Lana Back at School Ch. 02

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It was a short trip to the pizza parlor, and as Lana and Fabain walked to meet with Elizabeth, Jeff, Susan, and Ralph, Lana didn’t have quite the same swagger as she did before her recent plowing. Fabian chalked this up to nothing more than a good job, having recently left what he knew was a monstrous pile of jism in Lana’s ass. He didn’t mind the change in her gait; it was just another thing to admire.

The other four had gotten a table a few minutes earlier. There were six beers on the table and the menus (if there had been any) were gone. The scent of mediocre Midwest pizza filled the air. Sitting down with Susan on one side and Fabian on the other, Lana took care to spread her dress around her, her ass and pussy directly on the dirty chair. She had exactly enough discretion to not flash the entire restaurant, but only because the school tours meant that there were families about. She was very subtle about brushing her shoulder against Susan, less so when she tapped her toe against Beth’s thigh.

The six chatted amiably. Food came, and they finished their first round. Someone told a joke at which Lana laughed longer than anyone else. As she slowed, the other five heard her little fart. Susan and Elizabeth’s eyebrows rose in a way perceptible only to the three women.

“Oh, excuse me,” Lana said, “I think I should make a trip to the ladies’ room.” She rose slowly. As she pushed her chair all the way under the table her hand brushed Susan’s napkin and it fell to the floor. “We’ll join you as soon as I’ve retrieved this napkin,” Susan said. She crawled under the table to get it, taking a little longer than she needed to, and rose facing away from the other members of their party. Susan took Elizabeth’s hand and the walked to the ladies room. She knocked on the door three times. There was a click before they entered, and Elizabeth was careful to lock it again behind them.

Lana’s voice was instantly stern. “Show me.” Susan opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. A small dollop of Fabian’s cum rested there, mixed with some of Susan’s saliva. “Feed her,” was the next order. Elizabeth’s eyes smiled and she opened her mouth. Susan, taller than the other two, stood over Elizabeth and let the prize trickle to her third.

“Now. How should I rank you today?” Lana circled the other two. Susan’s frame was similar to hers, lithe and a bit longer. Her shoulder-length hair Ankara escort had had its blonde-ness refreshed not long ago. Elizabeth was smaller, mousier, a little plumper but no less hot. Where the other two held their dresses high with their tits, she spilled forth like a Medieval wench. Finally, Lana decided. “It’s an anal day, so asses it is. She with the smoothest bud shall claim her prize.”

The two immediately lifted their own dresses, dropped their thongs, and bent full at the waist, their hands on the sink. “There’s no need for you not to have fun,” Lana said, as she walked behind them and stroked their behinds lovingly. Wanting nothing more than to please Lana, Elizabeth took the initiative and moved in on Susan. She lifted one hand from the counter and reached for a nipple, finding it already firming under the promise of the future. Elizabeth dove her face under Susan’s and opened her mouth. Susan took the invitation and the two played tongue tag, gently licking at each other as their leader made her rounds, but not touching lips.

Lana knelt behind Susan first and spread her cheeks with one hand. She found the pink of a not-too-distant bleaching and the pleasing smell of a clean ass. She reached her finger forward to count the hairs and Susan squirmed at the touch, which caused Lana’s grip on her cheeks to falter. She stood up immediately and slapped Susan’s ass. “Fun does not preclude discipline!” Susan apologized curtly and they all resumed their activities. Lana’s finger took half a minute to trail along the pink before stating, “Very good,” and tapping the hole lightly.

Elizabeth was nervous; her beau liked a little fuzz on his produce and even though she knew Lana would make this inspection she had not prepared adequately. Lana inhaled above her ass and opened it. She stroked the inside of each cheek lightly. “I don’t need a finger for this one,” she said, and Elizabeth was genuinely disappointed at the lack of contact. Lana bit her sharply just below her left cheek. Elizabeth cried out.

“Young Susan has won the honor,” Lana said. (She was always their senior, despite a negligible difference in age.) “From where would you like to drink?”

The two disentangled themselves and rose. “I will take his essence from you,” Susan stated immediately.

“Good,” said Lana. “Lift me.”

