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Subject: Leo Gives 24 Thank you for reading my stories. Questions and comments are always welcome at ail. This is a fictional story, any similarities are purely coincidence. The story does involve intimate relations between men over the age of 18. Nifty has been able to provide this service for us to read and share our stories. Please consider donating fty/donate.html Thanks! Levi Leo Gives Chapter 24 The pizza arrived. Leo donned on the robe again to answer the door and bring in the food while Thomas, Mike and Dan stayed cuddled on the couch. When Leo brought the food to the living room, he set it on the coffee table in front of them. He scooted back to the kitchen to get some bottles of water and paper towels. Leo placed the drinks down next to the pizzas as they guys were diving into them. Leo returned with a glass of wine for himself. The three younger men devoured the pizzas, Leo only had two slices. After the food was consumed the four of them continued to cuddle on the couch. There was plenty of kissing, petting and playing happening, but it was getting late and the brothers were needing to head out soon. Reluctantly Dan and Mike stood up, showing off their tight, toned athletic physiques. Leo glanced over at Thomas who had a relaxed and content grin on his face as the pair looked at the skiers. “Thanks for the fun and the food, Leo.” Dan said as he stretched upward, bouncing his semi firm cock. “Thanks for the show too, Thomas.” Mike said, peering through his long eyelashes at Thomas. Thomas blushed, but smiled back, “You two are most definitely welcome.” Thomas replied. “We need to head back to our townhouse. Coach said training will be early in the morning.” Dan said. “Too bad we have to get dressed to go there.” Mike said laughing. “That would be a sight worth seeing, but maybe another time.” Thomas said as he moved closer to Leo on the couch. “I agree. Two hot boys strutting their stuff down the courtyard hallway. Smoking hot!” Leo said as he put his arm around Thomas. The skiers chuckled as they headed to the guest room to get dressed. Thomas snuggled against Leo’s chest and let out a contented sigh. They stayed on the couch until the brothers came out of the bedroom with their clothes on. Dan and Mike came over and got hugs from Leo and Thomas who stood up by the couch. The boys headed out and Leo pulled Thomas to his body under the blanket on the couch. They just sat together in a quiet, loving solitude watching some fresh snow falling outside and the crackle of the fireplace. Thomas sighed as he rested his head on Leo’s chest, then he started to doze off. *beep* *beep* *beep* “Oh, that is my phone.” a groggy Thomas exclaimed as he got up. Thomas retrieved his phone and read the message. He swore softly and started to text back. Thomas looked up at Leo was some disappointment in his eyes. “I have got to go. Nate had to take one of the other executives home and there is a situation that has to be dealt with now.” Thomas explained, “I would have loved to stay here with you, but I think this is going to take a while to resolve.” “You know that is not a problem. It is your responsibility. We both know that Nate trusts you and your decision making. Go! Take care of business!” Leo said as he swatted Thomas on the behind. “I need to get dressed first. Ouch!” Thomas quipped as he jumped out of Leo’s range and went to get dressed. In a short time, Thomas came back to the living room in a polo style shirt and slacks. Leo whistled and Thomas gave a 360 turn then chuckled as he came in for another quick kiss. Then Thomas was out the door, calling someone as he walked down the hallway. Leo sat cuddled under the blanket on the couch and nursed the rest of his glass of wine, enjoying some quiet alone time. The fire continued to crackle and Leo got a warm, sleepy feeling. Leo awoke sometime in the middle of the night, still naked curled up on the couch under the blanket. It was pitch black outside as the moon had already set. The only sounds were the quiet sounds coming from the fireplace. Reluctantly Leo got up and walked up to his bedroom after turning off the fireplace. He reached the bed and crawled under the covers, falling asleep just after his head hit the pillow. When Leo woke next, there was some sunlight coming in the windows. He rolled over and saw that his alarm was just about to go off. Leo waited and tapped it off just as it started to sound. Leo crawled out of bed and into the bathroom. He took care of his morning business and pulled out his exercise clothes. Leo got dressed and grabbed a bottle of water from his mini-fridge. He claimed his phone and ear buds, then walked downstairs. He retrieved a smoothie from the fridge and set out for his workout. Leo got to the exercise facility early. As with the day before there were some extra men working out, but not as many. Leo thought that some of the resort managers must have stuck around after