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Subject: Learning from my brothers-8 Learning from my brothers-8 This story is total fiction. Questions or comments, email hoo So, a couple days have passed since Luke let me fuck him and even I can tell something has changed between us. We don’t fool around and the rides to and from school are spent with his music blasting. In the evenings, him and John are almost always gone until late, so I have the house to myself. I eat and watch movies or play my X box. It seems like my hormones are running overtime lately. It is almost 830pm and I grab my cell and text Chase. No reply. I text Keith and no reply. I turn off everything downstairs and head up to my room. I look at my phone and still no replies. I get in my room and take off my shirt and jeans. I walk into the bathroom in my boxers and socks. I Brush my teeth. I look at my body and my arms. I have been working out with Dwayne, but I cant see any difference. My self confidence drops and I start to notice everything wrong in my life again. Feeling depressed, I finish up int he bathroom and go to my room. I grab my iPhone and start some music. I go tot google and start searching for random things. Teen age depression. Teen age body issues. Teen age hormones. I am reading all this stuff and all it is doing is depressing me more. I go to google again and key in where to find sex in my town. All these listings come up and I see they are all advertising girls. I go again and search for how to find gay sex in my town. A new screen opens and lists all these gay apps and then something called craigslist. I key in craigslist in my phone and it opens to the main page. I look around and I see the personals sections and there it is, men seeking men. I click on it and it opens and here are all these ads and they all say they are local. I start looking through them and my first thought is this is awesome. I see ads with pics of dicks and I see ads with descriptions of what the guy is looking for and everything. I click on post an ad. Damn it, I have to create an account. I go ahead and create and verify my account. I start to fill in all the info. My ad reads like this… Younger guy just learning what it means to be gay. Looking for a guy to meet after school. I post the ad and the replies start coming in soon after. The first reply asks my age and if I am top or bottom. I don’t want to say my age, so I rely back and say I am bottom. The guy says meet me now. I look and it is 9:20pm. I reply back and say its late. Another email comes from him and its a close up dick pic. The email says meet me at the mall. We closed at 9 and I will be leaving here in 10 minutes. I reply back it will take me 15 to get there. He says come on, I will be waiting. I throw some shorts and a shirt on. I put my shoes on and I race down the stairs. Full of excitement and hormones. I grab my bike in the garage and head to the mall. I get to the mall and take out my phone and email him again. He says he is parked near the food court entrance in a black pick up. I peddle that way and I see the truck. I park my bike in the bike Stand and thats when I realize I didn’t bring my backpack with my lock. I leave the bike anyway and walk to the truck. I get to the drivers window and it rolls down. Inside is a guy I would guess to be 19 or so. He is wearing an Apple logo shirt, so I know he works at the Apple store in the mall. We start talking and I immediately go shy. He asks questions and I nod or shake my head. He asks if I want this and I look and he has his cock out of the zipper of his pants and it is full on hard. I just nod and he says get in. I climb in his truck and reach over and grab his cock. He says not here. I sit up and he starts to drive off. I buckle up and wash as he heads down the road. We pull into Mcdonalds parking lot. I unbuckle and reach over to his crotch. He says go to the bathroom and wait in the stall. I get out the truck and walk in and head to the bathroom. In my mind, everyone inside is looking at me and judging me. I make it tot he bathroom and close the call door and wait. The bathroom door opens and the guy walks in. He stands in front of me and I can see the bulge inside of his pants. I reach up and start to unbuckle his belt, but he pushes my hands away and says just unzip me, this wont take long. I unzip his pants and pull open the front of his boxer. I reach in and grab his cock. He is fully hard, so it takes a little bit of work to get it moved around and out of his zipper. Once I have it out, I start to jack it, but thats not what he wants so again he pushes my hands away. He grabs the base of his cock and aims it at my mouth. He says open your mouth and I do. He moves forward and his cock goes in my mouth. I close my lips and start sucking. I put my hands on the back of his legs to pull him closer and he steps back and says don’t touch me, just open your mouth and I will do the rest. At that moment, I feel utterly like trash. I open my mouth and he puts his dick in again. I close