Late night ramblings of a chaste husband

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Late night ramblings of a chaste husbandSometimes domination and submission is more mental and emotional rather than physical. This might be one of those nights.My wife has a new lover spending the night. I had to sit in the room and watch those two go at it like rabbits in heat. She was a slut to this man. I watched as she was on her knees, sucking his cock. She had him lay on his back and she straddled him in a 69 position and they went at it. Then she laid on her back. Spread her legs and begged him to fuck her. She verbally berated me by telling him she needed a Man in this house. A real Man with a real Cock. One that could take her to bed every night and bring her to so many orgasms that she would be too tired to even walkI had to sit there and listen to her tell him how inept of a husband I was. How worthless as a lover I was. That my cock was so puny that she had to lock it up out of fear of what others might see. She had no idea on what she was doing getting married to a male like me with such a small dick. She needed Real Men to fill her sexual bursa escort desires and asked if she could add his name to her list of Lovers.My wife seems to have gotten her wishes. She had so many orgasms that she says she is to weak to get up and clean up. So she is sleeping with his cum al over her face, in her hair, on her breasts and inside her pussy and in her mouth.In the morning she wants me to worship his cock. In other words I’ll be sucking the cock of another one of her lovers. In the meantime, while they sleep, I need to get this ff my chest.I’m sitting here at the computer is a red lacy and pointed bra. Around my neck is a matching red lacy collar and on my feet, where they will stay until morning area pair of 5 or so inch spiked heel shoes. Walking in these things are killing me. I wish I was out of these shoes but my wife said put them on. So I wait for her permission to take them off.I’m looking down at my crotch and I see my manhood. Or what there is to see through the hard plastic cage that wraps my cock and confines escort bayan my balls. I wish I was that man in bed with my wife. The one she would spread her legs for. The one she would scream out my name as my pounding cock brought her to orgasm after orgasm. I want her grabbing hold of the back of my neck and puling me close to her naked breasts. Holding me so close that it feels our bodies are one in the same. I want to feel her passionate kisses. I want her to tell me she loves me. I want to see her gasping for breath and softly telling me thank you, thank you, thank you. Just like I had to watch her tell another Man tonight.In bed right now are two naked bodies covered in sweat. The smell of shot steamy sex fills the room. Those two look sexually satisfied while I remain sexually frustrated.It’s time for me to go back to the bedroom. My blanket and pillow are on the floor. Beside their bed. I need to shut this computer down and get some sleep. I have a big cock to devour in a few hours. As the sun comes up, I’ll be going down. bursa escort Going down on her most recent loverI’m happy she is having sex. Getting her rocks off. But I would like to get mine off too. Instead they remain under lock and key. Yearning for the time that my had cock can once again feel the inside of a hot, moist pussy.As you can see, living the life as a chaste husband and one now that is a cuckold, my emotions run wild as I suffer through mental, emotional and physical bouts of dominance and submission.At least my wife is happy and she tells me thank you for doing this. I love my wife very much, and because of that love, I continue to agree to remain a chaste husband. I only wish I did not have to watch and listen to other Men sexually pleasure my wife. It is bad enough knowing my cock is worthless being locked in chastity. It hurts even more watching other men, with larger cocks than mine, sexually penetrating my wife. And then to listen to her tell her lovers how sexually inadequate I am. They look at me and laugh. Then he goes back to pounding her pussy. I want to crawl in a corner and hide. But instead I do as I am told and I sit and watch.Now it is time I crawl back in the bedroom and get some sleep. This is just the late night ramblings of a chaste husband who is sexually frustrated.

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