Lesbian Land’s End (Part 4)

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Lesbian Land’s End (Part 4)Kea didn’t even know that Landra had a brother: Terio. He was nine years older than her and worked and lived at the main town, an hour and a half bus ride from Land’s End. Landra’s godparents had just received a phone call informing them that Terio had a car accident and that he was in the hospital. Apparently, his life was not at risk but he needed special attention. Landra and her godparents were talking in the kitchen while Kea waited at the reception counter. After a few minutes, Landra came out with a worried expression in her face: “Kea, I’m afraid I’m going to have to go. We have decided that the best thing to do was that I take the morning bus to town in order to take care of Terio during the first days, waiting to see how his condition evolves.” Kea looked at Landra with concern… “If I could just do something to help…” Landra smiled and told Kea that, even though this was breaking her heart, she had to go. “I’ll be waiting for you”, said Kea. “And I will be longing to see you. I’ll keep in touch.” Landra gave her a kiss on the cheek and went upstairs. Kea stood there alone, with the bag of almonds in her hand, wondering what was going to happen the following days.Landra caught the morning bus at seven and set off to town. Kea sadly watched the bus leave from the window. She had gone up to her room at 4, but she wasn’t able to get to sleep thinking about how serious Terio’s injuries might be and how many days Landra was going to be out. Restless as she was, she heard Landra go down to the kitchen at six and went to meet her. They had coffee together, but didn’t talk much. They were both concerned and sad. Landra looked at Kea’s tired face and said: “Don’t worry, I’ll call as soon as I know about the situation and I promise I’ll come back as soon as I can. Meanwhile, you try to enjoy your stay.” Kea smiled, “It’s not going to be the same without you but I’ll feel you are with me, whatever I do.” Landra smiled back and asked Kea not to go with her to the bus stop, because she would feel sadder. They strongly embraced and kissed sweetly. Landra took her bag and left. Kea went up to her room with tears in her eyes. After watching Landra’s bus take off, Kea laid down on her bed. She took the black silk cloth Landra had used to blindfold her and covered her eyes with it. The images of what had happened at the factory started to come to her mind. She couldn’t believe she had made love to two girls at the same time. Even though her first reaction when she discovered the bitter joke Landra and Dena had planned for her was to explode in rage, she later let herself be seduced by the game. Actually, seeing Dena watch Landra and herself making love had secretly excited her very much, mainly because of the thought that Dena had been the one who introduced Landra to the pleasures of lesbian love. In fact, it had been her idea to share Dena with Landra and she was sure that they both understood that Dena had been THEIR guest. Now that she was remembering those images, she really didn’t believe how she was acting since the day she met Landra. She had always been quite shy and passive when having sex with her boyfriends, but with Landra she was discovering how great it was to receive AND give, being cheeky and naughty and that perception made her feel very horny. She stood up, looked at herself in the mirror putting on sassy poses playing with the blidfold, and she liked herself. But, suddenly, she felt a stroke in her heart when she remembered how awful Landra must be feeling now. She was having mixed feelings: on the one hand, she was discovering an exciting universe in lesbian sex with Landra but, on the other, she realized she was starting to feel something deeper for her. Was it only lust, or was love also sneaking in? Kea looked through the window and saw that it was starting to rain: “Even the weather is sad today…” The church clock stroke eight. Kea hadn’t got any sleep yet; she felt so tired that she lied on the bed and whithered down to sleep.==Kea woke up when she heard the phone ringing down at the reception hall. She opened her ears and tried to listen. She heard footsteps, and then the innkeeper’s voice:“Landra…? …you’re calling from the hospital? …and what news do you have? …oh, I see. And when are they going to do it? …all right, keep us informed …oh, you want to speak to Kea? Just a second, I’ll see if she’s in.Kea jumped from her bed and put on her robe. Then she heard a brief knock on the door and the innkeeper’s voice: “Miss Kea, are you there?” Kea went towards the door and opened it: “Yes, good morning, sir.” “Good morning, Miss Kea. Landra is on the phone; she wants to speak to you…” Kea thanked the man and went running down the stairs and grabbed the phone: “Landra… tell