Let Him Be The One

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Let Him Be The One

The days of the family’s gathering had passed in a whirl and Dani knew that there was no turning back from the bond that had arisen between her and Bernat, her clever and attentive uncle, the academic at Barcelona university so different from the man she had spent time with and whose company she sought whenever the chance arose. His outrageous flirting with her, a twenty year old, had become something deeper, a bond that had her imaginings of what it would be like to be his lover taking on a sharper reality if such a situation ever arose.

Now, in the early hours of the morning the shuddering booms of thunder, and frequent flashes of lightning, provoked her to open the door that led out onto the balcony that ran past her window and of the room next door. She wondered if Bernat would be awake and she peered out, was soon surprised to see him seated on the narrow bench placed there. From it, and on fine days and nights, visitors could enjoy the views over the rooftops of the houses below them and to the Mediterranean Sea beyond.

‘Bernat?’ she whispered, futile as that was in the noise that assailed her. She saw him pull away the button earphones that he had plugged into his iPhone. ‘How long have you been out here?’

‘Since before the storm began…the music I’ve been listening to goes well with it.’

‘It’s miracle you’re not cold….’

‘I’m not…and the heat of the last few days has been broken.’ He gazed up at her, felt pleased to have his niece’s company.

‘I guess so…’

Dressed only in a collegiate tee and drawstring shorts that shaped her and revealed her thighs, she could just make out his appraising look upon her. It would be the first time that she would be truly alone with him; barbecues on the beach, sailing and swimming, snorkelling with Bernat, and being guided to see the wonders of the rocky shoreline, had all brought her to this moment with him. Clever he maybe but he was also athletic. Along with that went his consideration for her, the talking about things of interest, his jokes and easy words that had made her laugh.

‘May I sit with you?’ She would be with a ragingly attractive older man, a man who wore baggy lounge pants and a silk dressing gown, loosely fastened against the chill; his greying hair a luxuriant mess that he swept away from his face. The earphones now hung around his neck.

‘I’d like that…now come here.’ She felt the slow brush of his fingers to her thigh as she did so. ‘Don’t you get cold…looking so pretty as you do.’

‘Not with you I won’t…’ she answered on hearing the pleasure in his voice.

Bernat drew her down beside him and persuaded Dani to put her legs across his lap. ‘I…I wondered if I would get the chance to be with you like this…perhaps the storm is a sign. What do you think?’

She felt a moment’s unease that he should speak so directly, but she loved to feel his touch to her skin, the slow brush of his fingers over the silken smoothness of her thighs, then under the frilly hem of her shorts.

‘I…I…’ she stammered, his touches arousing the first flush of moisture in her pussy. They were touches she had no real experience of, even as a nineteen year old and soon to turn twenty. ‘I wondered if I’d be with you….’

‘And I have wondered how it should be me that might help you…help you learn of loving with a man…although what I’ve heard surprises me…’

She wondered on what had been said. She looked down at his hand, touched it but did not slow him in his touches. ‘Mother spoke to you about me and my boyfriends, I suppose?’

‘Not in any detail…’

‘That’s something, I suppose…’

‘None of that matters…how it’s been between us these last few days has been different…Dani.’

‘For me too…’ She loved to hear his deep, confiding voice.

He drew her closer, still, and put an arm about her shoulders. There was enough light to see the mix of doubt and expectation in her wide eyes. He moved enough to slowly kiss her, to brush his fingers over the evident swell of her breasts, seen so often when she wore her bikinis, the range of colours and what they covered, or revealed of her body, engaging his full attention. Now he felt their weight and fulsome shape, felt her squirm and gasp as he gently clamped upon them, his breaths on her lips.

‘What I feel for you goes beyond family,’ he confessed, sensing her shivers and hearing a soft moan of dismay as he touched her nipples. ‘I…I won’t deny that I want you…to share love with you.’

‘I know that feeling too…want that so badly!’ Dani gasped, the rushes of longing for him that his touches aroused too much to bear. She touched his face and felt a moment’s caress to her throat and moved in response to what his touches had so quickly aroused in her. ‘I haven’t been able to keep what happened in the sea this morning out of my mind…what you did and said.’

‘And…and it bothers you….what those words might mean?’

‘Yes…they confuse me…feelings and actions in conflict.’

‘Well said…it is Magosa Escort how I feel too.’

