Ladies’ Night at The Gay Cabellero

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Big Tits

“What do you think about this one?”

“She’s nice. I like her.”

“What do you like about her?” persisted Tom.

“I like her tits, Tom. They’re bigger than mine and I would like to suck them.” replied his wife, Penny.

Penny was sitting on her husband’s lap. They were both studying a girly magazine.

Tom turned the page.

“There, look at her cunt. Do you like her cunt, Penny?”

“I love her cunt Tom. I like the way she’s trimmed her pubes. It’s pretty.”

“Would you like to lick it, Penny?”

“Would you like to watch me? Tom,” countered his wife.

Tome started to feel his wife through her knickers. “Your getting juicy, Penny.”

The game had started a few months ago when Penny began to realise that she was bi-curious. Tom and Penny were in their early thirties and had been married for six years. Tom was an architect at a development company. Penny was an English teacher at the town’s only high school.

One evening Penny was preparing their evening meal and started to tell Tom about a new teacher that had started at her school.

“She’s really nice Tom. She wears really pretty clothes and her hair is, well, it’s just gorgeous.”

“Sounds like you fancy her,” laughed Tom.

“No Tom, don’t be silly. She’s just nice to be with. I like her. That’s all.”

A few days later Tom met Penny at the school and he saw the new teacher that Penny had told him about. As he drove home, he said “Wow Penny, I see what you mean. She is really pretty.”

“See I told you.”

That night, in bed Tom and Penny caressed each other.

“Tom you’re nice and hard tonight.” observed Penny.

“And you’re nice and juicy” responded Tom.

“Mmmmm,” gasped Penny as she felt Tom penetrate her.

“Fuck me slowly tonight, Tom. I want a nice long fuck.”

“Did you think Cindy was pretty Tom?”

“Cindy? Oh you mean that new teacher at your school?”

“Yes Tom, Cindy. Do you think she is pretty.”

“Oh, she’s OK, I suppose. Not bad at all.” Tom thought she was scrumptious, but now was not the time to say so.

“Would you like to fuck her Tom” The sudden thrust of his cock into his wife almost gave him away.

“I’d like to see you fuck her, Penny,” countered Tom.

Penny began to arch her midriff meeting Ton’s thrusts as they fucked.

“I can’t fuck her, Tom. I don’t have a cock.”

“No but you could frig her and lick her cunt.”

“Fuck me Tom. Fuck me hard.” The mental image of his wife eating out Cindy was too much for Tom. He shot his bolt is a few hard thrusts. Cindy cried out and pulled Tom close as she orgasmed.

Nothing more was said about Cindy for a few days.

Then when they were in bed enjoying their foreplay Tom asked Penny if she had ever fancied any other women or was there something special about Cindy.

“Well Cindy is lovely but, well, I have never really had a thing about women, but I must admit that it has made me think about it.”

“Well,” said Tom as he caressed his wife’s inner thighs, “Why not invite Cindy round for a meal and see what happens.”

“It is tempting, but no. First I have no reason to suppose she would be interested in having that sort of relationship with us and I think it is far too dangerous to get involved with anyone at school. Besides this is just our little fantasy. Now put that big cock of yours inside me and fuck me.”

Tom’s cock slid easily into Penny.

“How would you like to lick Cindy’s casino şirketleri cunt while I fuck you?”

“Mmmm! Yes Tom that would be good. Then you could fuck her doggy style while she licks me.”

Tom groaned as he pictured the scene.

Tom and Penny enjoyed looking at pictures in girly magazines and videos featuring lesbian couples.

“I’d like to see you doing that,” remark Tom as they watched a video of two lesbians enjoying a sixty-nine.

As the weeks passed their interest in introducing another girl into their sex life did not diminish.

One day Tom came up with a plan. Well not so much a plan as the germ of an idea.

“What about seeing if we can pick up a lesbian at the Gay Caballero?” he suggested.

“The Gay Caballero? That’s the gay bar down Bucket Lane isn’t it? That for gay men isn’t it?”

“Yes it is mainly, but anyone can go in. It’s a public bar. That’s why they are called ‘Pubs.’ It’s short for Public. I heard that on a Thursday evening, after 8pm it is lady’s night. So it will be mainly lesbians in there. What about us going in? We could just have a drink and see what is going on. Just have a look.”

