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There it was. The box had arrived in plain brown packaging just as they said it would. I have to admit that I felt bad for ordering it, but the claims were just too good—and I just had to know if the bottle of pills I just unwrapped would work.

It started about a month before. I was reading the quasi-sex magazine with a lot of skimpy bikinis and manly information, and I ran across an advertisement in the back that made the bold promise: “Increase your Penis Size Dramatically with LengthenX!” I smiled in slight amusement, but then I read the ad. It sounded too good to be true—so it probably was. It was intriguing, though. What man wouldn’t want to be better endowed?

Okay, before we go on… let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a college student in a large University in the South. I’m (in my own highly-biased opinion) pretty good- looking, not model-quality but I don’t think any ladies would be ashamed to be seen with me. I’m enrolled in all of the honor classes here, and I’ve managed to make good grades, even though having to wait tables keeps me from studying like I should. I’m also outgoing and pretty confident. My friends—many of which are female—tell me I could date pretty much whomever I choose. That’s nice to know, and when I’m not waiting tables or at class, I’m at a party or out on a date with one of the beautiful ladies that our school has in abundance. It’s a great life.

I know you’re wondering now, so I’ll let you know. My penis was a little over 6 inches, measured along the bottom and with good girth. I know everyone says 6 inches are average, but I’ve always wondered about that. I think it’s less. Several of the ladies that shared my bed have told me I was ‘bigger’ than almost anyone they had seen. I certainly had no complaints, and everyone had come back for more. I’m a very generous lover, and I love lots of foreplay, kissing, and build up. I also enjoy dancing my tongue across my lover’s clit for more than an hour. There’s nothing—and I mean NOTHING like bringing such incredible pleasure to a partner. I’ve read that something like 70% of the women don’t have regular orgasms during intercourse, but gladly I can say that has never been true while they were with me.

Like I said. It’s a great life. I can’t say why that ad for LengthenX got to me like it did. I should have been happy with my active sex life. But there was that nagging feeling that I could be more, and I think the ad touched on that. After a few weeks, I found myself looking for the magazine and flipping through the pages to find out more about this wonder drug. There it was. It was guaranteed to work, or the money would be sent back—including shipping. All inquiries and orders were treated with the utmost confidentiality. Sure, it was expensive, but the risk was worth it. I swallowed my shame, picked up the phone and ordered it.

After unwrapping the two bottles of pills, I read the instructions: three spread though out the day, with a full glass of water. I took the first pill immediately that afternoon and the next right before I went to bed (sadly, alone). I drifted off to sleep dreaming about the cries of pleasure I’d give to women with my huge cock.

I continued to take the pills as directed during my daily routine. It was the second week before I noticed anything at all. I woke with a tingling feeling in my crotch. My cock was awake before I was, as usual. It was hard and strong, and… bigger? I went to the bathroom, making sure my roommates were still asleep and found a ruler. I was still hard, so I put it up under my veiny warrior. My dick was a full 7-inches! I didn’t really know if LengthenX would work, and I was afraid that I’d be disappointed. I wasn’t anymore.

Over the next two and a half months, the process continued and I continued to gain size, strength of erection and well… it looked almost muscular. The growth finally started to slow, and I stopped taking the pills before the third month. I was fine before, but now I had a monster hanging between my legs. I became Şanlıurfa Escort over 6-inches long when I was flaccid! When I got hard (I can do that just by thinking about it), I was nearly 10 inches, and now I could barely even wrap my hand around it! They should’ve put me on the bottle as an advertisement.

I hadn’t been dating (or fucking) since a week before the pills arrived. Finals kept me busy, and the upcoming holiday season kept our restaurant packed. Now finals were over, and I was ready to get back into the game. I could usually count on scoring when I went country dancing by myself. I’m a great dancer, and country dancing allowed the opportunity to talk with them the entire time. The fact that the ladies there liked to wear tight jeans that showed their asses didn’t hurt, either.

I dressed for the evening, boots and a button-up shirt—and my blue jeans. I actually have to position my cock when I pull them on. They’re not overly tight but they don’t leave much to the imagination. If a woman were to look, she could check out my equipment. I invited that now, and I was hoping that would help in the plans I had for the evening.

