Like Mother Like Daughter!

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When my friend Sebastian and his wife Fiona invited me and my wife to their daughter Tiffany’s engagement party we reluctantly agreed. Though my wife didn’t get on badly with Fiona she couldn’t see why any woman should have such spectacular looks and a figure as Fiona and have such a perfect marriage too. I felt something of the same. Sebastian had gone from success to success while I’d plodded on. Added to all that our son had no qualifications and was unemployed, while Tiffany had not only inherited her mother’s looks and figure, but had got A’s in every exam she took and was already a rising star in a London law firm.

The party was at Sebastian’s house in the Surrey Hills south of London. The place was huge. It even had a guest annex and Sebastian suggested my wife and I stayed the night after the party. We suspected he just wanted to show off his house. But two days before the party my wife’s aged mother took a turn for the worse and my wife said she’d have to spend a few days at her mother’s. It gave her the perfect excuse, but to keep up our friendship I agreed to go to the party myself and stay overnight.

I had no trouble finding enough space in Sebastian’s drive to park my Ford among the Jaguars, Mercedes and BMW’s. It was a fine summer evening and the party spilled out into their couple of acres of garden, where I mingled with bankers, financiers and media people, and ogled their wives and partners.

Among them was Fiona, dripping with bling, the obligatory designer sunglasses perched on her perfectly styled blonde hair and in a dress that made it clear that even in her forties she had a man’s dream of a figure, with the added attraction that the material of her dress was thin enough that when I got the light behind her I could see the outline of her figure in all its glory.

There too of course was Tiffany. I’d first met Tiffany four years ago at one of Sebastian’s beach parties when she was aged nineteen, straining every guy’s dick with her delicious young body squeezed into in a tiny red bikini. The afternoon of her party her shoulder length golden hair gleamed under a floppy straw hat and the engagement ring gleaming on her finger looked like it would pay off my mortgage. Her bright coloured backless halter topped sun dress displayed acres of tanned bare back and legs made for a man’s hand to explore. It also clung to the curves of her breasts making it obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra and treating every guy who was interested to displays of her young firm boobs bouncing unrestrained by bra cups.

Mark was with her. There was a rumour he already earned a nearly six figure salary in his father’s business. All that and having a sex bomb like Tiffany to spread her long tanned legs for him: some guys have all the luck, I thought. I guessed that made up for him looking a bit of a wimp.

As the party dragged on my eyes were constantly on Tiffany or her mum, with half my mind on conversation and the other half on what I’d like to do in bed with them. At what I thought was an appropriate time I drifted off to my bedroom in the guest annex. It had been a hot, tedious evening and I decided to take a shower before bed. Soon I was nicely loosened up, all except for a part of me that was getting stiffer and stiffer the more I thought about Tiffany and her mum.

Then just as I was lathering my chest the shower cubicle door slid open and in stepped Tiffany, stark naked!

A moment later she was pressed against me with her arms round my shoulders, her soft breasts squeezed against my chest, my rock hard erection jabbing into her between her belly button and her cunt and her golden hair draped soaked over her shoulders. More by instinct than volition my one hand was instantly round her waist sliding down to her backside then clutching her bottom to pull her harder against me and my other hand slid across her soft wet thigh, between her legs and cupped over her lightly furred sex mound. She gave a gasp of pleasure when my fingers slid between her vagina lips.

She moved back far enough from me for her to take over the job of lathering my body. Her hands moved slowly down my body till she was running her wet soapy hands over my straining hard shaft, over my balls, through my pubic hair and right under me between my legs as I spread them for her exploring hands. While her hands ran over me, my hands ran over her, exploring her boobs, bottom, thighs, cunt, shoulders, hair and everything she had to offer! Her big round firm young breasts were every bit as good as her dress and that bikini had suggested and my hands fondling her pussy and breasts soon got her nipples peaking with arousal like little deep pink corks. As she moved around me my erection strained a notch harder every time my lust swollen knob brushed against her naked body.

I didn’t ask her what the hell she was doing there, Pendik Escort naked in the shower with a guy old enough to be her father, or where Mark was. All I cared about was that I had this exquisite twenty three year old beauty naked in my hands and hot for sex!

