Kris and Kat, The Swensen Girls

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Kris and Kat, The Swensen Girls
June 1962
“Hi, Don! Kris wasn’t expecting you until 6 or 7 this evening. She and Mom just left for some shopping. I doubt they’ll be back for three or four hours. C’mon in.”
I explained that we had finished a huge project early, so I was able to make the trip sooner. I asked Kat if I could hit their bathroom; I had just driven a little over a hundred miles and needed to pee, really badly.

Once the deed was done, I stepped back into an empty living room, “Hellooo… Kat?”

“I’m back here, Donnie! Come check this out!”

She was lying, stark naked, on her bed rubbing her pretty pussy. One of the two pussies (in this family) I had busted cherries in, “Now, Katherine, you know I would love to fuck the hell out of you, but remember? We are only supposed to have sex when Kris is with us. You don’t want to make her mad, do you?”

“C’mon, Donnie… we can do this without Kris. I won’t tell. You know you want some,” she spread her legs a little wider, “and I need it bad.”
I undressed, took the condom from my back pocket and helped her with her need……..


One year earlier, 1961

In the early 1960s, during the period of Hippies and free love, I was pretty much committed to a dating relationship with only one girl. ‘Dating relationship’ was the key words in that statement. Kristina and I were exclusive in dating, but I never hesitated to fuck my sister or one of her drunken friends she brought home… which was often.

Sis and I had been having sex for a long time before Kris moved to town. Kris’ dad was an engineer in highway construction, which was the reason her family ‘moved on’ every two or three years.

I have to hand it to Kris, she held me off for nearly four months before I finally popped her cherry. If it wasn’t for that wreck, she may have waited longer
It was particularly hot that summer. My summers were always spent on the farms in far northern Kansas. As soon as wheat harvest was over, the fields had to be prepared for planting fall wheat.

I always kept Kris informed as to where I was working. Often, I’d see her Plymouth pull up on the road; she’d bring me lunch or a fresh, 2gallon can of ice water.
Over and over, I tried to get into her panties, way out there in the country where nobody was around. She’d let me play with her tits, but not remove her bra. After a few hot kisses, I could get my hand inside her panties; but couldn’t quite get my fingers inside her cunt.
“Some day,” she would say, “but not yet.”

(My standard complaint was that I had already spent a whole quarter. Condoms (we called them ‘rubbers’ back then) came in a three pack and we always bought them from vending machines in service station restrooms… “for the prevention of disease only” of course.)

My boss had told me that if, and when, the temperature hit 104 degrees, we’d call it quits and go home for the day.
Well, although he never thought it would happen, it did. His wife came to the field, picked me up and took me into town.
I showered, picked up the phone and called Kris.

“(sniff)… Hello?… (sniff).”
“Kat? Uh… is Kris around?”
“DON! (sniff) Oh Don, finally! We’ve been trying to find you.”
“What? What’s goin’ on, Katherine?”
“Kris had a wreck. (sniff) She’s hurt bad. She’s in the hospital.”
“Okay, I’m going straight out there. Is your mom with her?”
“(sniff) Yes, can you pick me up?”
“I’ll be right there.”

I’ll, quickly, tell you a little about Katherine, Kris’ little… make that, ‘younger’ sister. Kat was only a year younger Kris but she had a rare learning disability. She had no problem, whatsoever, communicating with people of any age, but her ability to comprehend math and breakdowns of the English language was severely limited. As a result, instead of being one grade lower in school, she was going to be a nineteen year-old senior… in a fantastic body. Plain face, nice smile… fantastic body.
Since boys had the ‘I gotta have a younger girl’ stigma, none of them would ask Kat out on a date; she was two years older than most of the seniors.

Back to the story…

ICU would only let family members see Kris, so her mother told the nurse that I was her husband. We all took turns sitting in her room, holding her hand… waiting for her to wake up. Her dad had made her mother and Kat go home for some rest the next afternoon.
I had called the farmer I was working for and told him the circumstances. He was understanding and told me to take all the time I needed.