my mouth and he holds my head and thrust into my mouth. Tears start running down my face. I feel ashamed and useless. He starts going all in my mouth. He isn’t long enough to get to my throat so he fucks my mouth faster and faster. He grabs the back of my neck with both hands and pulls me all the way down on his cock and holds me. I can feel his cock throbbing in my mouth as I sit there and try to stop my tears. I swallow twice and he finally pulls out everything except the head. I suck on the head of his cock a minute or so and he pulls out. He starts to zip up and says to me, wait 3 minutes after I leave the bathroom before you come out. I nod and he leaves. I walk out the stall to the sink and I wash my face off and dry it. I wait another minute and then I head out. I walk outside the McDonalds and the guy and his truck are gone. It is about a mile walk back to the mall and I cry all the way back. I get there and luckily my bike is still there. I get my bike and a security guard standing at the door asks if thats my bike. I look over his way was he walks to me. I wipe my face and I say yes sir. He walks up and sees I am an emotional mess and says are you sure that is your’s and asks for my id. I say yes sir it is mine and I reach to my back pocket for my wallet, but it isn’t there. I say I don’t have my wallet with my ID. I tell him my name. He asks if I am kin to the preacher over at the pentecostal church, and I say yes sir. I grab my cell out my pocket and show him pics of me and my family so he will believe me. He steps back so the light from the mall shines on my face and he says whats got you so upset tonight. I wipe my face again and just shrug my shoulders. The security guy says sit over here and lets talk. About 5 feet away was a bench and we sat there. He started asking what was wrong and I just shook my head at most the questions. He finally said well, here is what I know. You have a family, you have your bike, you look well taken care of, and you have a home to go to. He said look over there and pointed towards the woods behind the mall. He said you see those lights over there, and I nodded. He said you know what it is and I said no sir. He said thats where the homeless people go. He said, this town closed the homeless shelter cause of no support and they didn’t have anyplace to go. And thats when my petty problems seem to melt away. He said look there and he points at the street corner. He said that lady and her kid will go in those woods too, and we watched and he was right. He said so tell me again what has you so upset tonight. I looked up at his face and said I am ok. He said anytime you feel like you did tonight, you just stop and be thankful for what you do have. Without hat he said I need to get on home. I got on my bike and peddled. I went out towards the woods and rode by and looked. I saw about 30 people there. Thats when I realized I didn’t have it so bad after all. Once home, I went upstairs and stripped and went to the bathroom. I grabbed my cel and emailed the guy that left me at the bathroom, but no reply. I went to craigslist and deleted my ad and every reply from it I had in my email. I started the shower, and was about to step in, when I remember the dildo in my older brother’s closet. I grabbed a towel and wrapped around my waist and opened the bathroom door on Luke’s side. As usual, his room was a mess and smelled like a locker room. I opened his room door, stepped into he hall and opened John’s door. I went to the closet and turned not he light.It was no longer there. I opened the dresser drawers and nothing. I looked in the hamper and then his bathroom and it was no where to be found. I came out the bathroom and looked around his bed. I couldn’t find it any where. I know what I saw the other day but today it was gone.I left his room and went back in Luke’s bedroom door. I walked over to his bed. I was looking for his gym shorts or boxers he wore recently. I picked up a couple pair of jeans with the boxers still inside, but as I sniffed them, they weren’t the smell I wanted. I walked to the other side of his bed and saw a pile of boxers. I grabbed a couple and sat vin the edge of the bed and sniffed and got a different smell. That wasn’t Luke’s smell. I held the boxers up and looked at them, These weren’t Luke’s. I knew the smell but I didn’t remember where from. I dropped the boxers and picked up another pair of the floor. These were Luke’s I could smell his sweat and his body spray on them. I stood up and my cell phone fell on the floor . I reached down and grabbed it and thats when I saw it. The dildo from John’s closet was under Luke’s bed. I grabbed my phone and the rubber dick and ran back to Johns room and into the closet. I grabbed a pair of his boxers and thats the smell. So John and Luke’s boxers were both in Luke’s room along with the dildo. I left and went back to the bathroom. I locked both entrance doors to the bathroom and turned the shower off and ran a tub of water. I went back to Luke’s room and grabbed his bottle