Learning the Chocolate Life

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Learning the Chocolate LifeWe have a date set at a bar to meet but the bartender hands me a note. “Meet me at the hotel room 217.” Here I am a little bummed that I didn’t get to watch you walk into the bar but still excited about finally seeing you. I pay the tab and when I get to the car there is a note under the wind shield wiper. “Do what the fuck you are told. Nothing more and nothing less.”The drive was pretty short and I walk up to the door which is slightly ajar. Another note taped to the door reads “You sure have talked a lot about being dominated. Enter and you’ll get it till I say you have had enough. This is your last warning. Walk in, shut the door and walk five steps forward.”I take a deep breath and walk into the darkest room I have ever walked into. The realization that this is only for fun, no commitment and no need to be nervous is fading quickly. I wonder if you will find me desirable.Like the spell of art, there is a purpose of me being here and I know that if I don’t take those five steps now, and let her lead, I may never have this opportunity again. Never know if the pain and pleasure I think I want and desire is real and what it could lead to. The light from the hallway isn’t much and once I close the door behind me it is pitch black. I take my five steps and wait.Finally I hear your voice behind me “Stay completely still.” A candle lights the room but I can’t see you and am desperate to see that smile. “Turn around my pet.”You’re seated in a corner of the room with an inviting sweet smile outlined by the deepest red lips I have ever seen. Your dress is simple but so delicious. White button down blouse, the top of your lace demi cup bra showing, lots of gold jewelry, black leather skirt raised high enough for me to see your thigh highs and garter and topped off with 4 inch patent leather heels. I see the riding crop on the table when you set down your glass.You stand and I start to move toward you but I am stopped by an upheld hand. You walk around me and in a whisper tell me that you are completely in charge of everything tonight. I will do what I am told and when I am told. I will address you as Mistress or Ma’am only. “You can leave now and return to your — blue-eyed blonde but sexually dull vanilla wife as you say – or submit to me, which will deal with learning your limits and you learning that my pleasure is the only thing that you should be concerned with.”Now face to face, “Do you have any idea what you are in for my pet?” I can’t answer because I truly don’t know and you smile because you know that is exactly what you know I am thinking. “I like your leather belt. We’ll put that to good use. Take it off.” I do as instructed and hand you the belt. Resuming your seat I am instructed to take all my clothes off, fold them neatly, place them in the bag, and drop my wallet and car keys in the bag as well.You pick up the phone and tell the desk clerk you have a bag you would like for him to hold and if they would be so kind as to come up and retrieve it for you. Hanging up the phone you say, “Last chance pet… do I stay or do I go I know you are thinking,” you smirk and take a sip of water from your glass. “Pick up the bag and place it in the hall. NOW!”I am lost in everything that is happening so fast and now losing control even faster than I thought and now I really am trapped with no clothes, money, ID or car keys. Who the hell would I call? I gather my courage, turn, pick up the bag and place it in the hallway. Returning I stand naked before you with a raging hard on.In such a soft voice you tell me that this first night will be to learn what it means to be your pet. You reach for the riding crop, stand, take a step toward me and swat my cock. “You won’t be needing that for the moment dear.” The stinging pain instantly deflates my erection. “I and I alone will determine if you are aloud to be hard.” Tracing a finger nail across my shoulder I shiver as you walk behind me. “I know much of what I will be subjecting to you will be for the first time in your life but not in your fantasies.”Your hands are warm as they draw the black weave leather belt around my neck. You make a show of placing the end of the belt through the loop and drawing it tighter. The pace is so slow and as I feel it start to finally loop around my neck you stop. “Too tight darling?” I simply reply no. A quick tug and now I do feel it tighten around my neck. “Ma’am or Mistress do you fucking understand?””Tight enough now pet?” A nod and a yes Mistress follows. “Good then we’ll make it just a touch tighter. Your first lesson is that what I do to you and what you do for me