I was holding her hand when she awoke. Earl, her dad, had gone outside to smoke. I suspected he went to his pickup and took a couple nips of the vodka he always kept, too.
Kris tried to smile, but the pain of the cut on her chin stopped her, “Ouch.. What’s going on? What happened?”

Until the day she died, she never remembered the wreck, nor that first day, when she had awakened for a few minutes. Her last memory was seeing the tractor, parked. In her mind, she questioned why I wasn’t on it. She didn’t recall traveling around the entire section lines of wheat stubble, nor did she remember pulling out in front of the speeding car.

I told her about the wreck, her broken collar bones (no airbags in those days) and the many cuts she received when she was thrown through the windshield. She told me she was tired, closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

When I relieved her mom on the third day, Kris was awake, alert and in some minor pain, “This cast is driving me crazy. (It completely covered her shoulders, down to the top of her tits, and down her back to the same level) I have to put up with this damn thing for six weeks. At least I’ll get rid of it before classes start again. I need some help with something, please, honey,” she managed a slight smile, “and I don’t think you’ll mind.”

She pulled the sheet back, exposing her legs, pussy and up to her navel, “Will you put a little of that cream on this cut? They said it will numb the pain a little.”

My confined cock jumped to full attention as I gazed at the shaved pubis. It had been a necessary procedure in order to clean the cuts and stitch them up. There was a cut, about four inches long, located from the right side of her mound and angling toward her belly button. Two smaller ones were close. I happily applied the cream and, just for good measure, gave her pussy a little love pat.

“Honey, I’ll help you with that anytime you want.”

“Help me with what, the cut?… or the other?”

“Both. I’ll kiss it, too if it’ll make it feel better… the cut and the other.”

I barely got the sheet back in place when a nurse walked in, “Hi, I’m glad you’re here, Mr. Swenson. Little miss Kris hasn’t had a bath in three days. With that bulky cast, I sure could use a little help. It won’t be easy moving her around by myself.”

“Uh… you want me to help?”

“Sure, izmit rus escort after all you are her husband. It’s not like you’ll see something new.”

I glanced at Kris’ face and saw her snicker under her breath; that little shit knew what it was going to do to me…
She delighted in giving me teasing looks each time she was in a position that her pussy and tits were exposed to my view.
Once the nurse was done and Kris was tucked back in, I told her she had just about made me cream in my own jeans.

She snickered and said, “I do appreciate the help…. Mister Swenson. I guess, since my name is Swenson… and you’re my ‘husband’…
“I’ve been thinking, Don. I nearly died… You realize that?… I nearly died. I’ve been thinking about what you always tell me about spending a quarter.
“I think you better start saving all the quarters you can find. When my cuts heal up enough, you’re gonna need them. I don’t intend to ever deny you again, but I’m not gettin’ pregnant until I’m out of college. Kiss me, but be careful of the cut on my nose.”

It was just two weeks later when she got all her stitches removed. That Saturday night, when we left her house for our movie date, she handed me a five dollar bill, “I called the Hiway 24 Motel in Grantville. They only charge five bucks, as long as they can clean the room by eleven p.m. That way, they can rent it out again for overnighters… or for another young horny couple.
“Did you spend a quarter today?”

I told her to keep her five dollars. We would go straight to my room on the north side of town. I was only in town for one night and I wasn’t going to drive all the way to Grantville when I could, possibly, be emptying my nuts in a lot less time, “Check the glove box.”

If I remember right, there were 23 packages of rubbers inside the door when she dropped it open. She said it hurt to laugh, but we did, anyway.

Her mother had been thoughtful enough to buy Kris a couple of push-up, strapless bras. She never liked wearing button down blouses but, with that bulky cast, t-shirts or pullovers were out of the question. I probably should have taken more time and savored the experience of undressing the girl much longer, but I was so fuckin’ excited, I had her stripped in seconds.

Next was the problem of position… Again, that damn cast was in the way. Somehow, we were able to prop her up on the pillows in a ‘half sitting’ position. Her knees were pulled up, exposing her stubble covered cunt. I kissed the girl and told her I loved her. She snickered and said, “Pffft.. you just want some pussy. Would you kiss my titties first?”

