Laura, The Personal Chef

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Laura was a personal chef in a nice touristic area in New England. People rented a cabin or a house or a B&B and not wanting to cook, asked for a personal chef. Being incredibly gifted, Laura was very requested. The customer selected the menus over a list of dishes available on her website, and she’d take care of everything. She could also handle allergies guaranteeing maximum care.She always picked top-quality ingredients from selected suppliers and curated the dishes and presentation providing top-notch service.For Laura, it was a real passion more than a job.Laura was also an excellent cake decorator making cakes to leave people amazed at how beautiful and delicious they were. Sometimes it was a shame to eat them.She had all kinds of guests, from the best to the worse, from the bridezilla to the sweetest family in the world, from the rudest guest who complained about anything, also pretending to find a hair in the plate, to the one who wanted to build a monument for Laura and asked if she was available to go to work for her 24/7 all year round. She didn’t accept. Laura loved her job as it was and she didn’t have a boss, in the kitchen, Laura was the boss.It may seem an idyllic job, but like any other job, it had its own flaws, especially when the chef was as good as Laura was. Vacation season was when Laura had the peak of jobs. Cooking is an activity that requires long hours of standing, and a lot of precision, so at the end of the day Laura was exhausted. Another issue was that the best products were available in the wee hours of the morning, so she had to get up early to find the best seafood, produce, and meat.That didn’t leave her much free time to get a life. Winter was the only season she could relax a little. She still had some seminars to attend, or some special request, especially around Christmas and New Year. But she could work around it and make time for her family.One of Laura’s favorite places to work was “Jas’ B&B”. Well, it started as a B&B in the countryside, but three years ago Jasmine had it remodeled and attached another piece to the building adding ten bedrooms to the four it already had, plus a separate house for Jas and the crew. The remodeling also included the kitchen which was now huge, and Laura could work at her best.Jasmine over the years became Laura’s best friend. They were the same age and both due to their job, didn’t have much time for friends.Jasmine had the B&B booked from Thursday night to Monday morning. It was an event for a company’s employees.When Laura arrived Thursday morning, Jasmine was already at the door waiting for her, “Laura, you’re my life savior!”“Yeah, yeah. How are you doing?” Laura said, hugging her friend.“I’m doing pretty good, especially now that you’re here. Jonathan is inside.”Jonathan was one of Laura’s favorite sous chefs.“Well, you better tell him to get here and unload my van.”Jonathan unloaded all the boxes from Laura’s van and set everything in the respective sectors of the industrial fridge, and began the prep. He knew already what to do as he worked often with Laura.Laura and Jonathan were silently working for a few hours when Jasmine went into the kitchen, “Laura, Mr. Samberg is asking to see you.”“Who the hell is Mr. Samberg?” Laura asked without even looking at Jasmine.“Nice attitude. He’s the CEO of the company paying for this weekend for some of his best employees,” Jasmine explained, “He wants to have a chat with the chef. We are Facetiming on my laptop. Do you mind going to my office?”“Sure,” Laura said, dismissively and headed to Jasmine’s office.Laura sat at Jasmine’s desk and looked at the screen to find a hunk guy, in his early forties, brown hair with a beginning of white lock on the side, light hazel eyes, a five o’clock shadow, and broad shoulders. She couldn’t see lower than his shoulders.Laura wasn’t what most would define as a beauty, but to fine eyes, she was extremely sexy, curvy, and soft in the right spots, with long red hair, green eyes, and freckles on her face and here and there on her body.What Mr. Samberg could see was her face, her shoulders, and a hint of her cleavage.“Hello chef Thornton, I’m Mr. Samberg, but please call me Karl,” he began.“Please, call me Laura. What can I do for you?” she asked.“Right, I bet you are pretty busy,” he said, noticing her edginess.“I’m sorry Mr…. ehm, Karl. Yes, I’m pretty busy,” she apologized, smiling.Karl smiled and thankfully Laura was sitting because his smile made her legs like noodles. She was pretty sure she blushed.“So,” she tried to regain her composure, “how can I help you?”“Right, I know I’m asking a lot of you, but, you know, these guys sacrificed a lot in the past months during the pandemic to help our company to stay afloat. I really want to thank them properly,” Karl explained“You have a lot of people to thank, Karl. What’s your secret to have people always doing things for you?” she said, hoping he’d catch the sarcasm.He chuckled, “You’re right Laura. Maybe it’s my smile. Who knows?”She chuckled too. As far as she was concerned, she was willing to do anything for that smile.“So, my question is, will you be able to make one of your killer cakes for tomorrow evening’s dinner? I will pay double.”“Wow, apparently their sacrifices paid really well,” she joked.“Actually yes, you’re right.”