Let’s Give It Up for Life , Death

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The band never sounded better than it did tonight. The after-show party was as much fun as the gig. We ate tons of food, drank beer and wine, smoked hash and weed, and popped many differently colored pills.

“What did you take?” inquired lead guitarist Warren.

“I don’t know, but I’m really high,” answered bass player Steve.

Margo, the lead singer of our band, Life & Death, looked around the hotel suite, strewn with psychedelic debris. It was one a.m. and only her band mates were still present, laying about the room in varying stages of consciousness.

Margo fancied herself a modern-day Sappho. Sappho was a lyric poet. She wrote poetic verses and then composed accompanying music for the lyre. She performed her musical poetry for the ladies and gentlemen of Greece in the Hellenic age.

Margo saw a picture of a bust of Sappho and thought she looked like her with a big nose, big eyes, and big lips. The bust had curly hair like Margo’s and the article she read said Sappho’s hair was “violet”—Margo’s was reddish brown dyed blonde, but she figured Sappho’s violet was probably a dye job, too.

Margo also read that Sappho inspired a class of beautiful female entertainers who performed their music for gentlemen eating and drinking while reclining on floor mats. After they finished playing their music, the lyric poets were known to go around the room to give each of the gentlemen a “kiss”—which obviously meant oral sex.

Margo, still a teenaged virgin, had no plan to do anything unusual or outrageous. She wasn’t a prostitute like the female entertainers and she wasn’t a lesbian like Sappho either.

Maybe she would have just gone to sleep in a corner of the room if not for Warren. Margo curled up on the floor nearby. Warren’s legs were stretched out as he sat in a beanbag chair and for some reason he started unzipping his pants.

Oblivious to anyone around him, Margo watched in shocked silence as Warren began rubbing his cock and balls. She stared in amazement, not just that he was jerking off openly, but that he was so big—enormous in fact.

She knew boys differed in size, but she had no idea one of her friends was such a big red rooster. Sitting up to get a closer look, she studied Warren as he stroked his long member a few inches from Margo’s face.

Unpremeditatedly, Margo gave in to a spontaneous impulse and started to lick it. Warren seemed not to react to Margo licking his cock up and down like a lollipop. She savored its taste, almost meaty, sort of like a hot dog or baloney. Margo drew her tongue up and down the shaft and over his mushroom-shaped head.

Warren finally acted like he knew she was there when Margo paused to kiss the tip of his cockhead. He smiled and lifted his huge, sagging balls toward her mouth and she met them with her tongue. His testicles were wet, sweaty, and salty, exciting Margo all the more.

Before long, the other guys took notice of Margo licking Warren’s dick and gathered round to watch.

A performer thrives on her audience’s attention and so Margo stepped up the pace, painting Warren’s cock with her fat red tongue, feeling like a cat giving herself a bath. Knowing the virgin girl needed a cue, Warren put one hand on his cock, the other hand behind Margo’s head, and pushed them toward each other.

Nicky, şişli escort the drummer, felt his own erection grow as he watched Warren’s cockhead enter Margo’s mouth. Her mouth and lips only enveloped an inch or two of his dingus. Yet she sucked with gusto and Warren shivered as Margo swallowed his sudsy ejaculate without any hesitation.

Margo continued to suck until his penis was soft, shriveled, and spent. Margo lifted her head from Warren’s crotch, which she now noticed smelled gamey, and chirped, “Next!” She was only kidding, but Steve had already dropped his pants and waved his weenie at her.

“Oh, baby,” she said sweetly and crawled over to where he stood, coaxing him to join her on the floor by taking hold of his rod. Steve’s organ was straighter, smoother, and thinner than Warren’s.

Margo, again, started off licking it, noting the texture of his cock was smoother and its skin milder tasting. His balls were smaller and more defined, but nonetheless sweaty.

However, Margo spent more time sucking than licking and thus felt Steve’s passion surging in his throbbing boner well before he started to come.

