Lariats and Lacrosse Sticks Ch. 09

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There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.


“Did you see what I got from my dad?” Asked Randy as he walked through the house.

Tanner motioned without looking up. “No, what is it?”

“Well, look.”

Tanner marked his place and looked at Randy. “What?”

“Here, look.” He handed envelope to Tanner, who pulled out it’s content. Tanner scrutinized it for a minute and then looked back.

“It’s a plane ticket…”

“Exactly, one ticket.”

Tanner studied the ticket for a minute then looked at Randy with his eyebrows scrunched together. “Randy, this has my name on it.”


“It’s got my name on it. And its a ticket to Puerto Vallarta.”

Tanner twisted his face and got up without a word and walked to the other side of the room. He fished for a minute and pulled it out of his book bag. Looking at it for a minute, he walked over to Randy and handed him the plain white envelop. “I knew this was from my folks, so I didn’t even notice it was addressed to you.”

Randy turned the envelop over and looked at the front. “Oh, shit. This was addressed to you. I just opened it because I knew it was from my Dad.”

Tanner grinned and handed Randy the envelop from his parents. “Betcha a dollar I know what’s in it!”

Randy grinned and slit the envelop open and fished out the folded paperwork. He glanced at it for a minute and then grinned at Tanner. “Oh look, babe. Your folks are sending me to Puerto Vallarta!”

Randy and Tanner snatched their bags from the baggage belt. They’d packed fairly light, but still had one of the large suitcase of their clothes that wouldn’t fit. But now with each of them with a backpack over a shoulder and Randy pulling the bag behind him, they had one thing left. Finding out how to get to the hotel.

They walked from the baggage area, and into a flurry of activity. Randy could feel the tension building, and then Tanner let out a squeal and pointed. “Look. A van from the hotel. We’re saved.”

“Oh, thank God. I thought you were going to have a melt down.”

“Yeah, whatever. I thought you were gonna cry like a little girl.”

“Yeah, fuck you.”

“You wish.”

The pair broke into laughter as they walked to the van. They were met at the door by a smiling face. “Good afternoon, sir. Welcome to Puerto Vallarta.”

Randy and Tanner crawled into the van and buckled themselves in. They took off and almost immediately were very glad they’d made the choice to tie themselves in. The trip was made at flying speeds that made both men uncomfortable.

But the trip ended in front of a huge modern hotel that would not have looked out of place in Miami or Houston. The palm trees flanked the entrance and the guys were thrilled to have arrived. They were swarmed with people to help them and soon they were leaning against the lavishly carved front desk. A beautifully tanned man about their age with brilliantly white teeth smiled at them.

“Welcome, welcome. How may be help you.”

“We have reservations. Randy Preston and Tanner Carson.”

His fingers danced across the keyboard for a few moments. “Ah yes, there you are. The honeymoon suite.” He smiled even wider at the pair. “Excellent choice.”

A few minutes passed while Tanner and Randy waited for the keys and directions. The bellhop loaded their luggage into his cart, then wheeled them to their suite. He deposited their bags and Randy gave him a tip. Once the door closed behind him, Randy wandered over to see what Tanner was staring at with such fascination. He smiled at the rapt fascination Tanner showed for the tableau of the sea spreading out before them. The azure blue waters and the snow white beaches were like something from a postcard.

“Beautiful isn’t it,” said Randy.

Tanner turned and gave him a kiss. “It is beautiful. I can’t believe we’re here.”

They watched for a few moments, seeing the ebb and flow of the people across the expanse of sand.

“This is crazy,” said Tanner.

Randy moved behind him and took him in his arms. “Why?”

Tanner turned and looked deep into Randy’s eye. “Well, we got married. That by itself is crazy. That my parents are helping to pay for our honeymoon, that’s even more crazy.”

Randy tilted his head and started kissing down Tanner’s neck. Tanner stiffened for a few moments, then he melted in Randy’s arms. After a few seconds, he was chuckling.

Randy looked at him and smiled. “Why the giggling?”

“I was just thinking how my big strong man was making me feel. And giggling was kind of part of the package.”

Randy ran his hands under Tanner’s tee, pushing them over his hairy chest. He loved the texture of Tanner’s chest under his touch. His fingers spanned the fan of hair centered along his stomach, and let the tips of gaziantep bayan eskort his fingers slip into his shorts. He unfastened the top button on Tanner’s shorts, which let them slip slightly lower on Tanner’s ass. Randy let his fingers slide inside the front of Tanner’s shorts, and ran his fingers through his dense bush.