She began to kiss me down my front, flicking her tongue over my nipples while her fingers played lightly with my straining sex kit, and slowly squatting down wide legged in front of me. In anticipation of her kisses reaching my sex kit I spread my legs as far as the cubicle would let me, bracing my feet against the sides, and leaning back to shove my kit forward for her. I also turned the shower off.

On her way down my front her arousal hardened nipples brushed against my belly, then her soft warm wet breasts slid either side of my hard up shaft till she was squeezing my shaft between her breasts with her nipples tickling the tops of my thighs and the pink-purple head of my penis peeping up out of her cleavage, contrasting erotically with the pale flesh of her breasts. She tickled my belly button with the tip of her tongue, then licked me all over my soft sensitive penis head. I guess I grunted at the sudden sex pleasure.

“Was that nice?” she asked, looking up at me with her big grey eyes. Then as if reading my mind she continued. “Mum and dad won’t let me and Mark sleep together when we’re in their house. He’s probably wanking thinking of me.”

She gave the tip of my penis a little kiss then looked up at me again.

“I want to do exciting things. But Mark’s boring. He just climbs on top of me and shoves his cock up me.” She paused and grinned. “I want to suck a man’s cock off. Will you teach me how?”

Without waiting for my obvious answer she let my cock loose from between her breasts, then took just the head of my penis between her lips and massaged my knob with her tongue. and at the same time reached between my legs to tickle me between my arse and my balls. I felt as if an explosive burst of pleasure had hit me. She released my cock and looked up at me.

“Did you like that? Did I do that right? Mmmmmm… Your cock’s twice as big as Mark’s and so stiff! What do I do now?”

I’m always only too pleased to give a young lady marital advice, and I gave her the benefit of being married to a horny wife who’ll do most things in bed and who has lots of exciting ideas of her own!

“Lick my cock over its nozzle, and just under its head, where it joins the shaft. And keep on fingering my balls and between my legs really light just with your fingertips.”

Tiffany was a quick learner! I guess my grunt and the way I juddered told her that her tongue and fingers had hit just the right place in just the right way. I could have taken any amount of the tip of her tongue tickling that sensitive spot under my knob and her fingertip circling my arse.

“Was that good?”

“Yeah!” I gasped and I wasn’t kidding! I carried on instructing her. “Now Tiffany, slide your lips slowly up and down my shaft. Catch the ridge round the base of my penis head with your lips and tongue, and suck on the upstroke. Stroke my shaft up and down with your fingers in time with your lips.”

“Like when I give Mark a hand job?”

She’d got the right idea. At least Mark let her give him hand jobs! She closed her thumb and forefinger round my shaft just below my penis head, pressed her lips against my nozzle and slowly slid her tight wet lips down over my penis head to my shaft just below my corona ridge, then slowly slid her lips up again, with her hand following her lips along my shaft, squeezing just right. She sucked and caught my ridge. I grunted.

“Like that?”

I ran my hands frantically over her wet shoulders and through her wet hair. I guess she got the message! My penis felt tight enough to snap and all I wanted was to cum inside or over this sex mad beauty. But I knew how to make it even better.

“Tiff. Lubricate your hand … with this.”

There was a tube of some kind of cream on a shelf on the shower wall. That done she squatted down in front of me again ready for action.

“Will you cum in my mouth, like when Mark squirts when I wank him? … I want to see what its like.”

What a question! I needn’t tell you my answer!

Tiffany began in earnest, sliding her lips up and down my shaft till my pubes brushed against her sweet little freckled nose at one end of a stroke, and her lips rode right over my knob on the back stroke till she was kissing my nozzle. The deliciously tight ring of her well oiled finger and thumb squeezed and stroked my shaft in time with her lips. Her lips and tongue caught that sensitive spot under my knob and she sucked on the back stroke just the way I’d asked her. As she sucked my cock off I ran my hands over her bare shoulders and through her wet hair. I’d slid Kurtköy Escort the shower cubicle door open by then and the wall mirror outside treated me to a view of the wet round cheeks of her backside and her spread thighs with her pussy between them bobbing with the rhythm of her lips on my shaft.