Margo clutched Steve’s butt cheeks as he spewed his semen into her mouth and down her throat. His come shots lasted longer than Warren’s and she gave his pecker a little kiss when he was done.

She turned to see Clint, the keyboard player, sprawling on the floor and she laid down next to him. Margo had a soft spot for Clint, since he brought her into the band, taught her how to play chords on the keyboard, and was going into the army in a month.

Not only did Margo unbuckle his belt, unzip his fly, yank down his undershorts, pull out his pecker, but she also kissed it before she started to blow him.

She licked his fat candy bar and noted his tool was shorter and thicker than Steve’s. So much for stereotypes, though she was turned on by its deep dark flesh, browner than the rest of his body.

Margo’s head bobbed and Clint’s pelvis wiggled as she wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked longer than her first two friends’ “kisses” had lasted. He shot quickly and Margo thought his cream was saltier and thinner than Warren’s. She kissed him on the lips before turning to Nicky, the drummer.

Truth be known, Nicky was the first boy’s cock she had ever played with and he was the only one who had seen her secret places. Music is inherently sexy and making music together is the essence of passion.

When Margo joined the band a year ago, the hot connection between Nicky and Margo was immediate, although they only acted on it once. Even that was more like mutual masturbation, unless one considers finger-fucking to be real sex. They diddled each other, by the way.

However, Nicky seemed disinterested at first, wearing a vacant expression as Margo knelt in front of him. After using two hands to yank his pants down to his knees, she took hold of Nicky’s cock and stroked it, kissed it, licked it, and sucked it.

He warmed to her charms and affectionately stroked her hair while she caressed his thighs with her fingers, using a gentle swirling motion.

As she already knew, Nicky not only had a hairy crotch, his balls were hairy. Margo nibbled on them. Nicky’s skin tasted spicy, making Mister Man seem like a sausage, and Margo tingled anticipating savoring the taste of his semen.

That’s when things took a bad turn. Tommy, the rhythm guitarist, had grown impatient waiting to get his rocks off, not liking being the last in line. He was also thinking about more than cock sucking.

Tommy grabbed hold of Margo and pulled down her jeans. Margo yelped and let go of Nicky’s ding-dong. Tommy twisted and turned, exposing her nakedness from the waist down and tried to straddle her.

Margo had no trouble wrestling away from Tommy, who was the lightest and skinniest guy in the band.

While the boys yelled their disapproval at Tommy’s action, Margo stood up, showing off her hairy bush, turned around, showing off her plump buttocks, and pulled up her pants.

Now that they all knew each other more intimately, Margo made Nicky lie down, sat on his belly with her back to him, and resumed sucking him off. Whatever the reason, Nicky came so heavily his spunk oozed out of the corner of Margo’s mouth.

Showing there were no hard feelings, Nicky handed off to Tommy and Margo eagerly licked his arrowhead-tipped penis.

She noticed his cock was tawny and rough textured and his balls drooped like a couple of broken eggs. She nevertheless tickled and squeezed them as he came in her mouth, his semen having a metallic taste.

Margo might have reasonably assumed they were done and could get some sleep when she swallowed the last drops from Tommy’s little dick. Nevertheless, Warren came over to Margo with his money maker sprouting fully erected from his hairy crotch, looking for a second time around.

When she hesitated, Warren begged, “Please!” Margo called him a big baby and went down on him once more. She spit out his wang and pulled on it vigorously, giving him more of a hand-job than fellatio.

She sucked up the taste of his sweat, urine, and semen. Warren gyrated awkwardly while coming forth. Margo was also more aroused herself this time, unselfconsciously rubbing her mons inside her tight jeans.

In short order everyone was asleep except for Margo and Nicky. They ended up naked together in the bathroom. Nicky shocked Margo when he said, “I’m really mad at you.” She was surprised, asking why. “I should’ve been your first blow job.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, Nicky.” She put her hand on his chest and noticed his penis was growing as they spoke.