“Listen, no need to pay double. Do you have something in mind?” she bahis siteleri asked, “Sorry to be direct, but I have to finish cooking and some of your employees will be here starving in less than two hours.”He explained what cake and what decoration he had in mind, she talked about a couple of modifications to personalize it, and at the end, they agreed.“So, Laura, I look forward to meeting you in person tomorrow,” he said, again smiling.She had a weakness for a killer smile.“I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a good day,” Laura said before hanging up. She headed back to the kitchen where she found Jasmine helping Jonathan chop vegetables.When Jasmine saw Laura walking in smiling, she said, “Well, well, someone was able to make you smile.”“Well, yes, you know, it happens when there is a nice guy involved,” Laura said, still smiling.Jasmine and Jonathan exchanged a look and winked.“Jonathan, can you call your cousin to help tomorrow? Jasmine will pay him, but I have to prepare a special cake for Ka… Mr. Samberg,” Laura said.“Oh, we are on a first-name basis already, I see,” Jasmine jested.When the dinner was mostly ready, Laura began prepping for the cake. She wanted to make an excellent cake to make Karl happy. Why she wanted to make him happy was unclear to her, but she was in a good mood now. The important thing was to stay focused.The first dinner was already a success, just for the few employees that wanted to arrive earlier, and Laura was already working for the day after, lunch and dinner. Thankfully, she’ll have the extra help from William, Jonathan’s cousin. He was good at following her orders and very organized.While starting the preparations for the cake, she couldn’t avoid thinking about Karl, his broad shoulders, his smile, and his bright hazel eyes. She hadn’t seen the rest of him, but what she’d seen was enough to stir something deep inside her.With the prep ready for Friday’s dinner, she went to bed.Friday early morning, after her tour to the fresh market, Laura began to assemble the cake. When Jonathan and William arrived, she instructed them on what had to be done while she finished the cake decoration.At three in the afternoon, the cake was ready, and she was extremely satisfied. She put extra effort into this cake, hoping to make Karl happy. Laura needed a rest, just forty-five minutes to clear her mind and be ready for the final steps.Laura relaxed in a warm and regenerating bath, closing her eyes, and imagining Karl was there with her. That was the only sex she ever had, with her fantasy and her hands, and sometimes her vibrator but she didn’t bring it with her this time. After her bath, she applied a little makeup. She knew she wasn’t a beauty as no man ever made advances, and that made it easier to stay virgin, but she had a nice firm body thanks to the long hours standing and her morning walks to the market.She pulled on a nice button-down blue shirt and a navy-blue circle skirt, practical to move in the kitchen. She wasn’t worried about ruining her attire as she had her double-breasted jacket and a big apron, but she wanted to be presentable to do her usual round in the dining room to hear the patron’s comments.She was focused on the pastry for the beef wellington when Jasmine entered the kitchen. Jasmine knew very well how to walk into the kitchen when Laura was there, so she walked silently and stood in front of the workbench, waiting for Laura to notice her, without making a sound.William and Jonathan noticed her and smiled, without making a sound, and continued doing what they were doing.From an outsider’s point of view, it could seem Laura was too rigid with her rules, but for those who knew her, she was a very nice and caring person and never refused a nice joke or nice music around, but when she was busy in some special preparation requiring concentration, everybody knew she needed quiet.“What?” Laura asked, without lifting her head.“Mr. Samberg is here,” Jasmin declared solemnly, “Or should I say, Karl?”“Well, he was supposed to be here, so what?” Laura asked, without interrupting what she was doing.“He wants to see you. As soon as possible.”“Why?” Laura asked, this time lifting her head.“He wants to thank you personally.”“Can’t he wait?”“He didn’t say right now. Whenever you have a minute, he’d like to meet you. He’s in my office,” Jasmin said and left.Laura groaned in frustration. She didn’t want to meet him now. She preferred to meet him later, surrounded by other people to protect herself. She didn’t know what to expect and that scared her even more. She didn’t know how to act in front of a man like Karl, powerful and handsome. But, at that point, she couldn’t concentrate anymore, she better get over with the encounter. She went to the changing room, pulled off her chef jacket and the hairnet, and headed to Jasmine’s office.Laura knocked at the door of Jasmine’s office and heard, “Come on in!”Laura inhaled deeply, closed her eyes a few instants, and exhaled, opening the door.“Oh, hello Laura,” Jasmine said, in a little too high pitch. Karl was sitting on a chair in front of Jasmine’s desk. When he turned to look at Laura, she felt her legs fail. He was handsome, it wasn’t a trick played by the screen, and his smile was really something.He didn’t stand up, he took out his hand to shake Laura’s, “Finally I meet the myth in person,” Karl said.“Well, myth is a little too canlı bahis siteleri much,” Laura said, sitting on the other chair in front of Jasmine’s desk, beside Karl’s.