After exquisite minutes of sex pleasure from Tiffany I came in her mouth. I grabbed her shoulders to pull her against me and shoved my pubes against her face involuntarily trying to ram my penis as far down her throat as I could when I jerked my load into her mouth. I staggered back with my still half erect cock swinging stiffly.

“Was I good?” she asked, with her big grey eyes looking up at me, and catching the strand of creamy semen dangling from the nozzle of my cock with her finger.

I told her she was. She grinned.

“You took ages,” she said. “When we fuck Mark comes as soon as his cock’s in me. I could feel you were about to come when your cock got really stiff in my mouth … and from the way you grabbed me!”

She sounded impressed! I was getting the message about why she was in here with me. I hoped she and Mark would work things out in their marriage. We stepped out of the shower room into the bedroom. She slipped her sun dress on over her naked body, picked up her panties from where she’d left them on the floor and tossed them to me.

“Have a nice wank over them thinking of me,” she said with a mischievous grin. “I’ll be thinking of sucking you off when I’m having boring sex with Mark.”

With that and a little kiss on my cheek she left me. Her panties were little more than a thong, white cotton with a pattern of little pink flowers and embroidered hems, really feminine, with a yellow stain where they would have covered her cunt, and smelling of her perfume and her sex juice. I thought of having a panty wank over them but it was late. I tossed Tiffany’s panties onto the floor promising myself a wank over them next morning. With that thought in my mind I drifted off to sleep.

Hardly surprisingly I dreamed of Tiffany. Like any dream I can’t remember all the details, but I clearly remember I was lying naked on a beach with Tiffany kneeling next to me in that bikini with her boobs in its tiny red cups above me, her thighs and backside in just the right place for my hand and her light fingers playing with my balls and hard up cock as if she was about to hand job me.

The next thing I knew was that I was laying there awake having a rock hard “morning woody” and that someone’s light fingers were playing with my balls and hard up cock for real!

Still half asleep I reached out and my hand found the unmistakable soft warm smoothness of a woman’s leg. Exploring further my hand found a woman’s bottom. Then that leg folded over mine, a pair of soft breasts pressed against my arm and in the dark I heard a woman’s soft purr.

“Tiffany!” I said.

“Was my daughter good in bed last night?” I heard Fiona’s soft voice from the pillow next to mine!

“Fiona!” I gasped, followed by “What about Sebastian?”

“He staggered in at two this morning as pissed as they come. He tried to get on top of me for a fuck but I wasn’t having it. I left before he threw up. He won’t be up till two this afternoon. Didn’t you notice me get into bed with you, or were you too shagged out from my daughter?”

Then I felt her fingers gently stroking my straining hard penis.

“Mmmmmmm!” Fiona purred. “So big and stiff! Sebastian hasn’t managed a decent erection for months.”

Fiona ran her finger slowly up my shaft and tickled me around the base of my knob.

“Horny wifey wants some big hard cock!”

I didn’t say anything in reply but I was getting that message too, and my big hard cock certainly wasn’t going to say no to horny Fiona! I kicked the bedclothes off and moments later Fiona and I were wrapped around each other wrestling naked.

I can only remember some of the things Fiona and I did in that frantic romp powered by her long pent up lust! She was red hot! We got into 69 position with Fiona on top with her nipples brushing my front and her tongue flicking my nozzle, with me playing with her thighs and bum while I kissed and licked her pussy. We swapped to 69 with me on top with her legs wrapped over my shoulders and me playing with her pussy, stroking her labia and circling her clit with my fingers with Fiona’s long legs wrapped her legs over me, and her lips kissing my balls and massaging my knob. She got on all fours with her breasts swinging for me to finger pleasure her to a climax from behind with my hand between her legs. I treated her to what my wife likes, my finger slowly exploring its way down her bum crack, tickling the inside tops of her thighs so her vagina was hot by the time my fingers started on her labia and clitty. I took her to Kartal Escort the brink a couple of times till she was pleading with me to take her through before I gave her a moaning, buttock quivering, boob swinging orgasm with my fingers, and lots, lots more!

