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Melissa’s short brown hair bobbed around her face as she rushed down the hall, heels clicking over the linoleum. She had twenty minutes to make copies, call an angry parent and enter two stacks of exams into her grade book before the next class period began. As she hurried down the stairwell, she cradled the master copies in one arm to hide the way her breasts bounced with each step.

A few confident senior boys nodded and murmured “Good morning Ms. Dawson” as she passed. From the way they glanced at her and quickly diverted their eyes or shifted the position of their notebooks to cover below their belts, the two sheets of white paper did not accomplish their task.

She smiled in return, pretending ignorance. What else could she do? Apologize for her poor choice of outfit today? She knew that the cloth of her blouse showed the lacy texture of her bra, just as she suspected that anyone behind her could see more than they should be able to. The cute boy’s brief style panties that seemed like a good idea at the time would not stay in place, leaving half her bottom exposed through the satiny gray skirt. In fact, her panties were riding up uncomfortably. If she had the time, she would stop in the restroom to make the adjustments, but she just couldn’t spare the extra moment.

None of this would have been a problem if she had gotten to work on time this morning. But, as usual, her boyfriend had rolled over on top of her three minutes before it was time to get up. And as usual, her alarm clock went off before he did. She had spent the next thirty-five minutes–time she was supposed to use to shower and dress–pinned under the rutting lummox while the radio blared mindless radio chatter. Though she had given him all her customary moans of encouragement, it still took so long that she considered letting him stick it in her ass just to speed up the process. Luckily, he must have found the right lumberjack (her way of thinking of whatever fantasy he needed to rid himself of his morning wood) before she verbalized her time-saving offer.

He never gave any consideration to her schedule. Or the fact that this was the third time this week that he made her late for work. Or that she hadn’t had a genuine orgasm in a month, for that matter. Apparently, a loud groan in her ear and a “have a good day, babe” reeking of morning breath was all satisfaction she required. If not that, then surely the damp panties because he refused to wear a condom would serve as a reminder of how lucky she was to have a pro athlete waiting for her at home.

Usually, she could shrug off her grumbling and plan to turn the circumstances in her favor when he came over to her apartment that evening. But today…he just didn’t seem like he was worth the effort. In the few moments he had left her this morning, she had rushed to shower and dress. She cut her knee twice as she shaved, but was out of hose to hide the knicks. She accidentally grabbed mousse instead of styling putty, so that her hair fluttered around her face with the lightest breath of air rather than staying put. She threw on the first matching outfit she pulled out of her closet and dressed as she ran into the living room to gather the papers she had been grading the night before, slipping her arms into the straps of her bra, hopping into her casino şirketleri skirt, and fastening the last few buttons as she rushed down the steps to her car.

It was only after she got to school and noted how the students, especially the boys and her male colleagues, were looking at her that she paused to catch her reflection in the office window. She was dressed like a slut, with the cum dripping down her thighs to prove it. She just wanted this day to end. With relief, Melissa slipped into the office, past the cluster of teachers at the mailboxes, into the empty copy room. She tossed the master copies into the tray in the first available machine and hit the button. The machine hummed to life, sucking in the first sheets and spitting out duplicates.

Next order of business was to fix her panties. Keeping her eyes on the window in the door that peered into the heavily populated office, she slipped one hand along her inner thigh and tugged her panties down into place properly.

Melissa’s face burned with the possibility that someone would come in and catch her. Her fingertips came away damp and the signature scent seemed to fill the room. This was the last straw. He had to start wearing condoms. She reached for the tissue box before she smeared it on her master copies, or worse, the copiers themselves. Would anyone notice if that happened? If the entire school was distributing copies marked with the dripping fingerprints of one of their youngest teachers?

The box of tissues was empty. She stared at it, considering wiping her fingers inside before throwing it away, but fearing that someone would know, when two tissues appeared in front of her, offered by a petite hand.

Melissa jumped, her cheeks blazing. She had thought she was alone in the copy room. The last thing she wanted to do was acknowledge the other person, but it would look worse if she didn’t.

“Thank you,” she said, accepting the tissues and wiping her fingers without turning. She couldn’t think of a passable lie quick enough to explain what she had been doing. “I’m so embarrassed, but–“

“Don’t be embarrassed,” a soft voice interrupted. “One time, I threw mine away in the girl’s locker room because it was easier not to wear them.”

Melissa knew immediately who it was: Kate, the new Spanish teacher. The citrus scent of perfume surrounded her, as sensual as the other woman’s breath on the nape of her neck.

Melissa flushed hotter, feeling guilty and excited at the same time. A few months ago at a staff meeting, she’d been so bored that she had snapped pictures of the people on her cell phone who she’d be willing to have sex with. Only two teachers had made the list–the new journalism teacher, a tall and broad shouldered, muscular man with an easy smile and the math teacher who had that distinguished, Sean Connery charisma that still made him attractive despite the fact that he was older than her father. On a whim, she’d also snapped a picture of Kate, admiring her perky curves, her blonde curls, her easy smile and the glint in her blue eyes, as if she had a secret she’d never tell another living soul.

The other pictures she had long since deleted, but Kate’s she’d kept for some reason. As motivation to go to the gym more often, Melissa had told casino firmaları herself. But now, with Kate standing behind her so close that her nipples pricked Melissa’s back, she had to be honest with herself–she kept the picture because she was attracted to Kate, plain and simple.

Perhaps Kate was only trying to help. But if she didn’t feel some of the same desire, wouldn’t she have stepped away by now?

