Kyros-giolla Institute Ch. 05

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Hello All! Thanks for your feedback on earlier chapters. There’s a lot of dialogue in this section so please bear with me. Don’t worry, it’ll get hotter in the next chapter!


Annis was taken to the shaving room by a girl she had never seen before. Remembering Bryndis’ request, she said nothing to her, but her mind was filled with questions for this girl. As soon as the door had closed on Bryndis, her blindfold had been taken off, and Annis was taken aback by this girl. She had absolutely no hair at all – anywhere on her body. She had also been tattooed heavily. It looked almost like a black sunburst around her pussy; the tattoos were smaller and very compact over her mons and then got bigger and more infrequent the farther away from it they were. Each tattoo was a name. What was this? She didn’t ask.

The shaving and bathing room was wonderful. It smelled divine, was lit softly, and had soft, calming music in the back ground. The ceiling and one wall, the wall facing her, were mirrors. She was settled onto a strange platform. Her arms were buckled down over her head. Another buckle went across her shoulders and another around her waist. Each of her feet were shackled to other platforms. Annis was uncertain, but reminded herself that this was just a shave and a bathe. Nothing to be afraid of.

“I’m assuming,” said the girl, “that you have been commanded not to communicate with me. If this is not so, please tell me now.”

Annis remained silent.

“Alright. Well, most of this will be relaxing, but some parts of it will be uncomfortable. All I can tell you is that it will not last long, and, as this is your first time with me, it will be the most difficult. Most of the girls here come to me every other day unless their Masters wish otherwise. After watching you today, Bryndis will tell you how often you will come to me – that is, if you are to have a schedule. My name is Vasha. Just relax. When the part arrives that is distressing for most girls, I will tap you on the stomach, okay? Let’s begin.”

First, she sprayed Annis with water, then lathered up her legs. Taking a razor, she slowly shaved the entire length of her legs and her underarms. As Vasha worked, Annis did begin to relax. Mostly, she thought about a kiss and the deep richness of a voice. She was almost asleep when she felt Vasha begin shaving her mons. Keeping her eyes closed, she begin to think about Bryndis shaving her, pulling the lips of her mons up and out and back, making sure not one hair remained. She was wet, and not just from the water and lather. Vasha then soaped up her breasts, arms, legs, and stomach, rinsed them off, and washed her hair. It was heavenly.

Then, almost suddenly, Annis felt the two taps on her stomach. She opened her eyes to see Vasha inserting a long, white, ribbed wand into her vagina. As soon as she began to move it in and out and suds began appearing, Annis understood. It was made of soap. Very soon, her vagina began to burn. Suds were pouring out of her. When Vasha removed her wand and the walls of Annis’ vagina touched back together, it felt like a knife through her flesh. She wanted to scream out, but daren’t. After a two minutes, Vasha inserted the wand back into Annis. This time, however, the wand went into her anus. Soon, the burning began there as well. After she had taken the wand out Annis, Vasha took the shower head from the wall and turned what had been a gentle stream of water into a jet. This she set up against Annis’ clitoris. This stimulation paired with the fire in her vagina was too much. She thrashed around, saying nothing, but making little whining noises, trying hard not to scream. Then, the jet stream of water moved to her anus, then her vagina. Some of the pain left Annis as the soap was cleared away. Vasha stopped, however, long before the pain did. Tears were streaming from Annis’ face. She was in pain and she was sexually stimulated, but had neither been able to cum nor had the pain gone away.

“I am going to leave you here to dry off. I know you are not comfortable. But relief will come to you soon.” With that Vasha left.

Half an hour later, Vasha returned. By that time, most of the fire in Annis’ vagina had gone, her breathing had returned to normal, her tears had dried, and she was no longer dripping wet. Her dark hair was still damp and, as she had no hair dryer, was a little wavy.