me, how are you, how is your brother…?” Landra told Kea that as soon as she arrived at town, she immediately went to the hospital. Her brother had several broken bones: a leg, an arm and four ribs. Right now, the doctors are going to operate him to remove his spleen. Then, he was going to be under observation for 48 hours. She was going to be with him at least until the doctors discharged him.Kea remained silent for a second and then said: “I’m going to miss you.” Landra answered: “And I am ALREADY missing you, Kea. Please enjoy yourself; I’ll be happier if I know you are fine.” Kea assured her she would do so, “Please keep in touch…” “I will, Kea, every day. At sunset. Now, please pass me my godfather. I want to tell him something.” Kea looked around and saw the innkeeper coming down the stairs. She said goodbye to Landra and handed him the phone. Kea was starting to go upstairs when the innkeeper hung up. “Miss Kea…” She turned around, “Yes…?” The innkeeper continued: “Landra asked me to take good care of you…” Kea blushed, “Thank you! You have already been doing so since I arrived here. You are very kind.” The innkeeper smiled warmly, “It’s almost noon and you haven’t had breakfast yet. Would you like me to prepare you something?” illegal bahis Kea smiled back, “Coffee, please, and…” The innkeeper continued “…country toasts with olive oil?” Kea laughed, “…absolutely, thank you.” The innkeeper walked to the kitchen and Kea sat in the dining hall watching how the rain fell against the windows.==By the time Kea finished her breakfast, it had stopped raining, so she decided to go up to her room, get ready and go for a walk. After taking a shower, she put on her blue jeans, a yellow jersey, a pair of red shoes and her blue cap and took off. She went down the hill between the inn and the church and stopped at the field where the feast had took place yesterday. Some people were removing the tables and the light strings and others were cleaning everything up. Then Kea went to the local grocery store to get some water and a couple of apples for a snack. It seemed that the clouds had cleared up a little and that it wasn’t going to rain anymore, so she decided to go to pier. She went right to the end and sat down on a stone bench, took one of the apples and started chewing it while she gazed to the horizon, letting her mind drift watching the fishing boats pass by and the seagulls play in the sky. After she finished the apple, she took the other one and, after giving it a first bite, she heard a voice coming from behind. “It looks like you’re sad today…” Kea turned around; it was Dena.“I heard about what happened to Landra’s brother and that she went to town to take care of him…” Kea swallowed the piece of apple with a gulp of surprise and replied: “Yes, we’re all very upset and troubled. I talked to her this morning…” Dena was staring at Kea’s lips while she gave the apple another bite, “Oh, and what did she tell you? How is Terio?” Kea swallowed another piece of apple, “Well, apparently he’s out of danger but he has several bone fractures and they have to remove his spleen.” Dena kept staring at Kea’s lips, now shiny with the juice left by the apple, “So, I guess Landra is going to have to stay there some days… (she approached Kea’s ear, lowered her voice and talked in a tempting tone) …and you are going to be all alone.” Kea detected a bit of seduction in Dena’s words and felt a little uncomfortable with it, so she leaned back, trying to put a distance between them. “Well, I think I’ll be OK.“ Dena noticed the gesture and stood back too, keeping her eyes on Kea’s lips. “You’ve got plenty of interesting things to see and discover around here”, she said in a tempting tone again. Kea was starting to get somewhat nervous, noticing that Dena was clearly hitting on her and she started to chew on her apple faster. Dena seemed to be amused with Kea’s embarrassment and kept teasing. “Can I have a bite?” she said pointing at the apple with her finger. Kea handed it out and Dena took it to her mouth, slowly licked the whole piece that Kea had already bit and gave it a big chunk. Kea was getting restless, but with mixed feelings. On the one hand, she found Dena’s attitude quite impudent but, on the other, she was feeling flattered by the seduction. Dena handed the apple back to Kea, “Finish your apple and come take a walk with me, I’ll show you around.” Kea didn’t expect such an invitation. She hesitated for a second, but then gave her apple a good lick on the piece Dena had just bit and gave it a last chunk. She threw the core in the litter box, stood up and looked at Dena straight in the eyes “OK, …let’s go”, she said.Dena was really surprised, she didn’t expect such a straightforward response. They started to walk back along the pier. Dena rolled a cigarette and lit it, “…you smoke?” Kea took a sip