Life on the Streets

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19 year old Michelle stood on the street corner trying to look sexy. Her denim skirt was so short it barely covered her ass and her shirt was one of those that tied around the neck and barely covered her 36C breasts that stood out pertly in the cool air. It was early September and it was obvious that Fall wasn’t far off. She just needed one more trick tonight and she could go home. She knew her mother wasn’t happy with her following in her footsteps but she did what she had to, to survive. Her mother couldn’t take care of johns anymore, not since she got sick so it had fallen to Michelle to pay the rent and put food on the table.

Michelle sighed as she watched cars stop and other girls get in the cars. She was cold and hungry and just wanted to go home, but she had made a promise, she had to make a certain quota each day in order to have enough to pay the bills. So she waited and watched. “Slow night sweetie?” Another one of the girls walked up to her and smiled.

Michelle looked at her and grinned. “Hey Stella, yeah, probably to cold.” Stella was in her early forties and had been doing this for over 20 years. You would never guess looking at her that she was actually that old and Michelle wondered if she had plastic surgery done or if she was just that young looking.

Stella put her arm around her shoulders and gave her a one armed hug. “It will work out sweetie; you know you’ll get what you need.” She kissed Michelle on the cheek. “You always do sugar.”

Michelle knew the other girls watched out for her. She was the youngest on the strip and the other girls thought of her as their pet prodigy. Michelle wrapped her arms around Stella and hugged her back. “Thanks, I’m just tired and my feet are killing me.” She lifted her leg showing off her knee high boots and twisted her ankle around.

Stella chuckled and suddenly whistled. “Will you look at that?”

Michelle pulled away and looked towards the street. A black stretch limo pulled up to the corner and stopped. Michelle and Stella just stared at it as it sat there wondering what a hot shot was doing in this part of town. The driver stepped out of the car and walked towards the two women. Michelle stood there watching with a look of pure envy on her face. She was sure whoever was in that limo would want someone with more experience, not a 19 year old who was just starting out.

The man was dressed in a suit, a chauffeur hat and sunglasses even though the sun was going down. He walked up to the two women and let his eyes drift over both of them. Michelle pushed her hip out and ran her hand up her side trying to look sexy. She made sure not to look at Stella who was probably panting at the thought of a rich trick. The man smiled at Stella then turned towards Michelle. Michelle felt her heart in her throat as the man stared at her. She licked her suddenly dry lips and the man smiled. “Are you a woman of the night?” He asked with a deep accent.

She saw Stella look at her in surprise and she smiled. “Um, yeah, that’s one word for it I guess.”

The man took off his sunglasses and Michelle got lost in his deep blue eyes. “My Master is looking for an escort for the night. You will be well compensated.”

Michelle bit her lip to keep from screaming in excitement. “Um, sure that sounds great.” She glanced over at Stella who just smiled at her then walked down the sidewalk as another car pulled up to the curb. She walked over to the car and leaned on the passenger side window sill. Michelle turned her attention back to the driver. “Um…after you.”

The man nodded and turned back towards the car. Michelle smiled as she followed him her heart beating hard against her chest. She waited while he opened the back door of the limo and looked at her. Michelle smiled and him and climbed into the car watching the driver close the door behind her.

She let her eyes adjust to the semi darkness then looked around. It looked like your typical limousine, with a mini bar, TV, and two rows of seats. Sitting across from her was a man that made her heart beat harder in her chest. Even though he was sitting it was obvious that he was tall, at least 5’11 or 6′. He had a slender build and deep piercing blue eyes that were directed right at her. He let his eyes drift over her body before bringing them back to her face. Michelle felt her pussy throbbing with need as she stared at him. When his eyes met back with hers he smiled a million dollar smile that made Michelle suck in her breath. “Um…hi.” She said softly. She heard the front driver door of the car open then close then the car started to move. Michelle was paralyzed as she stared at the man in front of her.

The man turned on a light that cast him in shadow and Michelle blinked at the sudden glare. He moved his eyes over her once more and smiled even brighter. “You are a lady of the night?” He asked softly. He had a slight southern drawl to his voice and it sent shivers down Michelle’s body.