I did.

I must have planted a couple hundred kisses, and licks, as I made my way from those tits to my objective. Each place where cuts had been, got a little extra attention. Once I got to her pussy, I was so fuckin’ excited that I just gave it a few licks and rose into position. Being careful to keep my weight on my own hands, not her shoulder cast, I pushed into her opening.
In her propped up position, Kris was able to watch as her vagina was penetrated for the first time. Between the lubricant on the rubber, and from her own juices, it was an easy entrance. I felt the resistance on my third push and asked if she was ready.
“Oh, God, yes, Don. I’ve been ready since the day I told you to save your quarters. Please do it, now.”

The next hard thrust ripped through her cherry and sank to the hilt. She winced and a small whine escaped, but she smiled and told me, “Good. You did it. Now do it all to me, I love you.”

Well, needless to say, I didn’t last long. My brain and balls told me to get all I could, as fast as I could. In two minutes or so, I filled the reservoir in the end of the condom, as well as a layer of white liquid surrounding my whole cock inside the tube. Kris just smiled as I withdrew, “That’s not all, is it?”

“Honey, just let me catch my breath and change rubbers. You’ve got me so hard, I’ll fuck you all night… or at least until you tell me to quit.” I grabbed a wet wash cloth and helped her clean up the little bit of blood on herself and the sheet. My rod was still stiff, so I rolled another 25cent ‘investment’ into place and sat beside her, “You okay?”

She said she was alright, but uncomfortable. I helped her onto my lap, where she sat facing me. We worked together as my cock sought its prize again. In that position, we fucked for the next twenty minutes. By the time I blew another load, she was ‘luvin’ the feelin’.

We spent the next hour or so talking and petting each other. I wanted to eat her pussy, but I was hesitant about getting my own cum in my mouth. One of my sister’s friends, Jodi, had turned me on to eating pussy, but I always did that before mounting her and dumping my seed. I made a promise to myself that I would treat her to that experience on the next Saturday night.

We were able to get in one more, nice, long session before getting dressed. Although she was of legal age, she still had to be home by 1:00am as long as her parents were paying her college tuition. She left my car with a sore pussy and a busted cherry, but she was ready and waiting the next weekend.

Four weeks later, two days after having her cast removed, we enjoyed missionary and doggy positions. She also told me her family was moving to Northern Oklahoma where her dad would be working on another section of interstate highway. It would be a longer drive for me, but I was determined Kris and I would be together for the rest of our lives.

School started the fall semester; Kris was in her junior year studying research in infectious disease control. Kat was doing very well in her senior year of high school. Maybe it was the new school she was attending… maybe the difference in her friends. Whichever it was, she seemed more confident and talked with Kris about sex… often.

On my end of the highway, well… you know what they say, “When the cat’s away the mouse will play; a stiff dick has no conscience; what she don’t know ain’t gonna hurt her.” Yep, that was me.
Between weekend visits to Oklahoma, and my new job in an oil company office, I started running around with a couple guys I had gone to school with. Once or twice a week, I was able to score and keep my prostate in good working order. I met and started dating a pretty nice girl named Carly. I think she suspected my weekend trips involved another woman, but she never asked for commitment.
My buddies asked me one day if I had considered marrying Kris or Carly. My answer, “If one of them gets pregnant, I will.”

I spent every Friday and Saturday night with Kris, fucking as much as nine or ten times in a weekend. Her parents knew she was having sex with me, so they began ‘allowing’ her to stay with me… what difference would it make?
When March rolled around, I was met with a shocking surprise. Kris asked me if Kat could come along izmit escort with us to my standard, two night room at Holiday Inn.
“Uh, I guess she can. Does she have any idea what we do when we close that door?”

“Well, yes… yes she does. And, Don… she wants to learn about having sex with a man. Here’s the deal; I’m on my period and the last time we screwed during my period, I hurt for a week. So tonight, I want you to fuck Kat.”