“Believe me, I got your name from several friends saying you are the best.”Laura chuckled, “Well, thank you. Give me their names and I will make them a special price next time.”“Not a chance. They can afford the full price and more,” he said, chuckling.At that moment, Jasmine’s cell phone rang, “Excuse me, I need to take this,” she said, stepping out of the room.Laura suddenly felt her heart galloping in her chest and her breath taken away, and most likely she was blushing. Being in a room alone with Karl was overwhelming.“So… uhm…” Laura tried to find something to talk about.“First,” Karl said, “Let me thank you for all you’re doing for my employees. They all told me that dinner yesterday was fantastic.”“Well, thank you but I just made what you asked me to make,” Laura said. She’d never liked compliments. Well, that’s not true, she loved compliments but didn’t know how to reply to a compliment.“Anyone, with a minimum of effort, can make a decent dinner, but it takes a lot of effort and years of practice to make it perfect. One of the employees defined the dinner as an orgasm for the tastebuds,” Karl said, smirking.“Wow, that’s… that’s a very nice compliment,” Laura giggled. She had a vague idea of what an orgasm was.“I hope tonight’s dinner is up to par,” he said.He winked and Laura felt a shiver running from the apex of her head down to her groin. Never before had she felt something like that. She liked reading erotic stories that aroused her and then find her own release. Sometimes she fell in love with the characters of those stories and could easily imagine one of them transforming her into the beautiful erotic heroine of the story.But never before had she had these feelings for a real person. Never before had she felt her virginity in real danger, like then with Karl.Her gaze fell to his well-cured hands with long strong fingers. If he ever touched her with those fingers, she could slip to his feet and submit to his will. Laura frowned, how did she get certain ideas? Submit to a man? She could never do that. She’d better find an excuse to leave the room.“Ehm, if you don’t mind, I have several things to do before dinner, and I really don’t want to serve an average dinner, right?” Laura said, gesturing to get up.And here it happened, Karl placed a hand on her knee, “No, we don’t want an average dinner, we want a superlative one. Thank you. Will you have time to join us during dinner?” he said, without removing that hand from her knee.On her knee, she felt the warmth of his hand melting her leg.“I see what I can do, but I can’t promise.”She left the room trying to walk straight, but it wasn’t easy feeling her legs becoming noodles. When Laura arrived in the changing room, she had to sit down for a few minutes and regain her composure. She put her earbuds and had music in her ears to focus on the preparations needed. She was so focused that didn’t hear the waiters’ team arriving at five.At the end she was happy with the final results, “Thank you guys, I couldn’t have done it without you,” Laura said to Jonathan and William.Jasmine arrived to announce that guests were all in the dining room, “Aperitivo can be served.”Aperitivo was Prosecco with lukewarm canapé.Later on, Joanna, one of the waiters, stepped into the kitchen saying, “Laura, you should see it, they all stopped talking and are all moaning, eating your canapé. The guy that seemed like the boss, closed his eyes and moaned. You did it again!”Laura was very pleased to hear these comments.For the Antipasti, she made ham mousse and veal with tuna sauce accompanied by glazed veggies.“Laura!” Joanna yelled, entering the kitchen, “I’m sure a lady had an orgasm eating the mousse.”They all laughed, but Laura felt extremely proud of herself, “Let’s see what happens with these,” she said, serving a Parmigiano cheese risotto with truffles, and Agnolotti filled with braised beef.The second dish was duck in orange sauce, with grilled asparagus and duchess potatoes.“Laura, they want you there,” Jasmine announced a few minutes later.“I’ll go when I bring the cake,” Laura said, determined not to give in to the temptation to see Karl.“If you say so,” Jasmine said, leaving the kitchen.After about twenty minutes, to give the guests time to settle, Laura pushed the cart with the cake through the dining-room door, while Joanna and the other waiters prepared the Champagne.At the moment Laura stepped in, all the guests stood up and applauded Laura. A lady walked toward Laura, hugged her, and said, “I’ve never eaten so well in my whole life. Thank you,” and then whispered in Laura’s ear, “I didn’t think it was possible, but I had an orgasm.”The two women laughed.Laura saw Karl, still sitting at his place, so she pushed the cart in front of him to show him the decoration. She wasn’t sure, but she thought she saw his eyes bright with emotion.“Laura,” he said, his voice trembling a little, “This dinner was stunning. You really are the best chef in this world. And this cake is… the perfection.”Only then Laura realized he was sitting in a wheelchair. She didn’t see a wheelchair that afternoon in Jasmine’s office.While monitoring the cake cutting, she tried to think about the realization. Was canlı bahis she horrified? Not at all. Would she now stand down? Not at all. She didn’t think such a detail would turn her off. Actually, she was even more turned on. Was he… functioning? Oh god, until yesterday she didn’t want to compromise her illibacy, now she was worried if he was or was not functioning? What was wrong with her? She shook her head to this thought.