of water, “I used to, but fortunately I quit. I like the scent of your tobacco, though.” It was one of those vanilla aromatic brands. Kea took the cigarette from Dena’s lips and gave it a puff, taking a good look at Dena. She wasn’t dressed so boyish today: white t shirt, tight black jeans and denim jacket. Kea let Dena go two steps ahead to admire that gorgeous bubble butt… “hot!”, she said to herself. Dena stopped and looked back; she noticed Kea staring, “You like my ass, huh?” Kea took another sip of water “absolutely!”, she said to herself again. Dena smiled maliciously “and I’d like your face in it”, she said to herself too. The church clock struck three when they reached the beginning of the pier. Dena made a pause with her hands in her pockets and looked at Kea, “Do you like shells?” Kea was a bit puzzled, “Shells?” “Yeah, sea shells.” “I guess so. Who doesn’t?” Dena started to roll another cigarette, “Let’s go to my place, I’ll show you my collection.” Kea felt a butterfly in her stomach, “OK, show me your collection…”Dena lived in a small stone house on the edge of the village, on the way to the lighthouse. Her parents lived in South America; they had left the homeland many years ago as immigrants and now ran a prosperous furniture industry there. In fact she was born abroad, but came to Europe with her elder sister when she was 13 to take care of their grandma when her husband died. Two years later, the grandma also died and her parents wanted her to go back with them, but she refused and preferred to stay in Europe and go to the boarding high school at the main town where Landra also studied. She wasn’t very fond of the school, so she abandoned it in 3rd year and went to the public school. When she finished her studies, she joined a tuna fishing boat, being the first fisherwoman in Land’s End history. She works 4 months and gets enough money to live the rest of the year, devoting herself to reading and painting. She has always been a tomboy and, even though she shares good friendships with a few guys, her attraction is exclusively lesbian.The walk to Dena’s house wasn’t very long but, as the sun had finally come out and it was hot now, Kea was sweaty because of the jersey she had put on. Dena opened the door and they went in. Even though the house was old, it had been quite remodeled and it looked nice and cozy. illegal bahis siteleri On the ground floor, it had a living room with a chimney, the kitchen and the bathroom. A metal spiral staircase that led to and attic with Dena’s bedroom and the study where she painted. There were paintings all over the place, mainly maritime scenes. They looked good. Kea sat down on an armchair and Landra offered her something to drink. “I’d have a coffee, if possible”, said Kea. “Sure, I’ll make some. Feel yourself at home…”While Dena went to the kitchen to make the coffee, Kea stood up and took a look around the room: paintings, B&W pictures, a lot of books, records, no TV… On several shelves she saw glass boxes displaying sea shells of all shapes, sizes and colors. “Do you like them?” Dena came in with a pot of rich scented coffee and some pieces of homemade cake. “Wow, you’ve got some collection here!” Dena put the tray on a table, “I started some years ago, with shells I picked up on the beaches nearby. Then, when I started to work on ships, I began to gather shells from all over.” Kea kept looking at one of the boxes. All the shells had their names: cymatium pyrum, connus leopardus, syrinx aruanus… “Plain or with milk?”, asked Dena. “Plain, please.” Dena started to pour the fresh made coffee, “Shells are a hard layer that these a****ls create for protection. They’re beautiful, but defensive…” Kea sort of noticed a second meaning in her words. They both sat down and began drinking the coffee with small sips. Dena put down her cup and started to roll a cigarette. Kea was amazed with Dena’s swift skilled rolling, “You seem to smoke a lot…” Dena looked up to Kea while she slowly licked the glue and sealed the paper cylinder, “Not that much, it depends on the mood…” Kea interrupted Dena when she was about to light it, “Would you roll one for me?” Dena put on a naughty smile, “Sure…” Kea took another sip of coffee watching Dena’s fingers in action again, and took notice of her perfectly clean, short trimmed fingernails. Dena extended her hand with the unfinished cigarette towards Kea, “Do you want to lick it?” Kea perceived second meanings again and, with a smile, leaned towards Dena’s hand and passed the tip of her moist tongue on the line of glue, very slowly. Dena sealed the cigarette and handed it to Kea.They lit the cigarettes and started to smoke slowly, alternating the puffs with sips of coffee. The tobacco was filling the room with vanilla aroma. Kea played making circles with the smoke, “So, what mood is setting your smoking pace