Lady Owns Me

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Editor’s note: To understand the nature of this relationship, please read Lisa and I chapters 1, 2 and 3. Without that background, this will be tough to follow. Though those stories were written before Susan and I had met, they became a driving force behind our relationship. Early in our relationship, I revealed the stories I had written on Literotica to Susan. She took an immediate liking to them – more than a liking, actually. They opened her eyes to a world she thought she would never consider, a world that was nearly the polar opposite of what she knew. The stories turned her on to the point where she wanted to become the woman in my published stories. What’s odd about this is that the following is a true story that came to be because of fictional stories I wrote here.

A warning for those who can’t resist negative comments. If you are turned off by cum play and other fetishes, please go to the vanilla section of the site. You’ve been warned.

As always, your comments and emails are always deeply appreciated. Sometimes they inspire me to write more.

Without further ado…

What was I thinking? Why did I let her go?

Let me start from the beginning.

I met Susan several years ago and we happened to click from the very start. She was different than girls I had dated in the past. In many ways, she was a little more reserved – at least on the outside.

As I would find out later, her true self was anything but reserved.

Our relationship was stranger than any I’ve had in my lifetime. Sexually, she was a perfect match for me. She was seductive, sensual, imaginative and confident. Her mind and thoughts had a way of reducing me to babbling idiot. Outside of the bedroom, we really did not know alot about each other. Her everyday life was very mysterious and she was secretive about her past. I was eager to learn of it all, but I was never able to learn the full truth. I was an open book with her, but it was never really reciprocal. That scared me, but it also excited me to the point where I couldn’t get enough.

She knew she had this overwhelming power over me, one I’ve never felt with a woman before. I had previously considered myself to be pretty smack dab in the middle of dominant and submissive. I knew I had a little bit of a dominant streak, but I also realized I had a tiny bit of submissiveness in me. But not to the depths that Susan revealed.

Susan had considered herself to be submissive in nature, but she was starting to explore, and immensely enjoy, the dominant streak in her. She welcomed it and adapted with amazing ease. She understood me; she knew I was more drawn to a gentle, loving, seductive dominant as opposed to a harsh, demanding, pain- inflicting type. It took her no time at all to naturally morph into the exact sexual being that I always wanted.

Our fantasies were ignited by the stories, but they were molded through conversations. Without having laid a finger on one another, through detailed conversations, we started down a kinky road with an unknown end. She was able to take the reins and in time, perfectly orchestrate the scenarios – a scenario she wanted and would readily admit… the same scenarios which I wanted, but was afraid to admit.

On to our first meeting…

We were supposed to meet at a much earlier time, but she was unavailable. The reasons for her tardiness were confusing and left me skeptical about everything about her. There was no Gaziantep Emek Escort cut and dry answers, just excuses that made no sense. She was hiding something and I knew it. Or was she just playing games with me? I was in a dazed confusion, but she looked so beautiful and sultry, even if she did have a disheveled look about her. I was conflicted between common sense and a raging hard on. Suffice it to say, my hormones won the battle. We embraced and our tongues intertwined as we both succumbed to the passion that had mounted over the months. Within an hour of meeting for the first time, we ended up back at my house in the bedroom.

We continued to kissing and caressing on my bed. I just couldn’t get enough of her. She left me panting for more. The action was hot and heavy and just a few seconds away from the removal of our clothing. That’s when Susan stared me in the eyes and stated that she’d be back in a couple of minutes, that she wasn’t to freshen up. Now, I knew she wasn’t on her period, because that was discussed before we met.

With my cock ready to split the skin, I looked her straight in the eyes and said, “I want you just the way you are, Susan.”

She got a twinkle in her eye and cooed, “that’s what I was hoping you would say baby.” She slowly unbuttoned her top, all the while staring at me with the slightest of smiles, almost Mona Lisa-like. I couldn’t wait to see her. As I laid back on the bed, I quickly removed my shirt, pants and underwear. I always leave my socks on. With my cock sticking up like a flagpole, she removed her blouse and revealed her hard nipples. What I saw next kind of surprised me. There were some barely detectable markings on her breasts. Slight bruises, nothing major. But I was too horny to give it much more thought.

I moved to her as she took my head in her hands, feeding me her rock hard nipples. I moaned as I teased them, gently biting and licking. Her breaths increased as I continued to play with them. With her hands moving from my head to her waist, she removed her skirt to reveal her white cotton panties.

She leaned back and stared at me with that same little smile and gauged my reaction as she spread her legs to reveal the crotch.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to go clean up, Joey?”, she asked. In my adult life, I had always gone by Joe. But when Susan was feeling naughty, she called me Joey. I loved hearing her say that.

The question just aroused me even more. The mystique of where she had been and what she had done, if anything, was driving me crazy. If she had been slutty before we just an hour before, could I actually go through with this? Surely we were going to take these fantasies slowly and tease another along the way. It’s not the type of thing you just jump into, or is it? Nah, no way, she’s just playing the game and playing it well I kept telling myself. But what if this is real?

I was conflicted, but more turned on then I’ve ever been. With that, I started kissing her stomach while my hands grabbed her hips. I gently lowered the waistband of her panties. I could feel the heat and moisture as I slowly lowered them. My tongue trailed town her stomach and over to her hips. It was so hard to restrain myself from diving right into the pot of gold, but I wanted her to shiver with anticipation as I was.

She put her hand ever so lovingly on top of my head as she moaned deeply. With a gentle nudge, she pushed me downwards. With her panties now along her ankles, I moved downward. Her aroma filled the air and make my cock drip precum.

“Do it honey, I know you want it, you know I want it,” she whispered. “Look at me. Tell me how much you want it.”