their meetings. Leo got a few nods as he walked over and started his cardio. They must have seen his warm-down performance. He smiled back at them as he started his workout. Leo let his mind space out as he completed his cardio and went right into his weights. Leo was completing his weights and moved over to the mats to do his warm-down. This time there were not any observers, so he was able to do his standard routine. He finished up and grabbed his phone when he got a message from Nate, the property general manager. Leo opened the message to see that Nate wanted to set up a meeting in his office as soon as Leo was available. Leo sent a quick response that he could be there in 30 minutes. Nate replied that it was great, see you soon. Leo hustled back to his townhouse and quickly went up to the master bathroom for a shower. Leo decided that sex and exercise scents were not appropriate for an office conversation as he washed his body and chuckled. Leo retrieved the last clean towel and was glad that housekeeping would be there to do laundry after all of his guests. Mostly dry, Leo walked into the closet and was deciding what to wear. A benefit or curse depending on how you viewed it, Leo’s modeling made Leo love clothes and had brought quite a wardrobe when he travelled here. Today he selected a tailored button up shirt in a pale gray, a lightweight dark blue cashmere sweater and dark gray slacks. He chose his dark brown, hand-crafted Italian leather loafers, a dark leather braided belt, and dark grey patterned socks. Leo quickly dressed and then spent most of his time working with his longer hair. Today he had to settle for a side part and flowing waves in his brown hair. He checked himself in the mirror to make sure he looked well enough for “office country”. His face broke into a wide, warm smile at his reflection – he still looked great. With that he set out for his meeting with Nate. Leo walked the short distance to the office complex at the resort. He knew his way from his previous visits and being a longer time and repeat visitor he knew several staff. He nodded to a few that he knew on his way. Leo was hoping to see Thomas, but did not run into him before he reached the executive suites. Nate was just stepping out of his office when Leo walked up. Nate took a moment to give Leo a solid viewing, taking in the full effect of Leo’s appearance. The layered look of Leo’s clothes that were tailored to fit perfect, but look effortless. The flair of Leo’s longer hair, flowing and moving as Leo walked. Nate had to shake his head to clear it. Thinking to himself, Damn I would have loved to see him on the runway. “Leo! Welcome! I am so glad you could come. Please come into my office.” Nate said as he ushered Leo in. “Would you like something to drink: coffee, water…?” “Coffee would be wonderful. Black with just an ice cube to cool it.” Leo answered. “Great.” Nate replied, then stepped out of the door. “Daphne, could you get us two cups of coffee? I believe that Chef sent up some Ethopian coffee just a bit ago. Put an icecube in one. Thanks!” Nate closed the door and walked around his desk, after offering a seat to Leo. Leo took the chance to look at Nate. Nate was wearing a dark charcoal suit, with a white shirt and a bold navy tie. Leo knew from their previous play, that the mid-thirties GM had a toned body and nice cock. Nate’s black hair was short and well styled. When Nate turned towards Leo and sat down, his brown eyes were smiling. Nate was just about to start talking when Daphne knocked and brought in the coffees. She offered the cup with the melting ice cube in it to Leo and the other to Nate. Nate thanked her as she exited and shut the door. Leo took a sip and it was Ethopian, he smiled. “Thank you for coming in this morning. I really appreciate it on such short notice.” Nate started. “It was not a problem. Is there something wrong?” Leo replied. “No, there is not a problem. There is an opportunity. I wanted you to be the first person that I alerted to this news.” Nate answered. “Oh! Good! I am glad it was not a problem. I thought it might be Thomas or the ski team in a situation or trouble.” Leo said relieved. “No. Thomas is doing excellent and is doing everything he needs for his next promotion to assistant general manager. I had feared that he might stall out and never be ready, but with the both of us working with him he will be ready in almost no time.” Nate said brightly. “The ski team is also doing fine. They are helping us develop our three bedroom concept for the other properties. We are helping them out and they are helping us. It is a win-win all around.” Nate advised as he noted the look of relief cross Leo’s face. “The reason that I wanted to talk with you was due to a recently decided change to our resort offerings. We have explored a great deal of ways to increase our revenue and to expand our property holdings. The main concern is that we do not want to jeopardize our current alsancak