Lesley part 13

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Lesley part 13The 64 year old Rob Brownlee and the 49 year old Lesley Charleston, walked hand in hand…like lovers…through a large wood. This wood…which separates the pub from Robs housing estate…is a half hours walk, and is a very popular walk in nice weather. This Friday evening was quite a balmy night, and therefore the path through the wood quite busy. Couples were walking to and from the pub, some just out for a walk, and some walking there dogs. Few would be walking home with drying sperm in there hair, and that sperm not belonging to the man on there arm. Lesley had just sucked the cock of a young man, who, in 8 days would be, donning a suit, walking down the aisle, and saying…’I do!’ He had a nice cock, Lesley thought. It fit her mouth perfectly, and she had no trouble at all, getting her tongue, right along the underside and licking his balls. Just as Rob had taught her. She thought it must easily have been 3″,possibly more, shorter than Robs 9″er, and no where near as thick. The boy didn’t last long, and she had let him have a good play with her pussy and nipples. She had intended keeping his cock in her mouth and swallowing his load as he produced it….she liked the taste of cum….but Ryan had other ideas. His cock head was firmly lodged in the back of Lesley’s throat…not down it…and her breathing just right to hold it there, ready to let him shoot his cum straight into her belly. By doing what he did, he risked getting the skin ripped of his cock, because he dragged it out of her mouth,so quickly, she hardly had time to unclench her jaws and release the vacuum she had placed on him, in readiness of his orgasm He furiously masturbated his cock, maybe a dozen times, then unleashed a torrent of ropes of cum that hit her in so many places she couldn’t keep track of his aim. With eyes tight shut, he produced his continuous happy ending, leaving the recipient….Lesley…..dripping his male ejaculate. She looked in the rear view mirror, and could see globules of sperm stuck all over her face, in her hair, on her blouse, some on her skirt….but, luckily, none on Robs upholstery. Then, using her fingers, scooped as much as she could up, and, watching his reaction, licked it into her mouth…and swallowed. The smile on his face spoke a million words. She worried slightly for Ryan. He was too young, and not ready for marriage. She feared he would just become part of the continuing divorce rate statistic. He’d told her that that had been the first blowjob he’d ever had. His wife to be,didn’t do that, because she felt sick and gagged to much. Lesley had told him that she was the same and it hadn’t been till Rob had trained her that she had managed to do it properly. Ryan had said, jokingly, that maybe he should get Rob to train Jasmine. Lesley had just smiled, not voicing her thoughts, as to how she just knew that Rob would just love that. He had asked her, if she would let him fuck her, to which, she had declined, saying Rob had said a blowjob ordu rus escort only. They left Robs car, she went to clean up,Ryan returning to the bar. Rob glanced at Lesley as they walked home. She was a right proper mess, and, anybody would be able to tell she had just had a cum shower, because of the drying stains on her hair and blouse. The boy must have produced a bucket load, Rob thought, and smiled. He liked her being so easy to ‘obey’ him. He wasn’t into this ‘Dom’ scenario, but he did know the understanding and workings of it. He preferred to let his ‘friend’ think it was all spur of the moment and fun, even if sometimes he had everything planned. It was never his intention to have a ‘slave’ in waiting. They managed to get home without Rob bumping into anybody he knew, and Lesley went straight to the bathroom to shower. She had had a sweaty day for various reasons and badly needed to freshen up. She didn’t hear Rob enter or exit the room, but, when she emerged from the cubicle she found sitting on the top of the toilet, a box, which, when opened, contained…..an anal douche! Lesley looked at the ‘toy’ and guessed Rob must have added it to the ourchases while at the sex shop. She giggled while realising, that soon a certain 9″ cock was going to be easing its way into the last uninvaded hole in her body. She had, during the course of her work, used and inserted enemas to patients, as part of ongoing treatment and care….she had never used anything on herself. She filled the sink with warm water and fillet the douche till full. She was still naked so she got back in the shower and inserted the nozzle into her bum hole and pushed gently in. Her sphincter muscle gripped the douche as it entered and she wondered…and worried…how the hell a cock was going to get in something so tight. Fully inserted she squeezed the bulb and felt the warm water filling her insides. It felt strange…and filling. She held it for a while untill she felt the need to pass it, then let it flow, there, in the shower. After two more insertions the water ran clear. She found a bleach spray, and cleaned the cubicle, had another quick shower then wrapped a big towel round herself and went into the bedroom. There sat a big glass of champagne and on the bed a sexy thong and bra set and a see through negligee. She threw the towel on the floor, and lay on the bed, picking up the large flute, she took a big mouthful of the crystal sparkling bubbly champagne. Lesley was more of a glass of beer type of person, so champagne was a luxury. She wouldn’t know a good one from a bad one, but, decided this must be good, because it seemed to make her feel wonderful. Just one mouthful made her feel nothing was wrong with the world. She got a moisturiser and creamed all of her skin, then applied some make up. She wasn’t a make up sort of person, but, an awful lot of things had changed in the last few days, and, most of them had worked for her. So….make ordu rus escort bayan up it was. When she walked into the lounge, Rob just looked at her and said….’WOW’ “Fucking hell sexy Lesley, girl…you look good enough to eat…hahaha.””Well….thank you kind sir…I love this champagne by the way…it’s making me feel…all giggly…and…very very horny. Heeheehee””Yes…it’s damned good stuff I must say. Here have some more…plenty in the fridge too..so drink up girl!!”Lesley finished her glass, and held it still while the still sitting Rob, filled it up. He put his hand on her inner thigh, running it right up the inside of her leg until reaching her mound. He let his forefinger settle along the groove of her camel toe, through her thong pantries making her gasp. She placed one hand on his shoulder so to steady herself,nand used the other one to drink her champagne. She was feeling no pain. Rob continued slowly sliding his finger along her slit, making eventually that thin strip of material vert damp. She stood there with her eyes closed, not even drinking from her glass, just standing, savouring the moments of pleasure as he continued rasping her clit in a rocking motion with just his finger. She was making a gentle purring noise, not aware of anything in the whole world, except the feeling emanating from the core of her stimulated clitoris. He then took hold of the material covering her sex, and pulled it tight so the material ran between the soaking lips of her pussy. “Lesley” he whispered in a quiet, almost inaudible voice, “tonight I am going to make you cum so many times, you are going to beg me to stop!” A voice appearing to come from Lesley’s lips replied, “don’t think so, Heehee””Take a long drink of champagne Lesley, then, I’m getting you ready…it’s time…!” Lesley couldn’t have cared less if there was a line of black men with 12″ cocks all waiting in line to gangbang her..she was ready for absolutely anything. And right now she had a knot in her stomach, that sensed that this was a moment, she would remember the rest of her life. She drank her champagne…draining the glass, and putting it down on a table. “I’m ready…!”——Twelve hours later, Lesley lay in a steaming hot bath, allowing the recuperative powers of hot water, heal her battered and bruised body. At 7 am she had begged Rob to stop…she couldn’t take any more. He had worn her out. For the best part of an hour, Rob had readied her anus. Using baby oil he had probed and stretched her back passage…reapplying oil every few minutes, using one, then two, and finally, three fingers. His patience had been exemplary, his preparation perfect. When the time arrived to insert his oil covered cock, into her arse hole, while not easy, his diligence in preparing her, without doubt, spared her the excruciating pain it would have caused otherwise. It took 15 minutes of slowly increasing strokes, along with many words of encouragement, rus ordu escort to finally get two thirds inserted into her arse. Rob was impressed….he thought if he got 4″ in he would be doing well for the first time….6″ was good going and he was pleased. He had instructed her to play with her clit as he was working on her arse. The distraction of pleasure along side the pain would enhance the moment, he told her. She did as she was told, as always, and everything,inside and out, of her body was affected by the sense of electricity jangling her nerve ends. Her clit ring felt as if it was going to melt it felt so hot, and her nipples, she was certain, were going to explode with sensitivity. Her orgasm…which one she wasn’t sure….rendered her nearly u*********s. She seemed to be on a plateau of pleasure that was so awesome, so overpowering, that, she couldn’t comprehend that this was in fact happening… to her, and it wasn’t part of a cruel dream she would wake up to, before it finished. Juices squirted onto her hand, as the monster kept inflicting glorious pain in her anal passage. She kept pinching her clit…forcing the pleasure on and on…counteracting her body’s need for balance. Rob had looked down at his penis, nearly halfway into the extremely stretched rear hole of his fuck buddy. He could hear and feel the pleasure emanating from the welcoming body beneath him as he ass fucked her doggy style. There was a sheen of sweat covering her body, and the sheets below her were drenched. Occasionally he would give her a sharp slap on her arse, just as he would push a little firmer to get deeper inside her body. She groaned in pleasure each time. He was pleased with himself, as the day had gone so perfectly. This was the icing on the cake for him, as he recalled the sequence of the day…..from letting Lesley expose herself to the golf pro, right through to giving a blowjob to a ‘condemned’ young man, in his car…and finally letting him get his cock, nearly fully balls deep in her arsehole. When his balls started the glorious tightening, and the end was near, he whipped his cock out, spun her round, and forced his cock into her mouth and down her throat. She didn’t miss a beat and took to it as if she’d sucked arse fucking cocks all her life. His cum hit her throat, and she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed until all the “appreciation” of her skills were deposited well and truly in her stomach. She looked up at Rob, who smiled back at her then…she passed out. Exhausted.Through that Friday night Rob fucked Lesley incessantly. She was like a rag doll being thrown about. He had her legs over her shoulders, and fucked her so hard, the pain was even more glorious than when he fucked her arse. She felt his cock so far in her stomach she was sure he would rupture some vital organ and kill her. Four times he had her, between taking her arse and seven in the morning, before she finally pleaded “no more…please….no more.” Rob was right…he’d fucked her into submission. He’d done it before, of course…many times. His endurance being legendary, in his circle of women friends, even at his age. He slipped out of bed and let her sleep. Lesley lay back in the bath, eyes closed, unaware that Rob was standing in the doorway looking at her lying there…..planning!

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