Learning From Jacob

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I met Jacob almost a year ago at a party. We seemed to hit it off right away and since then, have dated several times. It wasn’t really serious but our respective jobs seemed to put us in the same place, at the same time, fairly often. He has always been a perfect gentleman even on the two occasions when we ended up in bed together at my place. Still, neither of us thought of this as a serious relationship or anything as pretentious as that.

One Friday after work I ended up having a few drinks with my co-workers and lo and behold, Jacob just happened to be there. “How are you, Karen? You seem a little down.”

“Oh, I was just notified yesterday my landlord will not renew my lease. I have until the end of the month to find a new place to live. And if that isn’t bad enough, our company is downsizing and everyone has the jitters, wondering who will be laid off.”

“But, it’s Friday, Karen, so have a few drinks and lighten up. Something’s bound to turn up.”

“You can afford to be optimistic, Jacob, you’re in a stable position at your firm. Although I admit I don’t know anything about your living arrangements.”

“I share a house with my lifelong best friend. Neither of us have a live-in woman, so we’re buying a house and sharing expenses.”

“That sounds like a great idea, if you get along well together.”

“Yeah, we’ve known each other for eons. We’re not gay or anything like that, just he best of buddies.”

“Sounds great.”

I refilled my drink and some of my co-workers started a conversation with me. Before I knew it, almost an hour had passed when I realized I was standing next to Jacob again.

“What are you doing tonight, Karen?”

“Right now I’m finishing this drink. Then I’m going to get the hell out of here.”

He looked at me pleasantly yet solemnly at the same time. “Don’t swear, Karen, it doesn’t become you.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t usually, it just slipped out.”

“Would you like to have dinner with me?”

I looked at his comforting blue eyes and there was nowhere I’d rather be. “I’d love to; but I’d like a quick shower first.”

“Certainly, I’ll pick you up in about an hour.”

I wasn’t sure what to wear. Since it was warm and I felt like ‘the simpler the better,’ pulled on some panties and a cool cotton dress, some sandals, brushed out my long brown hair and I was ready.

Once I got in the car the conversation dried up. It wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable, but finally Jacob said, “I hope you don’t mind. I’m taking you to my house. Jim is an excellent cook and he’s been wanting to meet you.” I wasn’t sure what to say, but the silence was calming. It had been a rather stressful week and my problems just seemed to be lying in wait. I don’t like uncertainty, but that’s exactly what my life was these days.

Their house was a very nice older farmhouse on the edge of town. One of the older houses with character, but still the kitchen and bath were modern. Jim was a taller man than Jacob and while Jacob’s kindness always came through his beautiful blue eyes, Jim’s were more serious, brown with a calm assuredness about him. On the drive out there I wasn’t really sure what to expect, knowing I’d be alone with the two men. But once there I felt very relaxed and at ease. The three of us sat around the table chatting companionably. I learned John is a doctor. He and Jacob had been friends since boyhood. They assured me if I had a mind to spark jealousy between the two, it would not happen.

Somehow the conversation got around to various women they’d been serious with and/or almost married. I know the assertive modern women who put career goals before a permanent relationship dismayed Jacob. All Jim said, was, “I want a submissive domestic woman like my mother. She always was subservient to Dad’s wants and needs.” I said there’s a lot to be said for being a submissive docile Şanlıurfa Escort woman and maybe the modern women just don’t know what they’re missing. “Exactly my point,” said Jim. Jacob looked from one to the other of us with a smile and a twinkle in his eye.

When the meal was done, Jacob said he was going to get ready for work, he worked the midnight shift, and said he hoped I wasn’t too dismayed he was abandoning me to Jim. Jim was loading the dishwasher and Jacob and I were at the front door. I said, “Are you sure it’s ok, that I stay here with him alone?” He said he already had planned for this eventuality, and no matter what I do with Jim, I was not being disloyal. “All right, if you’re sure it’s ok. No matter what happens,” and he said, “Yes, that’s right.”

Jim showed up in the front room with a bottle of wine, just to top off the meal, he said, I said I didn’t want very much as I’d already had a couple drinks after work. He assured me it would be all right. We settled in next to each other on the couch. The TV was on real low, but I couldn’t even tell you what was on it. I said, “So tell me a little more about your parents.”