escort membership with exorbitant rate increases to make up the capitol needed for expansion.” Nate explained, “After much research we, the resort management, have decided to offer certain units to be “sold” to existing members. Selling multiple units across the many resorts will be enough seed money to purchase a newly available property that will fill a location gap in our current offerings.” “Initial investors in the “sold” properties will get some extra benefits that will not be available to other owners who buy at a later time. This will include use of comparable units at any of the properties. Extra channel of income if the “sold” unit is rented out. And lastly top tier concierge service at all the properties and use of executive facilities.” Nate concluded. “You are the first person that came to my mind for this concept. I know that you love your unit and even if it is “sold” it will still maintain with housekeeping and maintenance like is currently available. I had accounting pull the details together for the amount that the unit would be available for. Would you be willing to take a look and consider the offer?” Nate inquired as he slid a folder across his desk towards Leo. “Wow Nate. That is an excellent idea and sounds like it would be a great opportunity. Yes, I would be willing to look at the offer.” Leo said as he picked up the folder. Leo opened the folder and looked at the single sheet. The document had all the data for an offer of prestige ownership of his current unit. The initial cost for the unit was about what he paid for a one bedroom NY luxury apartment that he had for many years before he sold it when he decided to retire from active management of the Mitchell Creative Agency. He nodded his head and continued reading down. At the bottom of the document there was a fully totalled cost amount, but a line was crossed through it and a different number was listed below that. The other total had a list of twelve names and signatures, including Nate’s. Leo did some quick calculations and it was about sixty percent less than the original total. He glanced up and down on the document and then flipped it over to see if there was more to it as an explanation. Smiling as Leo’s face had a confused look on it, Nate said, “Those are the signatures for the general managers of the ten other properties and the president of the resort management group. That offer is valid with the reduction based on those agreeing signatures. It seems that those gentlemen remembered a certain guest in the executive fitness facility doing a certain “warm down” routine after an intense workout.” Leo blushed slightly at the last comment. He was about to say something but Nate went on. “The gentleman who had to excuse himself at the conclusion of your performance was the president. Thomas had to find a quick replacement of some clothing for Mr. Silas to be able to return to the meeting. It was his instance that your offer has the deduction that it does.” Nate said as he sat back with a smile. “I am almost speechless, Nate. This is an incredible offer. I do not even need to consult my accountant to know that I will accept the offer that these gentlemen, yourself included, have presented. This is an outstanding opportunity. Wow.” Leo said, shaking his head in disbelief. Nate leaned over the desk towards Leo, beconning Leo closer. “Off the record, Mr. Silas said that if his heart could have stood it, he would have bottomed for you right there in front of everyone.” Nate said quietly. Then he continued, “I almost dropped my coffee when he said that to me.” “Fuck, Nate! It is almost too much. Are the others truly on board with the reduction?” Leo asked. “Yes. We had discussed how this property had come to the rescue of the college ski team and how much of a success that was becoming earlier in the meeting. When it came about how the actions of myself, you and Thomas were responsible for that event, we are now in discussions with the college about extending a recurring offer for that unit’s use and at a discounted rate as a sponsorship from resort management. There will be a new program rolling out next competitive season, with similar arrangements offered to other college programs. It is expected that spectators will want to use our standard units during the competition schedule, increasing our revenue and using up the unused units. At the same time, the property management is not having to expend any additional funds to attract and secure the additional bookings. This will be a major funding source for years to come.” Nate said. “The new sponsorship program was an idea that Thomas and I had after the success we had with Coach Eads and his team. I pitched it and it was not only well received, but fully supported across the board. Mr. Silas said that type of thinking will put our properties at an advertising and publicity advantage. The new banked revenue from the program’s ROI will more than cover the discount that the board