La Petite Mort

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Big Tits

Note: If, as a reader, you hate 2nd person narrative, then please don’t read this. I had no idea how offensive it is to some people, and was playing with writing style when I wrote this. I also wanted the reader to really put himself in the place of my lover, so he could imagine being in the moment with me. I thought it would be fun – but have received so many nasty messages about it… If you don’t hate 2nd person writing, then…. I hope you enjoy.



It starts in the car, on the way home from the hot springs.

I have my bare feet on the dash, and my seat is back a little, as you drive. You reach your hand over, and grab mine.

“I love you,” you say.

“I love you too,” I say. “Today was really fun.”

You release my hand from yours, and then move your hand to my chest, snaking your fingers inside my bra. As you deftly begin to rub my nipple, you say “Today isn’t over…”

I laugh. You continue to rub. I sigh, and lean my head back. I can’t help but respond to your touch.

Your hand moves from one breast to the other – they are equally requiring your attention.

I moan a little as you gently tweak my nipple. You laugh.

You move your hand out of my top, and place it between my legs. Between my feet on the dash and my loose skirt, you have easy access to my groin. You slowly slide your hand down the front of my panties. I giggle. This is like the old days… its been a long time since you’ve played with me in a moving vehicle. I like it.

You push my panties to the side, and slide your middle finger inside me.

“Uuuhhggg,” you groan. “You’re SO wet!”

I’m glad its dark and passing cars can’t see as you slide your fingers inside me, rubbing against my clit. I lean my head back and sigh. “Ummm… that feels so good… I’m glad we got this self-driving car!”

You laugh. The new car has lane-assist, and cruise control, blind spot warning and driver awareness notification… but you still have to drive it.

You play with me for another minute, and although it feels great… I sigh and sit up.

“What?” you ask. “You’re not into it?”

“Don’t get me wrong – it feels great. But we have more than an hour to go before we’re home, and we – well, you – are driving, in the dark… I can’t really relax.”

“Okaaaayyyy…” you say. “But I was hoping to give you The Big O.”

I laugh. “You can when we get home.” I say, stroking your cheek.

You smile, and we start talking about yard work, and groceries, and other domestic things, to fill the time.

Once we’re home, we unload the car, let the dog out, turn lights out, do all the normal ready-for-bed things. You drove the whole time, and I suspect you’re tired, and “the moment” has passed. But I’m wrong.

“I know the clock says Urfa Escort 12:15,” you say, “but, I still think it’s ‘today’, and think we should get back to the fun.”

I feel a tingle all the way down to my toes, knowing that you want to make love to me. My body is relaxed from the hot springs, and excited at the thought of some between-the-sheets fun.

“I’m game if you are,” I sing out. I hear you chuckle from the bathroom.

“Ahh bbbffff uurrg uuuhhh uhhh mmmmmppth.”

“Um, what was that?” I ask.

I hear the water run for a second, and then you poke your head in our room.

“Sorry – I was brushing my teeth. I’ll be there in a minute.”

I lay on the bed and wait… one foot on bed with my knee in the air. Hands above my head.

You sit down next to me, and run your hand from my neck, down between my breasts, tickling down my abdomen, and stop at the top of my panties – the only item of clothing I’m wearing.

“I don’t know why you’re even wearing these” you say, laughing, scooting them down off my hips. “You know we’re just going to take them off…”

I giggle. “I know, but I don’t want you to think I’m easy.”

You laugh low, as your strong hands part my thighs. “Baby, you’re a lot of things, but easy isn’t one of them.”

I’m about to reply with something witty when your tongue touches my lower lips. Ahhh… so wonderful, as you French-kiss my pussy.

“I love the wax job” you say, pausing between licking between my folds and tonguing my wanting hole.

I laugh. “I can tell!”

“It feels so good… it’s so smooth… on my mouth…” and you suck on me for a moment. “And on my cock…” you say, kissing up my torso, your fingers inside me. You rub gently on my clit, and my back arches as your mouth reaches my collarbone. Gently you bite along the bone, from the outside in. You stop at the divet at the center of my neck, biting and sucking, as one of your hands rubs my tender nipple. And the other hand… is guiding your hard shaft to my slick cleft. You rub the head against me, sliding it up and down, as you gently suck on my neck.

I sigh. I love it when you suck on me.

You continue to kiss up my neck, reaching my jawbone. You kiss-bite from my ear to the center, while continuing to rub the head of your cock against my lips, my clit. You reach my mouth with yours, and you tease my lips with your teeth, your tongue. You kiss me, and I moan – just a little. You kiss me again, lips against lips, and as you lick my lips, through our kiss, with your tongue, you gently press the head of your cock into me. As you thrust your tongue into my mouth, you push your cock into my very-ready cunt.

I have been ready for you since you were playing with me in the car… this has been a very long build Urfa Escort Bayan up, and I’m more than willing.

My back arches, as you bury your meat into my muff, and your tongue plunges into my mouth. I can’t wait for your assault.

