Lady in Red Ch. 09

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Five weeks later.

Paul had been doing so much. He was constantly busy. The book launch had been amazing. The sales had been incredible. Worldwide, over ninety million copies had been sold. He had been continuously on television. The trip to America had been exceptional, and the book sales had surged in America after his television appearances. Val had gone to America with him for eight days. The publisher had chartered a private jet, and he had visited twelve American cities. The reviews had been outstanding. He was being asked to write columns for serious newspapers and magazines.

The online wine businesses were up and running, and sales were excellent. May had just about moved in with him, and Val and the sex was brilliant. May enjoyed the water sports and told Paul that the three women she would introduce him to all loved it too. Bunty would come around once a week for servicing. He hadn’t had a chance to visit France and was missing Nicole and Di. He had one reply from one of the law firms that he had replied to.

The email read, “Dear Dr Ryan, my name is Sue Hardy, and I’m the Senior Partner in Hardy and Company. I have read your excellent book to say that I was impressed would be an understatement. My Human Relations manager has given me sight of your reply to our interview request. I have seen you several times on television and found you to found you to be articulate and very knowledgeable. I realise that you must be incredibly busy, but I would like to arrange a meeting. I am sure that we could accommodate you in either a Consultant capacity or a partner in our firm. You will note that below I have left my direct line number and also my mobile number. I look forward to your early reply. Kind regards, Sue Hardy.”

Paul replied by email which read, “Dear Ms Hardy, many thanks for your email. I can meet you tomorrow afternoon at four-thirty at your office. If this is not suitable for you, then please advise. Kind regards, Paul Ryan.”

Five minutes later a reply came which read, “Dear Dr Ryan, many thanks for your reply. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon. Kind regards, Sue Hardy.”

Paul’s phone rang, it was May, she said, “That was marvellous last night, my ass and cunt are still tingling. Is it possible that you could come to the Clinic and meet Dot she’s one of the ladies that I told you about. If you could be here at two and if there’s chemistry then you can follow her home. Her husband has completely lost it with dementia; she enjoys being fucked knowing he is in the same house. She’s a stunning looking woman, and she enjoys everything. She is very submissive and likes to be a slut. She can see you only on weekdays during the day as her daughter still lives at home, and she now runs the abidinpaşa escort family business.”

“The meeting at the Clinic is just a formality, I have shown her your pictures, and she loves your cock. I have told her that your name is Paul and you have just graduated from University. She will probably give you some money when you leave, take it. She loves to be fisted so take some lube from the cupboard in the bathroom. I am sure that you will get on well with her. Take one of my pills half an hour before you get here. I will see you at two.”

Paul arrived at the Clinic at one-fifty-five and was shown into May’s consulting room. May and another attractive woman were sitting at May’s desk. Dot stood up, and Paul shook her hand and said, “Hi Dot, I’m Paul, and I am very pleased to meet you. Please sit down.”

It was evident that Dot liked what she saw as she pushed her massive tits out. Paul had taken half of a pill and could feel his cock stirring. May asked, “Would you like me to leave you alone so that you can chat? I have a meeting at two-ten and would need the room then?”

Dot answered, “That’s nice to offer us that, but I think that Paul should follow me back to my house then we can relax there with a glass of wine. May, thanks for the introduction, I am impressed with Paul, I like the cut of his jib. We will leave you now and thanks again.”

Dot gave May a big hug, Paul followed her outside, and Dot went to a beautiful silver Mercedes 500 SL. Paul said, “I love your car, it looks beautiful.”

Dot smiled and said, “It gives a great ride, and I love a great ride. Would you like to drive it and I will bring you back here when we are finished?”

Paul answered, “Why not? Then I will see exactly what you’re talking about.”

Dot handed him her keys, and he opened the locks then went to the passenger door and opened it for her. She thanked him then sat in the seat. Her skirt had risen , and he could see the top of her self-supporting stockings, she had beautiful legs. He closed the door and got into the driving seat. He leaned over, and they tongue kissed. Paul said, “Tell me where to drive?”

Dot gave him instructions then put her hand on his thigh, and she squeezed it seductively. She then spread his legs open, and her hand slid on to the outline of his half hard cock, as she stroked his hardening cock. Dot said, “I wish that it was dark as I would go down on you now. We will be home soon.”

They arrived at the closed gates to a driveway, Dot pressed her gate opening remote and the gates opened. It was a long driveway with manicured gardens. She parked outside the front door, and they got out of the car. They went inside, and she took him into akyurt escort a lounge. They kissed again; Dot asked, “I will go and check on him, do you want to see him as I think that would reassure you as he doesn’t even recognise me. He lives in his own little world.”