“From the time I was little, seeing Dad spanking Mom was just a part of growing up. He also spanked my sister quite often, but me, he would just give a serious talking to. There was always something that they had done that wasn’t ‘allowed’ or some rule or infraction they’d broken. I wasn’t sure what that meant, as I didn’t have any rules, but as Mom and Sis didn’t protest, I understood they knew what their rules were. It would be in the kitchen as Mom was preparing dinner, or in the evenings when we were getting ready for bed. Dad would express his disappointment in something she’d done during the day, she would bend over the counter or the table in the kitchen, or over his lap in the living room, and he would produce a wooden paddle seemingly out of nowhere, or use his belt and just proceed with the spanking. She would soon begin crying, but that was ok, as he just kept right on going. It used to make me feel funny in my stomach to watch them; but Mom accepted it as part of her life, and knew it was due her in any event.”

I sat there listening to him for awhile, and then said, “You know, no one’s ever spanked me in my life. The funny part is, it’s always been part of my fantasies to find a man who would do that on a regular basis. You know, I feel like I need some structure and discipline in my life.” He said, “I would love to be that man, Karen, and if you’d like we can begin tonight.” I said, “You still understand that I’m Jacob’s girl.”

“Yes, and in fact, Jacob is the one who told me you might be interested in doing this. That’s really the reason he brought you here tonight to meet me.”

Well, I was somewhat put out that these two had decided this for me without my knowledge. On the other hand, it totally took the pressure off me, and rather than having to agonize over that decision, all I had to do was say yes. “Could I use the bathroom first?”


When I came back he was sitting in the middle of the couch and directed me to his right side, I knelt facing him and before I really knew what was going on, or had the chance to think about it, I was lying across his lap. He lifted my cotton dress easily and pulled down my panties, and I don’t know what I expected, but suddenly, Whack! His hand hit my bottom, and I jumped just a little bit. Whack!

He hit me slowly and methodically, setting up a nice easy rhythm. Soon, my resolve to not cry just went away, and I was sobbing quietly, but determined not to cry loudly or make a fool of myself. After all, I had asked for this, right? I’m not sure I really asked for it tonight, but knew without a doubt I had wanted it all my life. I didn’t count, but it was plenty long enough, and by the time he was finished, I no longer Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan worried about being quiet. I cried, not caring what he thought about it.

When he finally finished, he said, “Let me show you to the guest room where you can stay the night, it’s really to late to worry about going home.” I went to the guest room, took off all my clothes, still sobbing and crawled into bed naked. My bottom was throbbing and felt really large. I curled up in a little ball and the next thing I knew the sun was streaming through the windows and Jacob was lying next to me. “Morning, sweetheart.”

“Good morning.” I wanted to tell him what had happened, but I knew he already knew. I also wanted to tell him nothing sexual had happened, but figured he knew that already, too.

He said, “I’m going to sleep for awhile. Make yourself at home and later we’ll talk about you moving in with us.” Just like that, he was snoring, dead to the world. I got up, and took a shower. Not wanting to walk around the house naked, I grabbed a robe that hung on the back of the bathroom door, and went downstairs. I don’t know what (or who) I was expecting to find, but no one was around. There were coffee made and sweet rolls on the counter. The kitchen table is next to a window, and I just sat there sipping coffee and staring out the window, and enjoying, yes, enjoying the feeling of sitting on a sore bottom. What had he said about getting my things and moving in?

Several hours later I’d put my dress back on and was watching TV when I dozed off. Jacob woke me. “So, how did last night go?”

“Ok, you knew he would give me a spanking, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I knew you’d talked before about wanting to be punished, but that’s really not my thing. All I wasn’t to do is make love to you and in every way possible. Jim, on the other hand, wants a woman he can punish. So you see, we’ll move your things into the guestroom, you can quit your job and keep house for us. We will take care of all your needs.” I just lay there on the couch thinking about all this. It did sound appealing.

Once my things were moved into the guestroom, I started supper for us. That sounds funny to me. But I am a very good cook, and wanted to cook for them. Jacob wrote my resignation letter and faxed it to my boss. Jim was sitting at the table telling me after supper, he’d tell me the rules I would have to follow. Rules?

Jacob excused himself to go to town and I sat at the table with Jim and a notebook and a pen.