Tanner leaned against him with a sigh. “Was this your plan? To whisk me away to Mexico to fuck?”

Randy chuckled and then kissed Tanner hard, their lips smashed against each other. After a few seconds they separated, both of them breathing harder. Randy grinned at Tanner. “Well this trip was a present from your parents. So I guess they’re wanting grandkids.”

Tanner leaned against Randy and started laughing. “Yeah, I don’t think that has much chance of happening.”

“We can certainly give it our best effort.”

Tanner chuckled and pushed his shorts down, exposing his hard cock trapped inside the tiny briefs Randy had bought him for the trip. The leaking tip had already created a translucent wet spot in the white material. Randy reached up and squeezed his cock tight and slide his hand down its length. Then he pressed Tanner’s shirt upward and let it fall to the floor. The sight of his hot cowboy husband, hard and panting in just a pair of white briefs was having its desired effect on Randy. His own cock was throbbing and hard.

Suddenly Tanner lunged at him and his shirt was tossed into the air a few moments later. Their hairy torso’s ground against each other as their tongues pierced each others lips. He could feel Tanner tugging at his basketball shorts, quickly untying them and pushing them to his knees. His red and black Baskit jock strap framed his butt nicely. They wrapped their arms around each other, and ground their crotches together.

Tanner ran his hands over Randy’s butt, and his cock twitched in response. He traced the tip of his finger along the edge of Randy’s crack until he found his goal. He ran his finger over Randy’s hole until he had his husband panting with anticipation. Tanner spun Randy around and pushed him across the huge bed. Randy trembled in anticipation as Tanner quickly rummaged through their bag and pulled out a bottle of lube. As the cool gel slid down his crack, Randy let out a sigh.

Tanner shoved his briefs off and grabbed the sides of Randy’s jockstrap. He pressed the hard flared head of his cock against Randy’s hole and then pressed it against Randy. There was a gasp as Tanner snapped his hips forward, followed by a sigh as Randy accommodated Tanner. Randy felt him slide in deeper until he moaned as Tanner’s flared cocked slid across his prostate.

Randy’s body arched as the pleasure engulfed him. Tanner fit so well, and hit all he good spots, he just left Randy panting for more. The strong hands that grabbed his jock were cinching him tight as Tanner began to fuck him in earnest. The rhythmic slap of skin against skin filed the room.

Randy was enjoying pounding he was getting from Tanner. Somehow their time together had held more depth of passion. Sex was taken to a whole new level, and Randy was reveling in the connection. The pounding he was getting was moving him to a new level as Tanner’s mushroom head clipped his prostate with each thrust. The cowboy was riding him with a smoldering heat that was leaving Randy wanting more. The tight fabric that still trapped his hard cock was like another hand stroking him.

Randy tried to hold out, but the layers of sensations were too much. Tanner landed a particularly wonderful punch against Randy’s prostate and it began. Randy could feel the cum rushing from his full balls. He sprayed against the thin fabric as Tanner clipped his prostate again. His ass clamped down as Tanner plowed into him again. Another thrust and Tanner pinned his against his cock and began filling Randy’s ass. The ample load filled him and soon the wet sounds of a well fucked ass floated through the room and Randy collapsed onto the bed.

Tanner followed quickly on top of him and sighed. “Welcome to Mexico!”

Randy groaned.

“Come on. Get your suit on,” said Tanner.

“I’m trying, I’m trying. I think you bought one that was too small on purpose.”

Tanner chuckled a little as his husband struggled to get his suit over his muscular butt. “I didn’t, but you’re going to have everyone checking you out on the beach.”

“I could just buy a banana hammock down stairs and wear that.”

“If you did then you’d have every everyone, men and women, checking you out. And I get very jealous.”

Randy smiled at Tanner. “I’ll keep that in mind. There are a lot of cute boys around here though.”

“Keep it in your pants, Preston, or I’ll cut it off for you.”

Randy chuckled as he laced the trunks closed over his plump cock. He smiled as Tanner checked out his equipment and gave him a wink. “Come on, big boy. Let’s go to the beach and enjoy the sun and surf while we’re here.”

Randy grabbed Tanner and pulled him toward the door.

A few minutes later found them walking through the light crowd on the hotels beach. Tanner shaded his eyes against the bright Mexican sun and took in the sight of the azure blue ocean and the pale sandy beaches. Randy glanced around and smiled at Tanner. “Down on the ocean, or do we take advantage of the hotel and have pastel drinks with bright colored umbrellas sticking out of them brought to us in massive amounts?”

