Len’s Trip

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Gina Valentina

When Astrid finally got home that Friday morning she stripped and stood in front of the mirror. She knew she should shower, but first she just wanted to look at herself. She patted her big stomach, examining it as if it had gotten larger. “Should have,” she thought, “all the semen I swallowed. Who woulda thought I could blow him three times, and he’d still be able to fuck me so many times.” While she’d had a good time the night before, the man she spent it with had been very lucky indeed.

She thought about the fact that for years she had been so self-conscious of her size, letting the feeling that she could never be attractive keep her captive so long. So long that she let her marriage slip away. Let her husband go seeking sex in someone else’s bed. Then the long months since her divorce, hiding in her apartment without the nerve to go out. Yet last night her friend Sharon had convinced her to go out and try to have fun. What fun she had. She met a man who made her proud of her size. “BBW” was what he called her. She truly felt like a Big Beautiful Woman now. And, despite the fact she knew he was married, she went back to his room and they had sex nearly all night. “Oh why, girl,” she said to the image in the mirror, “why did you wait so long? Had you forgotten how much you like sex? Like fucking? Like the feel of a man in your cunt? And in your mouth?” Well, she remembered now, and she didn’t intend to forget again.

“When he gets back to town, boy will I have a treat for him. Think I’ll take him on a trip this time,” she smiled to herself. “A trip around the world.” With that pleasant thought, she headed off to the shower to wash the man-smell off the outside of her.

Astrid’s wish for more time with Len was to be realized sooner than either of them knew. When he got back to work the following week his boss informed him he’d have to attend a follow-up meeting in two weeks. “Sorry Len, but this time they want to meet on Saturday. You’ll have to fly out Friday afternoon, and probably won’t get back until Sunday. Hope your wife won’t mind too much.”

“She’ll be okay with it,” he said, adding to himself, “as long as she doesn’t find out what I’m doing.”

He called Astrid even before he called his wife. He was delighted when she said she’d meet his plane and drive him to town.

Finally the big night got there. As Len got off the plane he spotted Astrid waiting in the passageway. “Damn she’s a good looking woman,” he thought, admiring the fact that she made no attempt to hide her size, almost flaunting it. “Hmm,” he thought as she walked toward him, “I don’t believe Astrid’s wearing a bra.” He enjoyed watching her big tits bounce as she approached.

“Hi,” she said. “Have a good flight?” Astrid took his arm and started walking him toward the terminal.

“Sure,” Len answered. “Did you have to wait long?” He tried to hide his surprise and disappointment that she displayed no affection or even enthusiasm in greeting him. He’d at least expected an embrace if not a kiss.

“Any plans tonight?” she asked, confusing him further.

“After I get checked in at the hotel I thought we’d go to dinner if you like.”

“Yes, that would be nice.”

After they picked up his luggage, she directed him to the parking garage where she had parked at the far end of the lot. When they got to her car she grabbed him. Holding him tight, she forced her tongue into his mouth. As she broke the kiss, continuing to hold his body tight against her, he asked, “Why the cold treatment in the terminal?”

“I thought maybe there’d be people there you knew. People you didn’t want to know about me.”

“Oh, I was afraid you weren’t happy to see me.”

“Oh yeah, baby,” she said, pressing herself against him. “I’m very happy to see you.” As she rubbed her thigh against his she added, “And I can tell that you’re happy to see me too.” She then kissed him again and their tongues met. Len’s hand found itself under her blouse and she moved away just enough that he could slide it up until he was enjoying that wonderful feeling of squeezing a soft, naked tit. Astrid moaned against his mouth as he pinched her nipple, then pulled back and said, “Get in the car lover. I want a taste of what you brought me.

Obediently he got in the passenger seat and she went around to the driver’s door. Instead of sitting in the seat, she got on her knees and leaned across. As she kissed him again he could feel her trying to unzip his pants. He reached down and helped her get the it lowered. She fished his cock out of his shorts, bent, and smoothly took him completely into her mouth. As she deep-throated him Len could feel her tongue teasing. She slid him in and out while she worked a hand back into his shorts and grasped his balls. As pulled the dick out of her mouth and said, “Oh yes, I’m very glad to see you.” With that she pulled her hand out of his pants and swiveled into her seat.”

“You’re not gonna finish what you started?” he asked.