is for my pleasure and my pleasure alone.” The end of the belt hangs down my back. I can breathe but my neck is certainly under strain. You pull back on the length bringing me close to you for the first time. Your scent and body heat fills my senses. “You’ll learn much tonight. Get the bag out of the closet and empty the items on the bed slowly and neatly” Without hesitation I do as instructed and take my place standing before you again. I don’t think I had ever even seen that many toys even on the internet but I know what they are all for.Wet lips caress my skin as a tongue travels from neck to earlobe where teeth clasp and a shake is given. I know it is a test of pain and I don’t move. “Bet you are wondering who all those toys are for eh? Take one last look at all of them pet as there will be a quiz,” you giggle.”Close your eyes” you whisper. You do not stop kissing my neck. Reaching around to my nipples you tease and only draw lightly on the delicate flesh. “Don’t worry, you will get what you came for,” you whisper again as I feel you move around my body once again to face me. “Boy that belt looks good on you. Let’s continue with your lesson.”Leading me around the room you light more and canlı bahis more candles. I try and stay as close to you as possible. You take your seat again and pull my head hard toward the floor bringing me to my knees. “You will only touch me when I tell you to.” A weak yes Mistress escapes my tight throat.”Am I your Domme Mistress,” you ask me directly into me eyes. You are so close I can feel the wetness of your lips on my lips. Your warm breath invades, penetrating me to my core. There is no question or moment of thought for this answer. “Yes, you are my Domme Mistress.” Licking my lips you ask if I am ready. Before I can even answer you stuff something into my mouth.”There are five senses all of which you will endure for my pleasure. Taste, smell, sight, hearing, and touch. You already know what I look like. And now it is time for taste and smell. I wore those all day for you pet. You should feel privileged I even let you have them in your mouth. You’ve also heard my voice in your ear. So that leaves touch and touch can come in so many varieties the first of which you have experienced. My hands on your body, my warm breath on your skin, my lips and tongue on yours but now it is time for more pleasure for me which you might find painful hence the gag in your mouth.””Stand before me darling as my pleasure and your pain is about to begin for real.” You rise and go to the bed. I feel one arm pulled behind me and a cuff placed on my wrist. The same is done with the other and they are clasped together. All of a sudden a sharp swat if delivered on my ass. I wince but don’t make much of any sound. It had to have been the crop. “Good boy.”Walking back around to your chair you curl your finger for me to come to you. Two more swats this time on my nipples. Standing before you, so close to you and your beautiful smile, those luscious red lips and that devilish face I could not help but get hard. “God men are so fucking weak. I little attention and they think they’ll be cumming in some pussy or mouth.” This is not for your pleasure but for mine as you will find out. I do believe you will enjoy the first part for the short duration.” You slowly stroke my cock. It only lasts a few seconds but I don’t feel I had ever been bigger or harder. “I know that was nice for you but now it’s all going to be fun for me. Spread your legs.”Taking your seat you grab lengths of satin ribbon. You bind and spread my balls one length of satin going around my back to one cuff and the other around the other side. No matter which way I pulled my hands I was pulling my own balls apart. Then you tie off the bottom of my cock keeping as much blood in there as possible. “Amazing isn’t it? Now you know one of the reasons I had to gag you,” you say smiling. “But it is only the beginning of the pain you will endure this night.” Painful it was and I nearly had tears in my eyes. You had the talent to take me to the very edge.”As the ropes bind you, you are bound to me for the next few hours, if not days, weeks or eternity. If you choose to end this and say stop or ask for me to relinquish my role, I will do so. Oh I forgot my little pet can’t speak. You are mine. Do you understand”, you firmly state as you pull tightly on the satin ribbon tied to the base of my cock. I stand on my toes and simply nod as I knew there and then I was yours for whatever you wished.”Now on to reason two for the gag. You took your first two swats so easily, let’s see how far we can get.” You started on my ass just where you had left off the last time. Each stroke getting progressively