is offering on your unit.” Nate concluded. Leo was again dumbstruck. He knew that he had been very lucky and made wise decisions in the past both with his uncle’s assistance and since then. It was like the stars were aligned for this offer. Leo picked up a pen and signed the offer right there. Smiling and with a gleam in his eye, he looked up. “Do you think the collegiate program could have a benefactor naming added to it? I have been blessed throughout my life many times over. It would not have been possible without my mentor and uncle Simon Edelmann. I am willing to take this unit at the price I signed for, but also will pledge a million dollars additionally to seed the new collegiate housing program. The only caveat would be to have the program be called the Edelmann program.” Leo inquired. Now Nate was a bit dumbstruck. He picked up the phone on his desk and hit a fast dial button. He raised a hand to keep Leo quiet for a moment. “Hello Mr. Silas. Yes, I am here with Mr. Mitchell now and he has accepted our offer for the sale of his unit.” Nate said, “Yes, I told him that too. I was also advising of the collegiate ski team housing sponsorship program. Mr. Silas, Mr. Mitchell has made an offer to assist the sponsorship program, to the tune of a million dollars. Yes, sir, I was stunned as well and a bit overwhelmed. Mr. Michell has made one request. That is to add the name of his great uncle who acted as a mentor to him. He wishes it to be called the Edelmann program after his uncle. One moment sir, I will ask.” Leo looked up as Nate placed his hand over the phone receiver and leaned over. “Hey Leo, your uncle’s first name Simon, right?” Nate asked. “Yes, my uncle is Simon Edelmann. He was an international law lawyer. He has passed, but his firm is still active in New York.” answered Leo. Nate nodded and put the phone back up to his ear, “Yes, Sir it is Simon, Simon Edelmann who was with a law firm in New York. Yes, Sir. Yes, I will. Thank you Sir!” Nate said as he disconnected the line and placed the phone back on the receiver. Nate smiled at Leo again. In just a moment the printer on the back part of Nate’s desk started printing out papers. Nate reached over and grabbed them when several pages had printed. He glanced at them before sliding them across the desk to Leo. Leo picked them up, looking at the first page. He quickly set them down and looked up at Nate’s still smiling face. “Wow!” Leo gaped. “I know. Apparently Mr. Silas and your uncle were friends. Very old and close friends from what I take. When he heard your request in naming the program, he had me ask you for your uncle’s first name. Mr. Silas was overjoyed that his friend’s protege would be as benevolent as your uncle was. Mr. Silas made an executive decision and has named the program after your uncle and would be happy to match your donation to the program.” Nate said with awe in his voice. “It is crazy to think of how a messed up situation for our friends on the ski team that led you and I to act together is now the genesis of a new philanthropic program, the Edelmann program.” “There is more, too. Mr. Silas wants to make Thomas the administrator of the program because of his assistance in the proposal. Thomas will now be full fledged assistant general manager, but will be assigned to the board, not just a single property. Thomas will be getting more responsibilities here though, so I can continue to mentor him. I am so excited for both he and I. Thomas does not know yet.” Nate said still with a bit of shock. “Well, that is important information to share with Thomas. Let me sign the papers and I will get out of here so you can tell Thomas. I am more than happy with this result. Actuall all of the results: my townhouse, the housing program and Thomas’ promotion. Wow.” Leo gasped with emotion. “Here are the papers that need to be signed today. There will probably be a few more when the funding comes in.” Nate said, then went on. “I do have one request. Will you stay here while I tell Thomas the news? I think that he will be overwhelmed and overjoyed and I want you to share that with us.” “Of course, I can stay.” Leo quickly agreed. Nate gave Leo a pen to start signing the papers. Leo took out his phone and shot an email to his financial assistant to let him know of the funds that would be needed and where to wire the money to. Nate took out his phone and shot an urgent text to Thomas, requesting him in Nate’s office now. Nate sent it in all caps like he was angry, but that could not be further from the truth. About five minutes later, there was a knock on the door as it opened. Thomas rushed in, breathing heavily as he had obviously ran to get to Nate’s office. There was a look of concern on Thomas’ face as he turned to Nate. Thomas was too focused and missed that Leo was sitting in one of Nate’s office aliağa escort chairs. “Nate! What have I done? What is the matter? Just tell me what is wrong?” Thomas pleaded urgently. “Mr. Miller. I