La Rose Ch. 02

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It had been days since Charles departed from our first encounter.

Madame Wolfe, the proprietor of Company House, to which all we courtesans reside, entered my room. She was a curvy woman probably always has been and that’s what made her a very successful courtesan. Success for a courtesan means how in demand you are.

Myself, I had just finished bathing and sat naked as the day I was born in front of my mirror. My long crimson hair trailing down my back.

“Good heavens, woman! Do you ever knock?” Through the mirror I could see she was breathing heavily. Her bosom threatening to fall out of her low cut violet gown. She looked stunning in rich colors, as did I.

“There is a letter from one of your patrons.” She announced. She closed the door. No doubt this was new to her and therefore nothing in the Rules stated anything about letters and how to handle these matters. The Rules were there only to protect the patron, not the whore, however glorified or whatever her title.

Madame Wolfe handed me the letter. I looked up at her. She only gave me a stern look. I had seen that look only once. Any courtesan of Company House got that look only once. I do not think I was in any kind of trouble, but that look meant one thing. “Remember the Rules.” She turned and with the sweeping sound of taffeta on my carpet she left, the door slamming behind her.

At this point I then decided to read the address label. There was my name Miss Rose in fancy cursive. In a similar hand was written malatya escort Charles von Black II. I gasped. I didn’t know the meaning of his family name at the time but I had a feeling it was the same Charles. I held the letter to my chest. I prayed it was him. I opened the letter and read, his voice echoing in my mind, a faint whisper:

Dearest Rose,

I apologize for not having written to you sooner. I have a hunch no one will read this, so I feel and I fully express myself, that I cannot in person. As you can tell by the title on the letter, I’m from a little well-off family, we have an estate and acres of beautiful land. If I’m not working, I’m on my horse riding off on some adventure.

Rose, I have missed you and thought about you. At night I find myself tossing and turning, burning for your touch. I wish you had spoken more because your voice turned me into butter and I was fully yours when clearly you were fully mine. I ached for your company every night, your breasts, your cock, your lips… but more importantly, your eyes. Green like the pastures.

On such a night I imagined our bodies entwining. Your full erect cock bobbing before my face, throbbing. I’m tied up one the bed on my back as you sit on my chest forcefeeding me your large rod. You pleasure me at the same time with one hand. We cum simultaneously…

I see his hand has hesitated apologetically. Or maybe he got caught writing it.

I’m afraid I’ve gotten carried away. Someone approached maltepe escort and I feared they would see my inner yearnings. I must finish and return to my studies. I am at the University of Law and I will have excuses to visit you when I can.

Sincerely yours, Charles

There was a quickly scrawled P.S. at the bottom.

When you write back, please sign it “your friend, Rosario.” I’m not sure if it’s in your rules, but I don’t want to step on any toes, nor do I want to be exposed.

I understood. There was something in the Rules to lie and maintain an alias at the discretion of the patron.

I suddenly snapped out of it, like one snaps out of a hypnotic trance. I was naked, seated, hard, and definately wet. I leaned back on my chair, closed my eyes and finished off. I licked the palm of my hand and stroaked me as he did. The memories came back…


I was lying satisfied on the chaise. Charles guided me to the bed, helping me right myself. He held both my hands. His hands, soft like mine kept me steady as I was light-headed.

He lied me down. His fingers traced a line from my breasts to my hips. I thought he was ready to go again, his hardness began increasing to it’s surprising full length.

He wet his hand and stimulated me. I enjoyed the sensation so much I couldn’t help but rise again. I was surprised by my own stamina, as I thought I was satisfied just a few moments ago.

“Don’t move.” he whispered.

I obeyed. mamak escort At my full length, I was ready to go a second time. Charles lifted up one leg and positioned himself to stradle me. He stroaked me a few more times, wetting it up with it’s natural lube and spit, I could hear him working it before he leaned back and allowed me to enter him. He gasped or sighed. Or both.

He gently swayed back and forth forcing me further in then pulling out. Both his hands went onto my breasts and he played and leaned on them, stimulating my arousal further. One hand on his lightly blond haired leg, strong and supple. The other went to his large manhood and I pulled it out of his hooded skin. He groaned and made a noise that made me giggle. I tried to stifle it but when his eyes met mine we knew it was alright. He smiled.

I voluntarily engaged my small frame, my legs in particular and thrust harder into him. I heard our sweaty skin make contact in a constant rythm. His breathing grew. Mine matched.

“I’m going to cum,” he said. It was a chant until another load shot onto me. This time some hit my face. His hand touched my cheek as he licked whatever it was off of my face and looked into my eyes.

“Those eyes…” he sighed. He rolled off and held me. I inhaled his scent. Rainwater, gentle and touching. I heard a light rumble thunder from outside.


I sat back up in my chair. My hand wet with my own cum, my stomach was covered… and I had just finished showering. I pulled the towel over myself. I picked up the letter after I wiped my hand clean. Thankfully it was clean.

I let a single tear roll from my cheek and sighed a name I never thought I’d hear or see the owner of ever again…


To be Continued


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