“WHAT? You want me to… are you serious?”

She hugged me tight and told she’d make it up to me soon, “Please, Honey. She wants to go to her prom in a couple of months and if her date wants her to screw, she wants to know what to expect. She loves you nearly as much as I do, you know. Do this for her… and for me.”

An EF5 tornado was inside my head as I pictured both of them naked. Goddamn right I’d fuck Kat. She wasn’t quite as pretty as Kris, but her body… fuck yeah I’ll do her. And with Kris on the rag, Kat gets more than one shot of cum, too. But first, I had to show a little more protest, “I hate to sound like a big brother, but who in the hell is gonna take her to the prom?”

“His name’s Paul, I’ll tell you about him later. Just say you’ll show her what she needs to know… Okay?”

“Honey, you’ve gotta be kiddin’ me. No way do you want me to start fuckin’ your little sister. This is some kind of a test, isn’t it? There’s a million guys out there who would jump at the chance to uh… ‘teach’… her all about sex. My God, if it wasn’t for us being together, I’d jump her bones in a second… but, no… I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me long and hard. Yeah, her kiss wasn’t the only thing long and hard, either, “I am serious, Don. I don’t want her getting pregnant in the back seat of a car, or falling for some pussy hungry boy like I did,” she smiled at me and finished, “I want you, and only you, to teach her what she needs to know, and how wonderful sex can be with somebody you love. Do we need to stop and let you spend any extra quarters?”

I assured her I had sufficient stock that would last, but shook my head, “Alright, but I want you there, every minute. I want you to watch and tell me, or Kat, if we start to cross any lines we don’t need to cross. That’s the only way I’ll do it.”

I heard a squeal of delight as Kat jumped from behind the door. She had been listening all the time, and was excited about losing her virginity. She hugged Kris first, then told me, “Thank you, Don, you’re so sweet. Let’s go, what are we waiting for?”

There was no apparent shyness when Kat undressed in front of me. She seemed fascinated at the sight of my hard cock, though. Before we laid on the bed, she had to touch and feel its rigidity. She took a firm grip and pulled outward until the head disappeared into the foreskin, “Wow, that’s pretty neat. Does it go in and out of sight every time you push in and pull back?”

“No, sugar, I always wear a rubber to keep Kris from getting pregnant. I’m gonna wear one with you, too. The latex holds the skin in place so it won’t slide back and forth. But before we screw, I want to eat your pussy. Do you know what that means?”

She smiled and nodded, “Kris told me. She said it felt like the best feeling in the world.”

“Well, lay back on that pillow and you can make up your own mind how good it feels.”
I, actually, felt a little guilty as I licked, sucked and finger-fucked that girl. I could almost feel sorry for Kris, she loved cunnilingus so much. Kat’s bush was thin and blonde, and I loved the taste. It didn’t take long for her hot cunt to come alive.

She had evidently broken her hymen at some earlier time; it just wasn’t there as my fingers pushed in as far as they would go. From the corner of my eye, I could tell that Kris was fascinated, watching the action. Kat’s body began humping and thrashing within the first 45 seconds… This was going to be something to remember.

When I sought out her g-spot (although, at the time, I didn’t know it was called that) and worked it over with my finger tips, she grabbed the back of my head and mashed my mouth harder, onto her clit. A few seconds later, she was moaning, gritting her teeth and arching her neck backwards. Her orgasm wracked her body, causing her to tremble from head to foot. In between gasps for air, I could hear slight mentions of, “Aww… yeah… mmmm… oh, shit… ohhhhhhh… mmmm.”
Kris was much louder with her vocals, but Kat’s grip on my head was powerful.

I glanced at Kris as I moved my stiff cock toward Kat’s soaking pussy. Kris was smiling and had her hand inside her panty waistband. I knew there was a Kotex covering her hole, but she must have been massaging her love button with her fingers.
She nodded at me and mouthed the words, “Do it… Fuck her.”

