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landladyI was renting an apartment from an old Polish lady . The apartment was quite big having two bedrooms one of which I used as an office . Mora , the landlady , was a widow around 70 years old and was quite a bit overweight . She had a huge ass and normally wore a house dress with out a bra her huge breasts hanging over her belly .. She was a very nice lady who spoke with a heavy accent . She pronounced my name reeekie . When I rented the apartment to me she told me that she didn’t mind if I brought girls over as long as they didn’t live in the apartment . I was fucking a married lady at the time as well as video taping couples fucking as a side line . I would occasionally have a couple come over to my apartment if they didn’t want do have me go to their homes or weren’t married to each other and didn’t want to go to a Motel . I would sometimes get paid cash and sometimes I would get paid in sex . I would use three camcorders two set up on tripods and one hand held . I would then bring the tapes home and edit them together for the couple , although some couples just wanted the original tapes and didn’t want the tapes out of their hands . I had been in the apartment for a couple of months when this incident happened . I used my office room to do the editing . I had a some very expensive video editing equipment . Mora had asked me once what all that stuff was for and I told her that it was for editing video tapes . She said I don’t understand video tape? I said like movies.She smiled and said reeekie make me movie star ? I said sure and she laughed and left the apartment . She would come into the apartment with out knocking if she knew I was alone . I suspected that she had once came in once when I was with my married lady friend but couldn’t be sure.It was a Saturday and it was snowing pretty heavily my lady friend was on a vacation to Florida with her hubby and I had a couple of tapes to edit from a very hot couple that I had taped two sessions with at the Colonial Motel in east Utica . The motel had porno movies on the TV and mirrors on one wall and the ceiling which made for some great videos.I went to the store and got some things for lunch and dinner . When I returned to the apartment Mora knocked on my door and came in . She was in her usual house dress her gray hair up in a bun an she had an over coat on for the short walk across the front porch from her door to mine. She came up the stairs and asked me if I could take her o the grocery store . She had never learned how to drive . Unless you have your lady friend coming over she said sincan escort with a sly grin . No I said I’ll be happy to take you I just have some editing to do this afternoon . When we returned I helped her put her things away . I was about to go up to my apartment she asked if I would like to come down for dinner . I said that I would love to but I had to have a tape done for some friends and I loose track of time when I do that . Maybe tomorrow I said . Do you make money with these machines you have ? I smiled and said yes it was my side job . Ok reeekie she said tomorrow you come down and have dinner with me . It’s a date I said and her face went bright red. I’m to old for you . No your not I said your never to old . She turned a brighter shade of red and said go and work reeekie .You tease Mora but I like .I like older big women so I was thinking of seeing how far I could take it the next day . I knew that I had to be careful because I liked having the entire upstairs of a house to my self and the rent was reasonable and the heat was included . The only real problem was that the small bedroom that I used as an office was very warm in the winter some quirk in the heating system .I went directly to my office and put the first tape in the viewer , you have to view all the tapes to see where you want to add or delete scenes . I knew that it would take me all day and most of the night to get the final cut done. While I was viewing the first tape I was getting hornier by the second. The couple on the tape were very hot . She was a 22 year old tall thin brunette with small tits and a hairy pussy . He was a tall thin blonde guy with a good sized cock . I took off my clothes because of the heat and that I decided that I was going to masturbate because my cock was hard and I was horny .I went into the kitchen naked with a hard on and got a paper towel to cum into . I went back to the office and put the second tape , the one from my hand held camcorder , into the machine and turned the volume up a bit . The girl was very vocal as her boyfriend ate her pussy . I was engrossed in the tape . When she started to give him a blow job I started to stroke my cock . She was saying I love to suck your cock because I live the taste of your cum . He said you’re the best babe I love your mouth around my cock. I was really into stroking when I heard Mora say Reeekie ! What you do? I turned around and almost shit when I saw her standing there . Is this what you do make dirty movies? Yes I said I get paid to make these for couple that want a tape of themselves escort sincan . I looked for something to cover up with . I still had my hard cock in my hand . Sorry you saw