of lube off his gaziantep travesti night stand. I opened the bottle and dripped lube on the dildo and rubbed it all over. I ran my hand between my ass cheeks and tried to lube up my hole. I put my left foot up on the counter and aimed the dildo at my ass and tried to push it in. No good. I put my lube on it and tried again. Finally, I closed the lid of the toilet and held the dildo up under me and sat down on it. It slid inside me. I clenched my ass around it and walked to the tub. I got in the tub and sat down with it still inside me. The water was still filling the tub and felt great. I reached down under my nuts and felt the base of the rubber cock that was inside my teenage hole. I started to pull it out and push it back inside me. It felt good. I pulled my left leg up under me and rested the end of the dildo on my ankle. I could now lean back in the tub and move up and down on the cock without holding it with my hands. I started to fuck myself on the fake cock in me and started to jerk off at the same time. I started moving up and down faster and realized, I was splashing water everywhere out of the tub. I drained the water rout until it was just barely covering my legs/ I started to fuck myself again and stroke my dick. I reached down and cupped my balls. The hot water had them very loose in my nut sack. I moved them around and then down to the bottom of the sack and then I squeezed my hand around the empty part of my nut sack. This cause my nuts to stretch the skin and really show off my nuts. I held them like this. I stopped stroking my cock and used my other hand to rub the nuts as they were squeezed. I started to lightly tap them, my teenage cock was laying on my stomach and dripping a lot of precum onto my belly. I waited to cum, I let go of my nuts and started stroking again. I could feel the sensation start to build in my nuts, I reached beside the tub and grabbed Luke’s boxers that I brought in with me. I held them over my nose and sniffed. My other hand was like a blur stroking my cock. My ass was moving up and down on the dildo. Then it happened. My body tensed. My little asshole clamped down on the fake cock. My hand stroked up and down my cock as my little cock got even harder and started to pulsate in my hand. I could feel the cum as it rushed up my shaft and was shot out all over my chest and belly. I started to come down from my high. I pulled Luke’s boxers off my face and threw them across the bathroom. I looked down at the puddles of cum on me. I reached between my legs and pulled the dildo out of me. I drained the water in the tub and started the shower. Once showered, I went to my room and put on some clean boxers. I went back to the bathroom and took the dildo and put it and the boxers back in Luke’s room where I found them. I look at it is almost midnight and my brothers are still not home. I get in my bed and go to sleep. The next day is Tuesday. I wake up and walk into the bathroom. I start the shower and I slowly open the door to Luke’s room to see if he came home. I look over at his bed see 2 people. I see Luke sleep, laying on his back and his muscles chest rising and falling as he breathes. To his right is a girl. I can see she is not any of the ones I have seen him with before. I close the door back and take my shower. I get dressed and grab my gym bag and book bag and go downstairs to the kitchen. John is already up and eating at the table. He says good morning and I say morning. I grab a banana and head to the garage. Its a new day. I am going to ride my bike to and from school. Luke is acting weird towards me anyway. I eat my banana on the way. I lock up my bike and my cell vibrates. I look and it is a text from Luke. All it says is, If you can ride your bike today, you can ride it everyday. I don’t even reply. I head into class. After a normal day, it is finally study hall time and I head to the weight room. I sign in and I don’t see anyone. I go tot he locker room and change and put my bag my locker. I come back out and start my routine on the machines. About 10 minutes into working out, Dwayne comes in and says sorry I am late, ill change and be back. Dwayne comes back in his shorts and tank top and we start talking. He asked if I was sore and I told him I was the other day, but took a hot bath and it helped a lot. He said thats great. He told me what to do for the rest of my routine and he went over to the kettle bells and started working out. The last exercise of the day for me, was the 2 huge ropes. I hate them. I started picking it up and slamming it down on the right and then the left. Dwayne comes over and says put your heart into it. Drop the left tope and just concentrate on the one rope. I want to you to work out all your anger and frustration on that rope. Leave nothing inside. Put everything you have into this workout. I start thinking about how I am upset with Luke and I get pissed and I used that for inspiration to work out harder on this rope. Finally I hear the clock ring and I cant believe how fast time went when I