Life is Good

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Life is good! My name is Patrick. I am sitting in my living room reminiscing. Looking around, I was very happy with this house that I built nine years ago.

Nine years ago… I had been divorced for about four years. My girlfriend of the last three and a half years was beauty. Shoulder length naturally blond hair that framed her angelic face. Her most alluring facial feature was her eyes. She had the biggest brown doe eyes that you have ever seen.

Kelly, my girlfriend, was about ten pounds heavier than she thought she should be. But those ten pounds were all in the right places. Her breasts measured 38D. They were so soft, yet there was very little sag. Those beautiful tits were capped by peach sized areolas. Right in the center of her pink circles was her beautiful half inch pink nipples. She had a 36 inch bubble butt that was to die for!

Kelly was a natural blond. The collar and the cuffs matched. The carpet of blond hair that covered her pussy was neatly trimmed. The flower in the center of her sex was always wet and calling for attention. I never had to search for her clit. It sat proudly at the top her slit, sticking out at least half an inch, more when it was aroused.

We stayed together, planning eventual marriage, for a total of seven years. One small problem; she was married! There was always some reason that she could not leave her wife-beating husband of 23 years.

At the end of our seven years, her kids were gown and out of the house. There were no more excuses. In the end, I told her I was tired of being her mistress. She needed to choose. The last I heard of her, one of her kids had told her husband about our affair. He beat the shit out of her and then came after me. I am not a fighter, but it did not take much kick his ass. He thought he was a big man because he was able to beat his wife. Beating a man was another story.

Enough about Kelly. This story is not about her. Life after Kelly went on. My job had me traveling quite a bit. This helped me to get my mind off our break up. I certainly missed her; she was a great fuck.

About a year before Kelly and I split, a cute young Indian family moved into the house next door to me. The couple seemed to be in their late twenties or early thirties. They had a beautiful two-year-old daughter.

Anna and Harry were friendly. We exchanged greetings each time we passed and had short ‘neighborly’ conversations. Because of my traveling, I did not see them too often.

Anna was fairly tall at five foot six inches. She had long shiny black hair that came to the middle of her back. Most of the time she wore it pulled back from her very pretty face. She had dark skin. Her eyes were dark and mysterious, almost black.

Her figure was best described as plump, chunky. She was probably thirty pounds over weight. But god what tits! They must have been at least 38DD or larger. Her waist and ass were also oversized.

After about a year, I noticed that I saw Anna more than Harry. She began to walk through the neighborhood with her daughter in a stroller. She was very consistent, walking most afternoons. When we would speak, she told me that she was determined to lose her baby fat.

After a few months, she had lost most of her baby fat. She looked great! Remember the fabulous body that I described of Kelly’s? Picture that body on the dark skinned Anna. She became a gorgeous sexy voluptuous woman!

I had been complimenting her on her progress throughout the months. She was very grateful for the compliments. It seems that Harry only saw her as fat and never recognized the voluptuous woman that she had become.

My love life was the pits. Kelly and I were no longer. The most consistent female in my life was Anna. I flirted with her every time I saw her. I began developing fantasies about making love to her. I dreamed of her beautiful body. I knew that nothing would come of my fantasies. There was no way that I would ever get involved with another married woman.

But the fantasies grew sexier as did the passions I felt for her. I could not get her out of my mind. She was my constant jack off fantasy. And I jacked off a lot in those days!

Time passed and a few months later, Anna told me she was pregnant with her second child. She was happy about the pregnancy except for the inevitable weight gain. She had worked so diligently to lose her excess weight and now it was all going to return.

Anna was determined Maltepe Escort not to gain as much weight with this pregnancy as she did with the first. She continued her daily walks until her fifth month. At that time, she had some problems with the pregnancy. The doctor put her to bed for the duration of the pregnancy.

Four months later, a baby boy was born. I had not seen Anna during the final four months of her pregnancy. But I assure you that she was never very far from my over active imagination.

I was shocked the first time I saw Anna after the delivery. It was almost a month after Kaleb’s birth and Anna still looked to be pregnant. What a disappointment!

Anna became very depressed about her weight. Because of the baby, she was unable to resume her daily walks. All of her time was spent on demand of the two kids. Her depression caused her to be tired all of the time, a viscous circle.

About this time I had a severe heart attack. I wound up having a triple bypass. My cardiologist told me that if I wanted to live much longer, my couch potato days were over. I needed to begin an exercise program. I began walking.

I tried walking in the neighborhood, but the hills and the inclement weather helped me decide to become a mall walker. I was able to build my stamina and was soon walking four laps around the mall, about three and a half miles each day.

Two years after my heart attack, I decided to retire. I was concerned that I might not have that much longer to live and I wanted to enjoy retirement as long as I could.

I had not seen Anna very much during that two year period. My time was spent on the job and then walking each evening. Her schedule was full with child rearing. The few times that I did see her, it was obvious that she had not lost her baby fat.

