in his eye.

“Well, have you finished my report yet, little miss?” he asked.

“What?” she managed, shocked surprise flooding her face. She sat up and slid to the edge of the bed.

“You heard me, little one,” he said. “I asked you for a study on India.”

Lori’s mind raced, trying to figure out how he knew. Surely he hadn’t been snooping in her computer. Her Master had asked her for that last night, and she’d started as soon as she’d got home from school. She hadn’t written it down anywhere, what he’d told her to do. Where could he possibly know her online name from, or that her Master often called her little one as a show of affectionate dominance. A cold realisation crept up on her.

“That’s right, little one,” he said, seeing the suspicion in her eyes. Starzbet “It has been eight months since I collared you. And after all this time, I found out you were right here under my nose the whole time, practically within arm’s reach of me.”

“Oh, my God,” she thought, certainty hitting her like a stone, “it really is him.” Her brother’s best friend . . . but, how could something like this happen?

Keith was her brother’s best friend. He lived three doors down. She didn’t see much of him since the two of them went to university. Her brother lived on campus, so Keith didn’t have much reason to come over as often. She’d had a couple of fantasies about him over the years, but she would never in her wildest dreams have connected him with her Master, or have thought of submitting to Keith. She didn’t even really know a lot about him despite the time he spent in the house with her brother. Usually, when the boys were there she’d shut herself in her room and do things of her own, or she’d go out somewhere. Still, there was no doubting it was her Master. There was no way anyone could know what he did, not even if they’d been in her computer. She suddenly realised knew Keith much better than she could ever have dreamed.

Lori’s mind whirled, trying to decide what to do. Impulsively, she threw her arms around Keith. Tears spilled down her cheeks as he hugged her. Feeling her body shudder, he drew back slightly and lifted her chin.

“What is it, little one?” he asked, looking into her eyes. “Why are you crying?”

“I, I don’t know,” she stammered, “I just . . .” It seemed so odd hearing Keith call her little one, show her such tender concern.

Leaning his head down, he kissed her. Her heart raced. Her Master, and all this time he was so close and she never knew it. She’d known him all this time and never realised it.

“Are you disappointed?” he asked.

“No . . . no, it’s just . . .”

“Just what?”

“Unexpected,” she managed.

“Will you stay mine?” he asked, grabbing her eyes with his, forcing her to look at him.

Slowly, Lori nodded. Keith smiled, then kissed her deeply. His hands roamed over her back, holding her tight to him, fondled her ass, making her blood warm.

He brushed her hair back past her ear and leaned his mouth close to her. “Make love to me,” he whispered, his breath hot on her ear, sending a warm shiver down her body straight to her belly.

“Forever, Master,” she replied, her chest tight, part of her mind expecting any moment that someone would suddenly tell her she was on Candid Camera or something, that the world would be pulled from beneath her.

Keith edged backward and sat on the edge of her bed, gently pulling Lori toward him at arm’s length. Slightly breathless, she came to him. As she stepped up between his legs, his hands caressed her thighs. His eyes watched hers, roved down over her, and back again. Fumblingly, nervously, she undid the top button of the shorts. As she was about to release it and reach for the next, his hands closed over hers. His touch was warm and steady. Starzbet Giriş Lifting her hands, he kissed her fingertips, sending a hot shiver through her. Then he reached for the next button himself. A shudder raced through her and she wasn’t sure where to put her hands as he undid first one, then the next, until at last only the last button remained. He put his hands back on her hips, firmly caressing the backs of her thighs and her ass. Swallowing hard, Lori reached down and twisted the last button open.

After a hesitant moment, she edged the denim over her hips and down her legs. She felt like an idiot for wearing the high-cut panties; she hoped she wasn’t telling him anything wrong. But, Keith smiled and taking her hips in his hands pressed his face to them, planting kisses on her lower belly. He edged back slightly and looked at her pussy through the cotton, brought a finger up and stroked it. The fabric nestled into her groove. A shudder raced through her. Her Master blew a hot breath over the cotton furrow, then tugged her panties up a little, making them fit even more deeply into the folds of her body. He rubbed her pussy again, and began to place kisses on her bare skin between the hem of her shirt and the top of her panties. A damp streak began to show through the cloth beneath his fingers. Lori began to find it hard to stay still under his exploring hands.