started to use my anger and get it out in my exercises. Dwayne said whatever motivation you had at the end of your routine, you need to bring in here everyday. We went in and showered and changed. Dwayne said I can see results in you already. I just looked at him and said whatever. He said trust me, you cant see them cause its your body, but you are changing. I say I will see you tomorrow. I head out and get on my bike and head home. I change into shorts and a t shirt and socks. I fix some pizza rolls and go to the den. I download a new star wars game on my X Box and play it. John comes in and asks what I had for dinner and I said I ate some pizza rolls. He asks where is Luke and I said I haven’t seen him. John says Luke was pissed with you this morning when you rode your bike without saying anything to him. I just played my game, John said he would be t the church if I needed anything. Around 730pm, Luke comes in with 3 guys. I had seen them at the gym so I knew they were on the wrestling team, but I didn’t know their names. They go in to the kitchen and I hear a bunch of noise. Then the come into the den and the all have made sandwiches. Luke reaches on the table and grabs the remote and changes it from my game, back to regular TV. He starts a movie and I see his friends looking around and glancing at me. I get up leave the room. I head upstairs to my room. I start music on my iPhone and end up reading email. I see one from he guy from McDonald’s last night. All it says is sorry. I delete it with no reply. I go back to craigslist and start reading the ads. I see one that says older for younger. I read it and it sounds creepy, so I skip it. I read some more. I come to one that says New to this. I laugh and thick so am I. I come across one that says need sub from grp. I open the ad and it says… Looking for a total sub to serve group in town for event. Email for details. For some reason I click reply and say younger guy here, may I have the details. About 20 minutes I get this reply… 4 guys aged 20-24, in town for 2 nights and need a sub to use. I reply back and say, Ok. The next email asks for a pic. I go to the bathroom and take off my shirt. I start taking pics until I have one with no face that I think looks good. I send it. A reply comes back and says, Age. I reply back and say, old enough. The last reply I get says sorry, but no age means we cant meet you. I throw my cell on the bed side me. My mind was swirling around the thought of 4 guys at once and what that would be like and how it would work. I fall asleep. I wake up the next morning and I am naked in my bed and under the sheet. I didn’t undress last night. I get up and go tot the bathroom. I start to open Luke’s bedroom door but someone opens it and pulls it open. I jump and grab a towel and wrap it around my waist. The guy laughs and says don’t worry about it kid, I just need to piss. I watch as this muscle guy wearing a t shirt and briefs walks to the toilet. I hear him start to piss and I walk out the bathroom and into my bedroom. I was it by the closet. I hear the toilet flush. I grab so boxers and walk to the bathroom, just as the guy is walking in my room. I stop and just look at him. He said sorry about scaring you in the bathroom, I just nodded. He turned to leave and said, You may want to hang in here a few minutes, Buddy just woke up and I am sure he needs to piss too. I just stood there in my room. Who is buddy. The guy leaves and closes my side of the bathroom door. I walk to my bed to get my cell. I cant find it. I look on the night stand and the floor. The last I remember, I threw it on the bed beside me. I look everywhere and cant find it. I hear the door to the bathroom on my side open. I look over my shoulder and Luke walks in in just boxers. He walks to my bed and says, I got you covered. He throws my cell on the bed and walks out. What did that mean? I grab my clothes and go to the bathroom and lock the doors. I shower and dress fast. I grab my bags and head to the kitchen. I fix some oatmeal and start to eat. I hear heavy footsteps. The guy that came int he bathroom walks into the kitchen. He says my name is JD by the way. I look at him and say I am Mattie and I keep eating. JD is searching and I watch him fix oatmeal and put it in the microwave. About that time, the other guy comes down and says hey. He says his name is Buddy, I say I am Mattie. The start talking and fixing breakfast. I finish and put my bowl in the sink and go to the garage. I grab my bike, but it is locked up. I look and its a chain and a padlock. Has to be Luke. I walk back in the kitchen and sit at the table. JD says, I guess you see he chained up your bike huh. I didn’t even respond. I took out my cell and sent a text to Dwayne and asked if he could pick me up. No reply Finally Luke came downstairs with a smug smile. He grabbed cereal and milk and sat across from me. Why you still here, gaziantep masaj salonları he says. I just look at him and then back down. Luke said I told you I got you covered and laughed. He kept