“Oh I’m not sure Tom. Do you think its safe? Suppose someone we knew saw us?”

“Don’t worry, Penny. After all it is just a pub. We are just going in for an innocent drink. Where’s the problem?”

They arrived at The Gay Caballero just after 9 o’clock. The gay men were gradually drifting away, although a few stayed as the lesbians began to arrive. The pub was quite dimly lit so it took a few moments for their eyes to take in the surroundings. A few couples were dancing slowly to recorded music in a space in front of the bar. Some of the gay men who had remained were dancing together, but mainly the dancers were women. The dance was more of a shuffle, a kind of smooch. Tom noticed that the women were holding their partners close, cupping their bottoms, pulling each other in close. Many were kissing deeply as they slowly shuffled in tiny circles. Some women were seated at tables, watching the couples on the dance floor. Others chatted, some held hands with eyes only for their partners. What struck Tom and Penny most was that the women appeared to represent all social strata. Smartly dressed professional looking women were well represented but equally there were working class girls in tee shirts and jeans. Smartly dressed older women and younger women, barely out of their teens.

Tom looked around realizing that most of the women were in pairs or small groups. He had hoped to see a nice looking woman on her own but there did not appear to be any single women. Then he spotted a young woman with a few other girls. She stood out from the others in her little group. She seemed to be leading the conversation that was taking place. The dim lighting made it hard to be certain, but he thought he recognised her. Yes, it suddenly came to him. She had a flower stall on the market. Tom had bought some flowers from her for Penny’s birthday. The more he looked the more certain he was.

“What do you think of that girl over there?” he asked Penny.

“Which one?” replied Penny peering in the direction where Tom was looking.

“The one in the check shirt and jeans. Short red hair.”

Penny looked hard. “Are you sure she’s a girl?”

“Yes she’s runs the flower stall on the market.”

Penny looked again. If Tom was right the girl was what her grandmother would have called a Tom Boy. From her cropped casino firmaları hair down to her Doc Marten boots she could easily pass for a boy.

“Oh Tom, I’m not sure. She looks so masculine”

“Oh I think you would like her. Shall I go over and have a word with her. Perhaps introduce you.”

Tom went over to the group of girls. He looked directly at the girl in the check shirt.

“Hi, excuse me interrupting, but do you run the flower stall in the market?” Tom knew it was a lousy chat-up line but he was at a loss to think of anything better.

The girl smiled, “Yes that’s right. Is that your wife with you?”

“Yes that’s my wife, Penny.”

“you know this is a gay bar, don’t you?” she said.

“Yes we do. My wife, er and um well….” Tom couldn’t find the right words.

“I know, your wife is curious. Thinks she might be missing out. Wants to see what it would be like with a woman. Is that it?”

“Well, yes. In a nutshell, that’s it.”

“Bring her over. Introduce me.”

“Yes, er sorry I don’t know your name.”


“Hi Charlee. I’m Tom. I’ll go and bring Penny over.”

“Wait. Just one thing,” cautioned Charlee. “I want to make one thing clear – I am a lesbian. I’m not bisexual. I am not interested in men. So if you are thinking of jumping my bones, just get the idea right out of your head. Is that clear Tom?”

“Right Charlee. OK understood.”

Tom went back to Penny, took her hand and guided her over to Charlee.

“Charlee, this is Penny. Penny meet Charlee. Charlee has the flower stall. The one were I bought you the flowers.”

“Hi Charlee. Nice to meet you. They were beautiful roses. Really good condition.”

Charlee eyed penny up and down. Penny had been unsure what to wear. In the end she had decided on a pretty dress. She wore just a touch of make up. She looked nice.

Charlee took her hand. “Come on Penny, we’ll have a dance. Get to know each other.”

Charlee and Penny joined the couples on what passed for the dance floor. Charlee held Penny close, her hands cupping the globes of her bottom. Penny could feel Charlee’s strong hands gripping her buttocks, pulling their bellies together. Penny demurely put her hands round Charlee’s waist. Charlee pressed her open mouth against Penny’s, forcing her tongue into her mouth. They smooched on the spot. Penny found herself responding to Charlee. Her hands went down to Charlee’s bottom and she found herself grinding her pelvis against Charlee. Their tongues met in an open-mouthed kiss.