will tell you what is going on. First take a seat.” Nate said in an angry, gruff voice. “Yes, Sir!” Thomas said as he dropped into the chair, still not seeing that Leo was next to him. “Next you need to say hello to Mr. Mitchell.” Nate started in the angry voice from before, but changed to a happy tone, “You know, Leo.” Nate pointed to Leo still sitting there. Leo had a huge smile on his face. Thomas took a moment to look between Leo and Nate, a confused look passed over his face. “Hi Leo!” Thomas said. “Hi Thomas!” Leo replied brightly. “Thomas, I have some news for you. I think that you are going to enjoy it, but it is going to be overwhelming. I asked Leo to be here as he has some interest in it as well.” Nate started to explain. “First I am not upset with you. I just wanted to have some fun with you. Second, Leo has agreed to purchase his townhouse as part of the new purchasing program. I know you saw what the original purchase price was listed at, but take a look at what Mr. Silas and the other general managers changed it to.” Nate said as he slid the single sheet that Leo had recently signed. Thomas skimmed the page down to the bottom at the block of signatures and then the reduced amount. Thomas’ eyes bugged out at the reduction. He was about to say something when Nate continued. “That was at Mr. Silas’ direct request.” Nate said with a huge smile. “Lastly I told Leo about the proposal for the housing sponsoring project for collegiate sports for our resort groups, that was modelled by our current situation with Coach Eads’ ski team. I told Leo how you and I worked to put that proposal together. Leo decided he wanted to help. Leo?” “I thought the plan was an excellent idea and I loved how the situation with our beloved ski team sparked this proposal. I knew that I wanted to be a part of this program. So, I have pledged to donate one million dollars which Mr. Silas is matching from his personal funds. The program will be named after my uncle and mentor, Simon Edelmann, so it will be the Edelmann program.” Leo explained. “Mr. Silas knew Leo’s uncle and agreed to the program name. When I was speaking with him, Mr. Silas had an additional request for the program. He needed a director of the program. It would have to be of someone who was an assistant general manager, that would have responsibilities at the property, but would be named to direct to the board for the program directorship. This is going to be a great opportunity for this individual – hard work and busy, but wonderful.” Nate explained some more, then. “Mr. Silas wants me to offer the position to you Thomas.” The color in Thomas’ face blanched, his eyes rolled back and he slid off the chair down to the floor. Leo was right there and caught Thomas’ head from hitting the floor. Nate hurried around his desk and pulled the chairs back out of the way. Leo had placed Thomas’ head in his lap and started to fan it with a folder. Slowly the color returned to Thomas’ face, his breathing had been steady the whole time. After a few moments, there was a flicker in Thomas’ eyes. Just a minute or so later, his eye lips opened and Thomas’ brown eyes were staring up into Leo’s hazel one. Nate had taken over fanning Thomas and Leo was brushing Thomas’ sandy blond hair. Thomas acted like he was going to get up and Nate placed a hand on Thomas’ chest keeping him in place. “Not so fast, Thomas. I want you to rest here for a bit longer. I do not want you to fall without support to catch you.” Nate said quietly, but firmly to Thomas. “Ok, Ok. I will rest here. Did I hear you say Mr. Silas wants me to head the college housing proposal project?” Thomas said quietly. “Yes, he does want you to run the Edelmann program.” Nate answered. “But you said that it was to be run by an assistant general manager. That is like two or three leaps from where I am now.” Thomas said. “You are correct it will require an assistant general manager. That is part of the deal, I am pleased to offer you this position at the direction of the board. It includes the promotion and a substantial pay bump as well. Is that something you can accept?” Nate replied then asked. “Yes, Sir I accept!” Thomas said passionately, “I am sorry that I passed out like this.” “I am happy to accept your acknowledgement of your new position. There is nothing to be sorry about. I am sorry that I led you to believe it was something bad and then flip it on you.” Nate said, “I think that you should take the rest of the day off. If Leo would be so kind, I believe that some rest and relaxation would be in order.” “That is a great idea. I would be happy to take our new assistant general manager to MY townhouse.” Leo said proudly. “I would like that, too.” Thomas said with a sheepish look to his face as he ground his head into Leo’s crotch. Nate and Leo chuckled at Thomas, who joined them. Clearly Thomas was feeling somewhat recovered. Nate offered a hand up and Thomas was quickly standing. Nate supported him with an