bragging about I need to learn to listen. About that time, my cell dings. I look down and its a text from Dwayne. He says he is waiting outside. I grab my bags and walk towards the garage door. Luke says where the fuck you going. I said I have a ride to school, Bye. And I leave I ride with Dwayne to class and I thank him and he says no problem. He asked if everything as ok and I say my bike wasn’t acting right and said said anytime you need a ride, just text me. I thank him and head into class. My cell vibrates and I look at it. Luke texted and said, come to the high school after school. I ignored it, he sent it 3 more times during home room. And I ignored it each time. Like clockwork, for the rest of the day, every hour, I got the same text over and over from Luke. Study hall comes around and I head to the weight room. I get there and the door is closed and locked. I text Dwayne and he says he is on the way. He gets there and says he will call a coach. He made a couple of calls and finally some old coach walks down the hall towards us. He comes up to us and says, Weight room is closed until further notice. Dwayne says why and the coach says, a guy this morning got hurt and the district decided to close it down until they get funding for new equipment. Dwayne says sorry Mattie. I walk back to my study hall and walk in and grab a seat. The teacher calls me up to the desk and asks me why I am here and I explain it. He says ok, grab a seat. I pull out my books and start my homework. A guy walks by me and to the teachers desk. They talk and I hear the teacher tell him to grab a desk. I look up and see him walking towards the back of the class where I am seating. He is what I call a sagger. A guy with his pants showing half his ass and underwear. He has a skull belt buckle on and a t shirt. He sits beside me and I glance over. He says names Philip and I say Mattie. The guy looks like he is 17 or so. He sits down and taps my shoulder. I look over and he asks if its this boring all the time. I say it is a study hall, most people do their homework, some sleep. He says ok. I go back to my homework. About 5 mins passes and I here him moving so I glance over. He is stretching his arm high above his head and yawning. I glance at the hem of his shirt as it rises up. I see his stomach and belly button. He has a thick happy trip that leads down into his tight Hollister boxer briefs. He drops his arms and catches me looking and smiles as he adjusts his crotch. I turn back to my books. I feel another tap on my shoulder and I look over. He has pulled his sagging jeans down far enough that I can see the lump of his cock inside his boxer briefs. He rubs it and shakes it at me and smiles. I realize I am staring, and turn back. I start my homework again. Ten minutes or so pass and I hear a slight noise. I look over and he is looking at me. The lump in his briefs is now hard and pushing against the briefs. I go back to studying. I am about 16 questions into my homework, and feel a tap on my shoulder again. I look over and his jeans are covering his crotch now. I look up at him and he pushes a piece of notebook paper across his desk towards me. I reach out and he lays it in my hand. I pull it to my desk and there it is, covered in cum. Oh my god, this fool jerked off in class. This fool jerked off for me. On the top of the paper it says, I could tell you wanted this, and it had his number. I get my cell and text him. He replies back and says that load is getting cold on that paper. I look over at him and he points to the cum covered paper. I slid the paper in front of me and lean my head down. I can smell his cum as I start licking the puddles of it off the paper and into my mouth. I look over and Philip is watching me and smiling. I get a text and I read it. Philip says you gay or bi? I say I am gay. He relies, trash that cum paper before someone sees it and he says he is bi. We chat back and forth. He is 16, I tell him he looks much older. He asks what all I am into and I reply I don’t really know. He texts, well, I know you like cum, so I assume you suck dick. I look at him and nodded. He texts and says you like to get fucked and I loved and nodded again. Another text says, just so you know, I don’t get fucked, but I love to fuck. I texted back ok. Philip texts, are you single. I just look at him and nod yes. He texts, maybe we can hang out. I nod and smile. He texts and asks how I get home. I say I usually ride a bus to the high school and ride home with my brother. He texts me, want to hang out with me a while today. I nodded. Study hall lasted forever. We texted back and forth the rest of the time. Finally the bell rang. I grabbed my books and crammed them into my book bag. The class emptied out until it was the teacher and me and Philip. I got my bags and stood up. Philip waited at the door. I loved the look of those sagging pants. I walked out the door. He said he is parked in the back lot. We start walking and talking. He asked if I was driving yet and I said I don’t have my license