harder and harder. The pace slowed between strokes then suddenly stopped. “Very nice. Just one more little piece of fun.” This time I knew it was not the crop but the leather flogger that had been on the bed. Back and forth and each time felt like my flesh was being ripped apart. Screaming into the panties I could hear your breath. “God that was great. I hadn’t had a workout like that in quite sometime. Oh what a sweet pink ass you have.”I am pushed down onto the bed. I don’t know if the pain on my ass or the pain in my balls is worse. What the hell could be next? This must be coming to a close soon. I know this woman as a creative creature as I have ever met.”Remember darling, everything is for my pleasure. Stay right there.” There I lay upper body resting on the edge of the bed and I am in the most pain I have ever endured.”Just reason three to go for the gag to come out pet but don’t be worried as your screams will be still stifled yet again.” I feel a cool gel soothing my stinging red ass. I start to relax when I feel your finger penetrate me. “See lover, easy as one, two, three,” and with that the cold hard glass butt plug slides deep into my ass. “It feels so good getting fucked in the ass I thought you should enjoy it too. By the look on your face I would say you’re a virgin. I am already looking forward to changing that tonight too”You grab the belt and roughly pull me from the bed and I fall to my knees. Now standing in front of me, sweat on your forehead and the look of absolute delight on your face you drop the flogger in front of me. “You will always keep this with you. If we meet by chance you must be ready to face this at any time or place.”I am rather uncomfortable trying to find some position that doesn’t hurt my cock, balls or ass when all of a sudden you slowly start to undress. One button at a time, pulling your blouse from your skirt. Then you unzip your skirt and let it fall to the floor. The lingerie and heels are just intoxicating almost to the point of feeling no pain. Stepping closer you pull my head to your shaven pussy.You lay on the bed spreading those legs and showing me a dripping pussy. Pulling me toward you with the belt somehow I crawled over to you, in immense pain from every inch of my body, wanting bets10 to lick and suck and devour your wet cunt and nibble on your hard clit. I wanted to show you that I was worthy of belonging to you. “Time to remove your gag slave and pleasure your Mistress.” You ripped the panties from my mouth and before I could even take a breath you place one hand on the back of my head and pull hard on the belt and pull my head deep into you. Wetter and wetter my face became and the pain in my ass and my balls being pulled apart didn’t matter anymore. Once your orgasms started they just did not stop. Pulling my head into you so tight I could not breathe until finally your hands simply fell to your side.After several minutes you regain your composure. “I am delighted with your behavior. You have performed well and will be rewarded with more pleasure for me.” Lifting one leg over my head you cut the satin ribbons freeing my balls, cock, and then unhook the cuffs and remove those as well.I hear you open a dresser drawer but too tired to even raise my head. Again I feel your cool hands on my whipped flesh. “On the bed, all fours pet.” I can barley move but try to follow your instructions. I feel your hand slap my ass extremely hard, “Faster my little one, I am so looking forward to this.” Finally on the bed I am on resting on my arms and legs and my face is buried in the blankets.Grabbing the base of the butt plug you raise my ass and slowly twist and pull the glass plug out. I instantly sigh in relief but gasp immediately into the blankets as I feel being penetrated again. I turn my head to see you wearing a strap on which is much longer and thicker than the butt plug. Too tired and out of breath all I can do is gasp as you start to slowly fuck me.”I knew you wouldn’t yell out pet. Once a man has is ass taken by a woman he has learned the lesson that the woman is stronger, more dominant and the only one that deserves pleasure.” You start fucking me harder and deeper. I can feel your hands on my hips pulling me into you with each stroke. As the pain lessens I can hear you moaning with each stroke. “What a tight virgin ass you have darling it feels so fucking good. Fuck I am cumming again.” You take one last fast, hard, and deep stroke and just freeze. I can feel you shaking and hear you moaning the words “fuck, fuck,fuck” over and over.Slowly pulling out of me you slide onto the bed next to me. “You are a great fuck and will be a wonderful pet but one more hurdle darling,” you say as