Paul followed her and took him to a downstairs bedroom which resembled a private room in a hospital. He was asleep, but he didn’t look well at all. She checked his catheter, and it was empty. She then signalled for Paul to follow her. She went into the kitchen and opened the fridge and asked, “Would you like some bubbles?”

Paul nodded in agreement; she chose a Taittinger. She got two glasses and a wine cooler, and they went into the lounge. Paul opened the Champagne and Nicole would have been proud of the way he served it. Dot said, “Let’s have a glass of Champagne and then we can get comfortable. I love everything, and I love to be dominated sexually.”

They sipped their Champagne then Paul started to undo the buttons of Dot’s blouse. She helped him, and she was naked thirty seconds later with Paul not far behind. When Dot saw Paul’s rock hard cock, she said, “That’s magnificent, I have never seen one as big. I haven’t had a cock for years and the last time was with my husband when my daughter was two, she is now thirty-two, so thirty years. I have missed it.”

The kissed again tenderly, and with affection then Paul said, “Dot, I want you to relax and enjoy what I will do to you. If I do something that you don’t like then tell me and I will stop. I have brought some lube, I want you to sit on the sofa, and I will do all the work.”

They kissed again then Paul sucked and played with her massive tits. She loved it and was moaning with pleasure. Her stomach was not as flat as Val’s, there was more meat to it, and her vulva was smooth and meaty. It was a lot thicker than Val’s, and her sex slit was longer. It was also very wet, and she had a big clit, he easily slid three fingers inside her. He said, “Dot, you have a magnificent cunt, relax and enjoy.”

He then went down on her, sucking her clit like a little cock as he fisted her hungry cunt. She was pushing her cunt hard against his mouth. She was also gripping his hand as he fisted her. Then she came, he felt the warmth of her cum in his mouth. She tasted delicious.

He then got the lube and started to lubricate her ass. He raised her body so he had easy access to both her ass and cunt. He had her holding her legs at the ankles to give him more access. He then worked her ass with lube, she moaned when he slid his fist inside her. He soon found her G-spot, he was firm with his simulation of it, she loved it and was pushing against his intrusive fingers. Several ankara escort minutes later she had a vaginal orgasm; she was trembling with it, Dot said, “I had never cum before when my ass was fisted, it felt so good.”

Paul then withdrew his hand and lubed his cock; he then knelt on the carpet, so his cock was at the same level as her ass. With a gentle thrust, his cock disappeared inside her ass. He soon had a powerful rhythm going and could feel his bulbous tip massaging her G-spot. Dot loved it, several minutes later she had another vaginal orgasm, but this time she was shaking with it. Shortly after she had another, this time she was shaking intensely. Dot said, “That’s fucking amazing, I love your cock, I have never cum like this in my life before.”

Paul kept pounding her ass relentlessly; she loved it. Paul loved the way that she was moving her butt. Then she had a massive orgasm; she was shaking uncontrollably, she shouted, “Fuck, I have never cum like that in my life before, it’s incredible.”

Paul withdrew from her ass then and slid his cock inside her cunt; she moaned as he did this. She then put the tips of her fingers around her clit and started to finger her cunt. Dot was a great ride as Paul pounded inside her. He was going deeper and faster, and she was synchronising her gripping to the tempo of his thrusts. Then they both climaxed within seconds of each other. Paul had exploded inside her.

He pulled out and turned her so that they could kiss. Dot was glowing, she said, “That was unforgettable, that was the ride of my life. Paul, we must meet regularly, my daughter still lives with me. She is a lawyer and runs our businesses. It’s now nearly five, that was the best three hours I have had in my life. Do you want to see me again?”

Paul thought for a moment; he believed that Sue Hardy could be her daughter. He said, “I want to see you too, I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon, but I could see you in the morning. Dot, I enjoyed the sex we had today.”

Dot answered, “Wonderful, come tomorrow morning at nine. I am so happy now let me lick your magnificent cock clean; I want to be your cum slut. We can fuck every day if you want?”

She then went down on him and sucked every last drop of cum out of his cock. Then licked his cock and balls clean. They then dressed, and there were a couple of pictures on the wall of what looked like a mother and daughter. Dot said, “That’s me and my daughter Sue.”

Paul looked at the pictures, Sue was so like her mother, and she looked so fuckable. They exchanged mobile numbers then Dot gave him three hundred pounds and told him he would get the same tomorrow. She then drove him back to the clinic.

Paul drove home and showered. He then checked Hardy and Company’s website, and it was Dot’s daughter Sue, and she looked so sexy in the two pictures there of her. Paul didn’t know what to do, should he tell Dot that he was going for an interview with her daughter? He then thought that he would say to her when he was fucking her tomorrow morning.

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