“Is something wrong?” Jasmine whispered.“No, why?” Laura asked.“You are blushing, and I see the vein in your neck pulsing at high speed.”Laura touched her neck and confirmed that her heartbeat was faster than it should be.“I was just thinking about something. No reason to worry,” Laura said, hoping that answer would stop Jasmine from asking more questions.When the cake was neatly cut and distributed to all the guests, Laura needed a good reason to leave the room. She needed to breathe, and she couldn’t do that being in the same room with Karl.Joanna approached, “Laura, some guests are asking for ice cream.”“Yes, come with me,” Laura rushed out of the room.In the kitchen, Laura took four big bowls of ice cream, “Here. Pistachios, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Lemon. Take them in the dining room, they are nice bowls and can be presented.”“You are not coming back with me?” Joanna asked.“Uhm, no, I have something I need to do. I’ll catch up in a bit, give me ten minutes,” Laura excused herself. But she never went back.When William and Jonathan and the waiters team walked into the kitchen, the kitchen was spotless, and on the counter, there was a note, “You did a lot today to help, you’re tired. Share the leftovers and go home to your families. See you tomorrow. L.”Jasmine rushed into the kitchen asking, “Where’s Laura?”“We have no idea. She cleaned everything and left this note,” William said.“Merd!” Jasmine cursed in French.They all exchanged looks but didn’t dare to ask what was happening, so they shared leftovers and went to rest before lunch the next day.Jasmine knocked at Laura’s door and didn’t wait for her to answer, she slowly opened the door to find Laura in the dark, standing in front of the window.“Laura? Is everything all right?” she asked, quietly.“Uh-huh,” Laura nodded.“Mr. Samberg, I mean, Karl was looking for you.”“Well, I was tired, and I need to rest and tomorrow I need another tour of the market,” Laura whispered.Jasmine closed the door behind her, and sat on the couch in the corner, “Talk to me, you know I’m a listener. What’s wrong with Karl? The wheelchair?”Laura turned to face her friend. Many times, they talked mostly at night after a long day prepping and cooking, in front of a cup of tea. Jasmine knew everything about Laura’s fears.Laura leaned, placing her hands on the windowsill, “The wheelchair? No. That didn’t scare me. I admit it was quite a surprise. But… It worried me. I… I felt at risk. For the first time in my life, I felt he could actually take my virginity, and that can’t happen.”“Laura, I believe he’s a smart man. I don’t know why he’s in a wheelchair, but I think he’s smart enough to understand your fears if you explain them to him. I saw how he looked at you and obviously, there is an attraction between the two of you. Anyone who has a brain can see it. But closing the door to happiness it’s not the right choice. You know that. You should give it a chance. Rest now, think about it. Let things happen and when, or if, anything will happen, just tell him about your fears and he’ll understand. I’m sure of it. Good night my friend, see you in the morning.”The following morning Laura got up before dawn to head to the market, planning on hiding herself in the kitchen the whole day.When she got back from the market and headed to the kitchen, she found Karl by the kitchen counter, wavering standing, the wheelchair on the side, making coffee. Before entering the kitchen, she had to stop a moment and take a few deep breaths.“Can I help you?” Laura said, without looking at him, pulling the cart with her groceries.“Oh, look who’s here. Good morning chef. No, I think I can manage to make a coffee,” Karl answered.“I’m sure you can, but if you make a mess in my kitchen, then I’ll get mad, and that’s not easy to manage. Ask around,” Laura said, kind of brusquely.“Is that so? Well, in this case, I’ll let you do that. Can you also find two slices of bread to toast?” Karl asked, smiling.“Yes sir.”Karl chuckled and moved aside, bracing himself on the counter to reach his wheelchair and sat down. Laura watched him from the corner of her eye. Part of her wanted to know what happened to him, but in her heart, she knew very well that it didn’t matter to her. His disability wasn’t making her like him any less. It was him she liked: his voice, his eyes, his smile, and his musky scent.“Do you want the coffee black?” Laura asked, interrupting her own thoughts.“Yes, please. Do you have butter and jam?”“Of course.”She put everything on a tray, and asked, “Where do you want to have your breakfast?”“Here is fine,” he answered.She froze, “Here? I need to start prep, I don’t have time for conversation,” she couldn’t let him stay there.“Then do not talk. I just wanna watch you while you’re cooking. I think it’s gonna be fascinating,” he said, smirking.Laura waited a moment, then placed the tray on the table beside him and started to put away the groceries, leaving what she needed on the prep counter. She went to the changing room to change shoes and put on her chef jacket and the hairnet.“Thorough,” Karl said when she stepped back into the kitchen.“Thanks. I don’t want to mess with my food,” she replied.

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