There wasn’t much of a line getting in, as many students had left for the holidays. That’s how I liked it. More room to dance, and the ladies that stayed were more inclined to be… lonely. Well, at least one wouldn’t be lonely tonight. When I got in, I took my usual walk around the place before ordering my first Shiner Bock beer. I leaned back against the bar, beer in hand and leisurely looked out over the club. Even when this place wasn’t crowded, there were still many, many gorgeous women. I couldn’t be too sure, as it was dark, but I think I saw at least one woman checking out my Levi’s. If she only knew, she would’ve done more than look.

I waited a while, savoring the dark beer and thanking God for putting women on the Earth. A good song started up, so I finished up the beer and asked a pretty brunette standing with her two friends to dance. It’s always best to just ask, “Would you care to dance?” Don’t get too fancy and try a cheesy pick-up line. As I was asking, I could see that her friends looked me up and down. Maybe they’d be next.

Her name was Gwynn, and she had a boyfriend that had already gone home for the semester. I didn’t try to overcome that. After the dance with her, I asked a petite red-head to dance with me, not wanting to get locked down to the one group of girls. Kim seemed like she was very innocent, but as we danced through the slow song she pulled close to me and I knew she could feel my soft cock against the side of her stomach and top of her leg. I don’t want to sound cocky (pardon the pun), but I’m sure I could’ve had her that night. She seemed a little hurt as I walked her off the floor and went to ask the next lady to dance.

This went on for a while. I loved to dance with a lot of ladies when I went out. That also gave me a chance to get to know a lot of women by talking with them. I’m a sucker for intelligence, so I’d dance with the smarter, fun ones several times. After about a dozen dances, I sat down for a while and ordered another Shiner. I looked out over the dance floor and watched as the couples shuffled along to the strains of George Strait.

“I should be dancing to this,” I thought.

That’s when I saw her. Long, slightly curly dark hair, a porcelain face wearing (my favorite) Rocky Mountain jeans under a black stretch shirt that dropped low enough to show ample cleavage. She looked classy, but it was obvious that her slim and stacked body was begging to be fucked. She was walking towards me. I was surprised when she stopped at my table and asked me to dance. Looking in those bright blue eyes, there wasn’t any force in nature strong enough to keep me from saying yes.

Wow. I love confidence in women, too. She certainly had that. She took my hand and walked me to the dance floor while George was still playing. My right hand settled on her left hip and I took her right Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan hand with my left as we began to dance. She danced close, and I could feel my length pressed against her. Her breasts touched just below my chest, and her left arm wrapped around my side and her hand traced the small of my back. We moved well together.

Her name was Cheryl, and I was happy to note that she was as smart as she was beautiful. She was a junior, majoring in Civil Engineering—and through the course of our conversation, I found out that her two roommates had already left for the semester. By this point, I had no desire to dance with anyone else. I knew I was getting turned on, and I could feel the stirrings of my cock in my pants. She must have felt it, and although she didn’t say anything, she pulled her leg closer to mine, causing it to rub against her during our dancing. Cheryl was one hot lady.

After two more dances and quiet conversation, the lights above the dance floor came to life and club music started playing. Seeing the cowboy hats bounce up and down out of rhythm always made me chuckle, but dancing with Cheryl was anything but funny. She turned her back to me and pressed her heart-shaped ass against my crotch while grinding to the music. There was no mistaking that she felt my member now. I danced behind her, keeping her very close to me to help hide the beast awakening from its slumber. I wrapped my hands around her waist, pulling her tightly into me.

Up to that point, we’d only flirted with words. She’d told me that she didn’t have a boyfriend and that she wanted to have a good time that night. From the way she was dancing, I thought I knew what she had in mind. It was time to test that theory. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

“Let’s leave this place. “

She didn’t say a word. She grabbed my hands, still facing away from me, placed them on her hips and pulled me close then we walked off the dance floor together. Cheryl hid my arousal well, but having my cock wedged between her denim-clad ass was driving me out of my mind.

Stepping outside, we walked to her car. We got there and she suddenly turned and kissed me wildly, grabbing the hair on the back of my head and pressing her lips against mine. I melted into the kiss, lost in the moment. I felt her tongue trace my lips and press into my mouth. I returned the kiss with vigor, and our tongues met together. Her breath was like peppermint, and her tongue was hot and wet. Her arms were around me, squeezing me into her. She broke the kiss and reached down to grab the bulge in my jeans. She looked directly into my eyes and spoke,

“You are getting me so hot. I want you so much. This–,” she squeezed my dick in her hot little hand, “was driving me crazy in there. I’ve got to have it. “

She kissed me again while rubbing my still-lengthening cock. Quite frankly, it was beginning to hurt—there just wasn’t enough room in the jeans for it. Her friends had brought her, so we left in my car. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other during the ride. I was rubbing her thighs through her jeans and she was still had her hand on my cock, rubbing it up and down its length. It was trying to stand up to its full length, but my jeans kept it painfully confined. I had to let it loose soon.