I finally gazed upon her damp pussy, so open, so inviting, just begging for my tongue. With one hand, she reached down and parted her slick lips, showing me deep inside.

“Oh God, Susan, I need to taste you, you look delicious,” I said. My hands reached under her to cup her ass checks and expose her even more.

“Yesssssssssss,” she whispered. “Lick it all.”

It was too difficult to go slowly. I dove in a lapped between her folds, savoring the wetness that flowed. The more conflicted I felt, the more eagerly I licked. My tongue pressed deep inside her which made her gasp as she pressed her pelvis into my face in an effort to get as much as she could.

“Yes honey, eat me. Taste it all,” she said. “Do you like the way I taste?”

With that, I took a momentary break to look up at her, my face flushed and glazed with juices. Without saying a word, she could tell how much I was enjoying this. She licked her lips as she pressed my head back down. I gave little nibbles to her thighs, which I now noticed had similar markings to the ones on her breasts. Even though I couldn’t be sure, I just knew that she had been recently used.

She gyrated her hips as my tongue entered her sweet passage. With slow thrusts, I gently tonguefucked her wet hole. She moaned in ecstacy as I lapped up every drop of juice. I was on the brink of splattering all over myself – actually, I had been in that state for quite some time.

The wetness flowed as my tongue gingerly danced over her engorged clit. I was going to drive this woman as crazy as she had driven me. Subtle swipes of my tongue over her button had her knees wobbling and toes starting to curl. Taking her clit between my lips and massaging it with my tongue, she exploded into an orgasm that lasted nearly a minute.

After her heavy breaths subsided, she looked at me with a face of pure adoration. But she wanted – no, she needed more. She reached down and ran her hand over her pussy, massaging the outer lips. She was so open. Then she told me that I wasn’t finished yet. She rolled over first to her side, then on her stomach. She propped herself on her forearms and elbows, elevating her luscious ass. With me staring at her globes, she reached back and again toyed with her pussy, which was starting to flow again. She put her face to the matress and massaged frantically, nearing another orgasm as she put a show on for me. Then, with both hands, she reached back, exposing her asshole.

“Lick it Joey, please?” she asked in her childlike voice. “Please?” she asked again, this time as she pulled it so her hole visibly opened.

How could I resist? With her cheeks parted, I pressed my face into her, my tongue loosening her up. My hands replaced hers on her cheeks, keeping it wide spread, while her hands went back underneath her to play with her damp cunt.

“Stick it all the way inside me Joey,” she asked. Well, she didn’t have to ask twice. With a stiff tongue, I entered her rear passage, wiggling my tongue, which made her gasp and writhe.

“I’m going to cum again,” she said. Her fingers were working at a furious pace as juices flowed down her thighs. “Oh my… Joey, eat my asshole… it feels so good honey”.

With that, she came again and collapsed on the bed. When she turned back over, sweat was on her brow as the heaving of her chest slowed.

“Now it’s your turn Joey. You’ve been such a good boy. I’ve never cum that hard in my life,” she said. I knew it all had to do with this powerful sexual connection that we had.

Her lips hovered above my cock as I lied on my back. She glanced at me and smiled while brushing her hair to the side. She lowered her mouth directly on my cock, taking the first six of my eight inches in her mouth while moaning. Now I’m one of these guys that lasts quite awhile, but I knew I wasn’t going to last long. She knew it too. My precum was flowing amply as she bobbed on my cock. Then she pulled off and started stroking at me. She quickened her pace as she looked at my face. She let out a little giggle and shrugged her shoulders and then winked at me. She moved up my torso while keeping her grip on my cock with her arm extended behind her. Her hair dangled in my face. Then she lowered her lips to mine and said, “Joey, I own you honey.” Then she stopped stroking, probably anticipating a hard cum with her next movement. She leaned in a kissed me deeply, passionately. Our tongues mingled. I let out a whimper as I sucked on her tongue. She forcefully pressed her tongue into my mouth and I continued to milk her naughty flavor. She pulled back and looked at me again.

“You like that, don’t you,” she queried. “You like that I taste like hard cock on my tongue.”

“God Susan, you are driving me crazy, please, just make me cum,” I begged.

“Oh, you will Joey, just as soon as you admit that you like the taste of cock on my lips. It’s ok honey, just tell me you like it, we will be so much happier together as soon as you admit it.”

Just before she plunged her tongue back into my hungry mouth, she mumbled, “besides, you liked it earlier today…”

Her hand reached back and gently touched my cock as I exploded like never before. Spurt after spurt of white hot cum erupted, covering her tiny hand and my belly. I sucked on her tongue with a crazed mind. Again, I didn’t know if this was a game or real and was having a hard time comprehending exactly what was happening. I accepted her snaking tongue between my lips and sucked on it, almost in the same was as she sucked my cock just moments earlier.

“Oh my, that was a lot of cum,” she said as she released my ultra-sensitive cock. She turned her head around to look at the slimy mess that accumulated on my stomach. She brought her hand back around and looked at the ropes of cum stuck to her fingers.

“Open up Joey, I know you are hungry,” she teased. She placed her fingers at my lips and I looked up at her and obeyed. Again, she flashed that little smile because she knew she had me right where she wanted me. I dutifully cleaned her fingers and she bent down and whispered in my ear, “You’re my good little cumeater, aren’t you Joey?”

I was so confused. I couldn’t grasp all that just happened. Was this real or was she just an incredible actress? What was I becoming, how did I lose control so easily? I knew I should be ashamed, and at certain points, I was. But that just fueled the fire more. What was going on here? My mind was mixed up. I didn’t know how I felt. Where is this going, where will it end up, can I trust her, can I trust ME?

So many questions to be answered….

This was the first of a few physical meetings between Susan and I. If I decide to continue, I will progress through each meeting until our fate is sealed.

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