arm around Thomas’ waist until Leo was standing as well. Then Nate transferred the support over to Leo. “I will send a request to have some food delivered for dinner from the Cafe. You two can go and relax.” Nate said. “Now head out so I can get some work done.” With that Leo and Thomas exited from Nates’s office as Nate started to shoot off some emails and picked up the phone to make a call. Thomas was still light headed so he cuddled into Leo’s side as they walked back to Leo’s townhouse. It was not too far and soon they were walking in. Leo led them into the great room, settling Thomas down on the couch as he slipped back into the kitchen to grab a small bottle of sparkling wine and a few glasses. He returned and was greeted by Thomas’ smile. “I think we should celebrate, you game?” Leo asked. “Yes, I think that is an excellent idea.” Thomas replied. “Great. You strip while I open the bottle and pour us some.” Leo said. “Strip?” Thomas asked. “Yes, we are going to truly celebrate. I want to celebrate every part of the new assistant general manager’s body.” Leo answered. “Yes, Sir!” Thomas said as he started to pull his clothes off. Leo popped cork and poured two glasses of the sparkling wine. Then he set them down and started to remove his own clothes. Leo looked on the couch to find the nude Thomas reclining back, his cock starting to harden. Leo smiled as he stripped the rest of the way to be standing with his own cock jutting out. Thomas took a sip of his drink and giggled from the bubbles, then he licked his lips looking at Leo’s hard piece. Leo knelt down on his knees on the floor in front of the couch. Leaning forward he pressed his body against Thomas’, seeking and finding Thomas’ open mouth for a deep kiss. They each took turns taking a sip of the sparkling wine and then resumed kissing. Thomas was wrapping his arms around Leo’s toned body pulling Leo closer to him. Leo pushed up and lifted Thomas’ arms over Thomas’ head. Holding Thomas’ hands with one of his own, Leo then broke the kiss and started to give small pecks, licks and suckings all over Thomas’ face. Thomas started to moan when Leo directed his oral attention at Thomas’ ears and neck. The moaning increased when Leo slipped his face into Thomas’ exposed pit and he started licking and snuggling into it. Thomas tossed and bucked a bit as Leo’s tongue and lips were wetting and sucking each pit clean. Leo then slid his mouth over Thomas’ chest and attacked the sandy blond’s nipples. Thomas cried out as Leo nipped and sucked each nipple, gently grinding each hard point in between his teeth before releasing them. Thomas was bucking more, but Leo still had Thomas’ hands secured above his head. Leo could feel their abs getting sticky as Thomas’ cock was hard and leaking. Leo then moved his face down lower on Thomas’ chest. Leo licked and kissed each rib and then each ab as he went lower. Leo stopped and rimmed Thomas’ belly button for a minute that caused another cry and more bucking of Thomas’ hips upward. Leo then proceeded to go lower, kissing all around Thomas’ groin, but not touching Thomas’ cock yet. Thomas moaned as Leo’s mouth found his balls. Leo started to suck and slather Thomas’ ball sack, sucking in one and then the other ball. Thomas gasped for air as Leo sucked both balls in at once and was sucking hard on them. Thomas continued to writhe from Leo’s oral attention, he was moaning and groaning. Leo popped both balls out of his mouth and then took his long flat tongue and licked up Thomas’ turgid cock shaft. Thomas was gurgling as Leo’s tongue swiped around Thomas’ cock head collecting the dripping pre-cum. Leo released Thomas cock head as he licked up the drops of pre-cum from Thomas’ abs. Leo swallowed the sweet salty liquid before returning his mouth to Thomas’ hard cock. Leo opened his mouth and swallowed down Thomas’ cock head and then Thomas’ shaft. Leo did not stop until his nose was buried in the dirty blond pubes. Leo kept his mouth low and used his tongue to swath all around Thomas’ cock. Leo was sucking in and out before he started to bob his head up and down. Soon Leo was making full bobs up to Thomas’ cock head and then down to his pubes. Since Leo still had Thomas’ hands up, Thomas lifted his legs up wide around Leo’s bobbing head. Leo continued to work his mouth on Thomas and Thomas was moaning more and more loudly with each bob. Leo slobbed his mouth up and down, Thomas was thrashing more, getting closer. Leo released Thomas’ hands and pulled his mouth off Thomas’ cock. Quickly he pushed Thomas’ legs back towards Thomas’ chest and Leo darted his tongue down to Thomas’ hole. The touch of Leo’s tongue to Thomas’ ass lips caused Thomas tire escort to yelp and his body to ripple with pleasure. Leo buried his face into Thomas’ crack. licking and sucking all up and down. Leo’s tongue was making circles around the sandy blond curl ringed hole. When Leo would swipe his tongue into the opening Thomas would groan with pleasure