Charlee took Penny’s hand and led her to a door with a sign that read “REST ROOM.” Charlee opened the door and led Penny through. Penny could not see a thing at first. The room was almost devoid of any light. There was just the green “EMERGENCY EXIT” sign by a rear door that provided the only illumination. Very slowly Penny got her night vision and could see they were not alone in the room. There were a few arm chairs and a couple of sofas. She could just make out shadowy couples in some the chairs and other were pressed against the walls. There were groans, sobs and grunts coming from all directions accompanied by the rustle of clothing.

Penny found herself being pressed against a wall with Charlee’s knee forcing her legs apart. Charlees hands were on her breasts and her tongue was in her mouth. Penny grabbed Charlee’s small, firm bottom through her tight jeans. Charlee moved her right hand down and scooped up the hem of Penny’s güvenilir casino dress. Penny groaned as she felt Charlee’s hand feeling her pussy through her knickers. Penny thrust her hips forward to meet the inquisitive fingers. Charlee pushed her hand down Penny’s knickers and forced two fingers into Penny’s slit. All the while the women’s tongues were tangled in a sloppy kiss. The kiss was interrupted when Charlee withdrew her fingers from Penny’s panties and licked them. She pushed the wet fingers into Penny’s mouth.

“This is what cunt tastes like. Want some more?”

Without waiting for a reply Charlee stepped back, unfastened her belt and unzipped her jeans. She peeled them down to her knees. She pressed Penny down until she was kneeling on the floor, her face level with Charlee’s Calvin Klein men’s underpants. Charlee pulled Penny toward her, grinding her crotch into Penny’s face. She pulled her Calvin Kleins down and, holding Penny by her hair pulled her toward her. Penny’s eyes had by now become accustomed to the gloom and could see that Charlee had a tangle of ginger pubic hair. Penny breathed in the musky scent as her mouth closed on Charlee’s vagina.

“Come on, eat me,” ordered Charlee. That’s what you wanted wasn’t it?’

Penny worked her tongue into Charlee’s slit, tasting her juices. Penny realized it would be a challenge satisfying this experienced lesbian but she was determined to try her best. Her lips closed on Charlee’s clitoris and she pushed two fingers into the hairy slit and began to finger her hard. Charlee’s clitoris was firm and hard and Penny sucked it enthusiastically. She continued to finger Charlee hard, making a slushy noise as fingers went rapidly in and out. To her surprise Penny realized that Charlee was starting to cum. She could hear the woman sobbing as she pulled Penny’s face into her crotch. She wet Penny’s face with her love juices and then pulled her to her feet and licked all round her mouth and face, tasting her own cum juice.

Charlee got down onto her knees, reached up Penny’s dress and pulled her knickers down and had her step out of them. She put the panties to her face and breathed in deeply. She pushed Penny’s legs well apart and closed her mouth on Penny’s moist opening. Charlee’s experience showed. She licked and sucked expertly. Soon Penny was sobbing with pleasure as Charlee’s tongue explored every millimetre of her vagina and clitoris. Charlee held the soft globes of her bottom, forcing a finger into her tight anus.

It did not take Penny long to cum. Charlee held her close as she orgasmed keeping he face pressed to her vagina. When the spasms had finished, Charlee stood and kissed Penny deeply, both of their faces wet with the result of their love making.

The women left the rest room and sought out Tom who was standing by the bar watching the dancers.

“OK love?” he asked.

“Fine, I’m fine,” replied Penny.

“Your wife,s, nice, Tom. I like her. Thank you for letting me borrow her.” She gave Penny a peck on the cheek. “Maybe see you again.” She wandered off to join a group of girls.

As Tom drove them home Penny suddenly blurted out “Shit, I left my knickers behind.”

Tom asked if she wanted to go back to find them.

“No Tom, it was worth it. I’ll tell you all about it later.”

“I’m looking forward to that.”

Author’s Note: This story was inspired by a conversation overheard in a gay-friendly pub several years ago. There was a man with his female partner. The man was heard asking a woman if she would like to meet his partner. She agreed, but warned the man she was lesbian, not bisexual. She danced with the man’s partner, kissing and fondling her. Whether anything else happened is not known.

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