Melissa looked up and saw six people in the office outside the copy room door–their principal, Steve, included. Her skin flushed, and her panties were damp again, but this time she couldn’t blame her boyfriend.

This was madness, Melissa thought. If one person turned to look… She could see the headlines now: Lesbian Teachers Fired for Copulating in Copy Room.

But nobody was looking. As the copy machine continued to hum and spit out duplicates, she shifted back against Kate’s soft body. Kate leaned into Melissa, one hand resting against her thigh, her lips bent to her ear.

“The smile was for you,” she whispered.

The words sent a shudder through her and gave her the courage to cover Kate’s hand with her own and guide it up her leg, under her skirt. Kate’s fingertips brushed underneath the elastic edge of her panties as her tongue traced Melissa’s ear.

“How did you know about the picture?” Melissa breathed, turning to face her.

The back of her neck still prickled with the fear that someone might see them, but standing breast to breast, looking into Kate’s heated blue eyes and heart-shaped face, the danger seemed distant and unimportant.

“Watching you is the only way I can stay awake during those meetings,” she answered.

Melissa smiled, leaned forward and kissed the other woman. Kate’s lips were soft and demanding and tasted like strawberries. The tip of her tongue darted into Melissa’s mouth. Tingling, burning, a shock of desire rolled through her and she pulled away with a gasp.

Kate giggled at her reaction and brushed Melissa’s hair back from her face, cradling her cheek. “You’ve never done this before, have you?”

“What?” Melissa’s whispered, trying to catch her breath. “Made love at work?”

“No,” Kate laughed again, her eyes sparkling. “I mean, you’ve never been with another woman before.” Her hand trailed down Melissa’s neck, over her collarbone, to the buttons of her blouse.

Melissa shook her head, unable to speak as Kate deftly unbuttoned her blouse just enough to expose her lacy bra.

“Someone’s going to see us,” she protested weakly as Kate cupped one breast, dragging her thumb along Melissa’s heated skin at the lacy line of her bra. “We shouldn’t do this here.”

Kate silenced her with another kiss, her lips moving over her jaw and down her neck, down… A moment later, Melissa gasped at the warm mouth on her breast. Kate pushed the lace aside and her tongue teased Melissa’s nipple, around and around. When it stood erect, she moved to the other one, sucking lightly.


Two fingers slid up her thigh and inside her. Her swollen lips parted easily, still wet from being ridden hard earlier that morning. Kate’s touch was gentle and agile and unlike that of any man Melissa had ever been with. The Spanish teacher stroked and probed, güvenilir casino dipping deep inside her unexpectedly.

“Kate…Katie…stop, please,” Melissa moaned, leaning back against the copy machine before her knees gave out. “What if someone comes in?”

Kate bit her nipple lightly in reply, thrusting her fingers deeper as her moist thumb slid back and forth over Melissa’s clit. That pushed her over the edge–she dropped her head back as the climax rose up and rippled through her in silken waves.

In the same instant, the bell rang, masking her audible cries.

The hallways overhead were heavy with student footsteps. Muted voices swelled outside the door. The copy machine’s droning had finally ceased.

By the time Melissa came to her senses, Kate was wiping her hand on another tissue.

“I carry my own supply for special occasions,” Kate said, flushed and smiling. She crumbled it and cast it into the trash can.

Melissa breathed a smile but couldn’t speak. She stood panting while Kate slid her bra back into place and buttoned her blouse for her. The other woman picked up a stack of papers and began to walk away when Melissa caught her wrist.

“I owe you,” Melissa whispered. “I want to repay–”

The door opened suddenly behind her.

Melissa jumped and turned to the copier, scooping up the thick stack of papers. Kate breezed through the door as the principal, Steve, came into the room.

“Kate, Melissa,” he greeted them with a nod and fed papers into the machine as she followed Kate out the door.

Was it just her imagination, or had his eyes lingered on her longer than they should have? Did he suspect? Had he seen something?

She paused in the hallway to check her mailbox and glanced back. Steve stared at her through the window of the copy room. As soon as he caught her glance, he diverted his gaze.

He must have seen, she thought. Her tousled hair, her flushed cheeks…dead giveaways by themselves. And how much noise had she made? Even the bell ringing might not have been enough to drown out her cry…

Clutching her papers, she walked through the office and out into the hallway to her classroom. Eyes followed her the entire way there. The history teacher, the custodians–every male staff member–even the students, boys and girls, looked at her as if they knew.

Melissa forced herself to breath easier. She was just being paranoid. Even if someone had seen her and Kate, there was no way that the news had traveled all over the school in the few moments it had taken her to walk upstairs.

Her lips were still swollen with Kate’s kisses. The friction of her panties as she walked was maddening. She was sated, yet yearned for the promise of what would follow when she repaid her debt.

Students began to file into the room behind her. She couldn’t think, couldn’t teach the lesson she had planned. She set the stack of papers on top of the filing cabinet and rummaged through the drawers for a video. Dead Poet’s Society or something that would put them to sleep so that she could sort out her thoughts…and think about how she would repay Kate when she had the opportunity.

As Melissa put the video into the DVD player, she caught her reflection in the TV screen. Her eyes went wide.

No wonder everyone had been staring at her. even in the muted image of the screen, she could see it clearly–one button of her blouse was undone, her shirt askew, and in the gap, her erect nipple protruded, still pink and damp from Kate’s mouth.

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