“I hope you are feeling better now,” said Vasha, smiling. Annis opened her eyes a bit and returned her smile. “I just need to see how you reacted to the soap, okay? You might feel no pain, or a little, or it could bring back the fire you felt earlier. I’m just going to see how you react.” Reaching into the dry cavity of Annis’ vagina and again into her anus, Vasha inserted two small electronic devises shaped like band-aids. “These will tell me your vaginal and anal temperature and will give me any indication of swelling, allergic reaction, or destructed cells. They will also stick to your vaginal and anal walls for two weeks and will gage penetration depth when you and Bryndis have sex, contraction xslot strength when you have an orgasm, and can emit electric charges for chastisement. Bryndis will control it, though daily print outs of activity will come here as well as to his private chambers. He can also have them sent to your rooms, if he wants you to see them. For now, it’s important because the wand I used earlier was not merely soap; it is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial formulae which serves as a cleaner and a spermicide. I know it is uncomfortable, but it is better to use it than not to use it.” While she talked, Annis could see her soaking cotton balls in clear liquids. “Okay, Annis,” she said, holding up the first ball with a pair of forceps, “this is hydro peroxide.” She rubbed the ball around her mons and anus, waiting momentarily. She looked at the computer screen on her laptop, clicked a few times, and continued to the second of cotton balls. “This is rubbing alcohol.” This time, instead of merely rubbing the outer surface of her mons, Vasha held the alcohol-soaked ball inside Annis’ vagina. Within a few seconds, she started to burn again. “I know you are in some pain, Annis, but I need for you to clamp down on the cotton ball.” Eyes widening in astonishment, but unable to question, Annis squeezed the forceps and the ball; it felt as though liquid fire spread through her vagina. She squeaked, unable to help herself as yet another alcohol-seeped ball was inserted into her anus. “And, clamp down, please.” With one sob escaping her, she did so.

“Okay, Annis. It looks as though you are not allergic to the soap; there was, however, some bacteria in your both cavities that needed to be cleared out, so it’s good you came down here before you saw your Master. You both have to be clean before you can view each other, you see. It’s ancient tradition, going back to the time of the Pharaohs. There used to be seven days of ritual bathing necessary for cleanliness, now you just need this one process. The men have it worse than the women, though. If you can, ask Bryndis about it. As it is, let’s go back to your room, shall we? I know Bryndis hasn’t shown you any of the Manor yet, but I’ve gotten permission to take you in a way so as not to bother the others.”

She helped Annis out of her straps, waited while she stretched and retrieved her robe, and opened the door. Annis followed her down an ornate hall, and then up a side stair. “I cannot show you the main stair, so this will do for now.” Once they reached the second floor, it was only three doors down until they reached her suite. “Well, here you are. I hope you have a nice afternoon. I think I will see you again soon.” Vasha opened her door and Annis walked in. “Oh, Annis?” Vasha slipped her head into Annis’ room. “I just want you to know we all think you are very lucky. I – I had asked Bryndis to be my Master once,” and she left, closing the door softly behind her, leaving Annis stunned.

Though she had mostly hoped to find Bryndis waiting for her, part of her was glad to be alone. The doors to her veranda were open and she went out to them to find an oaken table laid for her, laden with piping hot soup and fresh bread. The linens on it were white and fresh, there were fresh tulips, yellow and pink, in a low bowl on her left, and a tall flute of white wine for her to enjoy. Sitting on her right was a small envelope addressed to her. The note inside read My Dove, Taste and See that I am Good. Master. Smiling, she ate and ate, surprised that she had been so hungry without knowing it. By the time she had finished the bread and most of the soup, she heard the door open and close.

“It is only I and I come in Bryndis’ name,” said a dark voice.

“Ojas! I wasn’t sure when I would see you again!” Annis was truly glad to see the man.

“Oh, you will be seeing me as often as anyone else. I am sent to tell you a little about your next few days.” Ojas had walked out onto the terrace, seating himself in the wicker chair in the corner, not at table with her. “Your situation is … unusual, which I’m sure you know. Honestly, with any other man, we would not have let him do what Bryndis is doing. However… what is done is done and decided on. In truth, I think it is a good decision. He will be good for you and I hope, based on what I know of you, that you will be good for him. Remember, he has had his own trials, none of which you know. Perhaps he will tell you of them one day. I consider him a good friend; he has always treated me with kindness. But that is by the bye.” He looked her directly in the face. “I tell you this because the next few days, you will not be with the group as was originally planned. Does this bother you?”

“What will I be doing instead?”

“You will be with Bryndis. He will be your sole teacher as much as he can be. When it is impossible – such as today with Vasha – you will most likely not be with the group. When you are with the other girls, I think he will be with you and with the other Masters. You will have plenty of time to yourself, and when the other girls are given “free time” you will have xslot Giriş time with them. That’s what they are doing now, actually. Some of them have already started with Vasha; the others will finish this afternoon. What this means is that you will not get to have class with them – your time with them will usually be limited to an hour or so a day. If you ever need more time, you need only find me and tell me. How does that sound to you?”

