Lactating Nippples: The Daddy’s Participation

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Double Penetration

Several “hours” later, after what seemed hours of being with her, I knew I liked it for sure, and that is I had to admit that I loved being “milked” by her. In other words, I had to say, to myself as well as her too, that I absolutely loved it when she pinched her nipples together and that milk sprayed heavily all over me. It didn’t matter. No it didn’t. I couldn’t get over it as she happily, merrily, and freely pinched them together, and as she did one or the other exploded. It came out so quickly and so freely it was as if it was some kind of game. It happened all the time. We appeared to have so much fun as it occurred that afternoon. Yep, we sure had fun. I know that. And I also know that she and I became really good friends as a result. He we were, practically all undressed by this point, except for her underwear and my boxers, and all I wanted was to get back into bed and start all over again. Nevertheless, I finally, but also affectionately, had to leave. We both knew that. To me, what had happened that day was a first. I knew of course that nobody would ever believe it. I knew it for sure. It was my little secret. This “event” was my personal little thing and I was going to keep it to myself. Yep, I knew that for sure. I wouldn’t tell anyone what we did that day. So as I got dressed, Summer simply laid there, beneath the bedsheet, and as she did all she did was smile at me. I knew one thing and that was that she was so happy she could show someone, like myself, her little “problem” so to speak that she’d had over the course of the last several years. As I stood there in my boxers, she liked that I was almost naked as well. I think she liked it that I looked nice not having any clothes on too. As I stood smiling down at her, as if I was admiring her physical beauty, which I was, the truth was it didn’t matter. I was enamored by her through and through. Although I couldn’t see her body, I still admired her in every way possible. I mean in after thought what 20 year old wouldn’t? I was beaming and didn’t even realize it. In truth, I knew I could have done what we’d done all night long. Yes, I was truly happy about it all, as the smile on my face showed that I was too, and as I continued to fumble with my shirt. I couldn’t get it on but that’s only due to I was still looking at her as she looked up at me as we both shared our smiles. Regardless, like I’ve mentioned already, this was damn good fun for both of us. She said it out of nowhere telling me “…My nipples leak all the time. They seep milk.” I remember her words exactly as she said them. In my mind, there I was repeating them I don’t know how many times over. Then there’s the question you ask yourself. What girl ever goes around telling a guy, no matter who he is, that her nipples leak milk, and they do that all the time? It didn’t matter any longer. We were both still smiling and from ear to ear. And there she was, still on her bed, and covered up to her neck by that one lone bed sheet. None of that mattered for I’d seen her figure and that was what counted. I was allowed to see her body. I was given the chance to see her breasts. More importantly, I was able to see her nipples as they shot out that milk and flooded my shirt. Neither of us really cared because the fun had been done. It was all too darn fun and it was all too damn exciting! And get this. Even though we were laying down beside one another on our sides, she was happily and openly Pendik escort bayan allowing her nipples to do what she said they could do. They’d spray out milk at me allowing me to enjoy what she said they do. However, something else was happening that Summer didn’t know about at all. My cock, it began to get harder, and even harder and even more erect then ever while she cheerfully pinched her nipples together so they’d squirt out breast milk explosively at me. I loved it and couldn’t get over how terrific it was. I mean it. I absolutely loved that she was doing that to me and for me. Regardless, I thought, I couldn’t believe how horny it was getting me! I didn’t know what to do but I didn’t let her know about it either. My cock was laying erect and tingling madly inside my boxers. Yes, it felt weird as hell. Yes, I wanted her to know it too but I didn’t allow myself to tell her. All she wanted was for someone, me, to watch her pinch her nipples as they lactated madly. So that was what she did for me. We spent that afternoon doing just that. And as she did that, all I could do was let my cock tingle more crazily while it got harder and harder