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Subject: Life-Changing-3 Please donate to Nifty to help cover the expenses of providing us this ail Life Changing 3 by tagenhard We woke up before dawn and Hal used his morning hard on to pump another load down Tommy’s still sleepy throat. They then took a shower together as I made a quick breakfast, Hal slipped out to his car while it was still dark and no lights were on in the neighbor’s houses. After he left, I walked out naked in the dark to pick up the paper from the front lawn. Kevin just happened to be out running and spotted me and I stood tall and let him take me all in, he just gave me a wave and a thumbs up then proceeded on to his house. I found myself chubbed up a little and had Tommy give me a blow job before I took him to school. “Why is getting pissed on in the shower fun?” Tommy asked as we drove to the school. I dropped him off, he was earlier than usual since we had started the day so early but he said the library would be open and he would find a book to read. As I pulled into the driveway Jack was walking out to the car with Peter. “No sense both of us running to school every day.” Jack called out. “We should set up a schedule to share the task.” “That sounds like a smart idea.” I returned. “We can talk it over later.” My morning went as scheduled, Mrs. Horowski was first, she’s been dealing with depression since her husband passed. Mr. Carter was fighting his kleptomaniac compulsion and Mr. Dais was doing anger management. James called me and had to cancel my massage appointment because he had a small electrical fire and the studio was a bit of a mess and stinky. He didn’t have any openings for a week and felt bad with me being a neighbor and all. Then he suggested that he would be willing to do a session tonight after dinner but it would have to be out in the backyard. He could do the soft music but there would be no aroma therapy and such. I told him I didn’t want to cut into his personal time but he insisted he would make an exception for me so I gave in and agreed. I had lunch and then Thomas Short for his court appointed appointment. Thomas was 16 and was labeled as a delinquent. He didn’t listen to his parents, acted out in school, set a minor fire or two and maybe killed a cat but that couldn’t be proven. He wasn’t particularly cooperative with me at first but I set a pattern of not actually talking with him about his behavior but about things that he showed interest in, as found in his room and reported to me by his parents. We talked about soccer and his taste in music, his bland political opinions but never about his undesired behavior. He was lulled into feeling comfortable enough to open up to me about his inner feelings of youthful angst and gave small unintended insight into his thoughts of sex. I of course used that and now and then and threw in a small sexual innuendo that spoke to him. He took the bait and started to throw more and more out and opened up about the perverted thoughts he had. He was all over the board with incest and rape, faggot sex and water sports, scat and bondage, kids and old people. Basically, anything sexual turned him on, but he’s never actually had sex beyond his hand. What I picked out of it was that he thought he might be gay but was afraid of that and that he had interest sexually in his dad and brother but he never said any of that outright. That’s part of a psychologists or psychiatrists’ job isn’t it. Hearing what is being said behind or beyond what is vocalized. The trick is to get the patient to finally vocalize it without them realizing they were led to their own truth. He hasn’t come to that point yet but I have allowed him to become more vocal about his sexual fantasies without trying to steer him away from them. Today his little brother came up and I feed into him to run with that. Some curious ideas there that I needed to follow up on. With my massage appointment canceled I had a hole in my schedule and went over to Jack’s and rang the doorbell. He took advantage of his work at home status or he stripped down because he saw it was me at the door. He answered the door in just boxers. “I’m guessing you don’t zoom much for your job.” I chuckled. “Why would you assume that?” He laughed back. “Us tech manual guys are a fun and wild group. Come on in.” He stepped back and waved his hand inward. He offered me a drink after I walked in. “Do tech manual guys also drink on the job during the day?” I asked. “I’m done for the day actually, aren’t you?” “No, I have two more clients, just had a gap in my schedule and you mentioned working out a plan to share the chore of taking the boys to school.” I explained. “To be honest I’m willing to do it the majority of the time.” Jack offered. “It gets me out of the house, I spend all day with just a computer. At least you see people during the day, I know you don’t talk about your personal life but at least your interacting with people. So running the boys back and forth gives me a break in the otherwise boring routine. I can start with picking them up today.” “Well I’m okay with that I guess and of course I will pick