Tanner looked around for a minute and then motioned to the hotel’s lounge chairs. “I think a few drinks would be great. Just remember, the drinks are from our cash. So don’t plan to get plastered.”

Randy chuckled. “Yes, mother. I wouldn’t want to blow our wad.”

Tanner grinned and lifted an eyebrow while Randy tried to look innocent. “Yeah. Well, I think we’re good in the wad blowing category.” Still shaking his head he moved to one of the chairs and sank into it. He looked up at Randy and grinned. “Boy, why don’t you go fetch us some drinks?”

“I’ll make you think ‘fetch me a drink’ and if you don’t watch it—”

Tanner ran his fingers up the inside of Randy’s thigh. “Pleeeaaassseee.”

Randy gave him a chuckle and then headed toward the bar. He arrived to see an golden skinned beauty smiling at him from inside the bar.

“What can I get for you, sir,” said the bartender in a lyrical spanish accent.

Randy smiled back, trying to get his bearings. “Something tropical and frozen seems to be the drink of the day.”

He nodded at Randy. “It’s not busy. I’ll bring it out to you and companion.”

Randy felt a shiver and nodded, his throat suddenly dry. He turned without another word and headed back to Tanner. He settled in beside Tanner and stared at the vast expanse of ocean. His mind was absorbed in the moment when there was a touch and Randy jumped. He turned to find Tanner looking at him with a concerned expression.

“What’s up?” asked Tanner.

Randy let out a shaky chuckle. “Nothing. Just zoning I guess.”

Tanner’s eyebrow lifted and his lips tilted downward. “Just so you know, I don’t believe you. But I’m going to let it go.”

Randy started to reply when the bartender arrived with two vibrant red glasses on a tray. “Here you are, sir. Anything else I can get you?”

Randy looked at the handsome man with his brilliant white teeth, charcoal black hair and beautiful dark skin. Randy struggled with the primal response his body was having to the sexy latin man. He took his drink and quickly sat it down when he realized his hand was shaking. He looked quickly to see if Tanner had noticed, but he seemed absorbed in sampling his drink. He turned back to the guy and slipped him the money.

“Thanks. Keep the change.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Randy watched for a minute, enjoying the view of his tight ass in the linen pants he was wearing. He took a sip and the cold and alcohol hit him at the same time. “Wow. This is strong.”

Tanner looked at him and smile. “Yeah, you better be careful or you won’t be responsible for what you do here.”

Randy choked a little and then looked at Tanner, to find him staring at the ocean.

Tanner was pulling his shirt on as he considered. They’d decided to go dancing tonight after a day of enjoying the brilliant sunshine. They’d been told the nightclub in the hotel was actually one of the better night spots within walking distance. He fiddled with his shirt for a few moments. Then looked at Randy.

“You know, I think we could go in jeans and boots and do better. I feel like a damn peacock or something in this stuff.”

Randy stopped primping his hair and studied Tanner from top to bottom. “You look hot. Besides, this isn’t a country bar in southern Oklahoma. You’d look funny in jeans, white tee and boots.” Randy closed the distance between then and pulled Tanner against him. “It’ll be fun. You’ll see.”

“Okay. But it’s a good thing I can wear your shoes. Because I’d never wear these little suckers at home.”

Randy looked over at the ankle-high boots that Tanner was wearing. Their eyes met and Randy chuckled at the unhappy expression on Tanner’s face. “Come on. Cheer up. It’ll be fun.”

“It would be more fun if I could wear my boots.” Tanner folded his arms over his chest and sighed. “I feel like I look funny. And not funny ha ha either.”

Randy chuckled and then looked at Tanner. The shirt was practically see-through and just highlighted Tanner’s hairy chest and small dark nipples. The pants were lightweight and clung to his hips and showed off his body to a delicious extent. He was sure to be the lure of anyone attracted to a guy who was in the club tonight.

“You look great. You’ll need my stick to beat back the guys who will be after you.”

Tanner stopped his fussing and stared at Randy. “I’m not worried about beating off the guys who are after me. Should I be concerned about you?”

Randy shook his head vigorously. “No! Why the hell would you say that?”

Tanner shrugged and tugged at the shirt one last time. “Just checking. The scenery is different here.”

Randy shook his head and walked over to Tanner. “You’re the only scenery I need today, or ever.”