“I said I just wanted Escort Esenyurt a taste,” she said smiling. Starting the car, she added, “Don’t worry, I’ll finish that when we get to the hotel. Now put that thing away and let’s get going. I’m gonna take you ’round the world tonight.” Len wondered to himself what she meant, but didn’t say anything as he zipped up and fastened his seat belt. He put his hand on Astrid’s thigh and squeezed it as she pulled out. He moved his hand to her crotch and rubbed it, feeling the heat of her sex.

“Hey, watch it.” she said with a smile. “You want me to have a wreck. You keep that up and we’ll never make it to the hotel.”

“Just wanted a quick feel,” Len said as he took his hand out of her crotch. “I’ve been thinking about that pussy for two weeks.”

“You’re gonna get all of that pussy you can take tonight. So just hold your horses.” Luckily it wasn’t a long drive to the hotel.

As soon as they got in the hotel room, Len dropped his bags on the floor and grabbed Astrid and kissed her hard. He returned his hand to her crotch and found it hot and damp. “Yes, that’s yours tonight,” she said, pushing him back. But I’ve got something to finish first.” With that, she pushed him back onto the bed. Kneeling between his knees, they both worked at getting his pants and shorts off. Once again she deep-throated him and caressed his nuts.

This time she sucked his cock in earnest: alternately burying her nose in his pubic hair and removing him and licking around his crown. Len could feel the orgasm she was working on approach, but just before he came . . . brrrng! Looking up, Astrid said, “Who the hell could that be?”

“Only one person,” he said bitterly, his hard-on fading. Leaning over he grabbed the phone by the bed. He was right – his wife.

“Yes dear. I got here fine.” Astrid rubbed his dick against her cheek.

“No, I’ll be home Sunday morning. I’ll take care of all that Sunday.” She cradled his balls in her hand and blew on them.

“And I don’t have to go in Monday. I’ll get it all done.” Astrid ran her tongue around his sac.

Astrid grinned up at him while she played with his cock and balls, listening to him try to placate his nagging wife. While Len tried to concentrate on the phone call, Astrid unbuttoned her blouse, releasing her large breasts. She then nestled his dick between those soft globes. He felt himself begin to harden again as she pressed her tits together, trapping him and working him up and down.

“Sure dear. I’ll take you out to eat Sunday.” Len leaned back slightly so his dick extended up out of it”s silken trap.

“No, we’ll go somewhere nice.” Astrid bent her head and licked him, still fucking him with her cleavage.

“No, it wasn’t my idea to have this meeting on the weekend.” Astrid sucked up the drop of pre-cum seeping from him.

“I know it’s not fair. But it’s my job, I’ve got to do it.” Len bit his lip to keep from moaning as his lover bounced her tits up and down, stimulating him almost to the point of no return.

“I’ve got to get off here now. They’re waiting for me to go to dinner.” Len hoped he could get the bitch off the phone before it was too late as Astrid continued to titty-fuck him. “Sure dear, me too. Goodbye now.” With a sigh of relief he hung up the phone.

Astrid released his dick and rubbed it around on her cheek, streaking herself with the sticky stuff leaking from him. Looking him in the eye, Astrid said, “Your choice . . . mouth or tits. Where do you wanna cum?”

“Mouth. Yes please, make me cum in your mouth,” Len whispered.

“Good choice,” Astrid responded before taking him fully into her mouth again. After sliding her lips up and down on him, she moved until just his head was between her lips.

She twirled her tongue around his cock-head, causing him to moan. “Oh god, Astrid. Make me cum. Make me cum please. Fuck me with your mouth.” Obligingly, she sucked him in again and, as she looked him in the eyes, bobbed her head up and down – truly fucking him with her mouth. “Oh yes, OHYES,” he hollered as he began to spasm. She continued keeping eye contact as he repeatedly spurted into her throat and she swallowed the sweet cream.

Finally spent, he collapsed back onto the bed. She pulled him out and rubbed his shrinking dick against her face. “Damn that was good. Baby, I love the taste of your cum.”

“Yes it was good. So fucking good.” He pulled her up by the shoulders and she laid across his chest, kissing him. As she stuck her tongue into his mouth he again tasted his own sex on her lips. After kissing a little longer, she rolled over on her back. Len got to his elbows and leaned over to suck her nipples while his hand went back to her crotch.

Astrid let him suckle her tits and rub her pussy for a while, then pushed him away. “Didn’t you promise me dinner?”

“Can’t I have a little taste first? You got your appetizer.”

“There’ll be plenty of that for you Escort Avcılar tonight. But I’m hungry now.”