up the times you can’t.” “I’m glad the boys hit it off.” Jack stated. “Yea they seem to have gotten close fast.” I agreed. Jack seemed to be studying me for some indication that I knew what was going on. It made me wonder if Peter didn’t say anything about the moments where I was involved, maybe Peter liked to keep secrets from dad. “Well, we seem to have that figured out so I’ll let you get back to your thing.” I expressed and was about to turn to the door. “Just jacking off, a little porn on the computer, you know how it is.” Jack laughed. “Well I guess, there are days.” I replied amused at his in the gutter forthrightness with some one who he just met. “What’s your flavor?” Jack asked. “Flavor?” I questioned with true puzzlement. “What flavor of perv are you?” Jack chuckled. “What are you into, straight male and female, group scenes, bondage, role play, trannies, gay?” Jack’s voice raised a little with that one. “S I had my back to Peter as I tucked in a bottom corner of the bed. I felt my shorts being pulled down and let it happen, once they hit the floor I stepped out of them and continued with the bed. Peter made a snort, “I don’t understand you.” Peter said with frustration. “And I don’t understand you either.” I returned as I sat down on the corner of the bed facing Peter, my cock and balls hanging down and free for him to see. His eyes did drop down to them. “What do you mean?” “I think your dad knows all about what you and Tommy have been up to but you haven’t told him about the interaction between us. Why not?” Peter dropped to his knees between my legs and reached out and took a hold of my cock and started to play with it. “Because nothing has happened between us, you never get hard.” He retorted. “But we’ve kissed.” I pointed out. “But that’s not sex, it’s not something my dad or grampa do, so I didn’t tell him.” Peter explained then leaned forward and sucked my soft cock into his mouth. I ran my fingers thru his hair and wondered why I wasn’t getting hard for Peter but I do for Tommy. Could it be that Tommy is my son and he’s the only boy I’m interested in, no I don’t think so. I think it’s because I don’t know if he was manipulated or forced into this life or not. Tommy showed interest, he seemed to want it and therefore it was ok. I had the feeling Peter was pushed into it and I didn’t find that sexy. I pulled him off of my still soft cock and looked him in the eyes. “How about we kiss.” I suggested. “I’d like that.” He replied with a true smile. We put our lips together and I pushed my tongue into his tender sweet mouth. I placed my hands on his sides and caressed the soft skin and pulled him in tighter to me. I felt his little hand wrap around my cock and he stroked it as we kissed. My one hand slipped down and cupped his tight little boy butt while the other continued to caress his side and back. The softness of the skin, the warmth and intimacy of the act pleased me and I realized this was turning me on. Peter was now holding my hardening cock in his hand an giving me a hand job as we kissed. This was sexy, this was pleasurable and my cock now throbbed in his hand. I moved my hand from his butt to the back of his head and pulled our mouths in tighter as I gently tongue fucked him. He was purring sort of and that turned me on more. My breathing quickened and he realized what that was a sign of and tried to pull away from my mouth but I held him in place and soon found myself shooting my load onto his hand and across his hard little nail. After I finished blowing my load, I broke the kiss and caught my breath, Peter went to drop to his knees but I caught him by his armpits and laid him down on the bed. I dropped my mouth to his groin and started to lick up my cum from his belly and then his hard spike. I sucked the little thing into my mouth along with his balls and swirled my tongue around şişli travesti it at the same time I sucked, he squirmed and sighed as I did so. Suddenly his fingers grasped onto my hair and he bucked up into my mouth and his body went stiff and shuddered before then going limp. I released his softening boy junk and licked my way up to his face and then kissed him deep again. He opened his eyes and smiled a cute little dimpled smile. “No adult has ever done that, it was awesome.” His eyes twinkled with satisfaction. “Well I’m glad I could do that for you.” I smiled back. “Are you going to tell your dad now?” I could see the wheels turning as he thought a moment. “I don’t think so, I don’t want him to ruin the chance that it could happen again.” “I’ll be glad to kiss you anytime.” I stated and ran my fingers thru his hair. “So okay now I’ll ask, where is Tommy?” “Oh, he’s tied up in the garage.” Peter giggled. “Mm, that sounds like something to check out.” I winked at Peter and got off the bed and proceed towards the garage followed by a snickering Peter. I opened the door into the garage and saw that sure enough, Tommy was naked and his wrists tied together. Somehow Peter managed to run another rope up over a rafter and around the rope binding Tommy’s wrists causing him to be suspended where he was. Peter left enough rope that