yet, but I can drive. We get to the parking lot and he points to a little car at the end and said that is him. We get in and leave. We drive for 15 minutes and finally get to an apartment complex. He said come on up, no one is home yet. We go up the stores to the 3rd floor and finally reach his apartment. We walk in and Philip says get comfortable. He was into the bed room and I sit not he couch. He comes back and has dropped his jeans. Just the Hollister boxer briefs and a t shirt. He sits not he couch beside me and asks if I have ever had a boy friend. I shake my head no. Philip reaches down and lifts my face up by my chin and says, well, you do now. And then we kiss. He is a very passionate kisser and his hands are all over my body. He pulls back and says your phone is ringing man. I never heard it before that. I grab my cell and its Luke and it says, where the fuck are you. I reply at a friends, I don’t need a ride home. I drop the phone and start kissing Philip and the phone rings, not a text. I pull back from Philip and answer it. Luke is almost screaming, you get your fucking ass here before practice is over. I say I am ok, and Luke growls deep into the phone, Your god damn ass better be here when I leave. I say no. Luke is in a rage now and says, where are you. I say I am with a new friend. Luke is beyond pissed and says you fucking whore, you somewhere getting dick aren’t you. I say again, I am with a new friend. Silence on the phone, and then comes the threat….fine, your ass will pay for this bullshit, I promise you that, and he hangs up. I drop the phone and Philip says I will take you where you need to be. I say no. He said I heard everything and I don’t want to cause trouble. We can still hang out, we will just plan it better. And remember, you have a boyfriend now. I smile and Philip kisses me. Philip gets dressed and we head out. I tell him to just take me home and not to the high school. We get to my house and he kisses me and says I will find you tomorrow in school. I say ok. I get out the car and wave and go inside. My phone is vibrating. I look and I have 4 texts from Luke. Where the fuck are you, you better answer this god damn phone, ANSWER ME, You will learn to respect me, I promise you that. I reply, I am at home. The phone rings and Luke snaps, why the hell didn’t you come here like I said. I waited and he yelled, answer me. I said I didn’t want to be there, so I came home. Luke said I hope you enjoyed whoring around today, because it will be a long time before you do that shit on me again. I said I didn’t do anything but hang out. The phone was hung up before I finished talking. I go to my room and change into shorts and go to the den. I start my game. I hear Luke pull up in the garage, so I hide the remote under the cushion. I play my game and he walks in and slams the door. Who else is here, he yells at me. I say no body is here and I keep playing my game. He heads upstairs. I feel happy that he has left me alone. I play my game. Around 8pm, Luke comes downstairs. He is wearing gym shorts and socks and nothing else. I keep playing my game. He walks into the den and I see him looking for the remote, Finally he walks to the tv and reaches behind it and unplugs everything. My game and the tv go off. He has a folder in his hand and he throws it on the coffee table front of me. I lean back on the couch and Luke looks pissed and said I would advise your ducking ass to get that fucking folder and open it. I grab the folder and lean back on the couch. I open it and I can feel my soul drop and leave my body. I flip though the papers in the folder. There must be 100 pages. Each page has pictures texts and emails printed out. I close the folder and the only thing I can do is cry. Luke says god damn right. I looked through you cell the other night and saw all this bullshit on Craigslists and texts and emails. Did I miss anything? I didn’t answer. Luke walks behind the couch and grabs my head and pulls it back so I am looking up at him and he says answer me fucker. I shake my head. He starts calling out the names of his friends I had been with. He asks me the name of there guy I met the other night at the mall and I said I don’t know. He gets in my face and screams, you don’t fucking know who you are sucking off, you are a fucking whore. He lets my head go and he grabs the side of my shorts and pulls, my body get sideways on the couch as he takes my phone out my pocket. He start reading texts between me and Philip. He says where I ate the cum off the paper in class today. He keeps reading out-loud. Luke throws my phone beside me. Tears are still just pouring down my face. Luke sits on the coffee table in front of me and says I thought what we had was going to turn into gaziantep escort bayan so much more. I didn’t know you would turn into a faggott whore. He kept on and on degrading me and saying I messed up a good relationship I had with him. The more he talked the madder I got. I finally snapped and said, you the one that is sleeping with all these strange