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It all started one night when we were lying in bed after some hot and steamy sex. Debby asked if I would mind if her best friend Kathy could watch us while we had sex! She said that Kathy was really a novice in the sexual area although not a virgin. She was always asking about how we did this or what that felt like or if we did this or that. Debby and I had been going together since we graduated high school and through college so we had a varied and wide-ranging sexual experience. If we had not tried it, we had discussed it and decided we didn’t like the idea. So she asked Kathy if she would like to join us some night! Kathy thought about it and said that she was curious and would like to but would only do so if I was not embarrassed or uncomfortable about it.

So what did I think? Here I was a 22-year-old with more sexual energy than I knew what to do with! Not wanting to appear too anxious, I said, “I don’t know? What do you think about another woman in bed with us?” Debby looked at me and said “she’s my best friend and I know more about her than I do about anyone else. We talk about everything and share our thoughts and feelings about everything. We talk about sex and love and sex again. She really is curious about how we have so much fun and enjoy each other’s sexuality. I guess I am not ashamed of our sexual life and I love the way we satisfy each other all the time. Do you think this is a weird thing to do?” I didn’t know if I should continue to show a little reluctance or just dive into what I thought would be a hell of a good time. So I said “I like Kathy a lot and she’s a great friend to you since your mom moved to Florida, almost like a little sister. I guess I feel like I’d be on display or something. Like, look at this, this is a penis, or look at this, these are testicles!” She knew I was not as uninhibited as she was but I did enjoy sex. So she said, ” no, no you would not be on display! We would be on display but in a nice way not look at this or that? She would just be part of our love making not a fly on the wall!” I thought it was getting more interesting so I said, “you mean she will participate?” She smiled and said, “yeah, what did you think?” So I did have the right picture we were doing a threesome. “Well I guess it could be fun! What did you have in mind?” So she says “I am not sure but we can discuss it when we get together. She seems pretty curious about everything. I’ll discuss it with her and we can get a better sense of what limits there are and how she would join in. Okay?” By then I had an enormous erection and all I could do is say “Okay let’s do it!” We rolled over and sank into each other. I was very aroused and came twice in about 15 minutes. We finished in a very long slow orgasm. I had come three times that night but Debby just seemed to orgasm more and more until she exploded in a screaming, panting, huffing orgasm that was stronger that we had ever experienced!

We decided that we would do our experiment the next Saturday evening. I normally had to work Saturdays and I would come over to Debby’s place after work. They were going to plan the evening in detail during the day and I would get there about 6PM. All week long I thought about our pending encounter. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I had visions of all three of us in different situations. Debby was a beautiful brunette with long curly hair, she’s 5’2″, brown eyes, a great smile, cute butt, slim waist and nice 36C’s that stood up firm with soft light brown nipples. Kathy was about 5’4″, with light brown, almost blonde, hair. She was very thin and had smaller breasts, maybe 32 A, had a great smile and wonderful personality. She had great legs that just seemed to be longer than anyone’s I had seen. I had seen her in a bikini and she looked great but a little on the thin side.

So as the week went on Debby didn’t really talk about our Saturday plans until Friday night. I stayed over and as we lay in bed after some steamy sex she asked me if I had forgotten our evening plans for Saturday. I said, “no, in fact, I was looking forward to it.” She could tell I was aroused because I got another erection as she talked about it. She said that she and Kathy had talked about what limits there were from her perspective. And that she was open to anything that was enjoyable, loving and gentle but was not into anything anal. Debby said we had tried it and didn’t like it so that was not a problem. They planned to get together in the morning. Debby usually cleaned the apartment Saturday morning and Kathy was going to come over and help. I had an interesting flash as she said that because Debby usually cleaned house in the nude. I was imagining the two of them nude cleaning the apartment, getting sweaty and hot and wondering what might happen. But I didn’t even mention it. They were going to shop in the afternoon and meet me at 6PM when I got back from work.

Saturday went slowly at work, I imagined fucking every woman that walked Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort by that looked like Kathy. I had a hard on all day long. So my anticipation was high as I climbed the stairs to Debby’s apartment. I got to the door and Kathy opened it! “Hi, I missed you” she said and kissed me like we hadn’t seen each other in a year. She even stuck a little tongue into the kiss. So I was on my way.

