Last Dance

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The best part of the week was just about 30 minutes away, and I was getting seriously pumped up for it. My kids were taken care of, it was payday, and a good rock band was due at Sassy’s, the only place to go.

Darren and Mark walked pass my workstation and I tried not to be seen looking up. ‘Stem’, as we call Mark, is a 6’4″ black guy with a nice ass and a friendly personality. He loves to tease me as I sit, walk, or invite him to stare. The teasing goes both ways, and I get a lot of mixed messages from him, but I know he wants me! Unfortunately, Darren wants me, too, and I can’t stand that jerk! He’s always offering to pick up anything on the floor around me just to ‘get low’ by my legs. He thinks he’s just as ‘good to go’ as Mark but he’s balding & blonde, with a beer belly. I cringe as Mark stops to talk only because Darren gets a reason to gawk.

“Hey, ‘Ms. Main Squeeze’, how ’bout you and me gettin’ a little sticky after work? I got a pocket full of change and you got the ‘right stuff'”, Mark breathed softly into my ear.

“Yo, mama, and I got the stuff to stuff in your stuff so.” Darren started but I ignored him (as usual!) and feigned hunger as I said, “Stem, who needs cash to ‘get sticky’, except Darren-jerk?”

“I got yo jerk right here, mama, and I’ll.”

“Come on, D, give the lady and me some space, cool?” Always the diplomat, Mark gently shoves his friend on down the aisle and Darren leaves grumbling. But, we are at a loss to continue the sexual banter without an audience. In fact, we are so completely embarrassed that we can hardly look at each other. Oh well, we do work well together.

“I’m going to Sassy’s tonight with a girlfriend and I’ll see you there if you finally decide to come.” I had made this offer for months but either shyness or something else (what, damnit?) had kept him away. This time:

“You know I’d like to…, you know…go there, but…”

“It’s OK, Mark. I was going to be there with the ‘hens’, anyway and I don’t see you as the gossiping type! But, remember, I dress a lot differently when I’m outta here!”

His troubled eyes lit up and, although I knew what was coming, his polite refusal was turned into another sexy tease and he smiled as he went to find Darren.

Rush hour traffic home. Bills in the mailbox. A message from the supreme asshole on my Phonemate. Hell, by 7:30, I was more than ready to ‘party hardy’. Jaime wasn’t. She’s never ready before 10:00 so I was extremely eager to hit the road by the time she got to my house.

And, the bar was completely packed: looking though a window I could glimpse Anadolu Yakası Sınırsız Escort people all over the dance floor, at every table, all the barstools, and dart boards. The line outside wasn’t long but it was all guys so I did the ‘brush-and-bump’ right up to the front, with Jaime close behind. She really got into it, stopping to talk to a couple of guys and rubbing her hand on one big kid’s zipper, too close for most of us to see. But I got a clear shot of his rapidly growing bulge. ‘Only boys with toys’, I thought.

At the front door, we encountered the bouncer/doorman and, grinning, he asked,

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? The line forms to the rear and yours belongs back there!” The guys in line were laughing their heads off. Jaime put on her best little pout as she sat down (in her short skirt!) on the sidewalk near the front of the line. She didn’t show much but that was all it took. When an older couple departed, the two guys in the front of the line didn’t even start for the door; they looked down at Jaime and offered their places inside if we promised them a dance.

“What about a couple of shots, too? We can’t just be ‘bought’ that easily” she pushed. I was as stunned as the two guys but the line was whistling and shouting and begging to be asked the same question, so the front runners for entry got enough popular support to promise the drinks. The doorman just shook his head as we slid past him, Jaime with a tight grab of his ass as she went in.

Another scam got us a table close to the dance floor and we were in business. The usual suspects were all there but there were a lot of newcomers, too. Although we agree to come together and leave together, we pretty much ‘roam the range’ and target guys separately. This works pretty well because she’s fast and I’m choosy; I need big and black but all she needs is breathing with money and some ability to dance. She was still looking, though, when I saw what I wanted: ‘T.B.& H.’ was already on the move towards me!

“You look ready to get busy on the floor.” His voice was like chocolate and honey blended with pure cream. I didn’t bother to answer as he guided me to the dance floor.

I do not pick up men in bars and I did not intend to start now. But, believe me, I tried everything I could think of to make sure he got the news that I wanted to see him after tonight. I looked over and saw that Jaime was the center of attention at our table: the two ‘drink & dance’ guys were trying to bump two others out of the way and she was playing all four so well that nobody Anadolu Yakası Suriyeli Escort looked mad and fresh drinks were all over the table! She caught my eye and pointed to one of the guys with a questioning look. I smiled and raised an eyebrow, to the hoots of the others. She pointed to another one and the others booed but I was swept out of view by another song, it’s dancers, and the man I really wanted tonight.