Tommy was standing on his feet but was unable to pull loose and was basically hanging there. The main garage door was open but with my car parked in the driveway you couldn’t really see Tommy unless you were really trying to look into the garage. Which I noticed Missy Mae was doing from across the street as she sat on the curb in front of her house. Now she has not only seen Tommy naked but me as well and Peter. There was no way to make believe she hadn’t seen us, so I gave her a wave and she waved back. Then I hit the button to close the door and she disappeared from sight. “I hope she doesn’t tell her parents and cause trouble.” I said to both of them but more so Peter since this was his doing. “Did you lose another bet?” I asked of Tommy. He blushed lightly. “No, Peter suggested it and I thought it sounded fun.” Tommy admitted. “What were you hoping would happen?” “I don’t really know, it just sounded fun.” Tommy repeated as if that was a good enough explanation. “Mm, what am I going to do with you?” I said out loud as just a general statement. “You could spank him.” Peter suggested. “Spank him?” I returned with a questioning tone as I gave Tommy’s ass a softish smack. Tommy jerked and tried to move away but was laughing at the same time. “Oh, you think this is funny?” I asked as I gave him another slap, not hard enough to leave a redness but enough to make a smacking sound. Tommy again tried to jerk away but was still laughing. I noticed he had a stiffy from this. “Does your dad or anyone spank you as a part of their sex play with you?” I questioned Peter. “Yea.” Peter replied but with a lowering tone and a saddened face. “They do it to hard?” “They do it till I cry. And then more sometimes.” He explained. “I’m truly sorry.” I expressed. “Tommy do you want me to spank you hard enough to make you cry?” “No.” He squealed out. “Okay then, I’ll stop just short of that.” I informed with a chuckle. Tommy looked a little panicked but didn’t say anything. I gave him another slap as I reached around and took his stiffy into my fingers. I started to stroke him and gave him another slap. Peter came behind him and pushed two fingers up into his asshole as I repeated spanking him and stroking him. I moved my head so we were face to face and started to kiss Tommy as I stroked him and spanked him. It took about 4 minutes and Tommy’s butt was turning a slight rosy color when suddenly his body jerked and he gasped out, he was having his boygasm. I sent Peter on his way and started dinner, it was simple chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. “How was your school day?” I asked as we ate. Tommy just shrugged his shoulders as if to indicate alright, but I knew this was his way of not answering a question when there was something he didn’t want to tell. “Keeping secrets from me now, maybe I best tell Mr. Jack that you and Peter can’t be friends anymore.” “No don’t do that.” Tommy pouted out. “Well if your friendship with him means your going to start keeping secrets from me then I think I best end it.” I expressed. Tommy sighed in defeat. “Ok.” He paused, “When I was in the library this morning, instead of reading a book I went on a computer. Mr. Rice was on duty today and he sat down next to me. He said he wasn’t use to seeing me there and I explained about being early.” “Mr. Rice is the guidance counselor, right?” “Yes, he is, He asked what I was looking up and I told him I was looking for pictures of naked men.” “That was foolish.” I commented. “It just blurted out; I didn’t mean to say it. I’m sorry.” “You know all of this has to be a secret.” I scolded. “What happened after you told him that?” “He turned the computer and looked at the image that was there and asked why I wanted to look at naked men. I told him I found them interesting. He wanted to know if there was any special part and I pointed to the cock. He reached over and turned the computer off saying that it was wrong to be looking at this on the school computers. He took me to his office and asked me if I ever saw you naked and I told him yes when you got out of the shower sometimes and that you slept naked and sometimes, I saw you get out of bed and you were hard. He took a stick out of his desk and plugged it into his computer and opened up a file with pictures of naked men. He asked if I liked looking at them as he flipped from one to the next. They were all pictures of regular men, you know dad like guys like I see at church and my friends have, I told him yes, they were all nice to look at. He asked if I liked looking at the pictures or seeing the real thing better. I said that I really liked seeing the real thing when I saw you or when we have been to the Y and I saw other men in the locker room. Then a picture came up that I realized was him and I said he looked nice. He asked me if I would rather look at the picture or see the real thing and I asked if I could see it for real please. He asked if you had a big one and I told him yes. Then he stood up and opened his pants and asked if it was as big as his.” Tommy stopped talking and shoved more food into his mouth. “I knew I would have to prompt him to get