The plan was to go out to dinner as Debby and I normally would on a Saturday night out. We would do what ever we normally would do but Kathy would be there with us. So we planned dinner and some clubbing at one of the local clubs nearby. Dinner was interesting. We went to a pub that we liked and had a nice meal. The discussion never really got to our evening plans until I brought it up. I had asked Kathy why she didn’t date that much. She was very attractive and I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t beating the guys back with the club! She said she did have a lot of offers but was really trying to have a relationship not just a date. She went on to described her last few dates that were just sex on top of dinner – no intimacy, no passion, no caring feeling, no interest about her and who she was and what she was all about. “I just want what you and Deb have!” “So Debby says you are pretty flexible about things and what we do?” I asked with a little smile. “Yeah, I am not into anything strange but would go with the flow just like you do when you’re together. Debby tells me every detail so I am not worried that we’ll get off into some weird stuff. Unless she leave’s out the weird stuff?” And we both looked at Deb and said “so what’s the deal” She smiled and knew I was kidding but said “Oh you get it all Kath…nothing left out just when we screw up and things don’t work out!!!” We all laughed and went on to the club to dance and have some fun.

We got into the club right away because we are regulars and they usually let regulars walk in while others stand in line. The band was loud and funky. We ordered a round of drinks and started to dance. Kathy hooked-up with a guy and was dancing beside us as quickly as we walk onto the floor. We switched partners and had a few more dances. Deb and I danced a slow dance and she whispered in my ear that she thought I was really great about this night and she loved me more than ever because I was not intimidated by all of these changes. I said I was not finding this situation difficult because we loved each other and I really do like Kathy a lot. So why not try this and see where it goes. We stayed a couple of hours and drank and danced some more. Kathy asked me to dance a slow dance and I looked at Deb as I said “sure.” We got to the dance floor and I had a hard on that could not be missed as Kathy pressed her pussy against me. “Looks like you are in the right frame of mind,” she said. I was a little embarrassed but said, “I find you beautiful and very sexy and I am looking forward to getting to know you better. I guess this is a new experience for us all but I am up for it!” We laughed and enjoyed the dance. As we left the floor she said to Deb “I’m ready whenever you are.” We all looked at each other and said, let’s go.

As we got back to Debby’s place they giggled and said they had a little surprise in store. I should get the wine and a few glasses and they would be back in a few minutes. I went to the kitchen to get the wine and they disappeared into the bedroom. Giggles and all! I could tell they were nervous by all the giggling. I was too but it only made me more excited as I imagined the events ahead. I turned on some music and sat in the living room. In few minutes they said OK turn off the lights and put on the record player the record was already in the machine. So why fight it….Off went the lights, on went the record player! Sexy bump and grind music started to play and I could see Deb and Kathy’s shadows as the moved around the room. On came the flashlight and there was Debby in a black bra and bikini with garters, stockings, long gloves and high heels. She danced toward me and gave me a lap dance as she rubbed my erection just to see what kind of shape I was in. Slowly, she peeled off her gloves, then a stocking and then the next stocking, the bra was slower and came off hook by hook finally dropped to the floor. Next came her bikini with a lot of teasing and grinding. I loved her naked body and she knew it! She bent over me and kissed me… tongue and all. I grabbed her and she said “no not yet!” The music continued and they switched positions, on came the flashlight and Kathy stood there in a red see through baby doll outfit with red high heels! She looked great! She slowly moved toward me and started to pull down the right shoulder of her top, and back up it went. The left side started to fall and she continued to drop the top. What great tits! They were smaller but firm with darker nipples than Debby. Her nipples were more erect Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort almost a half-inch long as the stood out looking at me. She lap danced me and grabbed a huge erection still in my pants. She rubbed me and said, “I have a surprise for you!” As she stood back and began to pull down her bikini, I realized she had a shaved pussy! I almost came in my pants! She had a beautiful butt and her vagina was clearly visible. I could see her vaginal lips were engorged and swollen. I have seen a few pussies but never lips that big. Wow! They both danced in front of me for a minute and then jumped on the couch with me. They quickly pulled off my shirt, shoes and socks and ripped off my pants as quickly as I had ever been undressed! Debby asked Kathy if she wanted the honors of my BVDs and she just grabbed the sides and pulled them down. Out came my huge erection!! They both grabbed it and laughed and giggled as they were excited and pleased that they had completed their plan.