this I said , I didn’t know what else to say . She was very , very red faced as I’m sure I was . She looked at my cock and quickly looked away . Then to my surprise she turned around and said Reeekie you make a movie of me ?I would love to I said . But let me get some clothes on . No Reeekie you make a movie of you and me ! I think I like that she said . I no do it in a long time you think it OK?I’m sure it will be . Can I see this movie you have in machine ? I said let me put the tape in the machine in the living room that TV is bigger and in color . I stopped the tape and rewound it and forgetting that I was naked brought it to the living room. I patted the sofa cushion next to me and hit the play button . She sat next to me glancing at my hard cock every few seconds. She had never seen anyone having sex before . She told me that she had been a virgin when she was married and had never had sex with anyone but her husband . She seemed to be shocked , but fascinated by the sight of the girl on the tape having her pussy eaten . The sounds actually made her physically hot she started to sweat.She couldn’t believe that a woman would suck on a mans cock. Do women do that ? She asked. Many do I said . It’s called oral sex and it’s fun . Not me she said I’m a good girl .Would you like to see the rest I asked . Yes she said . Should I get dressed I asked . No I like to look . Can I touch she asked shyly . Yes I said . She gently touched my hard cock and quickly removed her hand . Didn’t your husband let you touch his ? I asked. No we just kiss once or twice and then he put it in and soon it’s all over three or four pushes she said sadly and all over . It hurt sometimes . I’m sure it did I said . What you needed was foreplay . She looked quizzically . What is foreplay? What you just saw the couple doing.Kissing , hugging , licking her nipples and her pussy . Would you do that for me ? She asked her face getting redder by the second . I would enjoy that very much I said . Would I have to lick your thing ? She asked. Not unless you wanted to I said. At this point the guy in the video told his girl friend to bend over and they would do it doggie style . Mora was transfixed by the site of a couple having sex doggie style and the woman was not only enjoying herself she was talking to her boyfriend telling him to fuck faster or to slow down and take longer slower strokes. Is she a sincan escort bayan Mora used a Polish word that I couldn’t even guess what it meant .I’m Italian-American Mora what does that mean in English? She screwed up her nose and said a lady of the night ? No they live together but they aren’t married . They pay you to make this movie? Yes I said and explained the three camcorders and how they worked . She asked how much I was paid . Well we had two sessions so it will cost them about $250 including two copies of the finished tapes. Mora looked and me and said your name isn’t Italian it sounds English to me . Well My dads people come from Scotland my moms people come from Italy . Ahh she said that’s nice all my people are in Poland and my husbands to , god rest his soul . The guy in the tape shouted I’m cumming and pulled his cock out and came all over his girl friends ass . Mora laughed and laughed . I like that she said . The girl then turned around and sucked on his cock . He moaned and said Thank you dear .She looked at the camera and said Rick next time he fucks my ass and cums inside. I love that . I said Ok when do you want to get together next ? Tomorrow she asked . Ok same time I asked yes she said . I turned the tape off . Mora was still amazed at how openly the girl talked about sex and enjoying it . Mora said I’m hot and feel sexy . I kissed her and she kissed back . I slipped my tongue in her mouth and she was surprised but liked it . I started to lightly pinch her nipples and she kissed even harder. She was getting very excited I pulled her house dress off and she didn’t resist at all. She was breathing very hard . I picked up one of her huge tits and licked and then sucked on the nipple and did the same thing with the other nipple . She was moaning Oh Reeekie that’s so good .I slipped my hand down to her pussy which wasn’t all that easy to find . I slipped my finger in her wet pussy and she moaned and screamed and came . She shook and her nipples hardened and she almost passed out.Oh Reeekie do that more she said. Her big hips were moving in and out as if she was getting fucked . She was so wet that my whole hand was soaked. I slid off the sofa and spread her legs and licked her pussy and sucked on her clit and she came again and pulled my face into her pussy . Oh Reeekie do that more she said and I did she came three more times probably for the first time in her life. I tipped her legs back and put my hard cock inside her soaking wet pussy. I humped her until I came and kept on She was having a hard time breathing at first I thought she was having a heart attack but she was just cumming. Reeekie will you make a movie of us ? I sure will I said . We had sex again later in the afternoon. We made several movies and she enjoyed watching herself on the TV.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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