Liam Tells his Aunt About Massage

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Prologue: This story is a continuation of my story, “Liam’s First Massage”. Please read it before reading this story. These stories are fiction but incorporate true personal experiences. Thanks!

Driving to Betty’s office, feeling dampness between her legs, Jean was thinking, “What if Liam had been completely naked when I gave him that massage, such a large, strong, good looking young man!

“I need to be very careful when I ask Betty about him visiting me next weekend. I don’t want to let on as my true intentions,” adding, “Once I get her approval I’ll make a quick exit before I say something I shouldn’t.”

Jean drove into the parking lot of the small, upscale strip mall that Betty owned. Betty used one of the ten suites as her real estate office. She parked, apprehensively walked up to Betty’s suite and knocked on the front door. Betty broke out in a big smile when she saw Jean at the door.

“What a pleasant surprise!” Betty exclaimed, exchanging a big hug with her friend.

“It’s great to see you!” Jean returned. Suddenly, her apprehension disappeared.

“Come on in. I’ll make a pot of coffee,” Betty offered.

“That would be fine,” Jean replied.

The women chatted like girls for onwards of an hour, when Betty remembered that she had asked Liam to start the charcoal at four thirty.

“I have to call Liam to tell him I’ll be late,” Betty said, “He’s starting the charcoal at four thirty.”

“No, don’t do that. I have an appointment myself. I need to be on the road,” Jean said.

“By the way, I was wondering if Liam could spend a weekend helping me. I have a lot of chores and minor repairs that need tending to?” asked Jean.

“Sure, that would be fine. You’ll enjoy his company. He’s a very personable and intelligent young man,” Betty answered, “When were you thinking of?”

“Well, if possible, next weekend would be great for me. I still haven’t found anyone to put in my boat dock and it’s already two weeks into June,” Jean replied.

“Done, my friend!” Betty returned, “I’m sure Liam will want to help you.”

“Well, I’d better let you go,” Jean said.

The women exchanged hugs and left for their cars.

I lay on the couch reliving the massage and all the enlightening events that I had experienced since moving in with my aunt some three weeks ago.

Betty isn’t really my aunt; she is a close family friend who we affectionately call “Aunt”. Betty is a very pretty woman, fair white skin, freckles, and strawberry blond hair, depicting her Irish heritage. At five foot six and 155 pounds, some might describe her as a large woman, but compared to my six foot two, 220 pounds she was just right. Her well proportioned figure, ample 36D breasts and a fairly trim body looked good in a one piece swimsuit or the outfits she wore to the health club.

When I moved in with her, I was shy and had little self confidence with girls. I shouldn’t have felt this way but I did. Needless to say, I was a virgin. About a week into my stay an event occurred that started out as the escort bayan bursa most embarrassing ever to happen to me but ended up well, starting my sexual awakening.

Since then, Betty had taken me under her wing. Both of us knew that we would always be friends but due to our 27 year age difference that our sexual relationship would end someday. She was the first person in my life that I could truly confide in. That was a comforting feeling.

I got up, grabbed a beer out of the fridge and started the grill on her porch. The coals were just right when Betty pulled into the carport.

After a good hamburger dinner and a few beers, we sat in lounge chairs over looking the lake and rehashed our week’s activities. Betty mentioned that Jean would like me to help her next weekend and I agreed. After watching the sun slowly disappear into the lake, we retired to her bedroom.

Since I had taken a shower earlier, I undressed and got in bed, naked, pulling a light sheet over me. Betty took a long shower, giving me time to think about how I was going to tell her about the massage. We had established such a close and open relationship that I knew I had to tell her.

Finally, she emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel covering from her neck to mid thigh.

“That felt good,” she said as she lay down on her back on top of the sheet, “I have to dry off.”

I rolled on my side and started caressing her damp thighs. She looked, smelled, and felt so good.

“You’ve just shaved, I remarked, feeling her smooth skin.

“Just for you,” she replied.

Trying not to stutter, I blurted out, “You remember when we talked about me eventually having sexual encounters with other women? Well, I had….” before being interrupted.

“No! You didn’t, already? Don’t tell me. Let me guess. It’s Wendy, the secretary at your construction site,” she said excitedly, “I could tell from the way she was looking at you.”

“No, when Jean came by today,” I said before being interrupted again.

“JEAN! Really!” my aunt exclaimed, “I should have guessed. You sure picked a nice one.”

“Are you upset?” I inquired.

“Oh, heavens no,” she replied. “Tell me what happened,” she asked eagerly.

“I was taking a nap when she came by. Since she had awoken me, she offered to give me a massage. I thought it was just going to a massage until the end when she played with my penis and I came,” I said quickly and concisely.

“Wait a minute! You’re not getting off that easy. Tell me the whole story, every minute detail. Don’t leave anything out,” she demanded, taking my hand and pressing it onto her smooth mons.

Moving my hand down to cover Betty’s vulva, my middle finger on the outside of the crease where her full puffy lips met, my fingers began lightly caressing the soft skin of her outer private parts, I began the story, “I was laying on the couch with my shirt partially unbuttoned, my belt undone, and pants unsnapped and unzipped. She offered to give me a massage and I accepted. She bursa sinirsiz eskort said that she would have me back to sleep in no time, as her fingers started lightly kneading my left arm. Never pressing or squeezing hard, she methodically massaged my arms, hands, feet, calves, the lower half of my thighs, and finally my forehead and face.