Having frequented this restaurant in college, the women knew their Ankara escort bayan places. The distance between the sink and the toilet was just about perfect for Lana to straddle comfortably. With extreme control, she held her anal sphincter closed as Susan went behind her to her right foot, Elizabeth in front and to her left. With the two feet on their respective perches, the young ladies proceeded to lick from the ball of each ankle to Lana’s center. They met underneath and kissed briefly before beginning.

“Quickly, ladies,” Lana said sternly. “We’re in the bathroom not the bedroom.”

Susan began her work on Lana’s ass. She licked the inside of each cheek for a couple of minutes and ended each with a quick nip. Lana squirmed gently, signaling her acolytes to move on, and Susan placed her tongue on Lana’s taint, near the base her pussy, and dragged the tip of her tongue to the top of Lana’s crack. She repeated this stroke, increasing in pace based on the increases in Lana’s breathing, which were happening at a rate which satisfied Susan. As Lana began to vocalize her pleasure, Susan proceeded to her next effort, stopping at Lana’s crinkle to quickly poke her tongue in and swing it around. Lana was doing an admirable job of keeping her hole tight and her cheeks loose. It was one of the reasons that Susan respected her so much.

As Susan’s tongue worked Lana’s ass, Elizabeth commenced in eating Lana’s pussy. She sucked each outer lip lightly. Lana squirmed gently, signaling her acolytes to move on, and Elizabeth turned her head sideways and closed the lips of her maw around the lips of Lana’s cunt, making a chewing motion with her teeth through her lips, increasing her pace based on the increases in Lana’s breathing, which were happening at a rate which satisfied Elizabeth. As Lana began to vocalize her pleasure, Elizabeth proceeded to her next effort, making made a couple of quick tongue swipes on Lana’s pussy, and began to suckle at Lana’s opening. Even though she was in a hurry, she didn’t rush to the clit. Lana was doing an admirable job of holding off. It was one of the reasons that Elizabeth respected her so much.

After a minute or two of this level of treatment, Elizabeth took a hand, reached under her Lana, and tweaked one of Susan’s nipples. Susan wriggled slightly, acknowledging the signal, and moved her mouth over Lana’s anus in an O shape as she ran her Escort Ankara tongue around each fold of Lana’s crinkly asshole. As Susan changed her tack, Elizabeth moved to her own final stage. She brought her hand up from Susan’s tit and in Lana’s twat, and planted her lips firmly around the button of her pleasure. She pushed upward on the G spot and sucked hard. Lana’s orgasm began immediately. She writhed above the pair. They couldn’t see her look of satisfaction, but they knew it was there.

At the apex of Lana’s orgasm, Elizabeth took her other hand and pushed Lana’s tummy. Finally, and with great satisfaction for all three, Lana let forth with a torrent of fluid. The pressure on her belly pushed Fabian’s huge, fresh load down to Susan’s mouth, and the pressure on her G spot incited surges of cum to issue from Lana’s pussy in Elizabeth’s. The gas farther up Lana’s tract, largely devoid of odor, nonetheless breezed through Susan’s hair. The pure girl cum from within Lana had a more-lasting impact on Elizabeth, splashing along her face and up to her hairline.

Presently, Susan and Elizabeth rose. Satisfied smiles graced their closed-lipped faces and they helped Lana down from her perch.

Each underling became conscious of moisture between her own legs. Nostrils opened further, the better to collect as many of the beautiful scents as possible. The odor of an atypically-clean bathroom combined with whatever remnants were within Lana’s ass, Fabian’s cum, Lana’s squirt, and three varieties of cooze. Nobody thought to worry that the orgasmic symphony might have carried through the door. The power of their situation threatened to overcome Susan and Elizabeth and they leaned in on Lana’s frame, left to right and right to left.

The three entered a sloppy kiss. Tongues intertwined, slid along cheeks and lips, entered mouths and noses. They shared equally all the fluids they had generated. With all three faces so close, the unique bouquet of tastes and perfumes became more pungent. Additional trickles of juice flowed from their three crafty cunts. In time, each swallowed her share and they began the process of cleaning up.

Susan cleaned Elizabeth’s face with the flat of her tongue and Elizabeth reciprocated, then each took one side of Lana’s face. Finally, the three went to the sink and each washed her own face–with mundane soap and water–and restored her makeup and hair to a passable state. Lana had calculated her plan well, and was quite confident that at least one of the men would know what was in store.

They smoothed their dresses and opened the door, ready to saunter back to the table.

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