Dani stilled the progress of his slow caresses to her legs. She could feel the press of his penis against her thigh as he twisted to face her as best as the bench seat allowed. She felt his fingers smooth over her throat before they lifted her face to meet his gaze. The torrent of water from the roof now spilled over the gutter above them and cascaded to the ground far below. It did not distract them from what was happening. She trembled out of longing for what Bernat did, the feelings that he aroused and were so new to her, and out of fear for the ferocity of the storm…what it might portend if she let him into her body…when he made love to her.

He moved, and his now hard penis pressed against her thigh as Bernat’s fingers traced a slow path over her breasts then down between her legs. He brushed the fabric of her pyjama shorts, then pressed his fingers into her in a slow steady rhythm. His breaths were on her lips as she looked at him, then down at what he was doing…to her and for her.

‘Teach me…show me, please?’ she asked on a slow groan of submission before reaching out to tug on his hair, then in submission to his kisses and more insistent, circling and probing, press of his fingers into her.

‘Let…let me be the one to set the bird in you free, Dani?’

‘Can we?’

‘Yes, we can.’ He kissed her slowly as his questing and seducing caresses continued, found soft moist flesh. ‘We can…the question is…should we? Will you let me love you…your uncle with his wicked ways…you may have heard others tell you about?’

‘I never believed any of that…not every detail!’

‘You should have…I’m not good on my own…for too long. I want to be the one to end your particular loneliness…’

‘You can be the one!’ Bernat was easing away her fears, all to be replaced by unknown pleasures and the slow seduction of her fears and loss of restraint.

He heard the soft, sharp intakes of breath as his fingers pressed into her, awkwardly easing away the fabric of her thin cotton shorts. They had not wavered when he slipped under the hem and moved over her wet pussy lips. Her halting breaths were soon on his lips.

‘It would be crazy…you and me,’ she groaned, even as her body and mind were possessed by her uncle’s ways. They had been, almost from the moment he had arrived on the island and the family’s Mallorca holiday properties. She felt as if she was burning up, her mind alert and no longer having to fantasize about him…about them touching and getting together; thoughts of being naked in his arms and being shown how to love with a man, to give of her body to him. Bernat would make a woman of her.

Bernat eased her from him and stood before her, his back to the rain and the glow of lightning that still lit the sky from time to time. He drew closer and gripped the hand she held out to touch him. He pulled it onto his straining prick that now shaped the front of his lounge pants.

‘It would be no crazier than to want it but do nothing about it…’ he murmured as he felt her hands hold him. ‘I’ll help you…help and show you how it goes.’

She met his kiss, squirmed as his hands now cupped her breasts under the flimsy fabric of her tee. Dani felt his hands draw her to him, caress her neck and to then share again in deepening kisses, his hands on her skin, his fingers sliding between her buttocks than moving slowly to knead the hollows of her hips, all the while pressing forward so that she could feel his penis, so hard and swollen in his lust for her young body. Her innocence would be a challenging change from those he went with, be they old or young.

‘Go on…touch me…keep touching me!’ she gasped and clinging to him, unable to stop the shivers or longing that he aroused, the flush of wetness between her thighs becoming a flood.

His kisses and caresses aroused rushes of nagging cramps and longing for him through her body, the cramps in her belly unlike anything she had known of before; waves of moist heat in her pussy and she shivered, thought she’d had her first true orgasm and at his hands.

‘Sorry…I couldn’t stop that…or this!’ She clung to him as pleasure wracked her body. She sagged against him and languished under his touches and slow kisses.

‘Don’t be sorry, darling girl…enjoy the moments we can have…every one of them.’

In dismay, and from the novelty of a man’s fingers bringing her on, she felt him slide her hand under the waist band of her shorts. Together, they soon found her moisture, parted and caressed her pussy’s lips. She felt hot down there, in contrast to the cool of the night’s storm.

She didn’t stop him but allowed Bernat to pull away her tee and for her to lean against him, her back pressed against his naked chest and his prick pressing her bum as his hands cupped her heavy breasts, brought shuddering pleasure through her nipples. She squirmed on feeling him caress their tips in mesmerising strokes Kıbrıs Escort and gentle pinches, to hard buds that he pinched and tugged upon, gently but purposefully. She felt his breaths on her neck, the side of her throat and then his lips offering sucking kisses to her skin.