more, I had to play his game. “And was it?” Tommy giggled at his having won. “No, it was a little shorter but fatter, even hard.” Tommy stated. “I told him that you were longer but he was fatter and he just let me look at it a moment then he put it away and went back to his computer and pulled up my class schedule. He asked if I wanted to look at him naked more and I said yes. He told me to come to his office 4th period instead of going to gym class. Then the class bell rang and he told me to get to home room but remember to come back at 4th period.” “I imagine you didn’t pay much attention to your first three classes; you were probably thinking about what was going to happen.” I chuckled. “Yea Mrs. Ludow yelled at me for day dreaming during her class.” Tommy admitted. “I went to his office like I was supposed to and he hung out the in session sign like you do and he locked the door. He asked why I was there. I didn’t understand and said because you said I could see more of you naked. He said he just wanted to make sure that that was what I wanted. He unbuttoned his shirt and pushed down his pants and stood there in front of me. He let me look at it real close, then he sat down and spread his legs and said I could do whatever I wanted. So I asked if I could touch it and he said yes so I put my fingers on it and felt it up and down, he thought that was really nice and suggested I wrap my fingers around it so I did and he put his fingers around mine and started to stroke it. We did that for a while then he let go and told me to keep doing it, I didn’t let him know that I already knew so I acted like I was doing my best at something I never did before.” “Very clever of you.” I pointed out. “Thanks.” Tommy smiled. “So after he gave me a few more tips, I got really good at jerking him off, he suggested I might like to kiss it but I acted like I don’t know that sounded yucky and he said maybe next time but I kept stroking him and he was whispering naughty words like you do.” “What was he saying?” I asked. “Oh, how hot it was to have a student playing with him in his office and he loved having his cock played with and that it was right that a student gave him joy considering all he does for them.” “But he didn’t use swear words?” “Hmm,” Tommy paused thinking. “No, just the other stuff and then he asked if I would like to touch you like this and I told him yea. He said it would be so awesome to see a boy play with his dad then he started to get beylikdüzü travesti those tingles.” “Tingles?” I cut him off. “You know what I mean.” He shot back giggling. “Anyway, he started to shoot his cum and I acted all surprised and wanted to know what it was and stuff. He suggested I taste it but I said yuck and he said maybe another time. Then the bell rang and I had to go back to class.” I realized that had made me hard and if I didn’t already have plans, I would have fucked Tommy right then and there. “Hey I have a late massage appointment with James tonight, want to come over there with me?” “What would I do?” He asked cocking his head. “I’ll ask Kevin to look after you. They go nude at home.” I added as a temptation. And he did perk up at that idea. We finished our meal while I was thinking about Mr. Rice and if I should throw myself into the mix or wait for it to develop. After the dishes were washed and yes I make Tommy help, he’s really good about pitching in on household chores when asked, except for keeping his room cleaned. James answered the door in just a pair of shorts and was surprised to see Tommy with me. “Ah hi, are you canceling?” “No, but I couldn’t leave him home alone so I thought Kevin might be willing to spend time with him.” I stated as we stepped past him into the house. ” “Well Kevin’s in the backyard but he’s, well you know.” James stated lowering his voice. “You mean naked, right, that’s ok, Tommy’s been going naked also lately.” I replied. “Wanna go be naked with Kevin?” I directed to Tommy. Before James could interject his objections or an opinion, Tommy had his top and shorts pulled off and was running out the back door. “Well Kevin is on the left side of the backyard; I have the table set up on the right.” James explained. “Sounds good.” I returned and stripped down right there and added my clothes to Tommy’s pile. James was stunned at first and staring openly at my hanging meat. “Are you going to be the only one dressed?” I chuckled. “But the state laws.” He started. “Oh hell, it’s after hours, it’s not in your office, it’s not inside your house and we’ll just say it’s off the books.” I retorted and headed for the backyard myself. I walked over to Kevin who was looking a little unsure of the situation. “Sorry to spring this on you but I didn’t want to leave him home alone at his age.” I explained to Kevin. “Ah, sure I guess, but your okay with the nudity?” Kevin was soft and not showing any signs of excitement. “I am unless you’re not, he’s male, you’re male, there’s no mysteries here.” I chuckled. “Consider it a practice in fatherhood in case the two of you have been thinking of adopting.” I added. “Yes Kev.” James piped in stepping up alongside me, he had lost