girls. How am I supposed to feel special when you fucking a new one every night. If I am a whore, so are you. The next thing I know, I am tossed around and end up in a wrestling choke hold. Luke is cussing and it feels like he is trudging to snap my head off my body with his arm muscles. I am wiggling and grabbing at his arm, but I am helpless against him. He finally lets me go and throws me down not he couch. Thats when I see it, Luke is also crying. I watch as he just covers his face and drops to the floor and sits down. I look over and can see him sobbing. I don’t say anything, but my tears have stopped as I watch Luke. He finally calms down and never looks up, but says go upstairs to bed. I don’t move, I just sit there. Luke raises his head and looks at me. The hair on my neck stands up when I see his red eyes and here him in a very deep voice say to me, get your fucking ass to bed, now. I wasn’t a request or a demand, it was do it or else. I get up and head upsetters. I go in my room and sit at the desk in the corner and look out the window. I hear footsteps and I wait, but no one comes in. I hear Luke in his room and he is throwing stuff around. It finally quiets down and I hear the shower start. I take my cell and start deleting everything I have, emails and pics and texts. I jump to google and start searching. Teenage anger issues. Lots of pages are listed, they cover all kinds of things, but nothing that relates to Luke. The shower goes off and Luke walks in my room with a towel around his waist. He says, Take a shower and lets go grab dinner. I nod. I shower and throw on shorts and a t shirt and my shoes. Luke is already downstairs and we head out to his car.We get in and he asks where I want to eat. I say I don’t care. He said we need to eat fast cause we got something to do. We go to the McDonalds. Luke said you want to suck dick in the bathroom today and laughs, I don’t reply. He says what you want dude and ruffles my hair. We order and get our food. We start eating and Luke starts driving. He finishes eating and starts speeding up more. I look out and I know exactly where we are going. We are going to the ban in the country again. I looked at Luke and said I don’t really want to go back to that barn, its almost dark. He said well, thats where we are going. I said we can just go home and he says no and tuned the music up. I sit back in the seat and dread what is about to happen. We get to the road and head back to the barn. Luke grabs his phone and gets out and says come on. Luke is texting and walks into the barn I follow him in. He says we have a few minutes, Remember where you hid the last time? I felt a flood of relief,, He wasn’t going to fuck me, he was calling that girl again. I say yea, and he says go on up and get your place set up and be sure I have a couple blankets in front of the loft doors. I head up the stairs and get everything set up. I get in my little space behind Hay bales and I hear a car. Before long, I hear Luke and a girls voice. I look out my peep hole and he is holding her hand and leading her to the blankets I have spread out for them. There is just enough light to see Luke start kissing her. I hear her moaning and see her hands all over his muscles and body. I watch Luke pull his short off and then the jeans drop to the ground. Luke is there in his boxers. The girl goes to her knees and I cant sebum I can hear she is sucking his cock and gagging on it. I her Luke say you better get it wet, I didn’t bring any lube. The girl is breathless as she says I have some in my purse. Che starts back sucking and I watch him grab her purse and just turn it upside down on a hay bale and everything spill out. He grabs the tube of lube and tells her to get ready. She starts to take her shirt off and Luke said stop, just take off your jeans and leave your panties on and lay on the blanket over the other hay bale. She is wearing a t shirt and her panties and laying on the bale of hay. I watch as Luke walks behind her and kicks her legs open more. He pushes his briefs down and hooks them under his balls. He drips lube on his cock. And rubs it in. The entire time, the girl is saying I want you too fuck me, I need that cock. Fuck me hard, do it. Luke reached down to her ass and I wait for him to push her panties down and then I hear the rip. Rips her panties until they fall off. He gets in position behind her and he says beg me for it bitch. She starts saying I need it bad, fuck me hard, make me feel it, do it. I see Lukes ass as he shoves balls deep inside of the girl and she screams. Luke is immediately on her back and pile driving his cock into her. I watch his ass as he fucks her hard. Every strong thrust brings a scream from her. Before long, I here his growling and I know he is about to cum inside her. I watch his ass pumping and then he jabs himself fully inside her. I can tell he is spurting cum inside her. He pumps a few more times and then I her him tell her. Don’t you fucking move a muscle. You stay exactly like you are. He pulls out and walks