I said, “Let’s go to the bedroom. We are going to need more space than the couch.” And we all got up and walked down the hall. All naked and horny! As we walked in, there were candles lit and a hint of perfume filled the air. Debby pulled back the bedspread and there were red satin sheets on the bed! Well I could see they had been shopping that day! As we fell onto the bed Debby arranged me in the middle with my head toward the head of the bed. She and Kathy were on each side looking right at my erection. I had a huge erection. Normally I am about 7″ long with a good thickness. Tonight I just seemed harder and fuller. When I am really aroused I get a curve toward the end of my penis that curves up for the last two inches or so. The head of my penis gets engorged and turns reddish purple. Debby knows when I am really erect because the curve causes my penis to rub against her G-spot and she always has a great orgasm.

Debby and Kathy started the grand tour of my penis. Debby explained that we always start our lovemaking with oral sex. She laughed and said sometimes that’s as far as we get if we haven’t had sex in a while. Kathy the vigilant student began touching my testicles and the underside of my shaft. She said, “he is circumcised. I think it looks better,” and Debby agreed. “So, have you ever done this before?” I asked Kathy. “Yeah, once I tried it but I probably didn’t do it right! I caused him to come in about 10 seconds!” We all laughed. Debby took over and said that it’s a matter of not doing any one thing too long and having a sense of when he will come. She started by licking the underside of my shaft up and down slowly. See it’s real easy but not too quickly. Kathy tried and flicked back and forth as she moved up and down. They stopped and giggled and said, “how you doing up there?” I replied, “fine, this is fun. Just be careful I don’t want to come all over you two.” Debby said, “don’t worry I can get you back up in a flash,” as she wrapped her mouth around the head of my penis and circled it with her tongue. She stopped and explained to Kathy to circle the head and lick the opening with her tongue. Kathy complied and gently put me in her mouth, circling and licking as she had been told. Next they grabbed my testicles and rolled them with their fingers softly and gently Kathy held each as Debby led the way. Debby then put one in her mouth and rubbed it with her tongue as she motioned to Kathy to do the same. I was getting more aroused and was enjoying every minute. They pulled back and said, “hey this is fun.” Kathy continued, “I never knew how soft and smooth a penis was.” I am enjoying all the attention but here I was with two pussies staring in my face. So I began to rub them with my hands and immediately they responded by opening up their legs to let me explore more. What a difference between Debby’s furry dark beaver and Kathy’s naked shaved pussy. I inserted a finger in each. Both were soft and well lubricated, as they were already aroused. I reached into Debby’s vagina to find her G-spot with my index finger. I sometimes could feel it because it was a harder skin area that seemed to be more erect than the other moist skin inside her vagina. As I rubbed slowly Debby reacted with a slow grinding of her hips. As I continued with Debby, I turned to Kathy and began searching inside her for her G-Spot. She opened up more and I inserted two fingers and slowly rubbed the upper side of her vagina. I seemed to find it after a while and she responded by producing copious vaginal lubrication, all of which was making it easier to fill her pussy with my fingers. By this time they had decided to take my penis in their mouths, Debby instructed Kathy to straighten out her neck and open her mouth wide with the tongue rubbing the underside of the shaft. Down she went and took all of me as she slowly came up rubbing back and forth on the underside of my penis with her tongue. Kathy giggled and tried but got Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort about half way down before she stopped and licked her way up. Debby said it takes a while before get the knack but you get used to having a bit of a gag reflex. They traded back and forth as they tried different licking and sucking techniques. Kathy eventually got all the way down and seemed to be a natural. They were enjoying my vaginal attention because both of their hips were grinding and rising and falling. I wasn’t going too fast because I just wanted each to enjoy the attention and to keep the pace slow so I didn’t come all over the place. They were responding with more rhythm and vaginal lubricant. I was not as “in control” as I thought as I felt my cum begin to fill. So I said, “this is getting close to an explosion so you might want to slow down.” Kathy looked at Debby with a nervous look and Debby said, “well I can get you back up so let’s finish you with and bang.” She turned to Kathy and said, “it doesn’t really taste like much, just a little salty,” Kathy smiled nervously and they continued. Debby could feel some of the fluid beginning to come out of the tip and she pull back and said to Kathy, “it’s just starting lick the opening.” Kathy complied and said, “it’s thicker and smoother than I thought.” As she pulled off Debby got back on as I let a gushing squirt out into her mouth. Kathy was fascinated and replaced Debby as I pulsed out more cum into her mouth. She continued as I let another and Debby pushed her aside to get more. As I finished in Debby’s mouth she sucked all of the remaining cum out of me. I could see Kathy with some cum dripping from her lip. There she was with the question of to swallow or spit. Quickly Debby came up with a mouthful and kissed Kathy on the lips. As she opened up her lips they shared their tongues and exchanged cum between them. That kiss lasted a while but they finished by swallowing whatever they had left. They moved around to me and both kissed me as well. I even got a little cum from each, which I had never tasted. It does have a salty taste!