After my retirement, I made a routine of walking the mall at 10:00 each morning. This gave me the rest of the day to do as I chose.

About this same time Anna enrolled her two children in a private preschool. They attended school from 9:00 until 1:00 in the afternoon. This freed up Anna’s mornings and gave her some alone time.

One afternoon Anna and I were talking out at the mailboxes. She looked happier than I had seen her in years. I commented on her obvious change. She told me about the kids in preschool providing her with some alone time to be an adult again. She said that she had begun walking again trying to lose some weight, but could not build the consistency to walk everyday.

I told her about my mall walking and invited her to join me. I told her that I would expect her to walk daily, not just when she felt like it. It would give both of us the motivation we needed to exercise.

The next morning Anna was waiting for me in front of my house at 9:45. She was dressed in sweats that successfully hid her pudgy body. This became our daily regimen, including weekends when Harry would watch the children.

After two months, Anna had lost almost twenty pounds. She was looking good. No, she was looking HOT! Gone were the sweats. She was now proudly wearing cute, body hugging exercise outfits. Naturally as she lost weight I gave her sincere compliments. The compliments seemed to please her immensely. Obviously Harry had not changed and still only saw her as fat.

Anna and I got to know each other very well as we were together almost two hours every day. The longer we were together, the more we shared. It was not just neighbor stuff any longer, we shared more intimate confidences about our lives. Anna and I were quickly becoming best friends. We began having coffee together at one of our houses after returning from our walk. Many days we would get lost in conversation and it would surprisingly be time for Anna to pick the children up from school.

My fantasies were back ten fold. Now it was not just the body that I wanted it was the entire package that fascinated and titillated me. Not only was she beautiful she was a bright and caring woman. And she was my best friend. I was jacking off two, three, and even four times each day thinking about loving her! My poor dick was red and raw!

One morning as we were driving to the mall, I could tell that Anna was upset. “What is wrong, Anna?”

Nothing, Patrick. I…” and she began to tear up.

“Come on, Anna. We are best friends. You can talk to me about anything. What has happened?”

“Oh, Patrick; it is Harry. Kartal Escort We fought all weekend. He called me a ‘FAT COW’. He does not see the progress I have made with my weight! He said I was wasting my time walking every day.”

“Sweet Anna I know it hurts you. You have done so well. You have gone from a beautiful plump lady to a very beautiful, sexy temptress! If you were not married, I would be CHASING you around the mall, not just walking with you!”

By now, we had parked in the lot at the mall. Anna said “thank you” as we got out of the car. She was very quiet as we walked that day. I let her have her space.

As we were driving home, Anna asked, “Did you mean what you said? Am I really sexy? Harry says I am fat and does not want to touch me. He only makes love to me once a month. You can not even call it making love. He just gets off and does not care about my pleasure.”

I looked Anna straight in the eyes and said, “Yes I meant it. You are a truly beautiful woman. Look in the mirror. Your face is striking in its beauty framed by your thick shiny black hair. Those big smoldering black eyes speak volumes. Your chiseled nose is a work of art. Your big soft lips beg to be kissed. Your body is voluptuous. You have worked hard to get all the curves in just the right places.”

Anna began to cry. She leaned toward me, put her arms around me and buried her head in my shoulder. I returned the embrace and held her gently as she cried. After a few moments, the tears dried up and the sobs began to subside.

“Come on inside and I will fix you some coffee.” I offered.

As we drank the coffee sitting at the bar, she turned in her stool to face me and said, “Thank you Patrick. Thanks for being a friend. I hope you did not say all of those beautiful things just because we are best friends and you were trying to make me feel better.”

“No, Anna. I meant every word. If you were not married… Well let’s just say that it would be easy to prove!” With that I gave her a kiss on the cheek and sent her on her way to get the children at school.

The next morning Anna came over early for our ride to the mall. As we had about thirty minutes to kill, I offered her coffee and we again sat at the bar and drank the steaming coffee. Anna was again quiet, deep in thought.

“I did not sleep well last night. It was all your fault! I kept thinking about the wonderful way you described me yesterday. I began having fantasies about what you meant when you said that if I weren’t married it would be easy to prove your sincerity.”

I felt a little uneasy, as she seemed to be reading my fantasies about her. I tried to make a joke about her fantasies. As the time approached for us to leave for the mall, she excused herself to use the restroom. “Too much coffee!” she joked.

As she walked away, I watched her beautiful bubble butt swing as she moved. There was an instant stirring in my pants. All of the suggestive talk was having its effects on me. “Down boy.” I thought to myself.

Anna was very familiar with the floor plan of my house. She had been a welcomed visitor many times. I thought nothing of it when she opted to use the bathroom in the master suite as opposed to the guest rest room on he other end of the house. Both were equidistant from the bar.