Kat opened her eyes and looked into mine when I parted her labia. Superman’s dick could not have been harder. I shoved into her, hitting bottom on the second push. She grimaced a little at first, but by the fourth or fifth stroke, she was rising her hips to meet mine.
Now, folks, I loved fucking Kris. I loved fucking Carly, back in the city. But Kat’s unused, untrained pussy was the best piece I had ever had. The nineteen, almost twenty, year-old virgin was abso-fucking-lutely amazing. Her legs clamped me in place, just below my ass. Those bright pink fingernails dug into my upper thighs with every thrust.

By the time I had ridden her for three minutes, she was in a constant state of orgasm. I kept glancing at my other lover every few seconds, but her eyes were closed, head was thrown back and her hand was working her clit with ferocity. When my balls sent the white lava up and out, I was afraid it would either blow the end out of my rubber, or fill it so full that it would leak back out, and into Kat’s cunt.

Kris caught her breath and whimpered just as I rolled off Kat and lay beside her. She had fingered herself to her own orgasm as she watched me fuck the hell out of her luscious sister. Kat looked at her big sister and told her, “Wow, Sis, that was so… so… oh, God it was so good. Thank you for sharing Don with me. Uh, are we through?”

Kris chuckled as she was regaining her own breath, “Pfffffff… look again, honey. His dick is still hard. Give him a few minutes to get a second wind and change his rubber. If you want to pee or wash up a little, go ahead. I think you’re just getting started.”

I took care of my business while Kat was in the bathroom; after all, I had been naked in front of Kris so many times, and she’d seen it all, also so many times. As I was wiping cum off my cock, I asked, “So… who is this Paul that wants to be her prom date?”

“I met him and his brother at her last basketball game. Both of them seem like pretty decent guys. His brother, David, will be graduating with Kat. Paul’s a couple years older, but here’s the thing… wait, she’s coming kocaeli escort back. I’ll finish telling you later; right now you have some more screwing to do.”

Kat crawled onto the bed and started stroking me, examining my member closely, “If you screw me from behind, do you still need a rubber?”

“Honey, if I fuck your pussy, then yes, I need a rubber. People do butt fuck, though. There’s no way to get pregnant with cum up your ass. Kris and I have done a few butt fucks. The first one was pretty hard on her, but she kinda likes it, now.”

“Yeah, she told me. I don’t want it in my butt, yet, but can you do me from behind in my pussy?”

I did…

Kris and I dropped Kat at the front door and drove to the little park, down the street. We kissed and she played with my soft cock while we talked, “I’m so proud of you, Donnie. You filled four rubbers tonight; and you made her so happy. You know she’s gonna expect that much tomorrow, too.”
“Tomorrow? But I thought…”

“Well, my darling, this damn rag isn’t going away until about Tuesday. You need pussy, Kat has pussy. Like I told you, she loves you, too. There’s not a man in this world she’d rather fuck… I still feel a little funny saying that word, but you’ll be fucking her some more tomorrow… okay?”

The EF5 was still tearing up my mind. My gorgeous girlfriend was still encouraging me to continue having sex with her little sister. That sister was so hungry for more cock; it was unbelievable… but I accepted it… Fuckin’ right I accepted it!

Our conversation finally got back to the subject of Paul and David, “Paul calls her nearly every day and they talk. They still haven’t had a date, except they are all set for the prom next month. Now… here’s the thing; Kat was telling Paul and David that I was sick with the flu when it was time for my prom. So… David called and asked me to be his prom date. True, I’m three years older than him, but, Donnie… I’d really like to go to the prom. But I won’t, if you tell me ‘no’.”

I asked her if I could wait until the next week to give her an answer. She had already had time to think it over, but springing it on me… I was gonna have to have a little thinking time. My cock was slowly getting harder, thinking about my girlfriend possibly getting another guy’s dick in her. The rise wasn’t lost on Kris’ attention. She dropped her head to my lap, “Kat doesn’t get the last drop tonight.”
I made a mental note to teach Kat about blowjobs.

