Lexi’s Summer Fantasy

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I squeezed my thighs together and scooted as far away from Molly as I could, rolling to my side until I was practically hanging off the edge of the bed. I held my phone in one hand and wedged the other down the front of my underwear while I read the tiny text on my screen.

“Susannah bent forward and peered back over her shoulder, grasping the fence with white knuckles. ‘What are you going to do, Everett?’ she breathed. He flipped her skirt up over her lower back so the hot desert wind blew across her bare buttocks. ‘I’m gonna teach you some manners,’ Everett growled.”

I knew it was awful, but I was a sucker for cowboy spanking stories, and Susannah was about to get good and spanked by big, bad Everett. My middle finger found my clit as Susannah took a deep breath and screamed when Everett’s hand came down hard on her naked flesh over and over again.

I rubbed myself with as much vigor as I could without shaking the bed, days of deprivation building to what would be an earth-shattering orgasm if only I weren’t sharing this bed with my sister, which meant I had to keep my moans to whispers and my legs tightly clenched around my hand.

“‘Now get on your knees, little girl, and show me how good you’re going to be,’ Everett ordered, pointing to the dirt in front of his boots. Susannah straightened, her legs shaking, knees weak, and hissed as her skirt fell back over her tender bottom. She lowered herself to the ground in front of Everett and stared up at him, terrified and aroused. What was this man doing to her?”

I shifted my phone in my hand so I could scroll down, ready for Everett to cum all over Susannah’s face, or whatever he had planned, and the phone slipped from my fingers and thudded to the floor.

“Lexi? What are you doing?” Molly mumbled, voice thick with sleep.

“Fuck,” I muttered. “Nothing. Just couldn’t sleep.” I slid my hand out of my underwear and wiped it on my pajama pants, then leaned over to pick up my phone.

“Thinking about Leee-aaamm?” she teased, drawing out his name in that high, mocking tone she’d been using on me for years when she really wanted to get under my skin.

“No,” I lied.

“Lexi and Liam. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?” she continued.

“Shut up, Molly.”

“I saw him today. He’s home. Or visiting.”

I turned to face her. “Really?”

“Mm-hm. Drove up in a pretty red Mustang, parked right out front of his parents’ house. Still there, last I checked. Maybe he’s here all weekend.” She propped her head in her hand and grinned.

“He’s too old for me,” I said. “He’s gotta be, what, twenty-five, twenty-six, by now?”

“Well, however old he is, he is really cute. I see why you’ve been crushing on him all these years.”

“I have not!” I had. Since I was, like, thirteen.

“Uh-huh. Right.” Molly flipped over and turned her back to me. “Whatever. Just thought you’d like to know.”

“Red Mustang, you said?”

“Yep. Brand new. No plate yet, even.”



Molly was right. When I went downstairs the next morning, a new, shiny, red Mustang was parked in front of the house across the street. I stared out the living room window as Liam jogged out of the house, hopped in the car, and peeled away.

“You ready to go?” Mom asked.

“Go?” Distracted by my vigil, I couldn’t remember what the plans were for the day.

“To the beach.”

“Oh. I was thinking I might stay here today while you guys go out. I’m kinda tired.” And maybe, just maybe, I could finally finish that story and get myself off. Visions of making out in the back of a red Mustang already had my juices flowing.

“Molly said you had trouble sleeping. You sure you don’t want to come? We’re only here a few more days.”

“I, uh, maybe I’ll join you later. I think I’ll try to nap first.”

“Suit yourself. Don’t forget sunscreen.”

“I won’t, Mom.” I yawned expressively and trudged back upstairs to the guest bedroom Molly and I were sharing to find her in a bikini, pulling a beach cover-up over her head. “Does Mom know you’re wearing that?”

“I’m seventeen, Lexi. Sheesh. Besides, I was talking to this guy last time, and he said he’d be there again today.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re motivated.” I laughed. “Have fun. I’m gonna stay here and take a nap.”

“A nap. Right.” She cocked an eyebrow at me. “Or are you going to stare out that window drooling over Leeee-aammmm?”

“Shut UP, Molly! Anyway, he left.”

Molly grabbed a towel and swept past me out of the room. “Have a nice nap,” she called.

I shut and locked the bedroom door, blissfully alone, and opened back up to Susannah and Everett’s story on my phone.

“Everett unbuckled his belt and drew it from its loops, holding Susannah’s gaze with his piercing blue eyes, cold with anger. He unbuttoned his trousers while Susannah watched, wide-eyed. He tugged his cock free so that it jutted out from his body, bobbing in front of her face. When he’d speared her with that last night, she’d thought she might split in half. But what was he going to do with it now?”