Tanner kissed him and flicked the last imagined speck from his shirt. “Let’s go. It’s not going to get any better.”

A short time later they were standing at the entrance to the club. Not so different from clubs everywhere. The music was pulsing and the people were moving around, shopping. They watched the crowd for a few minutes and then Tanner grinned. “I believe we’ve hit LGBT night at the Copa.”

Randy chuckled and nodded, having just noticed the predominance of men in the room too. “Come on. Let’s find a table. We can sit for a little while and then decide if we want to dance or not.”

The pair found their way across the floor to a table away from the swirl of activity. They had just settled into the table when the dark skinned bartender from earlier in the afternoon appeared at their table.

“Evening, gentlemen. What’s your pleasure to drinks this evening?”

Randy and Tanner’s eye’s met and they grinned at each other. Tanner order for them both. “A couple of good Mexican beers, and a pitcher of Sangria.”

He scribbled for a second then met their eyes again. “And appetizers?”

The boys eyes met and they shrugged their shoulder. “What would you suggest?” asked Randy.

“Oh I’d highly recommend the queso fundido. It’s exceptional here.”

“Cheese dip?”

The waiter laughed, his bass voice echoing across the room. “Oh, it is much more, Senior.”

Tanner met Randy’s eyes and shrugged.

“Okay, queso fundido it is.”

As he walked away, Randy watched his round butt recede into the dim of the bar.

“Did you enjoy the show?”

Randy’s head snapped back like it was on a bungee cord. “What do you mean?”

Tanner nodded in the direction the waiter had taken. “The waiter, did you enjoy watching his butt?”

Even in the dim of the bar, Tanner could tell Randy’s face was deep red. They sat in awkward silence for a few minutes, with Tanner waiting for Randy to take the conversation wherever it was going. A sigh leaked from Randy and he sagged against the table.

“Sorry, I was looking. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

Tanner reached over and took Randy’s hand in his. “Thank you.”

Randy frowned at Tanner. “For ruining our trip?”

Tanner chuckled and patted his hand. “No, dingleberry. For telling me the truth. Shit, just because you look doesn’t mean you’re cheating on me.”

A shy smile crept across Randy’s face. “I guess being married and faithful doesn’t mean I’m dead now does it.”

“Nope. But just so you know, if you cheat, I’ll cut it off.”

Randy laughed and looked at Tanner, and a dead serious express. “I’m a crazy dude who grew up in the hills of southern Oklahoma. Don’t push your luck.”

“Okay,” said Randy, “That’s good to know I guess.”

Before Tanner could reply, the waiter had reappeared, with their drinks. He sat the two bottles on the table, each with a slice of lime, the sangria and the queso fundido.

Once the waiter had left, Randy dredged one of the tortilla chips through the cheese concoction and popped it into his mouth. He chewed for a few moments then nodded. “Not bad, try some.”

Tanner considered Randy for a moment, then followed his lead. He chewed the treat and nodded. “Not bad, a little spicy, but not too bad.”

“That’s what I thought too.”

They went through the food, enjoying each bite as well as their drinks as they watched the crowd on the dance floor. Both decided the dancers were mostly tourists down to enjoy the warmer weather.

“Come on. Let’s show these Yankee’s how to dance,” said Tanner.

Randy chuckled. “I hate to tell you, but I think we’re considered Yankee’s here.”

Tanner shot him an expression of horror. “No! Tell me it ain’t so.”

Randy pulled Tanner to the floor. They melded into each other as the music thundered around them. As the night wore on, the atmosphere became more contemporary. Soon Tanner’s shirt was open and the couple were enjoying the dancing.

The night wore on and Tanner pulled Randy through the open doors and onto one of the veranda that let in the cooling Pacific breeze. He turned and wrapped his arms around Randy. “This trip has been a blast. I know we can’t stay forever, but it was fun.”

Randy drew Tanner tight against him and pressed their lips together. “It is nice. Once we get back it’ll be a rush to the end of the semester.”

“I know, and there’ll be my interview at state. So this is going to be our last shot at some us time.”

Randy lifted the tail of Tanner’s shirt and rubbed over his back. “This has been a good trip though.”

Suddenly a third figure was on the veranda with them. In the dim light they could see the trim figure of the bartender. He moved toward Randy and wrapped his arms around his waist. Tanner’s eyebrows shot up as he watched the hot Latino making out with his husband. The bartender ground his crotch against Randy, and Tanner could feel the anger in him begin to build. He stepped forward, just as Randy moved away from the embrace.

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