today, Dena?” Even though Kea was a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, now she was getting amused with the teasing Dena had started at the pier and was determined to keep up with the game, but in a more leading role. Dena was surprised with Kea’s new shameless attitude and liked it, “I’m always in the mood for sharing a good scent…” It was warm there and Kea was getting hot in all its meanings. In fact, she was aware of the sweat that was dripping down her back and on her forehead. Now she realized that, even though it was rainy and chilly when she got dressed at the inn, she had been excessive putting on that thick yellow jersey and now she was regretting that she didn’t have anything underneath. Dena noticed the drops of sweat falling down Kea’s short hair and her red cheeks, “You are burning to death, Kea. Why don’t you take off that jersey?” Kea hesitated… “I don’t have anything under.” Dena smiled, “Wait, I’ll bring you something.” She went up to her room and came down in a second with a white t shirt and a towel, “Here, dry up and put this on.” While Kea was taking off her jersey, Dena saw that damp skin, noticed that luscious scent of perspiration, watched the drops of sweat coming down between those sexy tits… and almost fainted with desire! She had to take a deep breath to recover her mental integrity and, by the time Kea had dried her skin with the towel and put on the shirt, Dena was reasonably relaxed again. Kea was aware of Dena’s reaction, but acted as if nothing had happened.They turned off the cigarettes and had some bites of cake and sips of coffee in a silent impasse for a few seconds, when Kea took the initiative of the conversation, “I like your paintings… where did you learn?” Dena took another bite of cake, “I started taking art lessons as a girl with an artist when I was in South America… they I just kept on by my own.” Then Dena decided to get straight to the point, “Would you like to pose for me?” Kea hesitated, “Oh, I thought you just did maritime scenes…” Dena stood up, took a folder from a drawer and handed it to Kea, “No, I love the human body too. Take a look…” Dena went up the stairs again and, while she didn’t come back, Kea opened the folder and saw all those beautiful carbon pencil sketches of feminine nudes. She took a closer look and realized… it was Landra! Dena came down again with a drawing book and a carbon pencil and sat in front of Kea, ready to draw. But Kea got suddenly troubled after seeing Landra’s image on the sketches and felt guilty about how she had been flirting with Dena, like she had been cheating on Landra. “I’m not sure I want to do it…” While Kea hesitated, Dena was quickly drawing something. She turned the drawing book around and showed it to Kea. Dena had just drawn a 30 second sketch of Kea’s face: perfect, lovely, …beautiful! She realized that Kea was confused looking at Landra´s nudes and tried to comfort her, “We don’t have to hurry, Kea… maybe another day.“Kea didn’t want to seem prudish so, she took off the t shirt, sat straight, and looked at Dena: “Draw…”==Dena looked puzzled with joy, “OK, Kea, let’s do it.” Kea was sitting still, a bit tense, but willing: “OK, how should I sit?” Dena started to draw, “Just relax…. talk to me, you’ll feel more natural.” Kea let loose and sat back more comfortably. They started to have an interesting conversation…-“So, when did you first know Landra?”-“I was 13. When I came to the village from canlı bahis siteleri South America, Landra was my first friend. Her godfather is my uncle, my dad’s brother. So I spent a lot of time playing at the inn.”-“You mean Landra and you are cousins?”-“No, Tano and Iria are her grandparents, but they’re not blood relatives.”-“I see. And then you went to the same boarding school…”-“Yes. Even though I’m almost a year older than her, we were in the same class.”-“And when did you first seduce her?”Dena stopped drawing for a second, surprised with such a direct question, and smiled.-“Well, actually, it wasn’t exactly like that. I had liked her since I saw her the first time but, even though I was aware of my lezzie feelings, she was apparently straight, so we were just good pals. But one evening, we were all alone at Landra’s brother’s place in town; he was out for a couple of days and we decided to stay there to escape a bit from Land’s End dull social life and go out to the movies and have a little fun.”Kea was getting more and more interested and sat forward a bit.-“We were about to get dressed up to go out for a snack and then to the theatre. Landra said that it would be a good idea to get a nice, warm shower first. We ran to the bathroom like having a race to see who started first, laughing and having fun. We turned the water on, so it would start heating and Landra started to take her clothes off, humming a sexy song and pretending she was a striptease dancer…”Kea noticed that she was getting horny imagining the situation.