On Saturday, I was able to muster two loads in Kat’s pussy, another in her large, soft mouth, and a fourth up her asshole. Her, slightly larger, body seemed to easily accept everything I could poke in her. Once, when Kris wasn’t looking, Kat laid an amazing kiss on me and told me she loved me; and if I ever broke up with Kris, she wanted to marry me.

The following weekend, I, happily, switched back and forth between the Swensen sisters.
I got pussy, blowjobs and three butt fucks. It was Heaven.
I was a little concerned that Kat may get pregnant when one of my rubbers broke. In the year I had been fucking Kris, that had only happened one time.

Just before going home on Sunday, I told Kris that I would be okay for her to go to the prom, “Just let me say this; if you want to fuck the kid, that is strictly up to you. But, if he forces you… or if Paul forces Kat, I’ll cut their balls off and cram them down their throats until they choke to death.
“Mom’s been wanting me to come home, so I’ll just schedule it for that weekend,” I kissed her and smiled, “But you still have me for the next two weekends.”

Back to June, 1962

When I rolled off Kat’s delectable body, my mind questioned what I’d just done.
I had found out earlier in week that Carly, back in Kansas City, had missed her period. I was sure she was pregnant. I knew my relationship with these girls was going to be limited, and soon.
“What the hell?” I thought, “I wasn’t planning on telling them until Sunday morning, anyway. Might as well get all the pussy I can.”
I mounted Kat again and enjoyed my ride.

Later… “So how was the prom?”

“It was great, Don. But after the prom was the best part.”

“How’s that?”

“Well, you trained us well. Poor Paul and David were really dragging their asses on Sunday. Kris fucked them both, two or three times each. I got Paul once and David twice, but I tied them to the bed and gave both of them blowjobs before we turned them loose.
“Needless to say, they were so drained that a few drops was all that they could manage. But that was last week… this weekend is all for you.”

By the time Kris got home, Kat had drained me a third time with her mouth. The three of us left for supper and sex. Supper was a hurry-up… the sex wasn’t.
Kris seemed disappointed that she’s missed out on the earlier activity between Kat and I. Unfairly, my mind said, “Piss on her. She had been ‘unfaithful’ with David and Paul. I’ll fuck her all I can and leave her ass sittin’ in Oklahoma.”

I fucked each of then once, but anytime the subject of prom night came up, I tried to change the subject. Kris finally let it out, “Dammit, Don Parker! Yes, I fucked both of them! I fucked them several times and I enjoyed every Goddamn minute of it! I enjoyed watching Kat having sex with them, too… every minute of it! You’re the only man I ever had before, and the only one I ever want from now on! So there! You still want to fuck me, or are you through with me and want Kat instead?”

Kat stepped between us and slapped Kris hard. She grabbed her shoulders and started shaking her, “You shut the fuck up, Kristina Swensen! It was your idea for me to learn from Don. It was your idea to date David and fix me up with Paul. You get off your high horse. If Don was mine, I never would have shared him with you and I never would have cheated on him. This whole fucking idea was yours!”

I took Kat’s hands off Kris and told her it was okay. Then I spun Kris to the floor and crammed my cock in her ass. I busted her hard and fast, slapping her bare ass with each pump. When my load blew, I shoved her to the floor and told her not to move or I’d knock the shit out of her.

I hugged Kat’s naked body to mine and kissed her with as much love and passion as I had ever given Kris, “Sweetheart, I’ll never come back to Oklahoma again. I’ll give you my new phone number and you can call me anytime. If you ever get a chance to come to Kansas City, I’ll be hurt if you don’t look me up. I love you.”
I turned to Kris, who was lying in a heap, crying, “As for you, Kris, get your ass in the air again, bitch.”

Kat touched my shoulder, “Please don’t hurt her; she does love you, too.”

Currently 2015

I was true to my word and never crossed the Oklahoma State line again. My marriage to Carly lasted a little over fifty years before I became a widower. Kat and I saw each other many times over forty three of those years, but she was killed in the World Trade Center on 9-11.
I read Kris’ obituary about two months ago… the big ‘C’ took her.

Rest In Peace, my loves…

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