towards my hiding place. He pushes a hay bale aside and stands in front of me. He grabs my head and pulls me.I open my mouth and his cock rams into my mouth and into the back of my throat. He thrust into my mouth about 10 times and pulls out and walks back over to her. I move my hay bale back in front of me. Luke is back standing between this random girl as she is spread out naked from the waist down and has his load inside her pussy.He pulls her ass cheeks apart and spits between them, I watch as he pushed his cock into her dripping snatch and pulls it back out. Oh my god she screams as he pushes his cock into her ass, using his cum and my spit as lube. He goes balls deep in her. She is wiggling and trunk to pull herself off the incredibly thick cock. She continues to scream God yes, fuck me harder. And then he starts. The most intense fucking I have seen. They bodies slapping together and he moving her into whatever position he wants. He finally has her back vin her belly and all his weight on top of her and I hear as he cums again. He pulls out and she says are you pleased. Luke says yea, get the fuck out of here. She giggle as she grabs her shredded panties and purse and leaves. He walks over to me and says when you decide that we are going to be a couple, and you can handle being submissive like that, then we can start new. I watch his cock dripping cum as he walks and grabs his clothes. Her car I hear leaving the barn. We get to the car and head back to home. On the ride back to town, its like a different Luke is here. He is making jokes and playful. The only question I didn’t answer is when he asked me if I liked sucking the pussy off his dick. That is the second time he has made me do that. We get home and I go tot my room. Luke is in the bathroom and starts the shower. He walks in the room and said you going to shower tonight and I said I think I am good. He said come on and shower with me. Like a little puppy, I walk into he bathroom and undress. I look at the water saying over this muscle gods body, and I step into he shower. Luke turns me to face him and pushes me back against the wall and we kiss. He face is stubbly and that is an instant turn on for me. mY hands are feeling up his pecs and biceps. He breaks the kiss and hands me the soap. We kiss and I do my best to cover his body with the soap. I reach between us and he is rock hard, even after cumming 2 times with that girl. I soap up his cock and balls. I fell Luke push back and break the kiss as he takes the soap and lathers me up on my chest and stomach. He is rough with my nuts, but I enjoy it. He grabs my shoulders and spins me around. I face the wall as he soaps up my back and my ass, I feel his strong finger invade my hole more than once. Luke finally pushes on my back, and I know what that means. As Luke presses my back, I bend over at the waist. I know he is about to mount me. I feel the head as it is hard and pushing. I try to push back because I know he will do hard jab to get inside me. I push back and he grabs my hips and pulls my back, his cock has no choice but to bust up into my ass. Lukes powerful arms hold my hips and lift me slightly off the tub as I wiggle trying to get off his cock. All the wiggling does is make his cock bury that much more inside me. Finally I feel my feet touch the tub again. Luke is long ticking my hole. Pulling almost all the way way out and then all the way back in on each thrust. Over and over. He pounds me like this for 10 minutes before my body is lifted up and feet once again are dangling as his cock is as deep inside me as it can be. All my weight is pushing my down on his cock and his strong arms are keeping me in place ad he shoot off deep inside me. He lets me stand up and I feel his massive cock as it slips out of my hole. I can feel the cum dripping out to. I turn and grab the soap and wash my hole and my ass. Luke rinses off and grabs a towel and gets out. I rinse off and start drying off. Luke said if you ever learn how to listen and be submissive to me, you would get that all the time. Until then, I have a few lessons to teach you the next few days. With that he walks out the bathroom. I go to my room and put on beers and lay in bed. My hole is sore. I start googling again. Teen age anger, teenage rage, and thats when I see an interesting link. I click it and read some. This is exactly what Luke is behaving like. Could this really be what was wrong with him and if so, ho w do I ask him or help him. About that time, Luke opens my door and says come sleep with me tonight. I close out the browser on my cell and clear all emails and texts. I walk into his room and get in bed. Do I ask him tonight? Luke cuddles me and wraps his arm around me, He says, we are going to be alright once you learn your plane and its coming. I just nod. Luke says what are you thinking about. I look at him and say, are you having episodes of Roid rage?. Luke pulls me on my back and says what did you just say? To be continued…

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