-“I had seen Landra naked many times, with secret desire, but never in a sassy attitude. When she took off her bra, shaking it in the air, and her dark, tight nipples came out, I noticed my heart was pounding in my chest. I knew it was just an innocent game for her, but it was driving me crazy.”Kea’s heart started to pound too, and she had to make an effort to keep the pose.-“I still had my clothes on, paralyzed with Landra’s show. She kept dancing playing with her bra with only her panties on…”Dena was trying to keep on with the story and drawing at the same time. -“The room was getting more and more foggy with steam and Landra made a quick full turn and stood still showing me her back without stopping her sexy humming. At that point, I was absolutely overwhelmed and started to drop my clothes all over the floor, getting completely naked in seconds. My nipples were hard as hell and my pussy was as hot and wet as the steam.”Kea was unable to keep under control. While she listened to Dena’s story, she kept looking at Landra’s sexy explicit nude sketches displayed on the coffee table, imagining each one of her movements in the shower scene. She was aware of how her pussy was getting wetter and wetter but, even though, she kept trying to keep her pose.-“Landra started to swing her amazing butt, slipping her panties up and down her crack with tease and, when she pulled them completely down and leaned over exposing her pussy and her perfect asshole, I just had to get my hand down and stuck my fingers in my drenching slot. At that moment, Landra turned around to throw me her panties and saw me diddling my pussy with frenzy. She stood still, with her eyes and mouth wide open, asking me what the hell I was doing. I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I jumped towards her like a tigress and started to devour her mouth, her ears, her neck and her tits. When I realized she was giving back with passion at my second bite, I went out of my mind. The next thing I remember was that we were rolling on the floor, rubbing, biting, kissing, humping…”Dena lifted her eyes and discovered that Kea had pulled her jeans and panties down to her ankles and was lying on her back, eyes closed, stroking her throbbing clit. She threw the drawing book and pencil on the floor, took her clothes off in two shakes and lifted her legs with her feet up on the seat and her shiny pussy nicely spread and started to pamper her slot with sensual joy.-“Hey, Kea, (sighing) we finally got off our shells…”Kea opened her eyes and discovered the splendor of Dena’s lustful body. She realized that, in spite of her tomboy pose and her complete lack of makeup, Dena was a hundred percent woman: beautiful, sensual, sexy and… STEAMING HOT!-“Hey, Dena, (sighing) we sell seashells at the seashore…”They both cracked up in a combination of laughs and sighs, letting their minds and their bodies drift to fucking Nirvana while their fingers produced magic sparks on their treasured spots.Dena and Kea were now facing each other, each one on an armchair with the coffee table in the middle, legs spread, feet up on the seat, sweating, sighing and diddling. They were both looking straight to the other, admiring and enjoying their mutual sight of frenzy, but every once and then they lowered their eyes to Landra’s explicit nude sketches on the coffee table.-“For the record, Dena, you started this game…” (diddling)-“Yeah… but you eagerly played along, Kea…” (slipping fingers)-“I couldn’t help it…” (jilling and sighing)-“Come on, Kea, you asked for it…” (both diddling and asshole touching)-“You’re a cute slut, Dena” (both jilling and tit squeezing)-“And you’re a cute trick, Kea” (fingers going crazy)-“Landra is with us…” (looking at the sketches and diddling at full speed)-“She sure is, Kea…” (looking at the sketches and jilling, driving herself to bliss)-“You…(shake) are… (shake) …beauti- (shake) –ful (shake), Dena”-“(shake)… you… (shake) are… (shake) fucking gor- (shake) –geous (shake), Kea”-“Oh… (shake shake) …my (shake shake shake) god!” (shake….shake…shake..shake.stop)-“(shake shake) Holy… (shake shake shake)…shit!” (shake…shake..shake.stop.shake…stop)…and there was silence. Only the deep breathing of both girls could be heard, their arms down on their sides, their heads leaning back, …their eyes closed.A couple of minutes later, Kea opened her eyes at looked at the window. The sun was going down. “Oh my God…!” She jumped up and started to get dressed at full speed, “Landra said she was going to call at sunset…” Kea was running to the door when the telephone rang. She was about to go out when Dena shouted, “Wait…!” Kea turned around and saw Dena handing her the phone, “It’s Landra… she wants to speak to you.”

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