“Y…yes.” She stammered she didn’t know what was wrong ataşehir escort bayan with her but this man was affecting her like no other customer had. She licked her suddenly dry lips and he sucked in his breath as he watched her.

Michelle licked her lips again and his eyes followed the movement of her tongue. He bit his lip and smiled at her. “You are young for this profession.”

She lowered her eyes and looked at her hands clasped together in her lap. “I’m 19.”

He suddenly moved and was sitting beside her on the seat. Michelle gasped at his sudden closeness and lifted her wide eyes to stare into his. He smiled at her and brought his hand up gently running his finger down her cheek. Michelle sat motionless at his touch but her heart was slamming against her chest and she started breathing heavier.

He ran his finger down over her neck then continued down until he barely touched her breast through her shirt. Michelle sucked in her breath as her nipple tightened. “You are young, I like that.” He cupped her breast through her shirt and Michelle closed her eyes as pleasure coursed through her.

“T…thank you.” She stammered. “Suddenly it was like her mind had gone blank. She usually had a list of what she would and wouldn’t do and how much each act cost, but the way the man was touching her was driving everything from her mind but his touch. He circled her nipple through her shirt with his finger and she sighed pressing into his hand.

“You have much experience?” He asked softly looking into her eyes.

Uh oh, now she was worried. She had only been doing this for about a year and there were things she was still learning. “I…I’m not a virgin if that’s what you mean.” She licked her lips once more and he smiled.

He took his hand off her breast and reached up to her neck. He drew his finger across her neck then moved it behind her under her hair. Michelle sat paralyzed as his fingers brushed against her skin. When he pulled the tie on her shirt she gasped. She wanted to reach up and cover herself but she knew she couldn’t. So she just let the material of her shirt fall exposing her bare breasts to his gaze. He lowered his eyes and looked at her breasts. He left the hand behind her neck on her neck and brought his other hand up circling her nipple with his finger. Michelle moaned and closed her eyes as pleasure once again coursed through her.

He leaned his head down and nipped at her ear with his teeth while he circled her nipple. Michelle moaned and closed her eyes. “What is your name?” He murmured against her ear seductively.

He took her nipple between his fingers and gently squeezed it making her whimper. “M…Michelle.” She stammered trying to hold herself still even though her body was on fire.

He licked at her ear with his tongue and she shivered. “What a beautiful name. My name is Eric,” he cupped her breast with his fingers and gently stroked the tender flesh. Michelle bit her lip to keep from moaning and lifted her eyes to his as he pulled away from her ear.

“What do you do?” He asked softly gently squeezing and caressing her breast.

Michelle felt her breath coming out harsher and tried to think. “Um… $50.00 for a hand job, $75.00 for a blow job, $125.00 for the whole shebang with a condom and $250.00 without a condom.” She took a deep breath glad that her mind was once again working.

Eric chuckled and squeezed her breast once more then splayed his fingers over the hard flesh and caressed it. “So $250.00 to have sex with you?” He asked with a smile.

Michelle nodded, her throat was dry and she was afraid her voice would come out in a squeak if she tried to talk. She swallowed hard and looked at him. His eyes were glowing in the semidarkness of the limo and he was staring at her with a heated expression. “Y…yes, if you don’t want to use a condom.” She managed to get out.

He chuckled once more and took his hand off her breast letting it rest on her stomach. “I don’t like those things.” He leaned down once more so his mouth was against her ear. “I prefer actual skin on skin contact.” He sighed against her ear and Michelle shivered.

Michelle felt the car slow down and suddenly stop and she looked at him. Her pussy was on fire and he hadn’t even touched her yet. He smiled and took his hand off her stomach. “Fix your shirt little one.” He said with a grin. “We’re here.”

Michelle quickly retied her shirt then looked at him. “Here?”

The door opened and Michelle looked out. They were in front of a hotel. She looked back at Eric. He just grinned then held his hand out to her for her to precede him out of the car. “You didn’t actually think I would take you in the car did you?” He asked with a grin.

Michelle blushed and looked down. That is exactly what she had thought. She forced a chuckle and climbed out of the car. She stood waiting for him and gasped as he climbed easily out of the car. She had been right, he was tall, but she would put him more at 6’1″ escort kadıköy or 6’2″. He towered over her 5’9″. She looked up at him and swallowed hard.