We were tired and hugged for a while just enjoying each other and not really saying much. Ten minutes went by and Kathy said, “I feel satisfied, warm and comfortable. Is this how you two feel all the time?” So we looked at each other and said, “well yeah that’s what it’s all about silly!” We hugged some more and I said, “okay now it’s my turn to do you!” I arranged them both up on the bed with their knees up and legs open. They were giggling and Debby joked “now let’s see if you can do us both at the same time.” I positioned my self between Debby’s legs and started to lick her lips slowly. She was very wet and it just felt soft and smooth as I slowly circled her outer lips. I reached over to Kathy and rubbed her smooth pussy and wondered how Debby would feel hair-less! They were fingering each other’s nipples as I heard them giggle and say ouch, too hard silly like this! I got more aggressive with Debby’s pussy, licking more quickly and nipping her vaginal lips with my teeth. I heard them talking about how it felt and how Debby was feeling her clit get more erect. I had developed a light touch with Debby’s vagina because she is sensitive around her clit but her lips are more easily roughed up with a little bite now and then. Debby was saying how I had developed the knack of lightly teasing her so that she continued to get aroused as I increased my licking and sucking. Kathy was curious and said to me, “what did you do when you first started to explore her vagina? Were you as sensitive as you are now?” So I said, “no I was rough and too direct until Debby told me what she liked and what was too much. Come here and I’ll show you!” Kathy hesitated and looked at Debby but Debby just smiled as if to say okay. Kathy turned around and Deb moved into the middle of the bed. I showed Kathy the vaginal lip licking technique and I said, “I just start softly and lick up and down each side, sometimes flicking and nipping the lips. And then taking one side into my mouth and rolling it with my lips back and forth with my tongue. Want to try?” She smiled and giggled but moved toward Debby’s pussy. She licked slowly and gently and moved back to the other side. Up the left and down then finished and look up at me for more instructions. I showed her the tongue in the vagina push as I went inside Deb’s vagina and rolled my tongue around the inner walls and curled my tongue up inside the top as a finished. She understood and followed my lead. Debby was rolling her hips as we slowly built up her arousal. Next I showed Kathy the clit and how carefully I tongued it only flicking it as it grew larger. Deb had a long clit, outside of the rest of the hood, when she was aroused, and she was! So I sucked her clit into my mouth and slowly rubbed my tongue onto it. Deb’s hips rose and she moaned a deep sigh. I stopped to let Kathy try her clit. Kathy let her subside and did what I had done. She flicked and licked even more carefully than I did. It seemed as if she had a natural sense of timing that I guess only another woman would know. She continued and pulled Deb’s clit into her mouth and with a slow sucking of Deb’s clit made her cum with a rush of vaginal fluid as she moaned loudly and let out a squeak at the end.

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