: I am not allowed to leave the house without permission. Rule

: No profane or offensive language. This includes even my tone of voice, which will always be quiet and pleasing to the ear. Rule
: I am not allowed to use the telephone, computer or television without permission. Rule : no alcoholic beverages, unless given to me by Jacob or Jim. Rule : No eating unless it’s mealtime, and then to be supervised how much and what I eat. Rule

: I must be ready and willing to do whatever is asked of me promptly and cheerfully. Rule
: I am not allowed to complain or give my opinion about anything unless asked.

These all appeared to be perfectly sensible, from their point of view. I could have also listed the benefits I would enjoy while being here.

: I don’t have to make any decisions.

: I don’t have to worry about earning or spending money.
: I have no bills and no obligations to anyone in the world except Jacob and Jim. It was wonderfully freeing to me to realize all this. They had sold my car, which conveniently paid off the couple small debts I’d acquired. So, I also had no car maintenance to worry about.

After I’d written out all the rules as Jim directed me to, he led me upstairs to my room. My bed was just a double bed, just wide enough for me to stretch out on. Instructing me to lie face Escort Şanlıurfa down, he fastened my wrists to the headboard, and my ankles together, fastened to the footboard. He said he was thinking about taping my mouth, but thought it would be ok to listen to me scream and cry. No one was there to hear it except him.

I heard the first crack! Before I felt it, and soon, the beating was coming regularly on my poor ass. He wielded the wooden paddle like he was waiting for this for a long time. I know I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to be spanked on a regular basis for a long time. But it was much more painful in real life than in my fantasies!

I don’t know if he counted. I couldn’t think enough to do that, just laid there, as he whacked my ass with the paddle for what seemed to be a good long time. I was crying but that was all right. He stopped and stepped out of the room, saying, “I’ll give you a chance to pull yourself together and I’ll be back.”

When he returned after several minutes, he let me up to go to the bathroom, when I came back to the bed, he told me to lie face up. He fastened my wrists to the headboard separately. He positioned a pillow underneath my bottom, and spread my legs just as wide as they possibly would go. Tied bunge cord to my knees and the edges of the bed and the same with my ankles. I wasn’t sure what I had done to deserve this but maybe it’s just something he wanted to do.

He said, “Have you ever had the insides of your thighs and your pussy spanked?”

“No, sir.”

“I assure you it’s a feeling like no other and in fact was my father’s favorite way to punish my sister. I would come into the room to ask him a question about my homework, and he’d have her arms and fastened above her head, and her legs and feet tied far apart on the bed. She would be whimpering until he’d tape her mouth.

“He’d calmly be standing at the foot of the bed holding the leather strop. He’d answer my homework question while my sister lay there waiting. Then he’d say, ‘Do you want to stay and watch?’ If I had homework still to finish, I’d say no with regret. If I had nothing else to do, I’d say, ‘Ok’ with a little lurch in my stomach. I have to admit I’d have a raging hard-on when looking at her quietly waiting. I’d notice he was aroused also. Mom was in the next room getting ready for bed and humming a tune.”

Jim was standing in the same position in which he described his father. I was fastened to the bed, my inner thighs and pussy exposed just as his sister’s had been so long ago. He made it sound like this had been a regular, timely occurrence. I was glad for the tape on my mouth, and as frightened as I was of what this would feel like, I also was almost looking forward to it. I was playing a part in a play, acting out what had and will transpire in Jim’s life.

I am still Jacob’s girl, and everything sexual comes from him. But Jim is here to mete out my punishments, which Jacob knows I’ve always wanted and needed.

Smack! I watched the leather strops raised above him and descend to hit my inner thigh with a force that surprised me. He started at my knee and ever so slowly and methodically got nearer and nearer my pussy. Then, soon, he was spanking her. I know she was wet but I loved the feeling of the pleasure of being so wet and creamy and swollen, and the pain of the spanking at the same time.

He never once fingered or touched her, though I silently begged him to. I am still Jacob’s woman after all. Soon he was spanking my left inner thigh, starting just above my knee again and slowly spanking his way closer and closer to my sore, throbbing pussy. I was crying continually now, but longing for when he would again be spanking my pussy lips. Just as he got to them from the left, he stopped!

Oh, the agony of the spanking had stopped, but my pussy was anxiously waiting her release and it never came. He quietly covered my body with an old quilt. He mumbled, “Good night, Karen,” turned off the light, shut the door and left me. I would have to lie there and wait for Jacob. He would give me release in the morning. Unless he was really tired. He would give me release when he wanted to.

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