“Well… I don’t want to be smothered by this man…”

“You won’t. In fact, that’s why he wasn’t here when you returned from Vasha. He wasn’t sure you would eat enough if he was here.”

Annis was glad to learn this. “It’s true, I don’t think I would have eaten enough. I certainly wouldn’t have eaten as much!” She was quiet for a while, thinking. “Ojas, do you think he will really be happy with me? I feel so… inadequate and unwilling – well, not unwilling, really, just unsure. Does that make sense?”

“Oh, little one, he likes you very much. So much that he would not wait for you. It is not always about comfort, but about trust. Do you trust him?”

“I think… I like what I know so far. Trust isn’t always easy for me,” Annis replied, truthfully.

“That is a wise answer. I think over the next few weeks that trust will grow with you both as long as you let it. Be patient with him as you are with yourself. He has as much to learn of you as you have to learn of him – and as much as you have to learn from yourself.” He looked at her now empty plate. “You are finished, yes? Then I will take your plates. I suggest you brush your teeth and wait for him. He won’t be long now. Perhaps you could read some more.” He stood and removed the flowers from the table before gathering up the corners of the linens, plates and all, and carrying them back inside, closing the door lightly behind him.

Annis sighed, glad, actually, not to have to go back to group. She staid outside for a while, having her first look at the grounds, soaking in the sunlight. Then she did move inside and quickly resumed her reading of Breaking the Girl, Shaping the Woman: What a Virgin Slave Should Know, curling up on the deep leather sofa in front of her largest fire. It seemed an age since she had first gotten that letter inviting her here, she thought as she settled in, before opening to the third chapter, “The Disobedient Virgin.”

She knew he was there even though he made no sound entering. “May I look at you, sir?”

“Yes, now, of course.” And she did look. And with good cause. She could not be certain of his age, older, probably than she normally would have considered, at a guess, between 35 and 40. He had a strong mouth, full lips, a wide bridged nose, and deep set eyes – so deep, she was not yet sure of their color. He was not tall, but he was strong and thick. He was a little scruffy and freckled which gave him a boyish look, but the features on his face left little doubt as to the sincerity with which he lived his life. He wore jeans, a thin leather belt, and a tee shirt; he had bare feet. His black-brown hair was thinner than it probably had been once, but he wore it in a casual, messy style which seemed to fit his personality. Annis couldn’t quite believe it.

“You – you…” she stammered, “you would really have me?” She felt so… ashamed.

“My dove,” he answered, immediately striding to her, “yes, yes, I would really have you. Will you have me?” He tilted her head up so her eyes met his.

“Yes. Oh, I already knew I would have you, as soon as I heard of you,” she was so happy; she could hardly breathe. “Thank you for my wonderful meal.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” He sat down next to her on the sofa, pulling her feet onto his lap. “What are you reading?”

She told him, explaining quickly that she was totally new to BDSM.

“Well,” he said, “what we will do is only nominally BDSM.” He saw her face fall and said quickly, “What I mean is that yes, I will chastise you, yes, I will order you, yes, I will expect you to obey me. But I will not rule you, nor will I lord over you. I will not ask that you commit your entire will to me, nor will I ask that you have no opinion other than mine. I will be more like…” he thought for a moment, “…more like a guide towards yourself, if you know what I mean.” He paused, rubbing her leg. “I will lead and set our pace, but you will always be able to slow us, if we need to go slower. I want to know who you are emotionally and psychologically as well as how you act sexually. And I want you to know me as well. What do you think about that?”

“I… I like how you make this sound like our experience, and not just my experience or yours.” It sounds too good to be true, she thought.

“But it is ours, none but ours. And no one can take it from us except ourselves. So, shall we read this together then?” And he took her in his arms, and she leaned her head back against his chest, and he read aloud to her while the fire roared. Soon, Annis was fast asleep, book laying beside her. Dhiren Bryndis leant down, kissed the top of her head, and, xslot Güncel Giriş hands clasped over hers, slept as well.

“Annis, wake up.” He shook her lightly, and suddenly she started awake and sat straight up. “It’s okay, Annis. It’s just me, your Master. Don’t be afraid.”

She sighed and looked a little confused. “What happened? What time is it?”