and be “bothersome” down below. It was tingling wildly and “monstrously” I thought. I so wanted her to hold it and stroke it and make me cum. I really did but I was way into her tits I guess. I was way too into those sexy fat nipples and what she was doing with them. I was way into the experience of my life and I saw how she blissfully, and excitedly, she did it for me. Although I was horny as hell and hard as a rock, I knew I was in heaven. I knew that for sure. Her tits, along with my cock being hard told me that if nothing else. How it felt had me wanting to jack off right then and there. That was how badly it was throbbing. I soooo crazily wanted to jack off as she pinched her nipples and sprayed that lovely and exciting breast milk. I didn’t know what to do. All I knew was I wanted for her to be happy. And she was. She was really happy that day. I got by. When it was all “said and done” my cock finally relaxed and all the emotional horny feelings I’d had went away. Oh well, maybe another day, I told myself. Maybe I’ll get another lucky opportunity sometime, I told myself as I sat down to finally get dressed. She finally said something in her soft spoken voice. “Tyler dear, did you have fun?” She called me dear and that surprised me in a big way. I turned around and looked right at her. The sheet, still pulled up to her neck, all I saw was that smile and those eyes. I looked right at her and smiled. She was all lit up. I couldn’t get over it. I felt soooo different. I did. Dressed, I put on my shoes while on the bed. I thought about doing two things but didn’t. Instead I did only one. I didn’t touch her chest. Nope, to me that was her personal and poignant part of her to be left alone. Nevertheless, as I sat there, I thought about doing it. I really, really wanted to do it, but at first I didn’t. She watched me as I tied my shoes and as I looked back at her and smiled. I thought that Summer looked so darn pretty. God, I’d sure love to kiss her right on her lips. Would that be appropriate, I asked myself. No, I mean we’re not dating so maybe I shouldn’t and no, she’s a lot older then me too. So why would I, I asked myself. I put my feet down not that I was done tying my shoes. I turned and looked at her again. Summer Escort Beykoz looked different as she smiled up at me again. I studied her as we looked at each other, and then something out of nowhere hit me. I said to myself to hell with it! Do it! Just do it Tyler! And so I did. I simply, out of nowhere, leaned in, and caught her off guard. I kissed my former babysitter right on her lips. It kind of shocked her too. She jerked her head back as if never expecting it but thankfully I did it the right way. I didn’t kiss her hard but I kissed appropriately and carefully as well. And I kissed her on her lips. This was a semi-romantic like kiss. No, there wasn’t any tongue involved. We didn’t know each that well but I recall that a kiss is a kiss is a kiss. So that was what I did. I kissed her and I did so respectfully. Yes, she jerked her head and her body away. I had surprised her big time. No one had ever kissed her like that before. Never had anyone ever kissed her like I kissed her, she told me later on, but she also told me something else and she said it with a smile too. “Tyler, thank you. Thank you for being here today and doing what you did with me, especially, and I mean this, especially giving me that kiss. That means a lot to me too so thank you from the very bottom of my heart.” I shrugged my shoulders and replied by saying “You’re welcome Summer and I’m the one who should be thanking you. I will say this. This has been the best and greatest time in my life. I mean it. I really mean it.” With that she reached out, pulled my body down, and she pulled me against her, kissing me hard and luxuriously. Summer kissed me somewhat wildly too and all of a sudden I felt something odd in my mouth. Her tongue floated out of her mouth and down into my throat. Whoa, I was shocked as hell and a bit horny too because that tongue of hers felt wild and magnificent as hell. It made me feel totally and utterly crazy for her. I wanted her badly. There is no other way to say it. I had to have her however, instead of being an asshole, I simply got up and said goodbye. Carrying the bedsheet wrapped around her body, she followed me to her door. I so wanted to rip off that bedsheet and see her naked again but I didn’t. I think she knew it too. nothing happened as she opened the door and saw me out. I headed home and she went back to her bed to lay down she told me later on. However, what happened later that day was something she wasn’t too willing to talk about I