“That’s not really what I’m mad at. You gave all of us head. We passed you around like a slut. From now on, it’s like you’re our bitch.”

Margo wasn’t angry. In fact, she laughed and said, “That’s not the way I look at it. I’m the queen bee and you’re my studs. I own your little penises. You’re my bitches.”

Nicky moved close enough to Margo for his dick to rub her soft belly. She was that much shorter. “Really? If that’s so, why don’t you make us kneel and worship at your feet.”

Margo cupped her mosquito-bite-sized tits in her tiny hands and whispered, “Why don’t you show me how to do that?”

Nicky took her hands and kissed each of her swollen red nipples in turn and then planted a trail of kisses down the front of her belly, her cute little belly button, her groin, and the upper ridge of her wiry pubic thatch.

Nicky pressed his nose into her hairy triangle and loudly breathed in her odor. He called it, “the scent of the goddess.”

She shivered. Nicky swirled his tongue over her pubies until they were all wet and matted.

Then he said, “I worship the goddess.” He slurped over her mound of Venus and she shivered.

Margo felt her juices beginning to flow as Nicky licked the outside of her cunt. Nicky gently pressed his hands inside her fat little thighs to separate her legs. Margo had labored through a long night and her nether region stank of piss, sweat, and vaginal juices, but to Nicky it was a womanly feast.

He twirled his tongue on her clitoris, poked at the opening to the V, and darted at the round mons. He swept his tongue over the whole area before pausing at her clit. He used his fingers to squeeze the pulpy flesh and pull out her thingamajig. He wrapped his lips around it and sucked it against his teeth.

Margo started jiggling her legs and leaned her back against the wall. Nicky kept sucking on her clit till he felt her feminine waters gush. Then he lapped up her spurting juice, opened his mouth over the mound of Venus, and sucked as much of her pussy as he could cover.

Margo’s ass was bouncing in orgasmic rhythm against the wall. Margo threw her arms high in the air and screamed, “I never knew it was supposed to feel this good.”

From down below, Nicky had easy access to Margo’s butt and started licking up and down her ass crack, prompting moans of pleasure from her throat. Nicky loved the taste of her ass, the sweatier the better, and drove the tip of his tongue into her anus.

She danced above his oral frenzy, squeezing and pinching her nipples, wishing he could suck them at the same time.

Finally, Nicky returned to eating out Margo’s sopping wet pussy, practically fucking her with his fat tongue until she arched her back and howled to the crest of an orgasm.

Margo was spent, but not finished. She cradled Nicky’s head to her chest and asked him to suckle at her breast.

As he pulled a nipple into his mouth and nibbled it with his teeth, he reached between her legs and pressed his forefinger against her clit, put his index finger into the V, and inserted his thumb in her teeny asshole. Her ass bounced on the floor as she came yet again.

Margo sat on the john and peed for a long, long time and Nicky filled the bathtub with hot water. When Margo finished peeing, Nicky took her hand and helped her get into the tub. He proceeded to wash her hair, scrub her back, arms, and legs, and even wash her feet.

After she washed her face herself, Nicky held a towel for her and wrapped it around her squeaky clean bod as she stepped out. Then Nicky spread out another towel on the floor and beckoned Margo to lay down.

Flushed with anticipation, Margo spread her legs and clasped Nicky’s penis in her hand, almost pleading, “Oh my God, please fuck me.”

Nicky’s cock took on a life of its own and pushed on the opening to Heaven’s gate, tore through Margo’s virginal veil, and plunged into her garden.

Her cunt fit his dick like a snug glove, almost as warm and moist as her beautiful mouth. He tried to kiss her in the midst of screwing, but he gasped when his tide burst and flowed through Margo’s feminine canal.

“Phew,” she said. “I’m glad this was one-on-one. I’d be dead if I had to do all you guys.”

Just then Clint came to the bathroom door. “Hey, guys, what’s doin’?”

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