LaVonne and Nila

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LaVonne Eubanks was feeling a little low that morning, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get into her job. She constantly had to remind herself to get back to work! Even while taking phone calls, her mind would wander and she had to ask several clients to repeat what they had just said because she wasn’t paying any attention! At 11:15 her phone rang and it was her best friend Nila calling to see if they could have lunch together. “Sure Nila,” LaVonne replied, “why not, I’ll meet you by the elevators in five minutes.” When they hit the lobby Nila asked where LaVonne wanted to go for lunch. LaVonne thought about it for a second and replied, “Ya know Nila, I’m feeling a little blue this morning, so what I’d really like to do is go for a quick shave if that’s all right with you!?!”

Nila laughed and answered quickly, “Fine by me, let’s go!”

The two women entered the salon and went directly to the hostess who was busy taking reservations. “Do you think you could get two of us in for quick shaves,” asked LaVonne hopefully?

“Do you have a reservation,” asked the hostess?

“No,” LaVonne shot back quickly, “we hoped you could slip us in, it’s really important!”

“Let me see,” said the hostess, while glancing over her reservation book, “okay girls, follow me, I think we can squeeze you in!” When they got to the shaving room, the hostess called out to two barbers, “Jane, Erica, can you take care of these two right now, they really need it bad!?!”

Jane nodded yes, and motioned both LaVonne and Nila into casino şirketleri the two reclining barbers chairs. Both women quickly seated themselves, leaned back, and then waited for the two barbers to begin. “Okay, hon” said Jane, “lift your butt!” LaVonne lifted her ass off the chair and Jane reached under her dress and tugged off her panty hose and panties in one quick motion while she looked over at Nila, who also was having her under things removed by Erica! Both women then hiked their skirts up around their waists exposing their vaginas to watchful eyes of the two barbers, Jane and Erica. Around the room, other women were going through the same process, so that they also could get ready to have their pussies shaved!

“Okay, LaVonne,” said Jane, “I’m going to lather you up and let it sit for a few minutes to soften up your bush, would you like me to finger you while we’re waiting!?!”

“Oh please,” LaVonne begged, “I need it so bad, finger me hard!” Jane laughed and proceeded to lather up the hairy cunt, taking great pains to rub the palm of her hand all over the bulging mound of the middle aged woman.

“There, that should do it,” announced Jane, “now let’s finger that pussy!” LaVonne sighed when Jane let her index finger poke its way into her now very wet vagina while Jane commented in a little girl’s voice, “Is that what baby wanted?!”

“Oh god,” that feels so good, I think I’m going to cum already,” moaned LaVonne!”

“Go ahead, baby,” Jane cooed softly, “cum for mama, make a nice orgasm for her!” casino firmaları Hearing the young woman talking so babyishly, LaVonne felt her vagina convulse several times, and a very hard climax raced through her needy twat!

“Sweet Jesus that felt good,” LaVonne panted, “did I ever need that!”

“Glad you liked it,” replied Jane, “I think we can give you that shave now. Your hair seems to have softened up quite a bit.” Out of nowhere Jane produced a triple track razor and began to expertly shave off all of LaVonne’s thick pubic hair. The razor was cold against her sensitive skin, but felt incredible. LaVonne started to get that familiar tingling in the pit of her stomach; that of an impending orgasm that was building like a tsunami after an earthquake!

When Jane got down to the final strokes, LaVonne was in a state of almost sexual hysteria as the cool air on her now bare vagina, coupled with the constant manipulation by Jane on the folds of her pussy, was causing LaVonne’s cunt to quiver and shake on the edge of a massive orgasm! LaVonne looked over to see how Nila was coming along, and what she saw drove her even closer to the orgasmic edge! Erica, Nila’s barber, was busy tonguing her now bare pussy, wringing out every ounce of sexual energy that was stored up in the head of her hard little clit!

Jane carefully wiped the excess soap from LaVonne’s pussy and then asked, “Dear, would you like me to tongue you today!?!” Almost unable to speak, LaVonne croaked an affirmative, and immediately Jane’s mouth was güvenilir casino attached to LaVonne’s gaping cunt! Nila and LaVonne were very close to cumming, and they reached out a hand and gripped each other tightly as their cunts exploded in unison while the two barbers tongued them relentlessly!

Both women stuffed their panties and panty hose into their purses and headed back to the office, their bare cunts feeling free and wild after the shave and oral worship from Jane and Erica. Riding up the elevator alone, LaVonne lifted her skirt and showed Nila just how puffy and full her lips had become! Not to be out done, Nila did likewise, exposing her own mound, and even dropping her hand to her crotch and giving her pussy a quick fingering!

“Look at my pussy, LaVonne,” moaned Nila, “I can’t help it, I’m gonna cum again!” Seconds later, her friend, now leaning up against the elevator wall for support, shook all over while her body was being ravaged by another climax!

LaVonne quickly hit the stop button on the elevator, and while still exposing herself to her friend begged, “Please Nila, eat me!” Nila didn’t need another invitation, and quickly dropped to her knees and began tonguing her friend’s wet pussy! LaVonne was certainly right about one thing, she had extremely puffy cunt lips, and Nila savored the thickness and texture of her friend’s labia! It was LaVonne’s clit, however, that was driving this bus, and Nila wasted no time in boring in on her little stiff target! In a flash, LaVonne’s cunt spasmed out of control and flooded Nila’s mouth with a torrent of orgasmic juice! Both women, now totally spent, struggled to regain their lost composure!

Back at her desk LaVonne was still finding it hard to concentrate on her work, but at least it wasn’t as the result of sexual tension!

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