Glancing up, he looked to the hem of her shirt, then into her eyes, and smiled. As her Master began peeling up her shirt, his hands sliding up her sides, Lori took hold of the cloth and tugged it off. Her Master kissed her belly as she did, then turned his attention upward. He wasted no time with her bra, quickly getting it off and revealing the breasts it concealed. Her nipples were large and stiff, and he found them magnificent. He raised his head, running his tongue over her breasts, capturing first one, then the other nipple in his mouth and teasing it. Lori cradled his head in her hands and shuddered, a small orgasm racing through her body.

His hands slid downward again, catching the edge of her panties between his fingers, bringing them with them as they followed the curves of her legs, caressing her naked skin. Keith was pleased to see that her pussy was as bare and smooth as could be, as he’d told her it should be. Taking her hips in his hands, his broad fingers digging into the tight cheeks of her ass, he leaned down and placed kisses on the skin he’d just revealed. His tongue snaked out and ran the length of her slit. A hot sigh escaped his girl.

“Place your hands on your chair,” he said, looking up at her and smiling.

Lori’s breath caught and she felt a wave of warm apprehension flow through her.

Lori’s mother had divorced her father several years ago, and her mother had never re-married or had a long-term relationship since. And Lori sure hoped she didn’t come home real soon.

Lori crossed the room and did as she was told, placing her hands flat on the seat. Her breath was thick and shallow, exposing herself to him like this. She was keenly aware Starzbet Güncel Giriş of her vulnerability and the blatant invitation of the pose. When she’d got out of bed that morning, it would have been totally inconceivable. Keith stepped up beside her. His hands roamed over her back. Her body trembled at the touch. One slid down over her ass while the other massaged her between the shoulder blades. Her breath quickened. And finally, after caressing the back of her thigh, the hand slid up and found her pussy. One finger explored the crevice. The damp lips clung to his skin and were tugged fully into view. Her hips shook. The finger rubbed briskly and teased her slit, just edging into her. A hot breath of a moan escaped her. Sliding up, it rubbed up and down the length of the valley between her buns, teasing the snug hole they hid. Lori’s hips jerked. No one had touched her there before.

And then he gave has ass a swift slap. With a shocked yelp, she looked back at Keith . . . at her Master. His hand remained between her shoulders, keeping her from rising. He frisked her pussy again, sending a conflicting wave of feelings through her. His fingers parted the cheeks of her ass and briskly rubbed between them again, and then he drew back his hand and gave her a stinging slap on the other cheek, drawing another jump and yelp from his girl.

“Ah . . . Master,” she squeaked, heat flooding her face.

“Mmm . . .” he purred, once again rubbing at her pussy and upwards. “Whose girl are you?” he asked.

“Yours, Master,” she answered, hips squirming. She hadn’t got a spanking in years, and certainly not one like this. But, she was his.

Several more spanks followed, and by the time he was done fingers had entered her pussy, one had invaded her ass, and she had coated them with cum.

Red-faced and breathless she was pulled to her feet as his fingers twined in her hair and straightened her. Pulling her body tight to his, he kissed her. His hands roamed up and down her body and she found it impossible to stay still. Panting, Lori looked up at him, then impatiently started to work his shirt up and off. In moments, his pants had followed, and he pulled her to the bed. Stretching out on his back, Lori found herself straddling him and desperately she impaled herself on him, riding his cock with a driving need. Their love-making was fast and passionate, slowing as he rolled her onto her back. As his cock slid back and forth in the hot, wet grip of her pussy she saw all the times she’d imagined this moment, all the times she’d made love to him in her imagination through her keyboard. And at last, they lay still, catching their breath in each other’s arms. Lori stroked his hair and looked into his eyes. In answer to the unspoken question, he kissed her and they lay together for several more quiet moments.

“From now on, you will serve me as you have before,” he said, “You will learn to do all for real.”

Lori swallowed, thinking of some of the things she’d done in play. “Yes, Sir,” she breathed.

“But, perhaps not all at once,” he said with a smile.

She looked thoughtful for a moment.

“Yes?” he asked, reading her expression.

“I was wondering . . . how, how did you find out who I was?”

“Well, I’ll tell you, but there’s a problem,” he answered, releasing her and getting up.


“Your mother just came home.”

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