his shorts, “Consider it practice, see what kind of fun you can have with a boy.” Kevin furrowed his brow looking at James, I think he wasn’t sure if James’s statement was innocent or maybe James was hinting at something. I looked Kevin over, I would guess Italian heritage with black course hair across his chest and stomach, wiry but well-trimmed pubic hair. A slight olive tone to his skin and dark eyes, an attractive man all in all. His soft cock was about 5 inches and uncut, this would be new to Tommy and I had no doubt he would ask about it. I ran my eyes over James with his Oriental/American mixed heritage giving him a smooth hairless body and a slim figure. Walnut brown pouty nipples topped his developed pecs. He was also neatly trimmed and had a black wiry bush on top of a chubbed up 4-inch cock. I’m guessing it might get to be around 6 when fully hard, which was perfect for what I was planning. “Well shall we.” I stated as I turned and headed for the massage table on the other side of the yard. As James and I walked over there I heard Tommy ask, “Where’s the rest of your wiener?” I chuckled to myself as I laid down on my stomach and nestled my head into the face cradle. James has soft music playing but it was loud enough that I couldn’t hear Kevin and Tommy talking. James laid his hands on my back and started his routine. Now Tommy explained to me after we went home what happened to him, but instead of telling my story and then his, I’m going to mix all the info together and describe everything that was going on at once even though I didn’t see it directly. As James started my massage, Kevin found himself in the position of having to explain to Tommy about circumcision and wasn’t really comfortable about that. “So, show me then.” Tommy commanded. “Show you what?” “You explained it but now show me where its hidden.” Kevin looked over towards James and I and saw that I couldn’t see anything. “Don’t tell your dad I did this.” “I won’t tell dad about anything we do.” Tommy smiled with his fingers crossed behind his back. Kevin took a deep breath and with some reservations reached down and took his cock in hand and peeled back the foreskin. “Cool.” Tommy expressed. “Can I try that?” “What?” Kevin asked with alarm guessing what Tommy meant. “Make the top appear and disappear.” “Your dad won’t like that.” Kevin returned. Tommy looked over to us. “He can’t see anything, he’ll never know.” Tommy whispered back as he reached over and took a hold of Kevin’s cock before Kevin could give assent. Kevin jumped at the touch but was afraid to push Tommy away in case Tommy would make a scene that would draw his dads’ attention. Tommy’s small hand wrapped itself around the thick Italian meat as best as he could and tugged back on the foreskin till the head popped out, then he moved it back again. He repeated this process which was in fact a hand job and Kevin was shocked to find himself getting hard. “It’s getting bigger, this is so great.” Tommy enthused. Kevin looked over and saw James was watching, James gave him a thumbs up and Kevin realized his husband was giving his approval. They had never talked about pedo stuff before and didn’t know that James was cool with it. Kevin was still nervous that Tommy’s dad might suddenly look but he figured James would somehow prevent that. Kevin relaxed slightly and started to enjoy the feeling of his cock hardening in the small tender hand as it jacked him off. “Wow, you’re almost as big as daddy.” Tommy whispered. James hands moved off my back and across my ass to my legs. He took long strokes up and down with his finger pushing into my butt crack when he did the up stroke. One hand left my leg and I felt oil being poured onto my ass. Then returning his hand to my right leg, one on the outside and one on the inside, he pushed his hands up and when he reached my ass the hand on the inside just pushed between my ass cheeks and across my pucker. I arched my hips up slightly at the touch signaling my pleasure in the touch. Although I had never been fucked, I did enjoy having my asshole touched. James repeated the process but this time when he touched my asshole he lingered and rubbed my hole back and forth. Kevin was surprised at how great it felt to have this young boy handling his meat, he had never thought of kids when it came to sex but, well wow. He looked over to James and saw that his husband had his finger in my butt crack and guessed what was going on there. James raised one hand to his mouth and gave Kevin the universal blow job motion. Kevin was shocked that James was actually suggesting that but, well maybe. I felt James concentrate more on his finger action around my hole and I arched up and pushed against his fingers. Kevin placed his hand on the top of Tommy’s head and applied slight downward pressure, Tommy knew what he wanted and allowed his face to move down toward the hard cock he was jerking off. Tommy opened his mouth and slipped his lips around the plumb cock head. I felt James push two fingers into my virgin ass slowly, I didn’t object so he continued to push and then slowly began to finger fuck me. Kevin could tell that