Finally Fiona rolled onto her back, spread her legs wide, folded her knees up, and reached up toward me. She was panting with arousal, the nipples of her breasts were peaking hard up from conical arousal swollen areoles, and her vagina pulled wide open between her spread legs was glistening with her juice.

“Want you! Want you!” Was all she could say!

I got on my knees between her legs and got my head down between her thighs. She was obviously on the brink and she was getting even wilder as I kissed her over the inside of her thighs, working my lips and tongue steadily toward her hot wet pussy. I took her to an orgasm with my tongue and lips. She gave a stifled shriek when she came, thrust her pussy up against my face as she juddered on the bed and squeezed my head between her thighs.

Then it was my turn! As I kissed her up her body her legs spread wide again. Tickling her belly button with my tongue while I fingered her pussy almost gave her another orgasm. She was frantic by the time I was flicking her taut sensitised nipples with my tongue while the big soft head of my penis pressed against her labia gently easing them open. Then I was in her full length and she wrapped her arms round my shoulders and her legs over my back. I thrust smoothly, firmly and rhythmically, treating her to what she’d been missing for months, and making sure I took my time while she savoured every moment!

Fiona climaxed while I was still going, she was so hot! She let out a half cry half sob, her arms gripped me, her heels pounded my backside, and her hips thrust up against mine. I kept going as she relaxed under me, and showed I knew how to make a woman wait. I pumped her for ages and shoved her up the bed with my orgasm thrust as I filled her.

There was a kettle and coffee in the bedroom and she made us both a cup. As we lay on the bed afterwards she told me she hadn’t had proper sex for months. When we’d finished our coffee she snuggled up against me, folded her leg over mine and pressed her breasts against me, and fingered my rapidly rising penis like she had before.

“Again,” she said softly. “Me on top this time.”

Fiona knelt astride me, slid her hand between her legs and set her breasts swinging above with the rhythm of her hand as she masturbated to yet another orgasm. She knelt astride me for a moment enjoying her afterglow, then lowered herself slowly onto my shaft till her bush met my pubes. Then she rode my rod smoothly and tightly with me holding her bobbing thighs till my semen fountained up into her. As she stayed kneeling astride me my semen was slowly trickling off my belly and down my side, and out of Fiona’s vagina and down the inside of her thighs. She climbed off me, picked up Tiffany’s white cotton panties from the floor and used them to wipe my semen off me and from her thighs and pussy. Having done that she tossed her daughter’s semen and woman’s sex juice soaked panties over a chair.

Finally she wrapped a deep blue silk dressing gown around herself and left me. Just before the door closed behind her she looked at me.

“I’ll see you in breakfast. Don’t forget to put my daughter’s dirty knickers in the laundry basket before you go.”

She grinned at me, then she was gone.

Back home my wife called from her mother’s to ask how the party had gone. I told her all the gossip I’d picked up, about Tiffany’s ring, what the women were wearing, and that the party hadn’t been as bad as I’d expected.

A couple of weeks later my wife phoned me at work.

“I’ve got some good news and some bad news,” she said.

I asked for the good news first. She told me her mum was a lot better and our son had got a job. Good news indeed.

“What’s the bad news?” I asked.

“Mark and Tiffany have broken off their engagement. Mark accused Tiffany of having sex with some guy after that party. Can you believe it? She’s such a sweet innocent girl.”

I tut-tutted, as if to say I could never believe that of sweet young Tiffany. I’d thought Tiffany could do better for herself than Mark but of course I didn’t say so. My wife continued.

“And Sebastian’s company has gone bust. He’s bankrupt and the bank manager’s come asking for the keys to his house. Fiona’s walking out on him. She’s filed for a divorce.”

The bit about Sebastian’s company was news to me. But Fiona’s divorce wasn’t. A couple of days before, on my way back from a trip to my company’s office on the south coast, I’d stopped at Sebastian and Fiona’s big house. Sebastian was on one of his business trips. Fiona had told me about her divorce while I was laying on my back on a rug in their huge lounge with her kneeling astride me tickling my hairy chest with her nipples and tickling my hard up shaft with her bush.

“That’s very sad,” I said with a wry smile to myself, and we left it at that.

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