you sit upright. “This will prove to me that you belong to me. Remember that nice cool gel I rubbed into your ass? Get it.”I can barely get to my feet to get to the table and wobble back to you. “Stay standing or this bit of pleasure will quickly end,” you say as I feel the cool cream on my sore purple balls and cock. Slowly your hands work magic and I am in ecstasy. I feel no pain. I look down and see your gorgeous face and smile, your lips just an inch from my cock. I am rocking my hips trying to get closer to your mouth. “Just imagine how it will feel when I wrap my lips around your cock, take you deep and lick and suck and bite baby… think about cumming in my mouth.”I am taken over by all the talk, the look, the smile, the scent of sex, seeing your hands wrapping around my cock. “Cum for me darling and be mine.” At that I close my eyes and tense up and you know I am going to explode. You grab the empty glass on the table and start stroking faster and faster and finally when I do cum you pull the head of my cock downward so as to capture every drop of cum in the glass. Looking down I can see you pull and squeeze the last bits of cream out of my deflating cock. I don’t think I had ever cum so much.I had never been as exhausted in my entire life as I was at that moment. “I know you wanted to cum in my mouth or pussy but that is a rare honor that you can only dream about for the time being.””Everything is for my pleasure right? I have taken you places you never thought possible right? I have your mind reeling about what could I possibly do to you next time right?” I nod and stumble out a yes ma’am. “Then here is your last test and your only hope for another encounter as this will prove to me that I can do whatever I want with you and to you. When a man is willing to pass this final exam I know I have totally broken his will and his only desire is to pleasure me.””You must be tired. Take a seat on the edge of the bed pet,” you whisper as you tug on the belt still held tightly in place and we trade places, you now standing in front of me. Only now I can see the true size of your thick black cock. All I can do is just stare in disbelief knowing that that thick b**st was up my ass. Still holding the glass you dip the cock into the gooey slime covering the head of the cock completely. “I know you are going to make the right choice,” you say as you hold the cock before my face.Moments pass and yet you don’t move. I now fully realize that the choice truly is mine. And I finally realize that you have in fact broken me, made me yours totally as I open my mouth and lean forward. Slowly at first and then I hesitate immediately as the very tip of your cum covered cock touches my lips.”Open wide and take the entire head into your mouth. I don’t want any of that shit on my shoes.” I open my mouth as wide as possible and take your cock fully into my mouth. The taste is not bad and is slimy which makes me feel even dirtier. You take one step forward and grab the back of my head and start to slowly fuck my mouth. Gulping as much of your black cock and cum as I can I get my first gag reflex as you drive deeper into my mouth. Just barley above the slurping I can hear those familiar moans of yours, I know you are going to cum yet again.Your breathing picks up and you continue to fuck my face bets10 güvenilir mi harder and harder and faster and faster. I gag once again, “Relax my darling cocksucker here comes the best part.” All of a sudden you drive all 8 inches of cock to the back of my throat holding it there tight with both hands. My nose is pushed up tight against the base of your cock. I can’t breathe or swallow. You shudder again and again and just when I think I am going to pass out you release me and I fall to the floor.Panting for breath you slowly rise and stand over me, still in your garter, thigh highs, heels, bra and that cock. “Impressive isn’t it? I know you have never seen anything sexier, dirtier or more powerful in your life.” You walk over and grab the hotel cordless phone.”Yes this is Angie in 217. Can you bring that bag back up for me please? Thank you””Let’s run through what you have learned tonight shall we?” I can’t believe the stamina this woman has. Pulling me to my feet by the belt you drag me to the edge of the bed. “Sit. I know you bitch about your dull white wife’s sexual inclinations so let’s review your new and exciting chocolate life shall we? I know you know by now what to do by now so do not hesitate during the review. I don’t want to waste anymore time whipping your ass again””There are all kinds of chocolate darling.” You walk to the table and grab the cum filled glass. Dipping and stirring the head of your strap on into the glass