Arriving at her apartment, we paused long enough in our groping to make it through the front door. We didn’t even make it to the bedroom. In the living room, she pulled me to her frantically and kissed me hard while unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. She broke the kiss to pull my jeans and boxers down past my ass. My cock leaped out near her face and she grabbed it and began stroking with both hands. She looked up at me with a lust in her eyes and told me it was beautiful before she placed her lips over its bulbous head and began to suck gently.

I was in heaven. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the attention she was giving to my now fully erect penis. She lifted it and placed small loving Escort Şanlıurfa kisses along the length of its underside, ending at my balls. I knew I’d never forget the feeling of her tongue curling around each of my testes while her tiny hand slowly jacked my dick. She returned to the top, and grasped it like a baseball bat before sucking the head between her full red lips. The sound of her slurping and muffled moans were music to my ears as she choked down the first two inches. She ran her hands under my shirt and pinched my hard nipples while twirling her tongue around the head. She later told me that she felt divinely inspired. The way she was making me feel made me believe her. I never wanted this blow job to end, but I had to have her. It seemed that she agreed.

She stood back up and pushed me down to her couch. I leaned back, kicked off my boots and pants while unbuttoning my shirt. She took off her boots, slid her pants and panties down her shapely hips and stepped over them to join me on the couch. Her knees straddled either side of my, and her stomach pressed against my stiff member when she leaned forward to kiss me passionately. While still kissing, she unbuttoned my shirt. My hands roamed over her legs and ass, pausing just long enough to unsnap her shirt at the crotch. I was happy to note that she wasn’t wearing panties. I started rubbing her moist pussy causing her to moan into my mouth. I grabbed her hips and pulled her up so she could place the tip of my cock at the entrance to her woman hood. She rubbed it up and down her slit, then started lowering herself onto my pole. She started talking as the first few inches disappeared inside of her.

“Oh God, that feels good. Ohh, please… slow… slow… God it’s good. “

She would take an inch or so before rising again. She went slowly, pushing more of it inside of her each time. She paused several times, allowing time for her lips to stretch and accommodate my endowment. She got in eight inches before going wild. She started to slide up and down my cock with more abandon, moaning louder while continuing to talk to me.

“Oh, fuck me… fuck me with your huge cock.. unnhhh… keep going, you’re going to make… me… cum… “

I watched, mesmerized by the intense look of pleasure on her face, noting the muscles clinching in her neck. She was getting close. I grabbed her ass just behind her hips and slowed her pace forcefully.

“No… oh… don’t tease… mmmm.. mm… oh… “

I loved fucking Cheryl with my new cock. I slowed her to the point where we were almost still. I concentrated on the sensation of her wrapped tightly around me. I studied her face, making sure the feeling had subsided before beginning to pump slowly in and out of her again. I could feel myself rubbing against the front of her vagina. This slow screw was driving us both crazy. Each time either of us would get close, I’d stop the action. I took the opportunity to help her pull her shirt off over her head. Freeing her glorious orbs to my sight and touch.

I reached up and pulled each of her hard nipples, returning the favor she had shown me earlier. She smiled at me and began her maddening ride up and down. There wasn’t go to be any stopping this time. Our pace started growing faster. We were both sweating by now, each enjoying the sensations coursing through our body. I took one hand from her now swollen nipple and slapped her shapely ass as we fucked each other even harder and faster. I knew this was going to be great long before I felt that familiar feeling building up at the base of my prick. She was feeling it, too.

“Keep… going… unhh… Unhh… Oh God keep fucking me.. unh… keep… fuck—oh God, OH GOD!”

My semen exploded inside of her as we both came in the single best orgasm I’d had in my life to that point. She collapsed against my chest and wrapped her arms around me, squeezing me to her. We laid there holding each other for several minutes. After our breathing returned to normal, and my cock softened inside of her we shared another deep kiss, and she started speaking quietly to me.

“You don’t know how glad I am that Kim pointed you out to me. She knew what I needed, and she was right. “

I smiled. I knew I’d love life after LengthenX. As the next few years showed, I was right…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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