‘I’ll…I’ll take care…of everything,’ he groaned as she worked him, clamped one hand to his prick as the other guided his fingering of her.

‘Take me…show me!’ she gasped, raising her head in pleasure as she felt his breaths on her throat, his touches sending shivers of an uncommon longing and certainty for all that would follow. She wanted her uncle to fuck her…for Bernat to bring that length of flesh and plumb her; to stretch her tight pussy and make a woman of her.

‘Let me be the one to help you?’ he asked again, needlessly.

‘Yes…come on!’

She rushed from him and into Bernat’s bedroom. She tore away his dressing gown and then knelt to pull down his lounge pants down over his hairy thighs before she took his length in her mouth. This act she did know of, and it was enough to bring him on, his hands in her hair of no consequence as her tongue slicked him and her fingers kneaded his heavy sac then moved to caress his length, stroked his arcing penis as her lips and tongue circled the tip.

‘You…you wonder…go on!’ he groaned, his hands in her hair but not pulling on it. He wanted these first moments to endure. ‘Go slow…just do it slowly…yes…like that.’

Bernat languished. He enjoyed the moments discovered as the storm raged outside.

‘I love you for helping me…wanting me.’

She said it on looking up at him, the single bedside lamp casting a soft glow into the room, now that the thunderstorm was passing. Only distant rumbles of thunder could still to be heard.

‘But this type of love is best saved for someone your age…’

‘None of that matters…age!’ she retorted, her hands still working him. ‘Never…and certainly not now!’

‘Dani…Dani!’ he groaned and pulled her up to him. She was lifted like a doll into his arms, and, through snorted kisses, she was encouraged to wrap her legs around his waist, felt his hands on her buttocks then fingers tease her butt hole, before slicking over her pussy’s lips, parted them as the tip of his penis pressed between them.

Dani gushed and clung to him, brushed her breasts over his chest as she rose and slowly fell, the tip of his penis slowly entering her body and opening the way to his eventual entry.

‘Oh God…oh God! It’s happening….to me!’ she gasped, looking down at him as she felt his lips on her breast, his fingers gently caressing her secret place.

Daniela felt lost as she wrapped her arms about his neck and was embraced, was kept on the edge of a dizzying fall into unknown pleasures.

She shuddered; felt her pussy burn as his fingers, the slip of his penis against her, stretched and eased. Others she’d gone with, this far, had made her bleed. She wondered what his penis would do in opening her fully before he found her.

Dani kept her arms about his neck, already felt the ache in her thighs as she was held to him; succumbed to his questing caresses as the tip of his penis teased her slicked opening, the bulbous tip entering then was eased away in a slow rhythm of entry and withdrawal, the press gentle then more urgent, the rhythm beguiling.

‘I’m still a virgin…have not been with a man….completely.’ Her tone held embarrassment for having to confess that it had been so.

‘I know, you darling…and that I should be the one to help you through.’

‘I’ve loved how we are together, and I trust you…to love and care for me’

Bernat moved to carry her to the bed, coaxed her to lie back

Dani shivered on seeing him kneel between her legs, his slow caresses to her thighs inflaming her senses. She shivered as he kissed her skin, offered lazy kisses to the inside of her thighs and then up to her shaven mons, just a spiral of hair to be found at her crack. His fingers slowly parted her lips before he leant down, buried his face and lap at her folds; fingered her slowly before they entered deeper, but slowly in a mesmerising rhythm of tongue and fingers.

She bucked her hips and squirmed; tugged on his hair to keep Bernat to her. ‘Go on…go on! It doesn’t hurt Bernat…love me!’

Bernat gloried in her breasts and how they sagged, her nipples hard and proud. He kissed them, tugged upon them gently and could not keep from her the delight that he took in being allowed to claim her.

She gaped at what he would bring to her slender body, at all that would soon stretch and fill her as he knelt before her. His penis was erect and trembled, its swollen tip seen to glisten from a slick of liquid she did not know of. She saw the veins proud on its sides, bulging and dark, his testicles in their sac hardening. She stroked it in slow slips of her hands, the flattened tips of her fingernails dragged slowly over his skin.

‘Yes…yes…do that!’ he grunted, thrusting Lefkoşa Escort his hips forward to meet these new claims as she sat up before him, her hands on his hips then on his hard flesh.