and pull back on his legs, widening the opening. Leo began to eat Thomas’ ass with gusto. Thomas’ head was flinging side to side as Leo thrust his hardened tongue into Thomas’ pucker. The next time Leo’s tongue pushed in, Leo paused and nibbled at the tender flesh just at Thomas’ entrance. Thomas sighed with passion and a shiver passed through his body. Leo worked his tongue in deeper, Thomas moaned and thrust his hips up to allow Leo in more. Leo slicked a finger up and pushed it right into Thomas pucker. Thomas sighed with satisfaction as Leo began to pump the finger in and out of the spit soaked hole. As Thomas’ hole relaxed more, Leo added another finger in and the pair bumped into Thomas’ gland. The touch sent a jolt through Thomas’ body and he squealed. Thomas began grinding his hips down onto Leo’s fingers. Thomas was cooing when Leo added a third finger and started pumping them in and out of the loosening hole. Leo was pushing his trio of fingers in and out of Thomas’ hole as he moved his mouth up and captured Thomas’ leaking cock in his mouth. Thomas was buckling his hips not sure if he wanted to grind onto Leo’s fingers or pump his cock into Leo’s mouth. Thomas was moaning with wave after wave of pleasure. “OH God Leo! Fuck me! I need your cock in me!” Thomas yelled in a breathy voice. Leo smiled as his mouth popped off Thomas’ cock and it sprung up and slapped Thomas’ abs. Leo then pumped his fingers in and out a few more times before he pulled them out of Thomas’ slightly gaping pucker. Leo stood up and then squatted down, positioning his rock hard cock at Thomas’ pulsing pucker. Looking into Thomas’ brown eyes, Leo pushed forward and sunk his cock to the hilt. Thomas gave an earthy groan and pulled his arms around his legs to pull Leo tight. Leo began pumping his hips back and forth, starting in small strokes but working further out with each successive thrust. Leo looked down and found Thomas gazing upwards with a lusty grin, moaning with each impact. Leo rolled forward and pushed up, tilting Thomas’ hips upward and Thomas’ legs closer to his shoulders. Now Leo’s thrusting was almost straight up and down, using his body weight to punch his cock deeper with each thrust. Leo looked down and Thomas still had the lusty look, but was groaning with each impact now. Leo could feel Thomas’ tight, wet hole gripping his thrusting cock and pulsing when Leo bottomed out each time. Thomas was working his ass muscles actively as he was getting pounded. Leo let out a low growl in the back of his throat. Thomas started squeezing his ass muscles tighter as Leo began thrusting harder and faster. Leo was now pounding his hips with a steady slapping rhythm. His growling was not being punctuated with grunts with each impact. Thomas was moaning and squealing under Leo’s continued power thrusts. Thomas’ body was quaking as each new thrust was pummeling against his gland. Leo’s growling became louder and Thomas’ moaning was getting higher in pitch as the pair worked closer to climax for each of them. Thomas cried out and his body began to shake as Leo’s pounding pushed him into a forceful climax. Shots of hot cum were jetting up from his pulsing cock between their bodies. Jets of cum pumped out and landed on Thomas’ forehead, then nose and chin before landing on his chest and belly. Thomas’ ass muscles were clamping and twitching around Leo’s thrusting cock as Thomas was yelling in pleasure. The additional friction from Thomas’ climax and the hot moaning and quaking pushed Leo over to his own climax. Leo’s growl turned into a grunty snarling sound as he started to deposit boiling cum deep in Thomas’ recess. The hot liquid pouring into his bowels made Thomas cry out again as Leo thrust several more times before he thrust one last time. Leo dropped his body weight down as his cock pulsed a few more times, breeding Thomas as deeply as possible. Thomas was holding onto Leo as they each came down from their climaxes. Thomas was kissing and nuzzling Leo until Leo turned his head and they began to make out. Leo shifted and let Thomas’ legs down. Leo’s cock had softened some and slid out leaving a trail of cum dripping from Thomas’ hole. Leo’s body was still covering Thomas’ as they stayed wrapped together. They must have dozed off after their hot session because the next thing they heard was a knock on the door. Neither Leo or Thomas had time to respond before they heard the door open and then close. Leo was pushing up to standing, still naked, when Chef Paul was coming up the hallway with bags of food. Paul stopped just inside the kitchen and saw Leo naked and tousled looking. Then he looked over at Thomas still reclined on the couch in the same condition. Paul smiled. “I knew something must have been going on when no one answered the door after five minutes of knocking.” Paul said as he moved into the kitchen to put his bags down. “Nate said I should deliver these myself. There is enough for at least three people. Now