again I open wide as you approach and take your entire cock into my mouth. “Good… that’s milk chocolate pet.” You keep stroking until there is just my slimy saliva left behind. Withdrawing you bring the glass to my lips and I tilt my head back gulping the last few remnants of my own goo.”On all fours.” I turn slowly around, climb onto the bed and move into position with my ass in the air. You spread my cheeks and drive in one smooth motion all the way into the depth of my ass. “This is dark chocolate pet. God I love your tight virgin ass so much I just can’t stop fucking you.” After several minutes of what is now a comfortable pleasure you slightly shudder and I know you have had yet one more orgasm. “I wanted that for your next flavor.”Slowly pulling out, you crawl off the bed and walk to where I can see you even though I am still in the position of just having my ass reamed. Taking off your strap on you broadly smile and say, “I see you have already learned to enjoy that as much as I do. On your back”You straddle my head so I can look directly up to your face. Spreading your lips I can see your juices just literally dripping from your cunt. After a few moments the juices gather and do drip from your lips to my face. I open my mouth and extend my tongue so I can catch each and every drop of nectar. “That’s creamy chocolate. Now here is pink filled sweet chocolate.” With that you spread your legs wide and drop your pussy onto my waiting mouth.The scent is overwhelming and everything is driving me to have yet another erection to my surprise. Shaking my head side to side and sticking my tongue into you as deep as possible I want to make you cum to show you that in fact I am yours and your pleasure is what I desire to provide. I am rewarded with another deluge of juices. Leaning forward you have this look of delight on your face as you reach down and open your pussy wide again. “You may lick my hard chocolate clit now pet. One more flavor to go.”You rise above me and pause for just a moment so I can take in that look one more time. Repositioning yourself into a 69 position you see that I have gotten hard again. “My darling what have I told you about that?” “I apologize Mistress but this new chocolate world is driving my senses into complete overload and I have no control over that,” I pleadingly stammer. “That’s ok pet I understand but my rules are my rules.” Shit now I think I am going to get whacked even harder or have my balls crunched.Leaving the bed you go to the dresser. Returning I see no crop or flogger or anything else for that matter and feel a sense of relief. Assuming the 69 position I am actually thinking that perhaps I will be rewarded for such a job well done and will enjoy the pleasures of your mouth. Sitting slightly up you tell me that for the first time tonight I may touch you.”Spread my cheeks and lick my ass. That is caramel chocolate pet. Stick it all the way up there and fuck my ass with that tongue.” I spread your ass as far as possible and drive my tongue as deep as possible. Suddenly you drop all your weight onto my face and I can’t breathe. “Fuck my ass pet and lick it clean.” Slightly bouncing on my face I drive my tongue in and out of your ass. Sitting even further back I can tell you are fingering your cunt and rubbing your clit. Almost out of breath I feel juices flowing down my neck and you slowly let my tongue slip from your ass.I am panting to catch my breath. “I told you that you would learn many things tonight and you have done well. But even with all those efforts you still apparently don’t remember one of my very first rules. Not only should this help you learn but will be a reminder of your chocolate evening.”And with that I feel a cool lotion being poured over my hard cock. Your warm hands are in contrast but the long stroking and wrapping around of your hands is utterly incredible. Then it quickly starts to change to a burning sensation that I have never felt before. My cock and balls are on fire and I certainly am no longer hard. “It’s incredible what little Icy-Hot can do for a man. The false start of pleasure suddenly turned into searing pain. I guess you don’t remember the swat of the crop. Well we can work on that again which will be tons of pleasure for me but for now this should help. I and I alone determine if you are allowed to be erect.””Now go back to you boring little white vanilla wife. By the time you get home you may be lucky enough to have the burning of your cock and balls only a memory.””You are now a chocolate lover and I am your chocolate Mistress Angie aren’t I?””Yes ma’am you are.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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