“Okay,” he said giving up. “Let’s go to dinner.”

As they both got their clothes back on, he said, “I want to apologize for the phone call. She’s always checking up on me.”

“I didn’t mind. I liked teasing you,” Astrid replied. “Besides, tonight she’s got good reason to check on you. Me! I’m the one screwing her husband, the one getting what she isn’t.”

“Hell, she isn’t even wanting what you’re getting.”

“Then she’s both a bitch and a fool. Now, let’s go to dinner.”

As they started to leave, Len looked at Astrid and asked, “You know you’ve got semen on your face?”

“Yep. I’m gonna wear it proudly. It’s an ego thing. If anyone is interested, I want them to know I’m the lucky one you’re doing tonight.”

“You are so crazy,” Len said with a smile. “I just hope someone notices that I just got a blow job from this beautiful woman.” This brought a smile to Astrid’s stained face as they headed out to the restaurant.

Sure enough, as the waitress was taking Astrid’s order, Len saw her looking at the streaks on his lover’s face. The woman then turned to him and Len could see she was grinning. She looked back at Astrid’s face, then at Len, “And what would you like?” she asked. “Or should I say what else would you like?” she added with a wink.

Dinner couldn’t be over soon enough for Len. And Astrid seemed to be thinking the same thing as she ate very quickly. As soon as they were done, Len went to the desk to pay his tab while Astrid went on out the door. After taking his money, the cashier said, “Y’all have a good time tonight now,” and she too winked at him. It was clear that the waitress had shared her observations about them with the rest of the staff. With that thought making him even hornier, he joined Astrid on the street.

Smiling at him she said, “I think I’ve made the whole joint envious. Did you see them looking at us . . . at my face?”

“Yes Darlin’, I did.” With that he pulled her to him and kissed her. That’s when he noticed the dark alley next to the restaurant. He edged Astrid into the dark, and kissed her harder. As their tongues dueled, his hand found her crotch again. “You’re still hot down there, lady. Love it,” he said as he groped her pussy in earnest.

“Of course I’m hot. I’m with the hottest guy in town tonight. And if you keep that up we may not make it back to the . . . oh yeah,” as Len pressed his hand harder between her legs and forced the denim seam between her pussy lips. “God that feels good. Watch out baby.”

“I am watching out,” he said. I’m watching out for you to cum for me right here.” He could feel the dampness even through the thick denim.

“Un hunh,” she sighed. “That feels good, so good.” He continued to press his hand to her and soon there were moans coming out of her mouth. “Someone will see us,” she protested weakly.

“So what,” he said. “I wouldn’t mind. But I’m not gonna stop until you cum for me. Cum for me, Astrid.” The woman seemed to sag against his hand until he was nearly holding her up by her cunt.

“Okay lover. Do it. Rub my pussy. Make me cum, make me cum.” He continued rubbing as hard as he could. Suddenly she tightened her thighs around his hand and moaned, “Oh god, oh god, oh hell yes.” He could feel her whole body shake and an orgasm ran through her. “OHFUCK!” Her yell was muffled against his chest. He continued to rub and she continued to shake and cry out until she finally pushed him away. “Enough. Enough for now. Let’s get back to the hotel, baby. I want you in me.”

“Sounds good to me,” he said releasing her.

When they got back to the room, Len closed the door and locked it. Turning around he saw that Astrid already had her blouse off and jeans halfway down. She kicked them aside and laid back on the bed, her legs spread wide. Len could see that the white cotton panties she wore were very wet. He walked over and ran his fingers against her pussy through the damp cloth. “Did I do that?”

“You sure as hell did,” she answered. “And keep doing it.”

Len stepped back and just looked at the big woman on his bed. “Damn I like looking at your body.”

“There’s a lot to look at,” she said with a smile. As he watched, Astrid rubbed her own crotch.

“Oh, that’s nice, baby. I love to see you do that.” With this encouragement, she stuck her hand into her panties. He could tell that she had her fingers in her pussy.

“Get your clothes off, buster. I wanna see you naked too.”

“Just keep doing that while I get undressed.” He quickly removed his clothes while she continued to finger-fuck herself. When he was completely undressed he got on his knees, his head poised over her wet panties.

Slowly he pulled the panties down and smiled as he watched her fingers working in and out. Finally he pulled her hand out and sucked her fingers into his mouth. “Hmmm,” he said. That tastes so good. I love your sex.” With that, he dipped his tongue into her.