A few minutes later I heard Anna holler “Patrick. Come quick!” I could not tell from her voice if she was panicked, hurt, scared or what. I ran in the direction of the master suite. I was not prepared for what I saw as I entered the master bedroom. I stopped in my tracks as I saw Anna lying naked in the center of my bed. She was propped up on her right elbow smiling and facing me. “Come and prove it!”

I was dumb founded. My mouth hung open. I could not speak. I did not know what to say. I just stood there memorizing the exquisite sight in front of me. My big head did not know what to do but my little head sure did! My dick got hard in record breaking time. I moved slowly to the bed and sat on the edge. My eyes never left Anna’s beautiful body.

Finally I found the strength to move my eyes to hers. “Are you sure you want to do this? You are married. You live just next door. You are my best friend.” I tried to talk her out of this. I wanted her to be sure before we went any further.

She nodded her head and said “yes”. I instantly moved to her luscious lips and began a slow and gentle kiss. The kisses progressed Pendik Escort to a French kiss as we opened our lips to each other and then into an all out tongue dance.

As we made out like two teenagers, my hands moved to her breasts. Her big soft beautiful dark skinned breasts. I squeezed. I bounced. I stroked. I weighed. I pinched. And then I did it all over again. I was in awe of her beautiful tits.

We made out for at least fifteen minutes. I did not want to stop kissing her. But I did want to move down to her extended nipples. I wanted to kiss, suck, nibble and bite her rigid black paps. And that is what I did! First her right breast for ten minutes and then to her left breast for equal time. While my mouth was busy with one huge, soft, firm breast my hands were caressing the other.

Anna had been writhing and moaning since I had moved to her breasts. “Oh Patrick… I am cumming! BITE ME!!! BITE IT HARDER!!! I am having a nipple orgasm! Aiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!!!!”

Anna was trying to catch her breath after her climax. Her chest was heaving up and down and she gasped for breath. Her beautiful tits were rising and falling as her chest expanded and fell. I just sat back on my haunches and marveled at the erotic sight.

“Oh god Patrick. I did not know anyone could make me cum through my nipples! It was one of the most intense climaxes I have ever had. And just think… you haven’t even touched my cunt yet!”

“Not yet is right. Get ready because here I come! I have smelled your arousal. Now I am going to taste it. I want to make you flow like a river right into my mouth!”

I kissed each of her nipples as I began my southward journey. My tongue danced into Anna’s beautiful soft belly button. She tensed up like she was going to scream, but quickly relaxed and giggled. I left her sexy navel and continued down. I kissed over her tender belly. Even after her weight loss, there was still that little paunch that I personally find as exciting as hell. I gave this area the extra attention that it deserved before I moved to the main course.

I found my lips in the dense forest of her pubic mound. Her black hair was full but neatly trimmed. Her labia were black and puffy. I kissed, licked and sucked both of her outer lips into my mouth. Anna began to moan a deep husky sound that told of her impending climax. I pulled her lips apart with my thumbs. Now I was staring at her beautiful pink flower. Her little lips were open showing the entrance to the holiest of temples, her vagina. Sitting majestically at the top of her flower was her clitoris, peeking out from under its hood and ruling over all that it surveyed.

I could wait no longer; I plunged my tongue deep into her wet hole. Her body went rigid as I lapped at her juices like a kitten that just found a bowl of warm milk. Anna’s climax was sudden and intense. Thank goodness that no one was at home next door for they surely would have heard Anna’s window rattling scream and known exactly what we were doing!

After a couple of minutes, I backed my tongue out of her vagina and replaced it with two fingers. My fingers were soon steadily sawing in and out of her slick hole. My tongue moved to her engorged clit. As soon as I touched her clit, I was rewarded with a heavy splash of warm girl cum all over my chin and throat. With the volume, I thought she had lost control of her bladder. But the smell and taste assured me that it was cum that she had squirt.

Anna was squirming all over the bed. Her head and shoulders were being thrown from side to side. Her mouth was open as if to scream, but no sounds could be heard. My tongue kept flicking her bundle of nerves as I sucked it hard into my mouth. My fingers were still fucking into her cunt with a steady rhythm. Anna seemed to float from one strong orgasm into the next even stronger climax. Finally her body could take no more. Her body arched. Only her head and heels were touching the bed. Her beautiful body was shaking and twitching. Anna gave out a blood-curdling scream and passed out.

I rearranged her limp body into a comfortable position on the bed. I kissed her lovingly on the lips. The clock on the bedside table said 11:15. I guess we will miss our morning walk! We had been in the bedroom for an hour and a half and I still had all my clothes on!

I moved into the living room and sat in my recliner giving Anna time to recuperate. I looked around at the house that I had built nine years ago and was very happy. I do not know where my relationship with Anna will go. I hope we remain best friends only now with privileges!

Yes, as I reminisce about the past and look into the future I know that LIFE IS GOOD!

To be continued…

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