“He’s Ataşehir Escort going to shove it down your throat, Susannah,” I muttered. Reading about Susannah’s wedding night ravishment had gotten me so hot and bothered that I’d snuck off to the bathroom to relieve my mounting arousal, but I’d run into my mom in the hallway, and that had kind of killed the mood. Maybe I should reread that scene now that I knew I was alone. I scrolled back up to the previous chapter.

“Everett’s hands were gentle as he unbuttoned Susannah’s dress and pushed it from her shoulders. She held it to her body, shy about what would come next, even though she knew it was expected of a wife. But she barely knew this man, this big, handsome rancher. He turned her to face him and tugged her arms away from her chest so that the bodice of her dress fell away from her breasts. ‘Please, Everett. Go slow,’ she begged. They had only ever kissed once, earlier that day at the wedding, and now he was going to touch her in places no man had ever seen. ‘You belong to me now, Susannah, body and soul,’ he said, his fingers traveling up her arms and along her collarbone.”

My own fingers were traveling down my stomach and into the waistband of my underwear. How I wished for my vibrator, but that would have been very hard to explain if my mom or my sister had seen it in my suitcase, so I’d left it at home, tucked away in its box under my bed. My bed, that I had to myself, in my room, where I could be alone.

It was one thing to take this trip every summer as a kid, to visit my aunt and uncle by the beach and soak up the Southern California sun. But I was nineteen now, and sharing a bed with my sister didn’t exactly have the same charm. The one bright spot had always been Liam, the across-the-street neighbors’ son, who had been a bored teenager just hanging around the first summer we’d come here, when I was twelve, and whom I’d been lusting after since I knew what it meant to lust after someone. But since he’d gone off to college and then gotten his own place, I was lucky to see him once or twice during our whole vacation.

He was here now. Or he had been. Maybe he’d come back. Maybe I could go say hi.

I hooked my middle finger partway into my throbbing vagina and pressed the heel of my hand against my clit, imagining Liam’s face hovering over mine as he kissed me and then took my virginity, spearing me with his cock in one hard thrust, like Everett had done to Susannah.

“Everett kissed her with rough lips, gathering her wrists in the small of her back in one strong hand and mauling her breast with the other. She gasped, struggled, shocked at the assault and at the sensations that coursed through her as his work-worn palm chafed her sensitive nipple.”

Some girls fantasized about a romantic wedding night. I dreamed of being held down and fucked. Not that I had any idea what that was really like, but I sure did like the stories.

The roar of a car engine interrupted my fantasy, and I launched myself off the bed and across the hall to look out the window in my cousin’s room, which faced the front of the house.

Liam was back.

“It’s now or never, Lexi,” I said to myself. I did a quick outfit assessment. White tank top and denim shorts, summery and sexy without trying too hard. It would do. I wasn’t even sure what I was hoping to accomplish. Say hello? Throw myself at him?

I clattered down the stairs and shoved my feet into a pair of flip flops which may or may not have been mine, then made myself stroll through the front door. There was no need to look too desperate.

I hesitated on the front stoop. Liam was unloading Ralph’s bags from his trunk, wearing blue track pants and a UCLA Bruins t-shirt, and I watched him carry the first batch into the house and return for another before gathering my courage and striding across the street. “Need some help?” I asked, shooting him the biggest smile I could muster.

“Oh, hey. Lexi, right?”

He remembered me! “Yeah. How’ve you been?”

“I’m good. How’s life in … where is it you’re from again?”

“Modesto.” I grimaced.

He laughed. “So sorry. Um, you wanna grab that one there?” he offered, pointing to the last bag in the trunk. He had two armloads, himself.

“Sure.” I followed him into the house and deposited my bag beside his in the kitchen. Hamburger buns, ketchup and mustard, beer and soda, chips. “Barbecue?”

“Yep. Tomorrow. A bunch of my parents’ friends. I said I’d do the shopping if it meant I could escape early.”

“Why? Do you have plans?” Fuck, I was never this bold back home. Then again, there wasn’t a Liam back home.

“I hope so.” He grinned.

“What does that mean?”

“Oh, there’s this … thing I wanted to go to. Trying to get a few friends to come with me.”

“What thing? A party?”

“Uh. Heh. Kind of.” He found the bag with the hamburgers and started putting them in the refrigerator. “What are you doing here alone?”

“Oh, my family went to the beach, and I, um, thought I’d take a nap or something.”