his husband was now finger fucking me as he applied more gentle pressure to the back of Tommy’s head, encouraging him to take more of his hard cock into the small sucking mouth. Tommy did his best at sucking more of it into his mouth and rubbed Kevin’s balls with one hand as he did. It didn’t occur to Kevin that Tommy was maybe doing to well at this because he was just so amazed at the hot tight mouth and that he was actually getting sucked off by a young boy while his dad was getting finger fucked not that far away. Kevin had pulled Tommy’s head down onto most of his meat, he did it slow and gentle, he didn’t want to hurt the boy or make it a bad experience, even though the boy seemed very willing. James continued to finger me and I was enjoying it. Kevin looked to James and saw James waving for him to come over. Kevin didn’t know what James was thinking but it was all good so far. He pulled Tommy’s mouth up and off of his cock and whispered to Tommy that they were going to go over to James. James put a finger to his mouth giving them the hush signal istanbul travesti and Kevin and Tommy quietly stepped over to them. James then signaled for Tommy to suck his cock so Tommy knelt down in front of James and sucked the slender hard cock into his mouth as James started to finger fuck me harder. James used his other hand to hold Tommy’s head onto his cock and fucked into it. He mouthed to Kevin to finger Tommy’s ass. Kevin was worried where this was going to lead but he did as James wanted and oiled up a finger, then knelt behind Tommy and pushed against the young boy rose bud. The tight pucker resisted at first but then his finger pushed past the ring and into the warm tunnel. I was enjoying the attention to my ass while blissfully unaware that as James fingered me, he was face fucking my son as his husband finger fucked him. It would have been nice to see a video of that. James tired of that and pulled out of Tommy’s mouth and pulled his fingers out of me but kept rubbing my ass cheeks with one hand. I felt James climb up into the table, which he has done before in order to apply more pressure to my muscled back. I felt his hand slide up my back and as he reached the top, I felt his hard cock glide across the top of my ass. I again arched my hips and pushed back at the touch of his cock. Kevin had pulled his fingers out of Tommy’s ass and turned Tommy around and feed his cock back into Tommy’s mouth. James sat back up across my legs and pushed the tip of his cock down in between my cheeks. I started to lift my head asking where Tommy was. James reached out and pushed my head back down into the cradle and lied to me that Kevin had taken him into the house. James pushed forward and I felt the tip of his cock touch my greased asshole, then he pushed harder and it slipped into me, I groaned out at the feel of my virginity being taken away. I can’t say it was great but it wasn’t bad either, it was different and I figured if Tommy could take it then so could I. As Kevin watched his husband’s cock slide up into my ass, he held my son’s head in place and started to mouth fuck him, gently, he didn’t want to make Tommy gag and have me hear that. James and Kevin fell into a matching rhythm of thrusting in and out of us. The more James fucked me the more I started to enjoy it, and Tommy liked the feel of Kevin’s thick cock in his mouth. For about 4 minutes they continued their mutual gentle fucking of the father and son, then James mouthed to Kevin to fuck Tommy. Well here is where Kevin drew the line, there’s no way this kid could take a cock up his little ass and he shook his head no to James. James just gave him a sneer and returned to concentrating on fucking me for a few more minutes. Then he said to me, “You stay just like that, don’t move, I’ll be back in a moment.” I felt James pull out of me and then climb off the table. James motioned to Kevin to climb up and fuck me, Kevin hesitated a moment before pulling out of Tommy’s mouth. James again gave Tommy the hush signal, before putting his head alongside mine. “Don’t worry Tommy’s still in the house.” He lied to me again. “We’re gonna up size you at no extra cost.” As he said that I felt a new weight climbing onto the table and of course realized it had to be Kevin. “I’ll go look after Tommy while Kev continues your massage, have fun.” I could tell from the movement that he then moved away from my head, at the same time I felt a thicker bigger cock head bump up against my hole. I didn’t say anything, Kevin didn’t say anything as he applied pressure and soon that plumb head pushed thru and was in me. I was glad I started with James’s sleeker cock first but as Kevin pushed deeper into me, I grew to appreciate the thicker piece. James and Tommy watched silently as Kevin sunk his cock into me with Tommy grinning at seeing his dad get fucked. After a few minutes of that, James led Tommy away to the other side of the yard where they could still see but I was less likely to hear them. James didn’t waste anytime in spinning Tommy around and down to his hands and knees on the lawn. He rubbed Tommy’s asshole and slipped a finger in. “I’m gonna fuck you like we have been doing to your dad.” He whispered into Tommy’s ear as a statement not a request. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” Tommy just shyly nodded his head in agreement as he looked into the distance and saw Kevin’s hips rise and fall as he thrust into me. James placed the tip of his fuck stick to Tommy’s hole, he reached around and cupped his hand over Tommy’s mouth and then thrust in to the hot tight boy tunnel. James shivered at the feeling, the excitement, the perversion of it. Although he had never talked to Kevin about it, having sex with a boy was something he always dreamed about and now he had his cock buried into one. Kevin was enjoying fucking me, it was something he had thought about ever since we met but right at this moment, he had his eyes locked onto his husband and couldn’t believe that he actually was fucking the boy, his body shuddered at the thought of maybe trying it himself. James and Kevin locked eyes on each other and mouthed back and forth “I love you.” as they each fucked into their respective holes. Father and son getting fucked by husband and husband. Kevin started to hit the right spot inside me and I thought I might just cum from this. James kept his hand on Tommy’s mouth as he increased his speed and fucked deeper into his boy cunt. Tommy was handling it well since it was actually the smallest cock he had been fucked with so far, apart from Peter’s. He bucked back into James’s thrusts and James also missed the cue that Tommy was handling this better than he should. James moved his hand away from his mouth but instructed him to be quiet. Tommy was able to muffle his moans and groans and squeaks as James took hold of him by his hips and thrust a little faster and harder into the tight boy hole. Kevin was now bottoming out into me with his thrusts and I was openly moaning in pleasure, this was okay, I could handle having this as a apart of my sex life. James was also balls deep in to Tommy’s hole and was thinking maybe he and Kevin should consider adopting, “You’re such an incredible fuck little man.” James whispered into Tommy’s ear. “I hope we get to do this again.” Tommy moaned out yea as softly as he could. Kevin spewed his load into me and said “I sure hope we can to this again” as he laid his weight down on top of me as he caught his breath. He also did it to hold me down as James finished fucking my son. James allowed himself to slam into Tommy right at the end as he shot his load deep into Tommy’s guts as he muttered fuck over and over again like a mantra. James took Tommy into the house and told him Kevin would be in to clean him up. He returned to the table and Kevin thanked me again as he climbed off and reiterated that he hoped we do it again. James had me rollover, “So how was it?” He asked. “It wasn’t bad actually.” I informed. “I can see why you boys like it.” “Are you turning queer on us?” James chucked. “Who knows.” I returned with a shrug of my shoulders as James took a hold of my cock and started to work it then dropped his mouth down onto it. Kevin was in the house cleaning up Tommy’s butt. “Do you wanna fuck me to?” Tommy asked. “I don’t think I can get it hard again.” Kevin admitted. “We can try.” Tommy suggested as he reached out for Kevin’s cock. “I think we created a monster.” Kevin chuckled and was surprised to find himself getting hard again. Tommy leaned forward and sucked the growing cock into his mouth till it was to its full length. “I think it’s ready, don’t you?” Tommy observed. “I guess it is.” Kevin agreed as he picked Tommy up and carried him into the bedroom and laid him down on the bed. He folded and pushed Tommy’s legs up to his chest so he could look him in the eyes as he pressed his reinvigorated cock to Tommy’s little hole. James had me hard and very wet, he climbed back onto the table and centered his ass over my cock, held it up and slipped himself down onto it. James fucked himself on me as I just laid there, he commented on how he loved my bigger cock. Kevin thrust into Tommy slowly but steady. “Your so fucking sexy.” He stated and lowered his lips to Tommy’s and pushed his tongue into his mouth and they kissed as he rocked his hips impaling Tommy on his thick cock. James took his pleasure using me, he was fucking himself, I wasn’t fucking him. He had thoughts about ditching Kevin and becoming my lover. Kevin took his pleasure fucking Tommy and had thoughts about ditching James and trying to become my lover. I just enjoyed the skill in which James rode my cock and had no thoughts beyond blowing my load. Well maybe I did wonder if Tommy could handle two cocks at once. Tommy was feeling full and was concentrating on that and had no thoughts beyond that. Well maybe wondering if he could get some ice cream when this was all done. I blew my load and Kevin dropped another. Tommy got cleaned up again and Kevin sat him on the sofa in front of the TV. That’s where I found them and thanked James and Kevin for an interesting experience. Tommy started to tell me all about his experience the minute we were out the door.

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