I know why.” Paul walked up to Leo, wrapped his arms around Leo and gave Leo a huge kiss while groping Leo’s available ass. Then Paul walked over and pulled Thomas up for the same treatment. Paul then sat down and was flanked by Leo and Thomas who smiled at one another. Thomas began kissing Paul again as Leo worked at taking off Paul’s shirt. Leo then kissed Paul as Thomas pulled the shirt off and began working on Paul’s shoes. They worked together to take off Paul’s pants, leaving the red headed chef in tightly strained boxer briefs. Leo turned to Thomas and began kissing and playing with Thomas’ cock. Thomas was letting his hands work on Leo’s cock as they continued to kiss just out of Paul’s reach. When both were hard and leaking again they stopped kissing and turned towards Paul. “I think I want to start with dessert first. How about you Leo?” Thomas said as he licked his lips. “That is what I was thinking. After you Mr. AGM!” Leo replied. Words were not needed after that as the pair pounced on Paul, restraining the chef’s hands on either side. Paul started moaning as they played with his chest and abs before teasing his still covered cock. Paul was groaning as Leo and Thomas took turns running a hand up and down the cloth covered member. Thomas stood up on the couch and stepped over to straddle Paul’s body. Lifting Paul’s hands up over Paul’s head, Thomas moved closer pressing his hard cock against Paul’s face. Paul moaned with pleasure and opened his mouth to take in Thomas’ cut member. Relaxing his jaw Paul let Thomas control the pace as Thomas began to slowly thrust in and out of Paul’s lips. Leo moved to the floor between Paul’s legs as Thomas got going and grabbed a hold of the poor boxer briefs. Tugging firmly and with Paul’s help to lift his hips, Leo pulled the tight shorts down releasing Paul’s uncut cock. Leo pulled the shorts all the way off before he scooted closer and engulfed his mouth around the chef’s cock. Paul was now moaning in pleasure around Thomas’ cock as it passed through his lips. Leo was working his talented mouth all over Paul’s cock and balls, making him wet. Leo took a moment to wet two of his fingers before he took Paul’s cock back in his mouth. Leo then reached up and began to tease Thomas’ ass. Thomas was now mewling as Paul’s mouth was working on his cock and Leo’s fingers were working his ass. Leo pulled up an off of Paul’s cock, it was standing straight up, gleaming with spit. Thomas looked down and nodded at Leo. Thomas then started to squat down with Leo’s help guiding Thomas’ prepped hole down to Paul’s rock hard member. When Thomas moved down his cock popped from Paul’s mouth. Paul had a look of surprise then he moaned as he felt the hot hole settle on his cock then sinking all the way down. Thomas sat on his knees that were on either side of Paul’s hips as he started to move up and down Paul’s cock. Paul had thrown his head back as Thomas picked up pace and was bouncing on his lap, thrusting his cock in and out of Thomas’ hole. Leo had moved up and was now standing next to Paul’s face. Gently Leo guided Paul’s mouth open and pushed his cock into the chef’s mouth. Paul was being overloaded by the pleasure of being ridden by Thomas and by blowing Leo. Thomas moved his hands to play with Paul’s nipple with one hand and Leo’s balls and taint with the other. Thomas was rewarded with happy, lusty sounds from Paul and Leo. Paul started to pant around Leo’s cock as Thomas was bouncing on his cock with more power. Paul then started to growl as he felt his climax building. The extra vibrations were bringing Leo close, the play with Thomas’ fingers on his balls were helping as well. Thomas had slipped the hand from Paul’s chest down to his own cock, which he started jacking as he bounced on Paul’s cock. Thomas let out a strangled yelp as he started to shoot ropes of cum on his and Paul’s body. That started a chain reaction as the tightening of Thomas’ ass around his cock and the spattering of hot cum on his chest, pushed Paul past where he could hold back. Paul started pumping Thomas’ hole full of more cum. Paul’s growling gave the right combination of friction and Leo started shooting a load down Paul’s throat. The trio stopped as their loads had been shot. It took a few moments to untangle and settle down on the couch. Again Leo and Thomas moved to be on either side of Paul, who wrapped his arms around each of them in a hug. They laid there sharing a kiss between all of them for close to thirty minutes after they had climaxed, each with a happy glow. “Well, let’s try some food this time.” Paul laughed as he stood up, pulling the other two with him. “I will unbox it if you all will get plates and drinks together.” “Deal!” Thomas and Leo said together as they followed the naked chef into the kitchen. The three of them made their way into the kitchen, knowing smiles that they were just getting fuel for the next round.

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