“You Anadolu Yakası Escort come all the way from Modesto to L.A. and you don’t want to hit the beach?” He hefted a big bag of ice and dropped it into the freezer.

“I mean, we went like four times already. Sand and water, right? And, besides, I saw you drive up and I, you know, wanted to say hi.”

“Well, hi. How’s it going? Finish high school yet?”

Fuck, he thought I was a kid still. “Yeah, I’m going to be a sophomore at Sonoma State next year.”

“Oh. Well, congratulations.” He spared me a brief glance, then went back to unpacking the groceries.

“Yeah. So, um, nice car.” I gathered my unruly auburn hair in one hand and pulled it over one shoulder, running my fingers through it, hoping I looked flirtatious and not like I had poor grooming habits.

“Thanks. Just got her.”

Maybe I should just say it. Guys liked that, right, if you just came right out and asked for it? “Do you think … I mean, this party, could I come with you?”

He paused with the ketchup bottle in his hand. “You have to be twenty-one,” he said. He set the bottle on the counter and appraised me, deep blue eyes scanning me from head to toe. God, he was gorgeous. Sandy brown hair and chiseled features made me think of the story I’d been reading. Liam looked exactly like how the author described Everett. That did nothing to assuage my lust. “Are you trying to ask me out on a date?”

I felt my face heat. “Um. Kind of?”

“You’re cute.”

“It’s just, we’re only here a few more days, and I’ve spent the whole vacation with family, and I’m not a kid anymore …”

“Only a few days? That isn’t much time to get to know each other.” He abandoned the groceries and leaned against the counter.

“No. I know. But maybe we can just, you know, play around?” Oh, my God, did I really just say that? I had to get control of my hormones!

“Play around, huh? I’m not sure you’d be up for the kind of playing I like to do.” He winked, then went back to putting the sodas in the fridge.

“What–what kind of playing is that?”

He chuckled. “Look, Lexi, you’re cute and all, but you seem a little tame. Naive maybe.”

This was not going at all the way I’d hoped. “Maybe a little. But, um, I don’t want to be.”


“I just want, you know, a fling. Some fun. With you.” I spun away from him and buried my face in my hands, humiliated. It was a good thing we were leaving in a few days, after the fool I’d just made of myself.

“Not that I’m not flattered, but, like I said, I don’t think you’re looking for the kind of fun I’m into.”

“You still didn’t tell me what that is.”

“I know.” He sighed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“No, uh, I embarrassed myself. I’ll just … go.” I dashed out of the kitchen without looking at him, figuring that now I couldn’t ever come back to L.A., just in case. I didn’t stop running until I was back up in the guest room with the door locked. I’d just dive back into Everett and Susannah’s considerably more exciting lives and try to forget about Liam and the complete idiot I’d made of myself.

But what kind of “fun” was he into? Why wouldn’t he tell me?

What if he was into, like, spanking and domination? That’s what I wanted. At least, I thought it was. Tame and naive? I frowned.

Fuck Liam and his “fun.” He was missing out!

I stretched out on my stomach and picked up the story where I’d left off before, with no desire to reread Susannah’s deflowering after all.

“‘Open your mouth,’ Everett demanded, moving closer so that his thick cock bumped her lips. Susannah’s lips parted uncertainly. ‘Why are you—’ she started to ask, but Everett forced the head of his cock between her teeth, muffling her question. His musky scent filled her nose and a sweet-saltiness met her tongue.”

The doorbell rang. “Seriously?” I would have ignored it, but it rang again, and again, and I thought maybe it was a package that needed to be signed for or something, so I heaved myself off the bed and went to answer the door.


“Hey,” he said.

“What are you doing here? Didn’t I make a fool of myself enough already? Come back for more?”

He raked his fingers through his hair. “I came to apologize if I made you feel bad, okay? Like I said, you’re cute and all. I just never really thought about you as—you know—”

“An adult?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Well, I am.”

“I see that.” He smiled and stepped closer. “Look, um, what is it you’re after? My friends all bailed, so it turns out I’m free tomorrow evening after all.”

“Oh. I don’t know, really.” What, now I was shy, after practically throwing myself at him earlier?

“You seemed to know before. A fling? What did you mean by that?”

I knew my face was bright red. “Um, come in.” No need to do this in the doorway. He followed me into the living room and stood with his hands in the pockets of his track pants. I paced a few times, then sat on the arm rest of the couch. “So, a fling. You know, Kadıköy Escort a hookup? Is that—isn’t that a thing people … do?”

He folded his arms over his chest and suppressed a laugh. “It is a thing some people do. Is it a thing you do?”