He took her hand in his and led her into the hotel. She had never been here but knew it was one of those higher class hotels. She felt self-conscious as they walked through the lobby to the elevator. As they stood waiting for the elevator he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her against him. Michelle gasped as she felt his side pressing against her. He rubbed his hand up and down over her side. When the elevator showed up he led her into the elevator then pushed her back against it as the doors closed.

She was trapped with his body pressing against hers. She could feel the bulge in his jeans pressing against her and she smiled as she looked up at him. When he lowered his lips and captured her mouth with his she sighed and kissed him back. She wasn’t ready for the electric jolt that shot through her body at the touch of his lips. Eric tangled his fingers in her hair tipping her head back further and deepened the kiss, his tongue pressing into her mouth. Michelle moaned against him and placed her hands on his chest, clinging to his shirt as she accepted his kiss and kissed him back.

When the elevator dinged at their floor they broke apart and both were breathing heavy. He took her hand in his once more and led her out of the elevator. She followed him down the hall, watching his every move as they made their way to his room. He unlocked the door then pushed her inside.

Michelle looked around, they were in a sitting room with a couple of couches, a small table and a fireplace that had a fire burning. She watched the fire then smiled when he suddenly moved up behind her and wrapped his arms around her cupping her breasts once more. He lowered his head and nibbled at her ear. “How much for the entire night?” He breathed against her ear.

Michelle’s eyes widened and she gasped. She had never been with a trick overnight before. “Um…” She stammered licking her lips, she tried to think. How much would he be willing to pay? She didn’t want to drive him away but at the same time, overnight. That was definitely something new. “$5…$500.00.” She finally got out. “A…and I need to make a phone call.” She clung to her purse that was wrapped around her wrist.

He pulled away and she heard him chuckle. “No problem, go ahead and make your call, would you like something to drink?” He moved over towards the mini bar.

“Um…w…whatever you have.” She stammered pulling out her cellphone and moving over by the door. She dialed her home number and put the phone to her ear.

“Hello?” Came a sleepy voice.

“Hey it’s me.” She said trying to control her breathing.

Suddenly the voice on the other end sounded more awake. “Hey sweetie, you on your way home?”

Michelle looked at Eric standing over by the bar, he had unbuttoned his shirt and was watching her as he took a sip of his drink. “Um no, a…a customer wants an overnight.”

The voice gasped, “An overnight?”

“Yeah, that okay?”

She could hear the smile in her mother’s voice. “Sure honey, how much?”

Michelle smiled. “$500.00.”

Her mother gasped once more. “Wow, yeah that’s fine, just call me in the morning when you get up and are on your way home.”

“I will. Love you.” Her eyes met Eric’s and he smiled brighter at her.

“Love you too sweetie, just be careful.”

“I will.” She hung up the phone then put it back in her purse. “Okay, all set.”

Eric smiled and held a glass out to her. “You want something to drink?”

She walked over to him and took the glass. It had an amber liquid in it. She slowly brought it to her lips and took a sip. It was alcoholic; she knew that much but that was about it. “T…thank you.” She smiled up at him.

He reached behind her neck and untied her shirt once more letting it fall around her waist. He continued drinking his drink as he ran his finger over her nipple, feeling it harden against his hand. “Finish your drink and come take a shower with me.” He said huskily, cupping her breast with his hand.

Michelle gasped and looked at him through wide eyes. “Um…o…okay.” She took another sip then set the glass down, she needed her wits about her.

Eric smiled at her. “All done?”

She slowly nodded and leaning down took off her boots and stockings.

He downed his drink then set his glass on the bar. He took her hand in his and led her through the bedroom into the bathroom. There was a huge walk in shower that looked like it would hold 10 people. He reached in and turned on the water, set it then turned back to her. He smiled at her as he pushed his shirt off his shoulders then reached for the button on his pants. He started to undo it then stopped and looked at her. “Undress me.” He said with a smile.

Michelle licked her lips and stepped towards him. When she was close enough she reached up and undid the button on his bostancı escort pants, then slowly pulled down the zipper. Then she gripped the sides of his pants and shorts and pushed them down until he was able to step out of them. She was kneeling before him and looked up and gasped. His cock was rock hard and throbbing against his stomach. He had to be at least 9 inches long and 2 to 3 inches in diameter. She had never had a guy that big and she licked her lips once more.