‘Uncle…Bernat!’ The man was so virile. He would bring to her as yet undiscovered pleasure, of that she no longer doubted as she found her ways with him. She stuck out her tongue and slid it up until it touched the tip, her mouth then engulfed it, and she began to slip and slide over him in deepening movements until she thought she would gag. Toe taste and tease the tip was more than enough for her and so it seemed for him also.

‘You wild…wild girl!’ he groaned, his hands in her hair. ‘You…you don’t have to do that…not now.’

‘I want you to be the one…help me to learn and share moments like this…my real first time.’

He heard the worry and fear that the sight of his aroused penis and the renewal of questing caresses of his hands and fingers aroused in her. She would learn of the certainty of claiming her body and from all that he sought to do for her.

‘I won’t do anything to hurt you…what you don’t want from me….you know that don’t you, Dani…you wonder?’

His soft consoling words and ways soothed her and his touches inflaming a wild sense of expectation, his tender words soon to be contrasted with what he sought to do with and for her. The storm had passed, and now soft moonlight was just to be seen lighting the room through the scudding clouds.

‘Lie down…’ she demanded, and he obliged, felt those wonderful breasts sweep over his belly as Dani leant forward and over him.

She bent forward and her mouth again engulfed the tip of his penis, her warm moist lips slowly, lingeringly, enveloping him. She then sucked. Abject pleasure coursed through his body. It jerked in responses to what she did and what soon raged in his mind. He was taking his niece to new places, a sense of guilt and the sensations she aroused in him coursing through his veins and wondering mind. They were like the uncontrollable flashes of lighting and the jolts in the air of the thunderstorm that had passed over them.


He wouldn’t be able to live down the embarrassment of losing it and cumming in her mouth. It seemed that she was now in another place. Dani gave him no reprieve. She squeezed harder and sucked on his prick like it was an ice cream, in long slow lingering sucks drawing up until only the tip was in her mouth. A hand gripped his sac, squeezing gently as her head bobbed up and down on his cock.

‘Swallow…you’ve got me now!’ He gasped, the young woman suddenly in control. He pushed up, writhed as he felt the impossible tightening in his belly as the pressure built in his sac and penis until he let go. He exploded and felt her move to offer silencing kisses as he grunted incoherently; spurted his clammy semen onto her breasts.

‘I have…some of it.’ She had him taste what was on her lips. ‘I…I couldn’t stop…myself. I loved your taste and feel of you there.’

‘It’s okay…crazy but okay,’ he murmured in dismay that she had brought him to this. He kept sweeping her hair away from Dani’s face as they shared in these shared moment of discovery. ‘It’s new, but you pleased me…’

He still had an irrepressible ache in his belly; his penis throbbed and all of his desire for her young, full breasted body far from satisfied. This slender young woman would take him to quite another place, both in body and mind. Her inexpert ways were an aphrodisiac that had to be tasted.

‘Girl, that was crazy…simply crazy,’ Bernat whispered, awed by her wantonness. He pushed her down and soon felt the heat and moisture of her pussy, the gleaming wetness of her lips and her deep state of arousal. ‘I’m the one for you now…’

His fingers slowly traced a path over her pussy, as her legs parted to afford him access. Dani gasped, her lips trembling as if in a silent scream, or call to him, as he fingered her and offered sucking kisses before he slowly claimed her slicked warmth. Dani arched her back and clamped, then eased on him as she worked his fingers into her.

‘Now me…let me be the one to find and love you.’

‘Oh, how I want that,’ she groaned, writhing underneath him, her body quivering in anticipation as he moved from her.

Bernat positioned himself between her legs. He grabbed his penis in one hand and placed it at her entrance, its domed tip soon slicked by her moist warmth that seemed to seep from within and inviting his entry. He let out a gasp of relief as his deepest desire became livid reality. He would claim a young woman’s body. He would apply gentle, questing pressure and slowly break through the wall of her remaining resistance. He would ease and wait, then enter again slowly but deeper, then ease out once more. He would wait and go no further until she asked it of him.

Dani’s hands clamped and caressed his skin; did so out of fear and mounting pleasure from what he brought to claim her slender body.

‘It’s okay…go slowly Bernat…I love the feeling you bring…go on,’ she now urged on halting breaths. Dani kissed his chest and felt him bear his weight on his elbows and feet as her legs caressed him. She sensed that he would soon be so deep inside her body; that she would grow used to him being there and they would love.

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