“Right when I thought she was finished, she unbuttoned the remaining buttons on my shirt and opened it up, pressing her hands on my hairy chest. Starting at my neck her palms and fingertips slid down my chest and stomach to near my waist, then back up my sides to my neck. After several minutes of that gentle, repetitive motion, I was almost asleep.

I continued to caress Betty’s mons and lips, moving my middle finger up and down her crease, stopping at times at the keyhole below her mons. The crease was getting slippery.

“However the last time she didn’t stop at my waist but continued down onto my underpants. Only the thin soft cotton fabric separated her hands from my skin. I felt like I was going to cum the moment her hand brushed over my genitals,” I continued before being interrupted.

“Stop teasing me, Betty begged, as she pressed my middle finger into her crease.

My finger felt Betty’s heat and wetness, probing to find her tiny inner lips, purposely avoiding her clit.

I continued, “Her hands returned to my stomach. I felt her right hand slip under the waistband, through my thick pubic hair and onto my neatly trimmed scrotum, cupping and squeezing my testicles. The tips of her fingers moved to the base of my small, limp penis, slowly moving on the underside towards the tip.

“When the tip of her index finger slipped into the deep slit on the underside of my glans, Jean said, “Oh!” in surprise.

“She pulled down my underpants down so she could see what she was touching.

Betty visualized her good friend about to examine my small, unusual penis. She vividly remembered the first time she watched me cum. My sperm had squirted out the hole on the underside of my shaft. The hole was located just below the glans. The white, sticky gel filled my slit and splattered all over my flat, hairy stomach. She recalled the times she toyed with the small hood of foreskin that covers the top third of my glans; pushing it back to reveal the top rim, pulling it in different directions, and most of all pinching it with her fingernails and teeth. .

“She looked at my penis and examined my slit with her finger. She said that she had never seen penis with such a long deep slit before.”

“Rub my clit, PLEASE!” Betty interrupted.

I inserted my index finger into Betty’s pussy, finding her swollen clit with both fingers.

“Then she noticed my foreskin. When she pinched the hood of my foreskin and pulled it back exposing the top rim, I couldn’t hold back any more and started to cum. She continued to rub my slit and play with my foreskin until I was empty and got so sensitive that I begged her to stop,” I continued. escort bayan

“When I had regained my composure, I looked down to see her cradling my penis, barely longer than her fingers, in her cum covered hands.

“Embarrassed, I told her that I had never come when I was soft before, that I didn’t know what happened and that it had happened so fast.

“I looked Jean in the eye.

“Then she said, “Its o.k. I surprised you didn’t I? You didn’t think I was going to play with your little cock, did you?”

“I replied, “No.” Then she went to the bath room, brought back a bowl of water and towel to bath me. She washed and dried me.

“That’s about it,” I concluded.

Betty was breathing heavily as I continued to play with her hot wet pussy. Her clit was has now huge.

“Come on. Tell, me, in detail, all about the bath she gave you,” she demanded.

“O.K., after Jean soaped up her hands, she wrapped her right hand around my penis, pushed back my foreskin with her thumb and squeezed, spreading my slit wide open. She placed the tip of her index finger on the mushroom tip, and then pressed it down the slit the entire length of my glans to the hole, then back up the slit to the tip. She repeated that slippery movement several times before concentrating on the hole,” I replied, phasing.

“Continue,” my aunt said, anxiously.

“Well, I’m embarrassed to tell you this part,” I replied, timidly, “I…..I was so self conscious that asked her if she liked my penis.”

“Slow down, I don’t want to come yet,” Betty interrupted.

I mowed my fingers off her clit and down to Betty’s delicate inner lips.

Breathing heavily, Betty asked, “Well, what did Jean say?”

“She, said, “Yes, of course, I like it, now relax and enjoy your bath,”” I replied, continuing to play with my aunt’s most hidden parts.

“I can’t wait any longer. Make love to me now, PLEASE!” Aunt Betty begged, her hips arching up off the bed, “Please fuck me!”

I moved to a kneeling position between her spread inviting legs. My penis, rock hard, straight, only five inches long but thicker than most with a head larger in diameter than the shaft ached to feel the wet, warmth of her pussy.

“Ah!” I exclaimed as my head slipped into her cameltoe. My pubic hair touching her bald mound, I felt my penis wallow inside her. She could have accommodated a member much thicker and longer than mine.

I stroked her the way she had taught me; almost pulling my penis out on each stroke, rubbing my mushroom head and foreskin on her inner lips and G-spot on each stroke, in and out. I slipped my hand between our bodies, rubbing her swollen clit.

She stiffened up, quivering. I felt her tighten up on my penis. I came and came and came.

Exhausted, I lay on top of her, both of us hot, sweaty, shaking, and locked together.

Slowly, her grip on my penis relaxed and I pulled my now small, limp penis out and rolled over on my back.

A few minutes later, Betty sat up, grabbed the towel and wiped me off before placing the towel between her legs to adsorb our juices.

Laying over on me, her ample breasts pressed against my hairy arms and chest, she said “Now that’s what I call a bedtime story!”

“Jean’s been a naughty girl,” she added, kidding, “She deserves a good spanking!”

To be continued.

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