Eric reached down and grasped her under her arms. He pulled her to her feet and pushed her back against the bathroom wall capturing her lips with his once more. He kissed her hard as his fingers went to her skirt opening it and pushing it down over her hips along with her shirt. Michelle kissed him back as she helped him undress her. When her clothes were a puddle around her feet she wrapped her arms around his waist.

He pulled his lips from hers and looked at her through heat filled eyes. “Come, before the water gets cold.”

She followed him into the shower and gasped as the hot water cascaded over her body. He handed her the body wash and a wash cloth. “Wash me.” He said huskily.

Michelle was glad she was getting paid for this. Most guys just wanted to get fucked and that was it. This was a totally new experience to her. She lifted her eyes to his and saw the heat in them, he was watching her with a soft smile on his lips. She poured some of the body wash on the cloth and put the bottle down. She rubbed the cloth together to get the soap spread then reached up and started running it in circles along his chest. He closed his eyes and tipped his head back letting the water wash over him as she moved the cloth across his skin. She ran the cloth across his arms and stomach, then kneeled in front of him. When she ran it across his cock he sucked in his breath and looked at her with hot eyes. His cock was leaking precum as she washed him and she felt her breathing become heavier. She moved to his legs, running the cloth almost lovingly over his skin. When she was done, she stood up and looked at him.

He took the washcloth from her and squeezed it out under the water then put it on a shelf in the shower. He moved under the showerhead washing all the soap from his body. Eric smiled at her then poured some of the body wash onto his hands. He rubbed them together then rubbed them against Michelle’s breasts, slowly caressing as he rubbed the soap into her skin. It was so erotic that Michelle felt her pussy heating up even more. When he slipped his hand between her legs, she whimpered. He rubbed against her pussylips then slipped a finger between them and flicked it lightly against her clit. Michelle moaned nad closed her eyes as he touched her.

“You are a hot little thing aren’t you?” He growled leaning down against her ear as he teased her with his finger.

“Ugh…I…I never really thought about it.” She whimpered grabbing a hold of his arm as her legs turned to jelly. He rubbed his finger against her clit as he bit lightly at her ear. “Usually I am more interested in the man’s pleasure then mine.”

He licked at her ear as he continued flicking his finger against her clit. “Not with me little one, I like my girls hot and willing.” He moved his finger down until he was able to slide it inside of her. Michelle whimpered and clung to his arm as he slowly fingered her.

Eric wrapped his arm around her waist and pushed her back until she was leaning against the shower wall. He kept up his motion with his finger between her legs and even slipped a second finger inside her with the first. Michelle whimpered and tipped her head back as pleasure coursed through her body. “Oh yes, nice and wet.” He growled against her ear. He bit lightly at her neck with his teeth as he teased her.

“Oh…oh god.” Michelle moaned feeling his fingers move faster inside her. It wasn’t the first time she had cum, she had actually managed to get off a few times from her tricks but she had never had one who worked her pussy like Eric was. Her pussy was on fire and her breathing was labored as she fought for release.

“Yes, give it to me baby.” He growled against her ear as he suddenly kissed her hard his tongue pushing into her mouth as he worked his fingers faster inside her.

Michelle clung to his arm as she kissed him back and whimpered against his mouth. He was pushing her so hard and fast towards release. She felt like an overwound watch about to break. When he pulled his lips from hers she was breathing hard and humping her pussy against his hand. “Come on baby, cum all over my fingers.” He growled against her ear.

He fingered her even faster and Michelle cried out as her body exploded with release. “Fuck I’m cummminnnnnggggg…” She cried slamming her pussy hard against his hand.

“Yes, that’s it, coat those fingers.” He growled still working his hand inside her.

Michelle closed her eyes and slumped back against the shower wall as she tried to regain her breathing. Eric worked his fingers inside her a few more times then slowly pulled them away. She opened her eyes and looked at him. “No one has ever…”

He put his finger against her lips then suddenly kissed her softly. “Like I said, I like my playmates hot and willing.”

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