discovered. “Where are you going?” her mother asked her father. “Oh I’m heading over to the office. I’ll be back in a little while, okay?” he told Summer’s mom. He drove off, knowing exactly where to go. He knew where and why he was going there too. She left several hours ago he told himself and so did that kid. He knew where they went. He was sure of it. He knew why he knew it too. Because he knew about her and her personal “problems” she’d been having for the last several years. And truth be told he loved that she’d had this problem too. Both knew that of course. She’d been with him when it happened and they shared in that issue but she never once enjoyed it. All she could do, she thought, was make her daddy happy. He knew this would happen and that day was no different. He’d seen it happen before. Brandon is Summer’s dad. He loved being around her in an “intimate” way having discovered her issue with her breast milk and nipples. Cevizli escort Ohhhhhh yeah, he sure did. Ever since she turned 18, he “enjoyed” her company. Brandon didn’t like that it happened but it did and he wanted what he thought he couldn’t have. He was sure of it. He always thought she could do it at will but in truth, she couldn’t. It just happened. He was wrong about that. Still he wanted what wasn’t his to have and she played along all the time in her past. He pulled up alongside her place and got out. He rang her doorbell. She heard it and thought it was him coming back. She got up and out of bed and looked out but no, she couldn’t see anyone. Yes, she thought it was Tyler coming back for more and she happily ran back to the door. She didn’t put on any clothes. She was still wrapped up in that bedsheet when she went to answer the door. Smiling ear to ear, she couldn’t wait to see him again. She was ecstatic that he had come back, she told herself, almost a little jumpy as she began opening the door. “Oh uh daddy, uhhh hi daddy!” she said as she held the sheet against her body. He wore a straight look on his face. Her daddy was not into games at all. He was wearing a very stern, very rigid look on it as he looked over his daughter’s body. More to the point, he was looking where her boobs were at. He looked at her but went back to staring at her chest while appearing to wear a “very concerned” look on his face. Then he cut away as he looked directly at her eyes. He smiled and asked. “Have fun today did you?” “Pardon me?” Summer said to her daddy. “You know what I mean,” her daddy came back. She was silent for a moment as the two of them looked at each other. Then she said as she shook her head “No daddy, I don’t.” Her voice was still soft and quiet like always. He was smiling still. “Sure you do honey,” he went on to say. “I know that look,” he added, which in truth, he did not. He watched her as she looked at him, all the time she was still holding the bedsheet up close against her body. “So you cut out on the party. You come over here. You have a get together with some boy, a 20 year old boy, and you allow this boy, this 20 year old boy to put his juicy young penis inside your fat, juicy cunt like you do. Hmmm, tell me something. Was it good for you? Did you scream out and jump all over the bed? Did you two kiss and make love, passionately too? Did you? Huh, did you sweetheart?” She was shocked but thought about it as he fumed and spoke out at her. He went on to say “I know better, sweetheart. I do. I’ve been there. I’ve been there a million times over. I have when I was youngster like you. Mmmmm, a real man’s cock inside a healthy and hearty woman like you, well that sounds erotically blissful doesn’t it? Was his erotically blissful too Summer? Were you too jumping and dancing all over your bed while you fucked this boy’s brains out?” She was shocked her daddy would say anything like that but she knew she should know better too. He loved doing things to or with his own daughter and at one time in her life she didn’t mind doing them with him. “I bet you’re still a great fuck in the sack. Aren’t you baby?” he said. He stepped closer as she pulled the sheet up against her buxom, curvy body, and looked at her daddy. She wore a look of “surprise” and also a look of “fear” on her face. He saw it as well and with that her body’s mannerisms appeared to change as a result of it all. She stood her ground. She appeared to stand a lot taller as a result of what he’d said to her. Due to that he seemed to find a cleared and fuller definition around her sumptuous looking breasts, which he loved seeing on her. Her father immediately looked down at them, smiling as he did, and she saw it too.

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