As you devour my mouth, your slowly withdraw and then push your length into me. One of your hands sweeps down my body until it firmly grasps my backside. Your fingers dig into my flesh, and then they pull back. You grasp the crook of my knee, and push it towards my head, giving you better access to my depth. You pull out, and take a moment to smack me across my cheeks – first one side, and then the other. My cheeks sing with the sharp sting the spanking leaves on them.

“Oooh!” I moan.

You smile, a little wickedly. You spank me again. I love it.

You spread my legs wide, and plow right into me.

“Uuuhhhhh…” you pound into me again. And again. One hand expertly rubs my clit, as your cock pounds into me.

“Oh babe…” I say, as you continue to kiss me. “Oh, god!” I cry out, as release builds in me.

“Come on, baby… I want you to cum.” You say, as you continue to push into me, again and again. And your thumb presses against my mound.

“Oh.. ohh… oooohhhh!” I cry out, and I climax.

My eyes roll back in my head a little, and my breathing is fast… as it slows, I open my eyes, to see you smiling down at me, your thick shaft still buried inside me, but not you’re not moving.

“Hey…” I say, laughing a little. “That was nice…”

Your eyes narrow, and you look fiercely into my eyes. “I didn’t want you to feel niiiiiccceee…” and you start to rock your cock into me again.

Oh, shit. I meant that as a compliment, not a challenge.

“I feel great!” I say, only slightly worried…

“I’ll make you feel great,” you say, your hand digging into my hip.

I reach my mouth towards yours. You kiss me, deeply, as I feel your shaft deep inside me.

Your hand releases my hands above my head. I immediately dig my nails into your back, as you thrust into me. Your fingers dig into my hips, and pull me towards you, as you push into me.

“Ooohhhh…” I moan. My body will always respond to you.

You kiss me again, and then completely pull out.

“Oh! What?” I ask, surprised by your retreat.

You roll onto your back, and pull me on to you. I straddle your midsection, lean down, and kiss you. I push my tongue in your mouth, tasting you, feeling your tongue against mine. I grind my hips down against yours, my hungry pussy searching for your cock.

You thrust up into me, easily sliding into my wanting hole, filling me in in one easy move.

“Oh… yeeessss…” I moan, my hips rocking against yours, my back arching. Your hands easily Escort Urfa wrap around my back side, coming to rest on my cheeks. You smack them. Oooohhhh. You smack them again. Ahhhhh.

I rub my groin against yours, my hips circling from right to left. Your mouth looks bored, so I lean down, pressing my breasts towards you. You lick at my nipples, and suck on them, as I continue to circle my hips. Each circle presses my clit into your groin, sending pulses of pleasure though my whole body.

You continue to suckle on my nipples, the intensity increasing. Uuuhhhhh… and then one of your fingers, slick with lube, slides right into my arse. Oh god. I stop circling my hips for a moment, and you thrust into me – you thrust your shaft into my cunt, and your finger in my arse, while you bite at my nipples. The sensations overload me, and I start to shake. You don’t stop. I feel you everywhere on me, in me, and I’m tingling all over, climaxing from head to toe. I stop moving all together, but you don’t. You continue to thrust into me. Uuuhhhh… uuuhhhh… I can only groan, sitting on top you. My cunt is clenched tight around your cock, and you bite down on my breast as you begin to jerk. You slide your finger out of my backside, and both your hands clench my shoulders, holding me down to you as you shudder beneath me. My already over-stimulated clit is smashed against your groin, and with every shake you send electric shocks through my body, radiating from my core.

“Uuugghhhh” you groan, as your shuddering subsides. I am frozen on top you. I’d like to dismount you, but I’ve lost the capacity to move.

You laugh softly. You’ve done this to me before.

“Ok, babe, I’m gonna move you. 1, 2, 3… off!” And with that, you grab my hips, lift me slightly, and roll to the side. You slide right out of me, and roll the other way. My frozen arms and legs relax only slightly, until they lay flat against the mattress. This must be why the French call it “the little death” – because I pretty closely resemble a corpse right now.

“Honey, aren’t you going to get up, and go to the bathroom?” you ask after a few minutes.

“I can’t move” I say, laughing and whimpering at the same time. “I’m dead. You killed me.”

You laugh. “You’re not dead. You’ve got to get up, or you’ll regret it…”

“I know!” I say. But I still don’t move.

You start to tickle my side.

“Dooonnnn’t!” I whine, like a toddler.

You don’t stop. You change tactics. You scoop your hands under my back, and push me over – and off the bed. My legs engage at the last second to catch me, before I fall on my face in the dark.

“Ugh. You ass!” I snap, as you laugh. You laugh the entire time I take to walk into the bathroom. I can’t help but smile.

When I come out, you’re already asleep. Your face never looks as peaceful as in these moments. I love it – I imaging this is what you must have looked like as a child, sleeping easily, without a care in the world. I stroke your cheek in the moonlight, and think about how lucky I am, and I drift off to sleep.

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