I couldn’t tell if he was making fun of me or if he was actually interested. “Well, I don’t know. I’ve never done it. But I think it is.” Shit, I hadn’t meant for him to know that.

“You’ve never hooked up?”

I shook my head.

His eyes narrowed. “Wait, are you saying you’ve never … you’re a … oh. Well, fuck.” He scrubbed his face with his hands and cleared his throat. “And you want me to … wow. Okay. That’s different.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve never been someone’s first before, is all. I’m not sure if … it’s just … like I said before. I’m not sure you’d be up for the kind of, you know, stuff I’m into. Especially if you’ve never even … I am understanding this right, aren’t I? You’re a virgin?”

“Yeah. But, what kind of stuff? Why do you think I wouldn’t be into it? Is it, like, kinky?” If he didn’t take care of me soon, I was going to have to send him away so I could take care of myself. My underwear was damp, and my nipples were tingling.

“Well, yes.”

The simple response made my breath catch in my throat. This was straight out of my fantasies. “Like, spanking and—and bondage?” I breathed.

“I guess that didn’t scare you off.” He squared his shoulders and beckoned to me. “Come here.”

I crossed the room and stopped in front of him, resisting the urge to adjust my top and chew on my thumb, an old nervous habit I thought I’d shaken. Until now, face-to-face with my deepest, darkest fantasy.

“Do you have any experience with BDSM, or have you just read about it?” he asked.


“The truth. This is important.”

“Stories,” I croaked. I coughed, swallowed, tried again. “I read stories. But I’ve never done any of it.”

“And what about sexual experience?”


“Lexi, if you can’t talk about it, you can’t do it. I need to know.”

I nodded. “Like, I’ve made out and stuff. I just haven’t gone all the way. And I, you know, masturbate. A lot.” If I’d thought being rejected in his parents’ kitchen had been awkward, that had nothing on this conversation!

“Have you given oral? Received? Fingers? There’s ‘virgin’ and there’s virgin.”

“No. Neither. My own fingers, but not someone else’s.”

“Fuck. I don’t know whether you’re straight out of my dreams or if this is a really, really bad idea.”

“Your dreams?” He was so close I could smell his deodorant, masculine and fresh, see the light stubble on his cheeks and chin, so close that if I moved my hands, held stiffly at my sides, they would graze against his hips. He was almost a head taller than me, his face tipped down so that his breath moved my hair when he spoke. I lifted my chin and met his gaze. His eyes were the same color as the summer sky, a bold blue, full of warmth and lust.

He brushed a strand of hair from my cheek, and the brief contact left me quivering. “You fantasize about being tied up and spanked, right?”

My stomach clenched. “Yes.”

“And I fantasize about introducing someone to BDSM who’s never experienced it before.”

The words ‘Take me, I’m yours’ leapt to my lips, but I managed to hold onto that shred of dignity. “Oh,” I said instead.

“I better go, but if you still want to do this tomorrow, text me, and I’ll pick you up around 9:30, okay?”

I had rather been hoping we could get right down to business, but it was, after all, mid-morning, and I didn’t know when my family would be back from the beach. “Right. Text. What, um, is there anything I should, like, do?”

“How about giving me your phone number?” He grinned.

“Oh yeah.” I gave him my phone, and he sent himself a text. “But what about what I should wear or, you know?”

“Whatever you want. You won’t be wearing it long, right?”

I was pretty sure my clit was about to explode. I tried to say something, but I only managed to squeak.

“Don’t be so nervous. I’ll be gentle—ish.” He winked, kissed my lips, and was gone before I could react.


“Susannah thrashed on the bed as the belt came down on her bare bottom. Everett wielded the belt with a strong arm, counting off ten powerful lashes while Susannah screamed into the kerchief he’d tied around her mouth. ‘Atta girl,’ he crooned when he was finished. Susannah buried her face in the blankets and sobbed, but then Everett removed her gag and released her wrists from the headboard, massaged her hands and shoulders, and enfolded her naked body in his strong arms. ‘I’m sorry, Everett,’ she whispered. ‘I won’t touch myself without permission again.'”

“I will,” I announced, setting the phone down so I could use both hands. Everett had awakened Susannah’s rather insatiable sex drive, and I rubbed my clit right along with her, half paying attention to the story and half thinking about Liam and what he might have planned for tomorrow night. Would he tie me to his headboard and spank me? Did I want him to?

Fuck, yes, I wanted him to. I dipped my finger into my vagina to collect some moisture and attacked my clit, imagining Liam admiring my naked body, the sting of his palm against my ass. He’d bring me to the brink and then—

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