“Nothing happened. We were reading and we took a nap. We’ve been asleep for about half an hour or so, so it’s almost two thirty in the afternoon. Plenty of daylight left. Did you sleep well?” She was rubbing her eyes, looking very much like she would enjoy going back to sleep.

“Yes, I slept very well, thanks. What – what are we doing this afternoon?” she asked with a yawn.

“Well, there are a few things we need to take care of. First, we need to deal with some unfortunate business. But only if you are really awake.”

“Yes, sir, I am really awake now,” she said, smiling. “What type of unfortunate business?”

“I want you to tell me what I asked you to do before you went to Vasha.”

“Ummm… you told me not to talk to anyone or make any noise unless it was to someone who was there in your name, right?”

“That’s exactly right. Were you able to do this?” Bryndis looked at her very carefully.

“I – I think so. I mean, Ojas said he came in your name…”

“It is not Ojas of whom I speak. Come, we will watch together.” He pushed a button, and a section of the wall opened up to reveal a television set. Annis was so surprised! “Telly,” said Bryndis clearly, “I want to see today’s session of Annis with Vasha.” There, to Annis’ utter surprise, appeared on the screen Vasha opening the door for her, and the two entering the room. “Fast Forward,” he said again, clearly. “Play,” he commanded as Vasha tapped Annis on the stomach. Annis was so embarrassed, her face flushed as she watched herself. “Do not be embarrassed. I enjoyed it immensely,” Bryndis said, slyly, giving her a coy look. “I had no idea you were watching!” She was stunned and still a little uncomfortable. “Watch now,” commanded Bryndis. That was when she realized the little moans she made when Vasha had administered the jet stream of water to her clit. Surely, he wasn’t going to count that…

“Master, I can explain. I was trying not to scream or cry out! I…” He just sat there and listened to her, and she quickly realized he was not interested in her excuses.

“Annis, I understand why you did what you did,” he said, patiently, “but you have to learn that I mean exactly what I say. All of the time. It doesn’t mean you were bad, just disobedient. Do you understand?”

“Yes. And I’m sorry I didn’t realise it.” She was abashed – she had already failed him. Would he push her away? She couldn’t even look at him.

“Thank you, my dove.” He tilted her head up again, smiling. “Thank you for your apology. I accept it. But there are consequences to your actions here in a way that is different than you’ve ever experienced before.”

All of a sudden, Annis felt cold. Was he going to rape her? Beat her? Cane her like Megan had done to Kendis? Her eyes filled with fear.

“Annis,” said Bryndis, “I do not want you to fear me. I do not want you to come to love the punishments,” he said this harshly, “but I do not want you to fear them, either.” He bent down and kissed her. “I also won’t use this as a chance to force you further than we have already gone in pleasure. Therefore, I will give you five lashes with the belt for this and next week you will return to Vasha for another session. I have decided to have you waxed. This means that you will only go to her once a month, but unfortunately, they will be harder sessions. We will take care of everything else ourselves, okay?”

“I understand,” she said, quietly. “What – what do I need to do now?”

“Take off your robe, lay on the bed, face down, and don’t move until I have finished. I want you to count each stroke. Cry out if you must, be silent if you can. Don’t move.” This was no request. He was truly Master now. She did as he asked.

She was not ready when the first stroke hit her calves, but she was prepared. “One.” She called it out loudly, and the second hit her almost before she had finished. “Two.” “Three.” They were starting to sting now and she had the feeling that some of them would bruise; he was not going lightly on her first punishment. “Fffffourrr…” He took a short break then, feeling her legs, which hurt so badly, before standing up and giving her the final “Five!” Then, he did bend down and rub her legs, massaging them deep, working the straps into her muscles. She did cry out then, but she did not kick out or move.

“Good girl,” he crooned. “I’m so proud of you… Annis, roll over.” She did, with tears rolling from her eyes. He kissed her cheeks and then bent to her mouth again. sitting next to her on the bed. As his mouth began to ravish hers, she reached up to pull him closer to her. “Unnmmm…” she called out, trying to pull away again. “Annis,” he said, pulling away, just a bit, “it’s time.” He pulled open her robe and she closed her eyes, not wanting to see the disappointment in his face. “Look at me, Annis.” She did, slowly. “I am amazed at your beauty. Thank you for letting me see it.” He kissed her again, hard this time, and she reciprocated, joyous.

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