By the time I realized it was almost 1:35 AM, and I had no idea where Jaime was and, worse, I had no firm plans to see my ‘target’ again. The whole thing was coming apart, in fact: I really wanted to see this guy again and I had drunk enough so that I was feeling very cozy with him and I couldn’t drive anyway.

“I’ve got to find my friend but you wait here for me, OK?” I hated the pleading sound in my voice, but he said,

“Let’s look together. I think I saw her going outside.”

I was so relieved to hear that, I didn’t mind the offer to get me outside, an offer I’ve always refused.

There is a large parking lot around Sassy’s and lots of the departing people gather in it but there was no sign of Jaime. I was getting worried when my ‘T.B.& H.’ started to chuckle, “I think we should go back inside for a little while.”

“Why?” Even as I said it I saw them: not too deep into the field behind the bar but they obviously couldn’t care less. As one of the ‘free drink guys’ lay beside her, the other massaged her leg, carefully working her calves and ankles. I looked at her with shock, as I had never even imagined her doing something like this! The tug on my arm reminded me that I could leave. (Jaime had driven but this kind guy was offering me a ride! Wooo hooo! Score!!) Captivated, I just couldn’t turn away. My guy bent down, gave me a small kiss on the cheek and said, “We can sit over there if you don’t want to leave her alone with them but I think she’s all right.”

The small bushes and tree he pointed out were rather close and I let him lead me there. And, from there, we watched two young boys gently remove Jaime’s shoes and nylons; her blouse and bra; her panties and wristwatch. They had seen us but did not seem to think that our watching was much of a problem. The boys were equally slow and patient removing their own clothing: it did not look as though they were just dying to rape her. And, Jaime helped them, one at a time.

In a few minutes, one boy had his mouth on Jaime’s breast and the other kissed her deeply. Their hands seemed to glide over her moonlit skin, moving her to writhe with pleasure. A tongue Anadolu Yakası İranlı Escort on her belly, a finger in her mouth, a gasp as she tightened her grip between one boy’s legs. Both lying beside her, turning her head from side to side to kiss each in turn. A gentle, quiet question (‘Are you sure?’), a slight nod to the left and right, and a boy moved his head between Jaime’s legs. Her soft moan made me squirm against my guy. He wrapped me a bit closer to him and we watched Jaime open her mouth and take the other, also, slowly and deeply.

With a hand on her breast, the boy between her legs began to change his intent; no longer did he kiss and lick for his pleasure, but for hers. Jaime undulated against his mouth and she arched her back while a muted yell slipped past the penis gently sliding in and out of her mouth. With her passion not yet spent, her mouth was filled with wave after wave of his passion. (I was panting by now and was relieved to see that my man had not noticed how excited I was. He smiled as the boy emptied himself on Jaime’s cheeks and neck). Lifting his face from her wet, brown hair, the other boy kissed his way up her stomach, nipples, neck, and face. And, when his body was fully over her, Jaime very slowly spread her legs and, reaching down, pulled him down and into her. He kissed her and waited for her to nod before gently rising and thrusting deeply inside her. The other boy stroked her hair and neck with one hand and her nearest thigh with the other. Never increasing his pace, the boy mated slowly, deeply, and gently until he clutched her shoulders and looked into her eyes as he came in her. Jaime wrapped her arms around him until he was calmed and he reluctantly slid off of her. A small laugh and Jaime invited the other boy on top of her, inside her. As he began pumping into her, I couldn’t sit still any more. I was shaking when I turned to ‘my man’ and kissed his cheek. He surprised me by saying,

“Are you ready for me to take you home now?” I was almost certain I’d have to say, ‘Not yet, like that, with me’ but he seemed to understand that I’m not quite like Jaime. We quietly left her there being ridden smoothly but firmly by the second boy. None of them noticed our departure.

My man (Damn! Was I calling him that already?) drove me home and we exchanged phone numbers outside of my apartment. As he was about to leave me at the front steps (and now I wasn’t eager for him physically but I wanted him just the same and felt a pang of remorse), I thought of all we’d just seen and how much of a gentleman he was. I couldn’t help blurting,

“Look, uh, I’m really not at all like Jaime, but, if I was…you know, interested, I’d sorta like…”

I was dying of embarrassment but he bailed me out.

“I think I know you, but, just in case you ever want to try something different, I’ve got a friend I think you’ll like. He’s a lot like me although he’s pretty shy. But, ‘Stem’ and I go way back…”

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