“That feels good too,” she said. But come up here. I need a cock – now – and yours is the only one around here. Obligingly he positioned himself between her legs and rubbed his cock-head against her wet pussy lips. “Give it to me. Give it to me NOW.” With one thrust he buried himself completely into her.

“God babe, you are so hot and so wet,” he said. Bending over he sucked on one of her nipples while she pinched the other.

“Fuck me hard, Len. I’m about to cum again.” With that Len began began banging in and out, his thighs slapping against hers and his balls bouncing on her big ass. “Fuckfuckfuck,” she muttered over and over. “Fuckfuckfuckmehard.” Suddenly she screamed, “YESYESYESI’MCUMMING!” Len could feel her cunt muscles constricting around him as her back arched. Astrid pressed herself violently against him, twisting and bouncing as her climax shook her. Len held still, riding out the orgasm while trying to stave off his own. When she was finally still again he resumed sliding in and out, slowly and gently this time. “Lay next to me,” she asked, “and do me from the side like you did last time.”

“Sure thing,” he said as he pulled out. Len lay next to her and they entwined their legs until he was pushing against her pussy again. Once more he thrust all the way into her, going deeper from this angle.

“I love it when you do me in this position. You go so much further into me with my big belly out of the way.”

“I like it too,” he said. “I can fuck you and still watch while you play with yourself. You know that turns me on. Play with yourself, Astrid. Rub your clit for me while I fuck you.” With a smile, she began fingering herself. Len was pleased when this drew a moan from her. Astrid closed her eyes and, still masturbating, she pressed herself against him, trapping her fingers between her clit and his pubic bone. Len could feel that he was getting near. He thrust harder, repeatedly slapping against her.

“That’s it, that’s it, lady.” Len slammed against her one more time, then held still, buried as deeply in her as he could get. He couldn’t hold back any longer. “Oh shit, here I cum!” With one last push he felt himself begin to explode.

“Give it to me. Give me your cum,” she shouted. Len could feel her cunt bite hard on him as his dick spurted. She cried out once more and he knew she was cumming too, cumming with him.

Over and over he spasmed until he couldn’t do it again. Astrid continued bucking a while before she wore out too. Len laid still, his soft cock still embedded in his lover’s pussy. He could feel their combined juices running out of her and across his thigh. “We’re leaving one hell of a wet spot, Lover.”

“Neither one of us is doing the laundry, are we? So let’s not worry about it. Besides, when I get through with you you’re gonna sleep just fine even if you are laying in it.”

“Me. I thought you’d lay in it.”

“Don’t think so. Guess we’ll just have to stay up until it dries.” Len finally slipped out of her, so he turned and kissed her. “Besides,” Astrid said when the kiss ended. “You’ve got one more stop to make before you complete this trip I promised.”

“Trip?” Len said quizzically. He had not really understood what she meant when she said she was taking him around the world.

“If you don’t know, I’ve got a great surprise for you then. But first, I gotta pee.” With that she disengaged herself from Len and headed for the bathroom. Len heard her emptying her bladder, then she called out, “Come here a minute, Hon.” He went to the bathroom and found her still sitting on the commode. “Get me a washcloth, will you. Someone spilled all this cum on me and I need to clean up.”

Obediently he wet a cloth and handed it so her. As he watched, she wiped her thighs, then her pussy. Handing it back to him, she reached over and took a hold of his limp dick. “Oooh,” she said with a mock frown, “someone’s pretty sticky. Maybe we ought to jump in the shower and get clean before we go on.”

“Sounds good to me,” Len said.

As soon as the water was warm enough, they both got under the shower. Astrid rubbed her wet body against his and kind of jiggled to increase the friction. Then she turned her back to him and handed him the shampoo. “Dribble this down my back, lover.” Obediently he did so, then rubbed himself against her now slick backside. Astrid squirmed until she had him wedged between her butt cheeks. “Feel good, Hon?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, it sure does,” he said. Len reached around her and cupped her pussy in his hand. He rubbed until her pubic hair was foaming with soapsuds. He then slid three fingers into her wet box as she ground against his hand and his captive dick.

“Hmm,” she sighed. “That feels to good.” Len continued moving his hand in out as she squirmed, stimulating him against her ass. Finally she said, “We better rinse off and get out of here before it’s too late. They separated and took turns standing under the shower spray, rinsing the soap off their bodies. Finally, Len directed the spray directly on her pussy and cupped his hand under it, cleaning all the bubbles from her.

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